Free Military Sam’s Club Membership Until Shutdown Ends


UPDATE Oct. 25, 2013: Sam’s Club has extended this offer until Oct. 31, even though the shutdown has been over for more than a week. From Sam’s Officials:

“On behalf of every associate that engaged our military communities this month, Sam’s Club says “thank you” to the thousands of patrons who visited our clubs during the shutdown. We know these military families are relieved that shutdown restrictions have been lifted and they can resume a normal routine. To help support our communities through the transition, Sam’s Club has extended our Military Membership waiver program through October 31.”


If you live near a Sam’s Club and are in the market for bulk groceries, this could be your lucky day. According to Sam’s Club officials all military members will be allowed to shop in the members-only warehouse store for free until the government shutdown ends and the commissaries reopen.

“In appreciation for the service that military personnel provide our members and communities, Sam’s Club locations near military bases will waive membership requirements for military personnel, retirees and their families so they may continue saving on everyday goods and groceries,” club officials said in a statement.

Edit 4:45 p.m. ET, Oct 3: According to a corporate spokesperson ALL Sam’s Club locations are now participating in the military waiver program. Please be patient with your local store as they pass word down to the employees answering the phones and your questions.

The way it works is this: military ID card holders — Active Duty, Retirees and anyone else with commissary privileges — can show their military IDs to Sam’s Club employees at the door where they would usually have to show their Sam’s Club membership. They will then be directed to the membership counter where employees will get them squared with free entrance. They may also be able to skip the membership desk and just show their military ID at checkout.

Edit 3:45 p.m. ET: Sam’s Club officials confirm that this is different than the shopping program which allows you to go without a membership but pay a 10 percent service fee at check out. During the waiver program no military member will be charged a fee, Sam’s officials said.

“Any proof of past or present service can be shown at Member Services desks or at checkout to waive membership requirements,” Carrie Moore, a Sam’s Club spokesperson told us. “Greeter associates are happy to help anyone with questions as they enter the club.”

It’s possible, of course, that this will work a little differently at each club. Just be willing to roll with the punches and you should have no problem.

The free entrance program will continue until the government reopens and with it the commissaries.

Don’t know whether or not you have a Sam’s Club near you? Use this handy locator on their website to see where your closest one is.


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  • Teddi

    I called our local Sam’s club and they have not been given any directive about this. I even spoke with management to verify. They were very nice, but said they had not been told this and that if some stores are offering it that it must be an individual store choice.

    • Amy_Bushatz

      Corporate tells us it is all stores — I’m guessing they just haven’t bother to tell the stores that yet.

      • Teddi

        I am on the phone with corporate and the woman I am speaking to is not aware of this.

        • Amy_Bushatz

          I spoke with the press office. Check out my edit in the post above.

    • Junebud

      Our sams club is also not doing this even though they are right next to a airforce base.

    • Rick

      Print this article off and take it in, if they still refuse to let you in call someone higher up.

    • Denise

      Call the Sams Club Home Office in Bentonville, AR.

      • Joe

        Please read the article… they updated it at 4:45 stating to be patient as they updated it to roll out to all stores late in the day and are working through the communication to all stores. They are all aware at this point.

    • I work at the member service desk at Sams club and I can’t speak for every Sams club but my club is doing it in Wichita Falls Texas corporate sent out an email I have not heard anything about certain clubs doing this but I’m not 100% sure either I would call them back tomorrow and see if they heard anything on it

      • Cmartinez

        Are they waiving the 10% above members cost? Do you know?

    • Robin

      I am reading a site about something nice SAMs Club did for the military and mostly what I am reading are people complaining about their spouses pay, or “sacrifice” or making comparisons to DOD jobs. You chose the military life either by desire to serve your country, or by default due to lack of education and you could not find another job, so the military hired you when no one else would, gave you housing allowance, free health care, tax free food, clothing, and about anything else you can buy, not to mention all the discounts military communities give you. Yes, I appreciate your readiness when needed, but not all of you are heros so don’t feel always entitled. In our very large military area all I hear are complaints from military families, why they didn’t get this, how hard it is to get child care……… You signed up for it , deal with it. It is the same struggles on the outside world, you just don’t hear us talking ! SAMs club you are doing a nice thing !

      • Kirk

        MY 25 years of service allowed you to speak freely, in this forum don’t think for an instant that with out those that serve you would be entitled to the same freedoms!

        • Thuan Herrington

          Good for you Kirk. I’m with you! Tell that loudmouth to shut up.

      • Jess

        Free? No. All of those benefits you think servicemembers get for “free” are hard-earned. You’d do well to educate yourself.

        • Krouse

          Jess you and the rest who complain because Robin spoke her mind need to be weary that all is not good outside the military. Don’t take me the wrong way, I spent 3 years in combat infantry and I know how hard it can be but there many who are not infantry nor in a combat specialty. There is that one armed service where its members for more than the norm never leave CONUS, never work more than a four or six hour day in the entire career. As a civilian I worked with many blue suitors who spent 27 years of their 30 year career in a land based assignment. They are getting exactly what you are getting along with the $2,300.00 a month tax free for housing, free day care here in the Washington area working 6 hour days. Mean while honorably discharged vets like myself who are working but not getting paid, who don’t get housing, food allowance, pay for are health care, have to rely on Social Security to supplement are IRA do not get recognized and yes it is even worst for those outside even much worst. Those of you that service in combat positions and served in combat, Thank you. The rest, shut up and be thankful for what you got.

      • Tauni

        Wow u cannot be serious. I’m almost speechless by your ignorance.

      • Dennis

        I agree with you on a few points, but not everything you say is true. There are definitely a fair share of Military families that believe they should be treated special when they need to wait their turn for things like everyone else. It is frustrating to watch some spouses loudly demand for things that should be a privilege and sometimes ruin the morale for the rest of the patient and appreciative families. Sometimes stress can be a factor. Especially when their spouse is in a war-zone or in the middle of the Ocean and no one will speak with them without a piece of paper saying that they are allowed to. They don’t have the convenience of calling their other half to ask a question that they need an answer to before they can be helped. Maybe they planned a nice vacation, but have to change plans at the last minute because their spouse had to go on detachment with two days notice and hey, they can’t just say “no”. It may seem trivial to you, but if you put yourself in their situations you may think differently.

        There is no “lack of education, so I have to join”. You have to take a test and get a certain score to even get into the Military. You also have to pass physical and judicial requirements. Many of the military personnel that I know acquired a college education before joining the Military. There are probably more well educated Military members than non. Just like civilians, there are a few who decided to join so they could further their education instead of staying in the same boring low-wage job their entire lives. Those who do not do well in the Military are weeded out appropriately. If they do not put in the work needed to help the command function properly they are written up and often discharged (fired). A dishonorable discharge is not received well.

