Snooki’s Assailant Joins the Army After Running “Out of Options”


I’m a bit out of my league here. I’ve never watched an episode of MTV’s Jersey Shore. But from what I can piece together, on one webisode, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was punched in the face in a bar by someone named Brad Ferro. Via the New York Post, comes word that poor Brad lost his job as a result of the assault and has had trouble finding employment.

Footage of the assault, released by MTV, circulated widely on the Web but was omitted from the actual Season 1 episode.

Brad Ferro, now 25, was fired from his job as a gym teacher at North Queens Community HS, where he taught troubled kids, once the episode aired in December 2009.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of simple assault, paid a $500 fine and served six months’ probation.

Not to fear, though. There’s always the military. After all, they’ll take anyone…

Ferro, meanwhile, was forced to move in with his grandmother this winter after his unemployment insurance ran out.


After realizing he was out of options, Brad decided to join the military, training, his dad said, as a Cavalry Scout — part of the specialized reconnaissance unit that is among the first behind enemy lines.

His conviction on a misdemeanor wasn’t a hindrance. Since 2007, the US military has been forced to recruit even hard-core felons to replenish dwindling combat troops.

Ferro left for basic training in Fort Knox, Ky., last month. His father hopes that no one on base recognizes his son.

“He lost his career and his pride and everything else,” his dad said. “But he’s getting it back. You can’t keep a good man down for too long.”

Hitting a woman is not cool, under any circumstance. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s not about Brad or Snooki or reality television. I’m sure you understand why this piece left a bad taste in my mouth. The article leaves the impression that the military is full of undesirables who joined because they were out of options, and paints a picture of a desperate military scraping the bottom of the barrel because recruiting is so difficult. Really? Needless to say, there are plenty of people who join the military for noble reasons.

There’s good news for dead-enders everywhere – the military will always be here for you. Come one, come all. You too can join this wacky community of “hard-core felons,” victimized members of society, non-society contributing folks, horrible role models and perpetually-cheating couples. It’s a win-win!

Maybe we could take the show on the road…


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  • Kate

    Oh, good. One more idiotic thing for people to relate to the military. I’m so proud.

    Joining you in banging head against wall.

  • Carol Patricia Theran

    I wonder if he’ll be able to get the security clearance he needs in order to actually operate as a Cavalry Scout. I honestly doubt it. Waiver or not, doesn’t being convicted of a violent crime whether a misdemeanor or otherwise, disqualify him from certain things that are required he be able to do? Like carry a firearm? If someone with credit problems doesn’t have a hope of joining, how does a violent offender do it?

    I also wonder why people in the Air Force are getting forced out early for getting into trouble (underage drinking, etc) under the guise of “we need to trim down our numbers” but the Army is still taking anyone that can sign the dotted line. The last I heard, none of the branches were having trouble with their recruiting numbers and had in fact slowed down on hard core recruiting.

    • Andi

      Same here, Carol. I added a link that shows the branches have met or exceeded their goals.

      I was being a bit sarcastic in the post and not sure that came through adequately. While the military, and any other large organization, has its share of undesirables, I didn’t appreciate the implication that the military is a place to go when one runs out of options because they’re so desperate they’ll take anyone. That’s a bit insulting to those who joined because they wanted to, made a great career and have nobly served their country.

      • Carol Patricia Theran

        Andi, I understood the sarcasm :o) I also completely agree with your being offended also. My husband joined and signed his first term for 6 years because they wouldn’t let him sign up for 20 lol

        I just wish I truly understood why some people are getting cut out for DOS rollbacks when we’re taking people who obviously have issues controlling their anger. This is the type of person we hear about taking ears as war trophies, then everyone wonders where they went wrong.

        I wonder how many people read the original article when printed in the paper and went to the recruiters office with conviction in hand and tried to get in because this guy got a waiver.

  • I join the others in shaking my head. Doesn’t the military learn that it’s never a good idea to let those people in the military. For time and eternity may people, including the law, has though that joining the military will solve their problems. Hmm. I think Carol is right, he probably won’t be getting a clearance.

  • SemperSteen

    That is pathetic. I saw the episode where he punched that tiny woman full in the face. The fact that he will get a paycheck from the military and will be given access to weapons is nauseating to me. How long before this “good man” gets violent again and assaults a female soldier?

    • Carol

      He is in my platoon and he is a really good guy.

      • Robyn Wittlief

        Just don’t say anything if he takes your drink, though, right?

  • nybridgy

    I’m a female veteran and I know first hand that soldiers have enough to deal with, without having to be worried about the guy next to them. Time and again female soldiers are told to watch their backs, even with their “battle buddies”. Now they are taking this guy? I hope everyone recognizes him.

