Stateside Commissaries Closed in Government Shutdown


Stock your fridge and brace yourself! With the government shutdown Oct. 1 commissaries stateside will be closed starting Oct. 2, according to officials with the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA).

They will be open Oct. 1, the first official day of the shutdown, so that they can offload perishable foods, they said.

“In the event of a shutdown, stateside commissaries, including Alaska and Hawaii, will be open for a full business day on Oct. 1 to reduce the amount of perishables on-hand before beginning a systematic closure process to account for unsold products and secure facilities,” officials said in a statement released this afternoon.

UPDATE: We visited the Fort Campbell, Ky. commissary on shutdown day. Click here to see what we found.

It was not clear if that means perishable foods will be sold at a reduced cost in the event of the shutdown or not.

Stores overseas in all OCONUS locations except Alaska and Hawaii will remain open, they said.

“We are acutely aware of the hardships placed on all our customers if we cannot deliver their commissary benefit,” said Joseph Jeu, DeCA’s director said in the statement.”However, because of their geographic location, our servicemembers and their families overseas have a more critical dependence on commissaries, and we are prepared to continue that support.”

If Congress cannot pass a budget or continuing resolution that creates funding for all aspects of the US government by the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30, the government will be forced to shut down, ending many services seen as “non-essential” until funding is created. If the shutdown extends into mid-October servicemembers will not receive a mid-month paycheck, but will instead be given “back pay” after funding is passed by Congress and signed by President Barrack Obama. Many civilian workers will be also be temporarily furloughed and will not receive back pay.

If a shutdown occurs on-base schools and child care centers will remain open and Exchanges will continue to operate as well as most services at on-base hospitals. MWR programs, however, would likely halt.

Check out this article for more information on how a shutdown could impact you.

The last time the government came to the brink of a shutdown, in 2011, the commissaries were among the services that the Defense Department chose to keep open, after initially announcing that they would close. That shutdown was avoided in a last minute government funding deal between the House and Senate.

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  • I have an idea, how about instead of cutting our military’s pay and benefits…we cut the Congressmen, Senators, and President’s benefits and pay. Heck, their pay and benefits combined would probably pay off the debt instantly!

    • Amanda


      • S. Greenlee

        I agree Amanda! They don’t do anything to earn their pay and benefits. They ought to do what a soldier does for 24 hours. It would kill most of them!

    • Jami above all of that how about we stop sending billions of dollars to our enemies.Obama gives to the hands that hold weapons used to kill American’s

    • Peter

      That would be a start…..they all are to blame for this mess that we are in….

    • Greg

      Agree with jami and tony. Unfortunately constitution protects their pay and benefits. I say that part needs to be changed now!

      • TeeJae

        The catch-22 is that they are the only ones who can change it. So, don’t hold your breath.

      • Lady J

        It is always going to be the backbone of the military that gets removed first. Whose going to hold thehigher ups accountable for such reckless devistation! There are a lot of folks relying on these services. We need effective leaders who are there for the needs of not only the country, but also for the people who put in many man hours to insure we get the comforts we Americans take for granted.thosefamiliesrightfullywho entitlef to all those who serve

    • Anthony

      The bad part of this is that we as tax payers pay their salaries to make wrong decisions and even though they loose the money we still have to pay for their errors and in top of that continue to pay them for it. Is it worth it to risk our lives for this…..

    • Donna FLW

      I totally agree with you, but THEY voted that they do not get included. I say we impeach them all and start over!

    • Andrea

      AMEN! I’m so sick & tired of this “president” and his tantrums! If he stopped living so large (he & his family living “lifestyle’s of the rich & famous”) on OUR DIME! Yet OUR commissaries, bases, memorials, etc. AND jobs are shut down….he’s STILL golfing, traveling, Michelle is STILL SHOPPING!!!! But we can’t even buy food for our families, and/or possibly receive our pay on time??!!! Nice job Obama.. NOT!!!!

      • Marie Richard

        Andrea, did u forget the other 500 plus members of Congress whose duty it is to agree on & pas s a budget that worksfor the whole country & not just one that furtherstheir personal agendas? If passing the budget was solely under the President’s control, we wouldn’t have to wait on egos & threats. We’d already have a budget; govt shutdown wouldn’t b an issue. Then, of course, people like u would really b pissed because, u would say that was too much power 4 one man to have!

    • William

      The closing of our Nations Memorial sites and all other activities, denying access the to our American Heroes, whose time is limited, is unacceptable.

      As a fighting force we can endure quite a lot, mentally and physically for our country. This latest action of this Administration is treasonous. There are many differences but presently the media is the key player in this battle of PSYOPS.