        Health care is not free. A monthly fee is taken from their paychecks and must pay a co-pay for medications if they do not want to wait hours in line at the pharmacy on base. Dental benefits are not free either and there is always out of pocket expenses. Food at the commissaries are tax free, yes, but they have a service charge which is about the same amount that tax would be. Commissaries are also not always convenient to get to. Clothing allowance is given once a year and covers the cost of uniforms that are needed not new clothes for the entire family all of the time. My office provides my scrubs instead of paying me to buy them on my own. No difference.

        So, while military families gripe and complain, so does everyone else in this world, and yes, I do hear them talking.

        • Brenda

          Amen, Dennis! Well said.

      • Jessica

        Robin, you have NO idea of how the military works. We PAY for our medical and dental insurance. It comes directly out of our pay. We pay taxes on our food too from the base commissary, which incidentally has been closed until the shutdown is over. That means that all of the retirees and employees working there to support themselves are out of a job. Being in the military doesn’t make you uneducated or desperate for a job either. We have a respect for our country and choose to defend it! There is a contract signed that whether we get paid or not, we have to work and deploy. , we are still get basic pay, which is all anybody in the world wants….to be able to survive. When I say WE, I am including military dependants as well. Yes, we made the choice to marry into the military or join, but you forget that real world problems happen to us as well. Don’t give a blanket statement to cover the whole military based on the little you have heard or know.

        • Richard

          Jessica, we’ll always have idiots like Robin!! Ignore her!

      • cmedina

        Hey Robin, our soldiers sacrfice a lot for their benefits. Please remember that a lot of them die for your right to be a negative jerk! Please read the comments left by Kirk and Dennis because apparently you are the uneducated person here!

      • brit

        wow… really.?
        military men and women .put there life on the line. they don’t do just a normal job like civilians. they work there but off to deserve what they get and honestly they deserve MORE. it’s it straight up wrong. and you probably think you deserve more then the men and women you fight for our country. do you realize what they risk and what they give up.? they don’t have a normal life like you civilians do.
        do your research seriously.

      • East County Ed

        Gee wiz Robin, I don’t remember seeing you on my 4 day deployment where I came home 7 months later after a stop in the Persian Gulf. I also don’t remember seeing you in all of the 10 months I spent in Kuwait and Iraq. Funny, I don’t consider myself a hero or anything like that, but my sacrifices have enabled you to troll military oriented websites and have your free speech. Oh, I also forgot to mentionthat my family also had to endure that same separation I went through. Missing me through birthdays, graduations and the such. I even came off deployment 4 seperate times to not know where I lived. My wife and children had to do that without me. But I can only imagine the hardships you and your husband have gone through driving through traffic for a 9-5 job where you go home every night. I for one am not the only one on this website that has worked 20+ hours in a day only to sleep a couple hours in their car in the parking lot of their work then showered with a washcloth, quick shave and went to do it again the next day. Trust me, our benifits ARE NOT FREE. Neither are your rights.

    • “Z”
      The HORSE has spoken! Straight from the News Releases from Sam’s website.

    • Carly

      Ok I just looked on SAM’S CLUB WEBSITE and it says there are offering free passes to the military to shop until further notice!!

    • bjuice

      I find it so funny how ive been with sams club for over four years now and not once did they do anything for military.. but now that commisaries are closed now they want all our business bc of the amount of military there is.. there not helping us out they are helping there self thinking of the big pic with how much money they are gonna make.

    • Eddie

      I went to our local Sam’s Club here in Tampa and was told they are indeed allowing military affiliated personnel(active duty/retired reserve, guard,) to enter . if they say no to you I recommend contacting their corporate office for details.

    • clgaron

      So true….I went to a Sam’s Club In Jacksonville Florida and was only offered a membership (not free). I asked about what I read Sam’s was offering and to my surprised the manager told me the government shutdown ended. Wow that manager must work way too much.

  • Nikki

    I heard that the sams club in Watertown NY ( near Fort Drum) is doing it but that they are charging a 10% service fee.

    • Teddi

      That is actually a Sam’s club policy year round. Some stores allow people to shop who do not have a membership, but they pay an additional 10%.

    • Amy_Bushatz

      This is not the same program. I added an edit to the post about to clarify.

  • Teddi

    Okay…so this is what I just got from the corporate office. It is true, but there is a catch. It is NOT all stores. It is stores in communities directly effected by the shutdown. To find out if your local store is “on the list” you have to call them.

    I called the local store and was told that they have not heard anything (spoke directly to the store manager) and she is contacting corporate to get more information. I will call again tomorrow to see if they’ve heard anything.

    • Janie

      What is the corp. office number?

    • Brenda

      The Edit at 4:45 PM says that now ALL Sam’s Club stores are now doing it.

  • Allyssa

    I also called my SAMs club & they said no way

    • Amy_Bushatz

      Allyssa where is your location?

      • Allyssa

        Oklahoma City, OK

        • Amy_Bushatz

          Consider calling again. Corporate confirms all stores are now participating :-)

          • I work for a sams club and anyone who has a military id card can shop it is only good until the commissary reopen when you go to shop go to the member service desk and ask for the military one day pass don’t say free membership they might look at you funny but even though it’s called a one day pass it is good until the commissary reopen

            It’s all stores it’s just taking time to get the word around to every club

  • DAK

    Just called a Denver-Metro store & the associate was very kind & said her manager is already calling corporate to verify, but no information on it at this time…

  • Erin

    The Sam’s Club in Fayetteville, NC (Fort Bragg) also said no to this. Hopefully, they were just unaware at the time, because it would be sure a nice gesture to all of our military families!

    • call them in the morning some stores received the email late I work at a sams club and we got an email late

      • Rachael

        I called the store this morning. They are participating in this.

        • Makayla

          glad to hear

  • Jessica

    I just called my SAMs and they said they had no idea where that got started! They are NOT doing that.

    • Amy_Bushatz

      See our note in the post — were waiting for more information but apparently some stores are just being notified about this.

  • Rob

    Well, if it is true it is a poorly managed roll out of a policy! How can a “reporter” know about this policy before the stores in your chain?

    • Ryan

      Jesus, people will complain about anything.

  • Allyssa

    I called my local SAMs club & they said no way to the military free membership.

    • It’s not really a membership, more like a free pass to shop for that day, whereas you would normally have to have a membership.

