Space Camp Opportunity For MilKids In Memory Of Naval Child


I was so excited to see this opportunity for military kids to attend Space Camp.  This scholarship touched me even more when I saw who it memorialized.

Bernard Curtis Brown II was a passenger on Flight 77, headed to California on 11 September 2001. A top student, he was traveling with teachers and 2 of his classmates, Asia Cottom and Rodney Dickens. They were to visit the Chanel Islands Marine Sanctuary while representing their school at a National Geographic event.  His father was at work in the Pentagon that day but survived the crash.  Bernard’s story was local for me and stayed in my heart.  This is a beautiful way to keep his passion for learning alive by giving his fellow military kids an exciting educational opportunity.

Bernard’s parents agreed to allow the MCEC to honor Bernard’s memory with this scholarship to provide other military-connected children with the opportunity to experience the worlds of science and learning and share their experiences of service to the nation as proud members of Military Families.

Space Camp is a five-day program that shows youngsters to experience first-hand what it takes to be an astronaut. Activities include simulated Space Shuttle missions, training simulators, rocket building and launches, scientific experiments and lectures on the past, present, and future of space exploration.”

Thank you to the Brown family.

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  • Wifey

    It’s tragic when ANYONE’S life is cut short, but when a child’s is… it’s heartbreaking. I’m so glad his memory will live on and will enable other children to reach their dreams.

  • SailorMade

    Unfortunatley, according to NASA’s website, Scholorship applications are closed for 2012 already. And they will be accepting applications for 2013 soon. What a bummer. However, you can also donate $10 to the B.C. Brown Scholorship through their online store, which is nice!