  • Noliarshere

    I have kept quiet for a very long time about this because some people would rather talk trash then actually know the truth. The fact is that MTV did initiate this terrible incident. Did it escape your attention that the cameraman was positioned perfectly across the bar waiting for something juicy to film. Isn’t there always some kind of fight on that disgusting show? Do you think that happens by accident? The “Situation” WAS buying this guy A LOT of drinks prior to the incident. That horrible girl was relentlessly attacking that guy from on top of a bar stool, cursing him out, insulting him, and pointing her finger in his face. His “knee-jerk reaction” was a result of a hand flying at his face. He was defending himself by swinging at a perceived threat, albeit through impaired judgment. He is a trained athlete, if he was trying to hurt her or anyone else they would have actually been hurt, not just knocked off a stool. Those are the facts. He did not intend to hit her, nor does he remember doing it because he was so intoxicated from all the drinks that they were buying for him. The bar should have cut him off long before anything could have happened, so as far as I’m concerned they are equally at fault. I wonder how much of a cut they got for their part in this. People who know him say he is a sweet, non-violent guy, with no previous record of any type of violence, who would never hit a woman under normal cir***stances, and that he was sickened when he realized what he had done. He apologized, plead guilty, paid his fine, served his probation, and is trying to move on. These horrible people ruined his life, his reputation, and the career that he worked so hard for, with no regard for the truth or the consequences of their actions. Now he is in the army at a time when so much of the world is in complete chaos. Will it satisfy you people if something terrible happens to him while he’s fighting for our country? I hope to God that none of you ever find yourself or anyone you love in this position.

    • Robyn Wittlief

      You don’t know for sure that any of these things happened. This is pure speculation. I saw the video, and he punched her in the face. Hard. he’s this huge guy and she’s a tiny girl. If he was gonna punch somebody, why her? I’m going to speculate that he’s an asshole, and when he gets drunk he likes to punch.

      • Concerned

        i agree

    • Kayla

      20 bucks says this is Brad Ferro

    • Amy

      You’re completely right, there’s definitely network executives in the background using this act as their way to profit. all they see is a moment to make $$$. ratings increased ten-fold from this one moment, pretty much thanks to Brad Ferro, snooki and her cast saw more popularity.

  • AFrecruit

    Well I know the AF wouldn’t have accepted him. They have credit checks, tattoo reviews and everything is scrutinized. It’s a hard branch to get into. In fact in the recruiters office the Army recruiter came in and asked if the AF had any rejects to send down to them. It’s a crazy recruiting frenzy out there!!

    • Not A Noob

      Hey recruit have you even been through basic? A lot of idiots end up in every branch because they’re just numbers. I’ve been in the Air Force 5 years and I’m amazed at the people they will let in. Luckily paperwork, EPRs and the UCMJ will sort them out later. While the Army may allow more waivers, the Air Force is not that “hard” to get into. The Air Force is close to overmanned which is the only reason they have room to deny people. While I love being in the AF I’m not going to sit there and say we’re better than the Army. We all work toward the same goals.

  • Mayhem

    Wow, you guys are really stupid. We ALL have done something we’re not proud of. I’m not saying what he did was OK but he paid his dues, let it go. Grow up and move on. Do we live in a society of one strike you’re out? If that’s the case then we all deserve a record.

  • mike

    ahhh perfect example of my hatred to the american hero..people join the military because they get free education. or a sign up bonus. or they wnat to be known as heros back home .. or they like guns..or they cant get a job…very few join for the most honorable reason DEFENDING THE COUNTRY…people sign up for the military wanting benefits later on knowing the risk is slim they get killed ..if the odds were 50/50 that a recruit will die i bet our military would be as big as puerto rico

    • Better than you

      Mike, what the fuck are you doing? Are you serving in the military? These people that join the military for all the other reasons other than to defend the country are human beings just like you. They have family they need to care for, they need money, they would like to continue education. Whats so wrong with that? These people join knowing that they have a chance to deploy, and when they do so, their life is in danger. They know this. So how about not being so judgemental, and how about you fucking join? If you dont support the troops, for whatever reason it maybe that they joined, how about you go stand in front of them and see if you can do a better job.

  • Kathy

    I see a lot of people jumping on the ‘he’s so horrible bandwagon’ when in reality if we stood shoulder to shoulder and laid out one of our worst misdeeds for the public to see would we really be in a position to point a finger at Brad Ferro. My point is everyone has done something they aren’t proud of Brad Ferro and actually stood up and took his lumps and is trying to get on with his life. How many here can say that?