      • yes exactly what Michelle said they are doing it just until the commissary reopens its a one day pass but you can reuse it until then

  • Tifany

    Nope, it is legit at the Clarksville Tn Ft Campbell Sams Club. I just called and you show your AD ID to get in. You don’t get a membership, you just get to shop there till the Commissary re-opens.

    • Krystal

      Is the Clarksville tn charging the 10% fee for no membership?

      • apeterson

        So u pay for the groceries they arent free

        • Becka

          Uh, nowhere in any of this were “free groceries” mentioned. The 10% SERVICE FEE to non-members is waived. No free groceries.

  • Amber

    This is a rumor!

    • Amy_Bushatz

      Amber — This is a rumor that happens to be true at participating locations. We’re waiting for info from corporate on whether ALL location are participating. For now we have official information from Sam’s Club spokespeople that this is happening at participating location across the country.

      • Amanda

        Stop getting your panties in a wad, people. Just because it isn’t true for your store, area, community, does not mean it isn’t still applicable elsewhere. Calm down, there are other stores.

        • And it’s possible that your club just hasn’t been notified the club’s are being notified through email I work at Sams in Wichita Falls Texas and we are doing this and we are not charging a 10% up charge but I am not sure about other clubs

  • Being a Military retiree on a fixed income, losing commissary benefits can hit the wallet. However, I don’t see this as a good faith move by Sam’s. All I see is a marketing tool to build sales & publicity. It /would’t surprise me that they would still charge their 10% service fee above their already self proclaimed lower prices. They can keep their products, Walmart included, until they start paying higher wages & better benefit packages to their employees.

    • At this point at least they are pa wages.

    • Merle

      Do you have any idea how much a Wal-Mart Sam’s club employee makes? I’ve been with Wal-Mart for 20 years. I make more than my husband, he’s been with the postal service for 27 years. I have medical, dental life insurance and a 401K profit sharing etc so please stop slandering a company that you know nothing about.

      • Rick

        Your on their list to get rid of employees that make too much…Good bye

    • Nibs

      Agreed on the keep their crap. There are more place to shop than these, and better for the community as well…go local if you can!

      • mrpaseo

        Yes, go local, because paying more for expired merchandise with limited selection is better for the local economy… SMDH.

    • Tea Party Man

      Did you vote for Obama? I’m going to guess yes, so it is understandable you hatred towards big business.

      Walmart has always been supportive of the troops. So what if it is a business move. With Obama blocking off the WWII memorial, that was privately built and funded from REAL heroes who fought to keep this world free, many of whom will never have the chance again to visit, I salute Wal-Mart in this move.

      OK, now you can start your name calling. That’s always next from angry people like yourself.

      • I am a single mother of 3 and I work at Sams and they pay me very well I get great benefits and 401K and I love my job very much and the sams club I work at is letting military shop until the commissary reopens and we are NOT charging a 10% up charge you have no idea how much Wal-Mart and Sam’s club helps out with things or how much they donate to charities and its a pretty big number so please before talking down these business do more research and make sure you understand and have the right facts thank you

      • Mrwtf

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Thats why it costs the country 900k in welfare and various other programs to subsidize for each walmart that is opened. I’m all for big business so long as they take care of their employees and pay them a fair wage that doesn’t factor in living off social services. And I did vote for Obama. Because I’m an american who actually wants this country to stop sliding into the sh!thole you republicans have dug for us.

        • Makayla

          And once again your speaking something you know nothing about I actually do not receive any type of government assistants and I work very hard to keep it that way and the second thing I pay taxes so there is money coming out of my check for the ones on welfare but who are you to judge everyone has a story not everyone has it easy I started out on welfare and I was lucky enough to not need it anymore but if someone is working and actually trying to take care of what they need to should not be bashed at least they are trying they could just sit at home and not do anything I really feel sorry for people like you who has probably never had to struggle or worry what your going to feed your kids at some point in time and that encouraged me to do better for my kids and I think im doing a hell of a job

          • Makayla

            Sorry that got put under the wrong post

      • Brenda

        Yes, go shop at Targets-they won’t even let Toys For Tots collect toys at Christmas time by the Marines!

    • Jim

      I think you are another union guy bad mouthing anyone that is non union. You guys hate wallmart, lol

    • Tom

      We have compared Sam’s club to the commissary, and Sam’s prices are very comparable. The only thing we have noted is that at the commissary you don’t have to buy the large packages as at Sam’s.

      I would echo the other comments about a government that closes open air monuments paid by private donations, but will only say that at least WalMart/Sam’s is doing something to help those hurt by closed commissaries.

    • Joseph

      As a retiree you have commissary access (when they re-open) per DoD Instruction 1330.17, which explicitly lists retirees on the customer list.

      If you’re retired from any branch of the military, you still can access the commisary with your retiree ID. If anybody says otherwise, might I suggest you print out a copy of the DoDI in question, highlight the section that specifies it (it’s on page 15) and have it with you.

    • Joe

      It is sad you feel that way some one is trying to do something good because our government is reckless. You are cutting off your nose to spite your face. People like you are never happy.

  • Ashley H.

    The one in Hawaii is participating. They said you don’t get a free membership just able to shop there without the 10% charge until the commi is up and running again. Our Wal-Marts/Targets don’t have full grocery so our options aren’t price comparable to the commissary.

    • Daniel

      I called the SAMs in Oahu…. They had no idea…. Even spoke to management…. So idk… I need a name I who u spoke to.

      Thanks Daniel

  • Virginia Beach VA, sams club is offering a free one day pass to military for today only. (10-3-13)

    • Is there any possibility of extending that day by day until the commissaries reopen?

      • it should be until the commissary reopens that’s just what it is called I work at a sams club and we are doing it until it reopens but the pass the military are using is called a one day pass

    • That’s not what I read. See the following: The way it works is this: military ID card holders — Active Duty, Retirees and anyone else with commissary privileges — can show their military IDs to Sam’s Club employees at the door where they would usually have to show their Sam’s Club membership. They will then be directed to the membership counter where employees will get them squared with free entrance. They may also be able to skip the membership desk and just show their military ID at checkout.

    • Idowney

      I just spoke w/ the Sams here in Va beach & they are allowing valid military iD holders to shop free. It’s NOT a free membership.

  • DAK

    Locations in Aurora, CO (Buckley AFB) confirmed that is is TRUE. The membership manager to the Southalnds had just arrived into work and was bombarded about it, but after being in contact with corporate, he confirmed that it is TRUE for only as long as the commissaries are closed. All military, retiree’s, disabled vets (basically anyone with previous access to commissaries) with PROOF of service will be allowed to shop.

  • lani

    I just called the one near fort bliss… You are welcome to come in and shop without a membership and no 10% upcharge with military ID. No free membership. But you can still shop until commisary is open again.

