Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson Rolls in the Deep


A little weekend military-style entertainment brought to you by Sidewinder, an Air National Guard Band currently performing for troops in Afghanistan. The video below has gone viral and now everyone from Carson Daly to Good Morning America is interested in Staff Sergeant Angie Johnson, who belts out a great rendition of Adele’s Rolling In the Deep.

And here’s the one and only Adele:

I’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing much more of Sidewinder and Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson in the future!

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Andi is married to an active-duty soldier and is the founder and former editor of SpouseBUZZ.

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  • She’s phenomenal. I would absolutely pay to see Sidewinder perform! I hope they’re helping lift the troop’s spirits out there!

    • Com’on! She could have been right on the target but the band sucked. Therefore, the performance was not really a hit. You may like it but clearly, it was not good. However, as a veteran; i appreciate her devotion in trying it out. Next time, i hope she gets it better.

      • Kelley

        i respect u as a veteran, but not as a person. she was amazing an so was the band, they dont have that much time to be practicing cuz there saving our country and fighting for us! its impossible for her an the band to get better! there way to good already

      • musicinternational

        Would you be able to sing or play in front of strangers like that?
        I think you drank too much Haterade. Lighten’ up :(

  • Phenomenal!

  • was the original youtube channel this video was posted on. That one has over 400,000 hits.

  • JEAN


  • kary


  • Rebecca

    she is really good us here in wv thinks so and i know what her career is when she gets out of the military is singing

  • Petra

    Great voice!

  • johnny dangerous

    Her voice is phenomenal; however, I find it disturbing that they were able to edit this video by focusing on her, but eliminating the “panning” of this video by essentially removing the blue fiddler on the left and the appreciative dancing black fan on the right. If you seen the original you’ll understand why visions of the Running Man is becoming more and more pervasive in our digital society.

    • Ken

      The Black guy is not a fan but is the group’s other singer. They share the stage on all songs. It seemed edited because someone was recording the performance, and they focused on her.

  • Bob B.

    I think the band is great and her voice is terrific.

  • usmcesposa

    Outstanding job! Very entertaining! I think it is wonderful that they (including the band) are performing for the troops and helping to lift morale! God Bless! Keep Jammin’

  • Blas Loya


  • chris

    Both sang well… SSGT AJ singing was pretty awesome with the limited sound system… Trying to figure our which one has a better music video..

  • i think Angie Johnson and sidewinder are awsome hope they will put up a recording that will be for sale

  • sean

    i just saw this as an article in the stars and stripes, middle east edition. i looked it up on youtube yesterday. amzing voice. all of their songs are pretty decent, but this one takes the cake for sure. wish someone would come to bahrain and sing for us. hint hint. lol

  • Ki Eno

    Too good to be true. Thank heaven for youtube so that great talent gets a fighting chance and not just 15 minutes of fame. I would so buy this woman’s CD.

  • Seriously gave me goosebumps. Wow, talent, guys!

  • Jen