Military Wedding Vows

What if the mililtary wrote our wedding vows?

I imagine it would start off something like this…

"Do you, Semper Fi Wife, promise to never, ever…even if you are sorely tempted, go to Lancelot’s CO and resign his commission?     Do you, Semper Fi Wife, promise to wear your big girl panties at all times?"

What do YOU think the military would ask us to promise if they wrote our vows?

About the Author

SemperFi Wife

Semper Fi Wife has had a military ID card continuously since she was ten years-old. As an Air Force brat, she horrified her father and grandfather when she chose to marry one of the few and the proud.

Almost 25 years later, she is the wife of an OIF vet and the mother of an OIF/OEF vet.

While her motto has always been "Sanity is overrated", in her more lucid moments, she volunteers with Injured Marine Semper Fi fund as well as heads up her own very small military support organization called Honor Their Service.

  • I think the old Army saying was “if the Army wanted you to have a wife (they would say spouse now) they would have issued you one!

  • Do you, hfs, promise to suck it up at all times? Do you, hfs, promise to endeavor to be Gumby (Semper Gumby!!)? Do you, hfs, promise to walk softly and carry a big stick?

  • Do you promise to dump your wallet to buy the “you should have it because it really is necessary even though we’re not issuing it to you” gear for weeks in the field, a deployment, etc.?

  • Elisa

    Do you promise to not make any solid plans for anything for the entire time your spouse is Active Duty?

  • I’m sure a significant percentage of Navy wives have seen ’em passed around in email already, but I still get a chuckle out of these “Navy wedding vows”:

  • DL Sly

    “Do you, Semper Fi Wife, promise to wear your big girl panties at all times?”
    That assumes that one wears panties, of course…..
    Ow! Hey! Put the whip away!

  • Stephanie

    great insight!

  • airforcewife

    Do you, airforcewife, promise to deal with the middle of the night phone calls from the nursing home that only seem to come when AFG is deployed or otherwise gone? Especially when they involve threats of death by Russian Mafia or the claim that said MIL is asking nurses to find her “a man for her pleasure.”? Do you, afw, promise not to succumb to the urge to put ex lax in the boss’s brownies no matter how they screw the supposedly set in stone orders up?

  • Do you Reasa prmise not to slap someone when they say “You knew what you were getting into.” Do you promise not to hurt the Kiddos when they set trash cans on fire? Do you promise to make new friends so you don’t tear your hair out?

  • New to the Army

    I am having a real hard time with the emotional roller coaster of deployments. Our first deployment was 18 months long. My husband was scheduled to deploy again after our recent PCS. Plans changed 4 days before he was supposed to catch a plane to Iraq and now he is at home. Don’t get me wrong I would much rather him be here than over there. I spent 6 weeks getting emotionally prepared for him to leave. I became that independant mom again. I guess I am having a hard time reconnecting with him because of another deployment around the corner. Is there anyone out there that can relate or am I just plain crazy???? I need help with my perspective.

  • angela

    Do you promise to be a single parent are at least feel like one even though you have a spouse? When hubby calls I always ask him why we had so many kids!!

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    It has officially been 8 wks and I have only lost 11.5 lbs. and who knows how many inches.

  • Amanda

    This article really made me smile! It was a great read for a day when my husband has been out all day PTing and impossible to reach.
    As far as vow’s go, at our wedding when my husband began to tear up a military friend sitting with our guests yelled “toughen up marine!”
    Now whenever either of us is having a hard day or taking a sudden change of plans due to military uncertainty we say “toughen up marine” to make us smile and get through it.

  • 1MilitarySweetieinTX

    New Military sweetie in TX. :)