Spouse Experience

You Google, therefore you are a pretty capable military spouse. At SpouseBuzz.com we know you don’t need another PowerPoint presentation to figure out how to get an ID card. We know you can understand that LES. We know that you can easily get online to find directions to the most obscure military base in the world.At SpouseBuzz.com, we know you already rock.

That’s why we want you to come out to Spouse Experience. Because once you’ve Googled the answers to how to live a military life, you need the fire. You need the energy to power through the longest days. You need to join in with spouses like us to lay down the freshest, juiciest, funniest paths through military life. And you’d like to get a prize while you are doing it, thanks.

Join us at Spouse Experience to gather up a boatload of encouragement and to take a look at:

1. The Honey Badger of Love
Author and SpouseBuzz.com Jacey Eckhart and Military.com advice columnist Ms. Vicki lead you through three exercises that uncover the secrets of ridiculously happy military couples.

2. Two and a Half Friends
When you are a milspouse, your Facebook friends, your mom and your servicemember are not enough. You actually need Two and a Half friends. In this Spousebuzz Exclusive activity we will teach you how to launch the kind of friendships that last forever.

3. Fix it and Forget it: How To Stop Worrying About Money
USAA bloggers and financial experts reveal the thirty-minute answer to your top ten military financial questions. Bonus tips on how to manage retail therapy during deployment.

4. Top Tens—You Be The Expert
At SpouseBuzz.com we know that the best experts on military life are the ones doing it RIGHT NOW. Our dynamic working groups come up with the most surprising tips we have ever heard on all aspects of military life—from kids to pets to what not to wear to a homecoming. We can’t wait to publish the results and let the world know how wickedly clever military spouses can be.

Buzz from the Spouses!

“Not much I can say except WOW! It was an awesome day. It is a day that turned my life as a military wife into a different direction.”
– Sgt’s Wife, Spouse Experience Ft. Hood
Thank you for a wonderful event … I want to bring all the young wives from my unit … absolutely worth the babysitter and dragging myself out bed. Thank you!!!!!!
– Army Mom, Spouse Experience Ft. Bragg
“I honestly LOVED the comedy about it. A military spouse can have hard times (more than most) and being able to laugh about it made it easier. Plus the next time something breaks hopefully I can think back on and laugh at a story much worse or remember that we are not alone.”
– AF wife, Mountain Home AFB, ID
“I had a great time today! I laughed, cried and learned about other wives experiences. It’s been awhile since I laughed that hard…. Thanks for coming to TACOMA, please come back soon!”
– Special Forces Wife, Spouse Experience Tacoma
“It was great fun, and if Spouse Experience rolls through the area again next year, be sure to go. The connections made that day have turned out to be new friendships, business possibilities, and increased visibility for the Spouses’ Club of the Fort Sam Houston Area.”
– Army Wife, Spouse Experience San Antonio

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