    • Victoria

      Which location exactly? On Pellicano dr?

      • Monica

        I’m hoping it is the one on Gateway W!!!!!!!!

  • Brandy

    I contacted the Yuma Sams Club (MCAS Yuma & YPG) and they are indeed honoring this.

  • Deborah H.

    Brandon, FL store is participating. I just called them. The lady was extremely rude, and hung up on me, but they are participating. She confirmed it with her manager (because she didn’t know about it). Show your military/retiree card, and you can shop free for that day (no fee). 2021 Brandon Blvd.W.
    Brandon, FL 33511; 813.685.8223. We’ll see how well it works in practice, but if they follow through with it without hassle, it would be a really nice gesture.

    • I work for a sams club it is for longer then a day military with id can shop until commissary reopens

  • The Sams club in Palm Desert, CA is participating! I talked to them a few hours ago when I first read people posting about it on FB. Be patient. And it’s not a free membership – it’s being allowed to shop without having a membership. There is a difference so make sure you’re asking the correct questions :)

  • Angela

    Also if you buy the personal membership, and show your military id they will add another year free on top of your membership right then. I just did that yesterday.

    • Lynn

      I work in membership at Sam’s and we don’t offer an additional year for free with a military membership. Maybe your club is different, but we don’t do it at ours. We offer new and renewing military memberships a $15 gift card.

  • Valerie

    SAMs in San Angelo, TX is offering this.

  • Tony

    How about extending these benefits to DOD Civilians, basically anyone with a CAC ID?

    • longhaul

      Are DOD Civilians authorized commissary privileges? Nope, thats why…

    • Michelle

      Or anyone with a Federal Government ID – it’s not just military that were furloughed.

      • But it only for Military with commissary privileges!! DOD civilians do not have these privileges so it’s not everyone with a Federal Gov ID

        • Lee

          At least the military is getting a paycheck! The civilians aren’t facing higher food prices; they are facing not being able to afford ANY food.

          • Brian

            Complain to…..CONGRESS. Not here!

          • CitizensNotCivilians

            Just imagine how it feels to not be making a high government salary with benefits, yet having taxes taken to pay you government workers. 800K government workers laid off…sounds like a meger start. When do we cut the next million, let them feel everyone else’s pain?

    • PHP

      Well I got an Ace of Spades Card why not me too….Good Grief Folks were talking about Active Military that use a Commissary….Not everybody that Breathes Oxygen..

    • SMH

      Anyone with a CAC card? That would include contractors also…….I don’t think so………DOD civilians have never been authorized commissary priveleges

  • Fort Walton Beach, FL is on board.

  • Beth Rote

    Even our Sam’s Club up here in Bangor Maine is participating, just called them, Thanks!

  • Susan B.

    The Sams Clubs in Savannah GA and Pooler GA ARE participating. I just called.

    • Jerry D.

      All Sams Club in Albuquerque NM are participating without the fee. God Bless them.

  • Michelle Fannin

    O’Fallon Illinois is on board too!!!

  • Traci

    Agree with Tony, how about us furloughed civilians??

    • heidy

      You serve your country first and maybee you can get in the bus… then we talk

      • THL

        Thanks but I did serve my country as a soldier who was injured and now work for the dod as a contractor. This shutdown is hitting me as well

        • Brian

          Thank you for your service – but please, complain to CONGRESS, not folks here.

          • as long as you have a military id you are good to shop I work for a sams club

  • Sams club in Bismarck ND is participating

  • Tracey

    I just called our Sams Club in PA and was told only a 1 day free pass for Military!!

    • It’s good until the commissary reopens the card they are using for the military to shop is called a one day pass but as long as the commissary is closed you can use it with military id I work for a sams club

  • Kris

    Ft Benning is doing this!

  • Karen

    Military is still getting a paycheck, they should be doing it for us workers who are not getting paid!!

    • Wow Karen what a selfish heart you have! This is meant to help the lower enlisted that get low pay…so low they qualify for food stamps. That all ranks get to enjoy it is wonderful but as your momma should have told you…”save for a rainny day” specially knowing for quite some time that this has been the norm for our govt. every October for more than a couple of years now!

      Grow up, grow a heart and look for another job because as far as I can tell you should not be working for any branch in any capacity! With that attitude I wonder how well you perform your job and what kind of costumer service you give!

      • I Know it is hard for furloughed employees. I am sorry for this and yes some do not have savings because of circumstances beyond their control. Yes, Sam’s club and every other business should help out…Everyone needs a helping hand now and then; but what kills me is the attitude of entitlement that some people have…

        • guest

          But you are saying lower enlisted are “entitled” Irene..however most of them are eligible for food stamps because most states don’t include BAH in the calculations, if they did, they wouldn’t be eligible

          • Elisabeth

            We are military I work and my husband is Army + gets BAH we still qualify for food stamps because he pay is horrible.

          • Yet again selfish statements… I did not say they were entitled but they are the ones making the hardest of sacrifices. I guess you won’t find the time to ask a Senior Airman’s wife how her day is going or how they live day to day.

    • kristi

      Seriously..not the militarys fault so stop acting like it. You get paid as a civilian contractor at least twice as much so you should have some savings. Go complain elsewhere no one wants to hear it!

    • kristi


  • Janice M.

    I called corporate….it is ALL of them. Some employees do not have all the info since it just started today. Just tell the people at the service desk (if the have no idea of what you are talking about) to look up “article 1387”.

    • And ask for the one day pass don’t call it a free membership that’s not nolwhat it is even though it’s called a one day pass it is good until the commissary reopens but you need a military id I work at the service desk at a sams club

  • tracy, tony, karen

    do DOD civilians even have access to the commissary? according to the commissary website they do not…which is probably why sams club isn’t extending the offer to them. it sucks to be furloughed, but military members whether payed or not can’t just walk away from their jobs…

    • Kit

      DOD can’t just walk away either. They take pride in their jobs just as Military personnel do. Some of them, like my husband are being forced to work without pay. I’m not saying DOD should have access to the commissary, but a helping hand for DOD workers would be nice too. We have families to feed and bills to pay that might not happen with no paycheck. Sam’s at least helps spread the budget a little further.

      • donna

        I agree with you Kit, we are military and I am a commissary employee so I have no job right now but I think that it would be nice if they had done it for all DOD employees as well, some of the people I work with are single parents and this is their only income and “saving for a rainy day” is a good theory but when we are only part timers it is rather difficult to do.

        • Brian

          Please, save the complaints for CONGRESS, not commissary shoppers who have done nothing wrong, have not harmed you, have not asked for this benefit. Keep it in perspective.

