That memo?

I have worked out of doors since I was small, I actually prefer it to working indoors.

I am always learning by my own errors. So per my usual, I would hate ANYONE to learn the lesson the hard way.

So lesson #278

Wear long pants, and shoes or boots when doing lawn work. I do not care how hot it is, or if the chore seems small.

Last evening while weed whacking, (which I have done a million times) I thought flip flops would be a smart choice.

Think AGAIN. I about took off all of my left toes. STUPID, STUPID! I know you all are much smarter than me, and would never attempt such stupidity. I was lucky to walk away unscathed, but I did ruin a perfectly good pedicure, and frankly it hurt worse than child birth.

But just a simple reminder to those of you who may be new to lawn work, because of a deployment. BE SAFE out there!

And also wear eye protection.

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Rachelle began her Military Spouse career when her future husband proposed to her in a letter during Desert Shield. Mail took over a month to arrive back then, and they only had three phone calls with each other in the ten months they were separated. They were married at a small ceremony a week after he returned home. Rachelle's husband moved her to Ft. Bragg, NC, all of their combined possessions filling her small, two-door car. In 1992, they left active duty and moved back to their home state where she went to nursing school and he joined the Army National Guard as a traditional Soldier as he went to school. In 1999, Rachelle's husband was offered a full-time National Guard position in Arkansas, where they lived for eight years.

In 2002, their son was born (MFO Deployment) and in 2003, their daughter was born (OIF2). In 2008, they moved back to their home state to live close to family. Rachelle has been an active contributor with SpouseBUZZ since 2005. She currently works full-time at a physician’s office, and is active with her church and school's PTO. Her son has recently been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a subject that she is exhaustingly studying and learning to work with day-by-day. In 2010, Rachelle's mother-in-law moved in with the family, and they added a German shorthaired pointer named "Poncho" to the tribe as well. Rachelle enjoys spending as much "down time" with her family as possible - usually something outdoors or movie nights. Her favorite foods are sushi, steak, chocolate, and coffee. Her special skills include being an awesome cook, identifying odd accents by state or country, having an incredible sense of smell (almost bloodhound-like), and watching people at airports during long, unexpected layovers.

  • Xtna

    Call it lazy if you will, but I hired a lawn service to do my lawn every other week while my hubby is gone. The deciding factor was the two year old who takes every opportunity to run down the street when outside—and doesn’t nap! Sorry about the toes and pedicure.

  • airforcewife

    Funny that you mention safety…
    Today while I was installing the quarter round in daughter #3’s room, I sliced all the skin off my knuckle while sawing.
    That kind of smarted.
    I’m sure if I wore a suit of armor I’d still find a way to get hurt, though.

  • Basinah

    I always used to mow the lawn in sandals … even though at the time I managed a landscaping company. I came home from work one night really tired; knew I was too tired to mow the lawn, but just wanted it done. Thank God, I was too tired to change out of my steel toed boots … so when I backed the push mower back over my foot, all I did was rip off all the leather, and cause a lot of sparks.
    Funny, but since then I have never mowed the lawn in sandals again …

  • Apryl

    My issue was getting the 2nd hand mower to freaking start without enlisting the next door neighbor’s assistance. ARGH!!

  • AWTM

    Starting a mower can indeed be the dickens…I have had trouble in the past. so much so, that every time I mowed, the neighbors would set up lawn chairs, and have beers. I guess it must have been more entertaining than anything on TV

  • Sarah

    Oh lord, starting the mower…
    I have to put my left foot on the mower and put my entire body’s strength into pulling that dumb cord. So once the mower gets started, there is NO stopping for anything. All dog toys have to be taken out of the yard in advance, otherwise I am just mowing around it…

  • Cris

    You’re very passionate at mowing