And Where is my Mixer?

Normally I pride myself on my unpacking time, but because we moved into a house that we had to renovate as we went along this time, it has taken something more than a week to get things in place.

In fact, several things still aren't in place.

Like my mixer. Which has been missing for two months.

What frustrates me most is that I have opened every single box in this house and I STILL can't find my mixer! And since I packed and moved everything myself, I'm pretty sure it didn't fall of a truck somewhere.

So, today I finally broke down and bought a new mixer. I had to, the lack of one was sorely cutting into our ability to eat a wide variety of foods at home rather than going out to eat.

I expect I'll find my old mixer tomorrow. Probably in a box with some shoes or something.

Isn't that how it always goes?

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airforcewife started her military journey as an Army National Guard wife, but upon experiencing base housing decided to aim high and made the switch to the Air Force. That's worked pretty well for Air Force Family so far, even though airforcewife holds the spouse world record for Come to Jesus talks with various members of the command.

Air Force Family has four children, two pit bulls, and a Mother-in-Law who lost her mind eight years ago. Despite the reputation of pit bulls, airforcewife would like to assure you that her Mother-in-Law is truly the most dangerous of the group, and is banned in more places than the dogs.

airforcewife gets through Air Force Guy's frequent deployments and TDY's by frequently attending her boxing gym, after the chance discovery last deployment that hitting things really does make life better. She also volunteers as the Ambassador for Sew Much Comfort to Bethesda National Naval Medical Center and in a variety of other causes throughout the year.

airforcewife has no idea what the future holds, but decided five years ago that she wants to be Andi when she grows up.

  • Marine Wife

    Sounds like the PCS gremlins got to you. Have you read the latest Jenny comics? They are PCS-related. Even if they don’t halp you find your mixer, maybe they’ll help you laugh about it when you finally find find it in a box with one shoe, a hammer, and some toilet paper.

  • Andi

    Um, well, I found ONE of my husband’s black socks in the crockpot after the last move so yes, I suggest you check an underwear box or something…

  • Penny

    We found our tv remote that was missing for 9 months when we were packing up to move the sofa into the moving truck.. I cannot tell you how many times we looked for it there in that sofa too.. hehe.. The charger for our camera has been missing since late Dec.. I honestly hope we find it within the next few days or else I’m going to go nuts! ^_~

  • She of the Sea

    And if you find my cutting boards with your mixer, please give me a call. After the first move, I figured they’d turn up when we moved again.

  • Semper Fi Wife

    Please check your boxes to see if my flatware (ALL OF IT) turns up too?
    And my grandmother’s cherry dropleaf kitchen table? And the mirror for my dresser?
    Yeah..I’ve had a couple hellatious moves…

  • Ann – AF spouse

    Once, my parents lost the screws to their Dutch teek dining room set. They figured that someday they would replace the metric screws. Next assignment, my dad replaced his replacement, and we moved back into the same house. The can of screws was sitting on a closet shelf.

  • GBear

    If you can live without it for 6 months then you don’t really need to replace it…..if you can’t live without it – replace it! After all, when you find it, aren’t two of something you really need better than one?!?!?!?!