      • fthomas33

        I don’t think you should be telling the world that your husband is being forced to work for free because it is illegal according to the rules of furlough. No one is authorized under any circumstances to work while furloughed

        • Kit

          He’ll get his paycheck once Congress fixes this, And yes, they are authorized to work. Several people here have said they or their spouses are. It’s called “mission critical personnel” and they have to continue to do their job for their country’s safety.

    • kristi

      No they do not. They can only buy from the PX OR BX or the shopette in which all are still open. I know this because I live on a military installation plus my husband is active duty. Besides that DOD/civilians should have savings seeing how they get paid AT THE LEAST twice as much as soldiers. I do know my husband deploys and makes 30,000$ A civilian will make $100,000 tax free! So if there responsible enough they should also have “some” back up money. I know if we do they should…

      • Bridget

        Civilians can NOT shop at the BX/PX and there are not that many that deploy and make $100,000 tax free. You should really step back and look at all the money with a closer eye!! Civilians make more money with base pay but with that they must pay for housing, health care and save for retirement. All of these things are areas the active duty do not need to. If you subtract the amount a typical DOD civilian pays for just housing and health care you might be surprised to find out it is very close if not less than the $30,000 pay your husband makes. And lastly I am sure most have savings but why not also be able to save some extra by getting a little help in the meantime? Are you really that angry you don’t want a neighbor or someone who might be helping with paperwork down the road to get some help right now?

        • kristi

          Excuse me Bridget but you are right they can not shop at the px or bx my mistake. But I do not think im the one who needs to take a step back. And most certainly deployed civilians will make that money over seas as I also have a friend who did so. Possibly depending on there jobs the point is you guys make more than we do so you should be able to save more for emergencys like this. I do understand that no pay will be rough for everyone involved. Some banks and such will work with you if you have house payments and such. I know 100% usaa, chase, and a credit union cant remember which one will put your payments at the end of your conyract/lease/loan etc.

          • guest

            I would love for you to tell me which banks because just like Sam’s Club these banks were only doing that for active duty. And for the record USAA can’t be used by those of us who are civilians. If you have more info about that delaying bills I would love it or if you hear about advance pay being giving by banks like they offered for active duty I would love that too!!! I am completely shocked at how the active duty community will not extend a helping hand or even encourage those who can to those they will have to look in the eye when all this goes back to normal.

          • sabrinacking

            Please don’t think Kristi’s sentiment is the entire active duties sentiment. Its just not true. Everyone I know, feels horrid for the people furloughed who work on post. My landlord is one. He’s a great guy. Prior service, now reserve and also a DoD civilian. He is furloughed and has no reserve pay coming…and here atleast they have been going through those Friday furloughs for months so already financially struggling. The people I know have a great respect for civilian employees and contractors on post, we also know most of you are prior service yourselves or lifetime government employees serving your country as well. God bless you, and good luck in this.

        • kristi

          Oh im not angry either. Im simply making a statement as everyone else on here is. Im not saying you DO NOT need help I was just saying basically that you do not get commissary priviledges if thats what you want to categorize it as. No beef here. Everyone needs help at one point. I just think some ppl should be smarter about emergency situations. (Prepare a head of time considering the economy we live in).

      • Kit

        Not all military installations are operating the same. And no they can’t shop at PX or BX. Also, even though they make more, they have to pay for more. So, on average, DOD takes home about the same if not less. I also don’t know where the heck you get $100,00 tax free. They get taxed on that. They also have to pay for healthcare, put in towards their retirement, pay for our own housing and a lot of other little perks you get, DOD families have to pay for. All I have been trying to get across is that it takes both military and DOD to function, we need the help too. Get your it through that exceptionally thick head of yours I’m not saying DOD is any better, but out of everybody that this furlough impacts, DOD are actually at the losing end of the stick here.

  • george

    While Americans who serve in the military may receive free memberships, regardless of whether they’ve been furloughed, I recommend that Sam’s provide the same benefits for non-military USG employees who are being furloughed, including those who proudly serve in war zones and places which are off limits to our military. Just a suggestion, in the spirit of fighting for the same mission.

  • mary ann frederick

    I just called the Sam’s in cocoa, fl. and all they are offering is a $15.00 gift card if a Military member renews their membership.

    • this goes to every Sams club everytime you renew you will geta $15 gift card you just have to remind them I work at a sams club at the service desk this is something we honor it’s our way of saying thank you for your service

  • Sarah

    At Fort Knox, the Elizabethtown location confirmed they are participating.

  • Chris

    Ft. Wayne Indiana is also on board.

  • Lil C

    I work at a Sams in So. California and we are doing this and no fee.

  • Amanda C

    I’m definitely going to look into this. I definitely think it’s great. Hopefully all stores will do this!

    • all stores are but they are not all being notified at the same time do just be patient I work for sams

  • kim

    Is this only for active duty? I’m a vet working as a DoD employee. I’m glad there’s so many people helping the active duty who will eventually get paid but no help for us civilians who don’t even get an IOU. Both my husband and I are furloughed but no assistance for us. I’d like to go to SAMs too.

    • She said in her post – active duty, retired, and their families.

    • kristi

      Vets will be elig.

      • I work at a sams club it is anyone with a military id

  • sabrinacking

    I hope that through this people once again learn their Aesops. Don’t be a grasshopper. Be prepared. I for the life of me don’t understand anyone on any budget not having a minimum of two weeks food at all times, we have two months before we even have to break into the beans rice and canned goods routine. Be prepared people. Then you aren’t killing each other over pork chops t the commissary or running for a SAMs club card. Preparing for an emergency, during an emergency, is never a good SOP.

    • Bridget

      I don’t think just because someone would like to save some money means they don’t have savings. We have a 2-3 months expenses saved away but would like to save as much of that as possible so being able to buy diapers at Sam’s for now might help.

      • sabrinacking

        I wasn’t referring to that. What I was referring to was more the comments of people fighting in the commissary over pork chops or ground beef, or mad rushes at the commissary are to Sam’s club to “stock up”. All people, active duty or not, should not be living day to day life with nothing more than a couple days food in the house. That’s just poor household management. No one should be in the position of fighting over pork chops because the commissary might be closed, even if it were closed a month. People in this country need to take household preparedness more seriously was my only point. Running to get a Sam’s card, in the middle of an emergency is just bad SOP. As for diapers, cloth diapers are always the better option, for your bank and the environment.

  • Shelby Case

    Can deactive military do this?

    • Active, retirees, and their families. If you have a Military ID and can shop at the commissary…

  • Shelby Case

    Can deactive military families do this

  • Tkhman

    Veteran retirees will be getting paid DFAS released that statement. I feel bad for the those furloughed but I really hope this makes them a little more grateful for their jobs and they remember who they show up to work for. Too many civilian employees run around post acting like they run something. Without our soldiers you’d have no job.

    • Kit

      What a selfish thing to say! My husband works on the submarines the Navy uses. Without the DOD workers, the sailors would all be crushed in a tin can at the bottom of the ocean. It takes both parts to create the whole. The armed forces can’t do it all without civilian help and the civilians that work there have a job because the armed forces are there to protect our country. Shame on you!

      • Heidy

        Where were your honey on 911 at 3:00AM, sleeping? Where were the soldiers while your beautiful family was sleeping and eating a good and delicious meal? GIVE ME A BREAK LADY!!!

        • Kit

          Actually, we were both still in school. It might have been 3am where you were, but out here on the coast it happened on, it unfolded between classes. As for family, it is just me and my HUSBAND. Because of the peanuts he gets paid, when he does, we can’t afford to have kids just yet. While I appreciate every member of the armed forces for all the sacrifices made, DOD make sacrifices to. At our yard, we give all our heart and many long shifts and time away from families to make sure your family members come back whole. Holier than thou attitudes like yours is what ruins that spirit. I’m saying it takes both to make things happen. Not one or the other. Those of us that are DOD families are suffering through this furlough too. All I’m saying is it would be nice if we were helped too.

          • Agreewithkit

            right there with you Kit, my husband helps provide those radars on the ships that help keep them safe!

          • Teaparty Man

            You don’t you ask the President? It is he who has the final say in shut down situations who gets what. He wasn’t even going to let the military, who are deemed essential to be paid until the House and thankfully, the Senate, quickly passed a law forcing Obama to do so. You better do some research and understand EXACTLY what is going on and why.

          • Teaparty, you need to do your research. The Congress has the POWER OF THE PURSE!!! Do you know what that means??? Read your Constitution: All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other Bills.”
            — U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 7, clause 1
            It’s the Congress’ responsibility to raise and provide funds, not the President.

        • Lee

          Was it the military dying on 9/11 in NYC? No, it was civil servants like police officers and firefighters. Are you suggesting that no civilians died at the Pentagon that day? Give me a break.

      • Brian

        Kit, save your complaints for CONGRESS, not veterans and their families who have not wronged you, nor asked for this offer from Sams Club.

        • teaparty Man

          Do a little more research Bri! It is the Presidents call who gets what in a shutdown.

          • The First Congress (1789–1791) passed the first appropriations act—a mere 13 lines long—a few months after it convened. The law funded the government, including important pensions for Revolutionary War veterans, with just $639,000—an amount in the tens of millions in real terms. This simple process was short-lived. Over time, nine regular appropriation bills emerged and funded such priorities as pensions, harbors, the post office, and the military. These were considered on an annual basis by the late 1850s. The House Committee on Ways and Means, which also had jurisdiction over tax policy, controlled the appropriations process. But legislation and funding were always kept separate. Priorities were spelled out in one law and money appropriated for those priorities in another. This has remained the practice, as substantive committees design authorization acts and the House and Senate Appropriation Committees fund authorized programs later. Indeed, there are laws and parliamentary rules against making new law in appropriation bills, although such rules are periodically waived.


      • Seabee

        Kit please stfu YOUR HUSBAND does this job not you! Stop getting your panties in a bunch! You are as bad as some of the military wives that think they are their husbands rank!!!

        • Kit

          I do not actually. I’m just defending him because of people like Heidi. Both sides are integral to how this country operates defensively. One half is no better than the other.

    • kristi

      Totally agree. They act like they rule it all. Which I think this will make ppl more appreciative

  • Nicole jeffries

    Des Moines is doing it

  • Gayle

    We just went to the one here in Hattiesburg, (camp Shelby) they said the pass is only good for the wknd.

  • Michelle

    Not to be a downer, but it’s not just military that was furloughed. Quite a bit of people working for the Federal Government were furloughed and you just left all of them out.

    • kristi

      This is driving me crazy. Read first talk later.

    • Goober

      The military wasn’t “furloughed”, they still have to show up work, or worse try not to get blown up, whether they get paid or not. GS employees make significantly more and can collect unemployment, or get a second job during all of this. They don’t have access to the commissaries anyway, which is the benefit that is being substituted for here.

  • Helen

    Sam’s in Greensboro, NC is participating!

  • yes they truly are the one on Gratiot in Roseville Michigan I just called them

  • Jill

    This isn’t a rumor it is true for SOME Sam’s Clubs. Great Falls, MT is participating! Mostly it is clubs near military bases.

    • I work for sams it is all of them is just taking time to notify every club

  • Georgia

    This is really nice. And i admire the soldiers for their job but Who thinks about those civilians that are home without a job. My husband is one of them.

  • i’ll be there

  • Marisa

    That’s really cool, but what about all the government civilians that were actually laid off if work…

  • Furloughed Civilian

    As much as I love my job and love working for the DoD people are Not realizing this shutdown is not affecting the pay of military. Sam’s and other businesses should be offering this to all government employees wether active, retire, reserve, military, & the over 600,000 civilian personnel that that so proudly support our troops and government agencies.

    • Brian

      What Commissary do you normally shop at? This is for commissary shoppers, aka Veterans and their families.

    • Ricky

      If one that is furloughed will deploy for a year and deal with the same deployments that Veterans face then I will pay their 10% surcharge fee…

  • Dawn

    At least AD are still receiving a paycheck. Think of the ones with no income coming in, what do they get?

  • Guest

    It is nice of Sam’s club to give the AD Military a place to shop while the commissary is closed. In a perfect world, they would be able to help everyone disrupted by the shutdown. I hope this gets resolved soon… especially for the sake of those furloughed.

  • alicia

    I think all of you bickering should be ashamed. This article was put on here to spread the word about a good thing and you all are being hateful to each other. its hard times all the way aound. You want to help solve the problem…. Vote New representatives in next time. If the current ones can’t do the job get new ones. Again shameful behavior and comments.

    • Brian

      Concur – the commissary shoppers have not wronged you – CONGRESS has. Please direct your anger elsewhere. Veterans and their families have not wronged you, nor have they asked for this offer from Sams Club.

      • Jen

        Brian, I’m sure you’ll correct me, but I don’t think most of the people complaining in the comments are upset with the military personnel for receiving this privilege. In fact, most seem to be genuinely happy that Sam’s club is offering this gift to the military families who rightly deserve to be supported and taken care of by this country. It seems that most of the negative comments are directed at Sam’s, not commissary users, for not including other government workers in this special deal. I don’t personally believe Sam’s could extend this offer to all affected by the shutdown without a severe hit in profits and stock (there are a lot of us out there) but I don’t think people should be told not to wish they could. While I’m going to work everyday, not sure when my next pay check will come in, wondering if I can pay rent this month, I am perfectly capable of wishing I had some help while also being happy that others are receiving help. So please, just cool it and allow some people to vent. If you don’t like it, don’t read the comments.

  • the first mel

    It appears that some commenters have forgotten that Sam’s Club can choose whomever they want to help. It is their company and they can do what they want. If you aren’t happy with their choice, then don’t support them by patronizing their business. It is not the active duty military’s fault that they were chosen to receive this act of kindness. You all are acting like a bunch of 3 year olds who got left out of the party. Be adults, accept that you aren’t able to utilize this and like one poster repeatedly said, bring your complaints to Congress. They are the ones holding your pay hostage, not Sam’s Club or our country’s service members.

    • teaparty man

      Well said. Additionally, all but one of the Walton heirs are very supportive of the military.

  • Grock

    Thank you Sam’s Club for doing this.

  • Teaparty Man

    All of the Walton’s except for the one Grandson, Sam Rawlings Walton, have all stood firm for conservative values and are true supporters of the military and their families.

    It’s shameful that Obama directed to close the stateside commissaries. Any one who know exactly how shutdowns REALLY work, knows it is his call. Say what you will about Republicans and tea party and dump hate on Cruz, but Obama is calling the shots. we are living in seriously troubling times.

    • guest

      oh yes, the Waltons, you mean the ones that don’t pay the bulk of their employees a liveable wage? Then tell them to go apply for government assistance to make ends meet since their paycheck won’t cover it, all in the name of increasing their billions? Yea, time to get off the boards crazy man

  • Ricky

    I feel bad for the DOD civilians and others that are furloughed and think it would be nice to allow then the same opportunity. It is good they are waiving the fee for the military since they are the ones with the actual commissary privileges… Govt employees don’t have access to commissaries. Sucks that their pay is cut but the commissary is one of our benefits that military gets and is a factor when they calculate out base salary… Commissaries are a military benifit not a government one… Thank you SAMs club for looking out for us…

    • Bridget

      I think what the civilians would like to see is some support from the active duty community while they are home or at work not getting paid. Perhaps if each of you that gets this free perk tells Sam’s Club they should extend the courtesy to civilians furloughed they would. This shouldn’t be an us against them situation but it has certainly turned that way quickly.

  • monica

    sams club in san diego was NOT offering it but due to lots of military people showing up we had to make a temp card to check people out. no biggy. come give us business we need it. Get the feel of the store then come and pay for the yearly membership :)

  • Tina

    Wow!! For one the commissary isn’t always better to shop at and two for the ones who use it stop acting so stuck up! I mean seriously? You sound like a bunch of children! Im a DOD on furlough, a vet, and married to a retiree but let’s face it we all know that the civilians do a lot for our military and their families…they work at the hospitals, at our commissaries, and in many other areas… oh and civilians do get deployed so lets not get all stuck up when a civilian asks what about them because not all of us make tons of money off of the the DOD.

  • Makayla

    I currently work for sams club all clubs are participating it is just taking time to get the word out to every club. anyone who had a military id can shop it is called a military one day pass now just because it’s called a one day pass doesn’t mean it’s for just one day this pass is good until the commissarys reopen and they are NOT charging the 10 % up charge just make sure when you go that you have your id and you ask for the MILITARY ONE DAY PASS if you say free membership they may not know what your talking about it is not a free membership there is a difference but if you already have a sams club membership card everytime you renew you get a $15 gift card but you do this at the service desk this is something you’ll always get its our way of saying thank you for your service if you have any questions ill do.My best to answer them

  • Bridget

    Does anyone think it would be better to include the furloughed civilians since no matter where they shop right now they are not getting a paycheck for the time being? It would be nice to see the active duty community support the civilians that support them.

    • sabrinacking

      You know what? I actually do. I am probably in the minority on that, but yes. I think what many people are forgetting is that a great deal of people in government service are former military. Retirees might still have a DoD id, but your average person who put in one or two enlistments and got out and then went into contracting or civil service does not. Like you, to me these arguments seem like eating our own. It makes no sense.

    • kristi

      Bridget seriously..civilians support soldiers because its there JOB. Please do not make it like there doing us a favor. IJS

      • guest

        True it is their job which they usually get PAID for!! Do you honestly think these people don’t support the troops? They will be the first ones to vote for people who will increase the defense budget and contribute to any causes that support military families. Take a good look around and try and see where you would be if it were only the active duty community supporting you!!

      • sabrinacking

        Kristi, I just have to think you must not know very many DoD civilians or contractors. If you did, you’d realize probably 90% of them are prior service. You know, because those jobs generally require preference, preference you get from being prior service…..I am not sure why you are so angry at this woman…but you certainly don’t speak for any of the active duty families I know. WE all feel horrid for those affected by furloughs, especially since most of them have been living prolonged sequester and Friday furloughs etc. They have had it rough for quite some time.

    • guest

      I agree as well, I know my neighbor is a wonderful person, former military, now works at the VA and he’s deemed “non essential” with three kids and one income in a house they JUST bought, he makes 55k a year…in DC and will now have at least a week without pay. Kristi, you are delusional, all I have to say to you. Yes it’s their job, just like it’s our spouses JOB to be in the military, I bet you were one of those last week screaming that the military wouldn’t be paid for doing their job, it’s the same dang thing in the civilian world, pull your dang head out of the sand or pop that little bubble you live in girl.

  • PaulB

    Does this apply to military veterans and disabled veterans as well? Please advise. Thanks.

    • JoeH

      I applies to anyone with commissary privileges, so AD, retired, and dependents. Those who it applies to will already have their military id’s.

    • kristi

      Bridget seriously..civilians support soldiers because its there JOB. Please do not make it like there doing us a favor. Im Just Saying

  • CDee

    Gulfport MS is participating, near Keesler AFB

  • Kurt VC

    I agree that this isn’t a move to support the troops from Sam’s Club, it’s a ploy to pick up those customers that can’t use the commissary. I’m surprised they aren’t using a bait and switch trick to lock military families into paying membership fees.

  • alicia

    I am AD. I work in a hospital and am setting up a fundraiser to help a nurse who is not getting paid at all. She just went on maternity leave when the shutdown happened. The DOD workers who are still working will get reimbursed their pay even if it is causing problems now. How about you look out for each other instead of trying to prove who has it the worst.

  • carl retired

    When I “joined” at Erie Pa Sams I was given a credit of $35 and my sams card has military embossed on it.

  • carl retired

    Correction! I believe the amount was $15 not $35 but it was very much appreciated. thank you sams club

    • Makayla

      Yes it’s 15 you can get that at every renewal you just might have to ask but this is our way of saying thank you for your service

  • Dan T.

    When Sams first started, membership was free to active, reserve and retired military. After a couple of years, they began charging for the privilege of shopping there. We dropped our membership after price comparing what things cost there with our local supermarket, Super Target and Walmart. Not to mention the hassle of having your receipt checked by a door monitor who just watched you get checked out.

  • ernie

    I just talked to the one close to Fort Knox, Kentucky and they are honoring the military at there store, so I am going to there and stock up on goods since it is closer than the commissary.

  • VegasSmitty

    Tried the membership for a year, didn’t find many items less expensive then most other stores. Even found a few in a Wal-Mart next door less. As for the laid off civilian getting access, why should they? I worked next to civilians doing the same job for my entire career and they were paid more then double what I was getting.

  • Sharon

    Does Anybody know if the one in Charleston, SC is up and going for this waiver for military???

  • Fred

    Why should furloughed military personnel get anything for free?

    Would this policy apply if, for example, an employe of a private company lost his or her job? I doubt it.

    • Joe the plumber

      Wear a green suit for 4 years Fred…and then come back and whine…

  • nomar

    this include the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico ?

  • amy
  • “Z”

    Thank you Amy. :-)

  • too cheap to include DD-214 holders…. veterans served too

    • Makayla

      anyone with a military id can shop I work for a sams club

  • GovMedic

    I know this comment is going to be unpopular so let me preface by stating that I was in the Army for 6 years. The military is STILL GETTING PAID. Why not offer this to government employees who were sent home without pay? I count myself lucky that I am a paramedic at the federal prison so I continuing to work. I may not be getting paid, but at least I will (almost definitely) be getting back-pay. But members of the armed forces are still in a better position than I am right now (and God knows they should be.)

    • guest

      Yours will be an unpopular opinion, I agree with you though so you’re not alone. We active duty have been spoiled with all the benefits we’ve been given and as you can tell from the comments on these boards waaaay to many people have a sense of over entitlement

    • Heather

      Let me just mention that according to DFAS, even though the bill has been passed, they are waiting for further instruction. They are not guaranteeing a military paycheck on Oct 15. I think it is a scare tactic. But it still isn’t comfortable waiting for more info with three young children and a deployed spouse.

    • Heather

      Let me just mention that according to DFAS, even though the bill has been passed, they are waiting for further instruction. They are not guaranteeing a military paycheck on Oct 15. I think it is a scare tactic. But it still isn’t comfortable waiting for more info.

  • Michele P

    I’m nowhere near a base here in Hickory NC but the lady was great when I just called saying “Absolutely, just come in and show your ID and shop for free”. That’s a nice gesture since my husband is FT NCNG and on leave without pay…. this will help some.

  • HarbingerDJB

    Some here just do not know when to simply say, “Thank you.” and shut up.
    Gee folks, count your blessings!

  • Sheri

    I wish they would allow the civilian government workers that lost their jobs for this shutdown the same privilege. It would seem to be the right thing to do. Yes we lost our Commissaries, but we are still getting paid, they are not.

  • amanda

    mine in crystal lake il said no prob just bring in id with no 10%

  • KRH

    I called our local SAMs who was rude to me and denied this being true. Come home and the news announced this being true at all SAMs clubs so I wrote our news station about all the denials including mine as well as I wrote to SAMs club seen multiple articles that states all SAMs clubs is participating. I’m awaiting responses. I asked the news to investigate this. Everyone here should write SAMs if they have been denied asking why giving your SAMs clubs info who denied you. This would be nice for us military if it was true. Good luck!

  • Sam’s in Hot Springs , Arkansas honors the military also. They will not charge the 10 % , all u need is ur ID. There r also specials for military to join sams club.

  • Amber

    I live 15 mins away from the SAMs headquarters in Bentonville AR. They are doing it but you have to give them time to get the word to all SAMs Club in the US. I bought one yesterday and I’m going to see if they will refund it.

  • Fort Lee Virginia is also participating in this. You can talk about Sam’s being a corporate raider but they know when and how to get publicity and make money. They are truly a company that seizes the moment.

  • klf

    Can overseas military purchase online without a membership while the shutdown is going on?

  • Heather

    I am grateful to Sam’s club for doing this, even though I already shop there. Just to clarify, yes, a Bill has been signed that military will get payed. BUT this is our government… due to all of the regulations, DFAS is not guaranteeing when we will get payed. My husband is deployed without guarantee of when he will get pay. My brother is essential DOD who is working not knowing when he will get pay. We are all in this together.

  • nick

    In southern cali, I was told to go “pound sand”! cause I live in the high desert.

  • Sue

    I am a 26 year Sam’s associate, Airforce aunt and Navy Mom! Thank you Sam’s and thank you U.S. Armed forces!

  • James

    Haven’t called either of the 2 Wichita, KS stores yet, but this link is from the Sam’s Club site.

  • Vairsane

    Got a call from my boss. My local commissary is opening back up. Not sure if all of them are opening up at once or in groups.

  • Josh

    Sam’s Club in Wesley Chapel, FL is participating.

  • Kenny M

    Augusta, GA and Hattiesburg, MS are offering shopping with military ID while commissaries are closed. Not free membership.

  • Heatherdawn67

    We can verify that all Sam’s Club locations accross the nation will be temporarily opening thier doors and waiving the 10% service fee to all Military personel, retirees, and thier families to shop in our local Clubs until the Commissaries reopen. We ask that you please bring any Military ID OR PROOF of PAST or PRESENT service at the Menber Services desk or at checkout to waive the Membership Requirements. YES, A Copy of your DD214 WILL SUFFICE.

  • Yvonne Heikkinen

    Now that the commissaries have been reopened does the military get the same deal even though the shut down is still in place?

  • A. Montes

    Not in miami

  • alex

    Commissaries are now open.

  • In Colorado Springs, yesterday was the last day military could use a free membership. I tried and was unaware they did not accept VISA. I tried to pay by check and they told me they won’t accept checks from military since they don’t have a history in the area! Not buying a membership there.

  • Love to know if my local Sam’s Club is honoring this deal.

  • Tammy

    McAllen, Texas is honoring it also

  • Susan

    Sam’s stores in the Northern Virginia are offering access to their stores without membership and without the 10% fee. I’ve gone twice so far to the Woodbridge store and just showed my id at the door and then again at checkout. Nice opportunity to check out Sam’s!