      I fear we will be weakened to the point that our defense capabilities will rely on techno gadgets rather than boots and equipment on the objective.

      Defunding operational capabilities, training and maintenance is disastrous to our security, presently and in the future.

      The leadership seems non existent and, if I may, delusional

    • Same idea

      Thats not your idea

  • Patty

    Since they just passed an extension today, does that mean the commissary will remain open during that extension?

    • Amy_Bushatz

      The Senate passed a bill – however for a actual funding to be created (and a shutdown to be avoided) both the House and Senate must pass something and then the president must sign it :-)

    • they passed an extension?

    • No extension has been passed by both.

  • amanda

    I think this is bull crap. I bet the football players and all those sports people will still get paid. this is messed up. why is it that people who fight for this country get the short end of the stick when then people who sit in their butts and people who just play stupid sport get payed so well and don’t have to worry about nothing. it makes me sick how our soldiers are being treated. I think Jami VB has the right idea. Why don’t the congressman, senators, president and all them get their pay cut off and see how they like it. hell they can afford it. I am sure the million dollar houses will suvive. Its going to eventually come down to no one getting into the military at all and we will have no one to protect us anymore. I wonder how the president would like that

    • Elizabeth

      the president hates the military and has done everything he can to decimate it. Our government members have gone from supposedly working for us to working for their own special interest groups and furthering their own agendas. Unless they are personally affected by the shutdown, ie: losing pay, benefits, etc, then we the people will always be the ones to suffer. They will not have to try to make ends meet as we do. It’s only going to get worse folks.

    • Trisha

      This is not the Presidents. Before u spew get all the facts straight!

      • Amanda

        It certainly seems like it’s the president. He’s never served in the military, so he doesn’t know what it’s like to try and live on a basic Sailor or soldier salary. It seems like every time we turn around Obama is pushing something along that will affect the military negatively. So don’t tell me he supports us.

        • JJH, Retired SFC

          Not serving in the military applies to more than 90% of the current congress. When we signed up, we were told that if we did ‘this’, we would get ‘that’ when we retired. Well, after we fulfilled our part of the deal, the government CANNOT go back on what was promised to us. Congress needs to ensure that that doesn’t ever happen. We can’t take back our service, how can they take back what they promised to us?

          • Joel Nevins

            I say it’s time that we march on Washington DC and shown that we’re not going to take it anymore this is one Marine that’s ready to go

        • Dave

          All of them need to go.. Congress man should only be allowed to serve two terms just like the president and they should not get any retirement for eight years. The military has to serve 20 to get these benefits and still they do not get near the retirement the congressmen get.

      • It’s the president who signs off on whether or not we get paid. He determines how the funds are distributed, in the end it’s all up to him..

      • Cgale

        Well it is Obama fault , I will stand and scream it..he has done nothing but divide this country more than it ever has been ..this obamma care ..who can afford it ..6000- 12000 deductables not to mention co- pays and p?remiums and if there is no full time jobs who can afford the affordable care act ..So yes the president pushed this fiasco of a healthcare bill its all him got his friggen name all over it…

        • dave

          it’s not only the president, it’s all of them.

      • Trisha wake up and smell the coffee before the store closes this has never happened before Obama took office if not his fault whos fault is it then! huh tell us all mighty know it all

        • elandrum

          Never? You do realize this whole game of chicken was played back in 1995, right? And that actually resulted in a government shutdown? It’s the fault of BOTH PARTIES — divisive, polarized politics is completely ruining Washington’s ability to govern our nation. Until certain parties stop holding our government and economy and servicemembers for ransom and everyone learns to compromise, this will keep happening indefinitely.

        • scott

          Well actually this has happened before. We had a shutdown under Reagan and almost twice under Clinton. Any president has very little to do with this. It is Congress who is creating the stalemate.

    • Amanda

      The government doesn’t control the fate of sports players, so of course they will still paid.

    • anon

      Well of course sports players will get paid. They are not part of the government. Football player is not a government funded job.

      • Ana J

        Hahahahaha I was wondering when someone would call that out!!!!!!!

      • Guest

        Sweet Jesus, thank you for saying this.

    • Steve

      Well, at least you didn’t say “people who fight for our freedom” like it was ever at risk.
      That dead horse well and truly whipped out.

      • Nonamey

        How can you compare sports figures pay with government employees that’s pretty much apple and oranges and their monies are not coming from the same pot. Now if you had of said aid to Egypt, Syria when the US needs aid more than once in a fiscal year that would have made more sense.

    • Mark

      You do know that the Government doesn’t pay football players and sports people right? A government shutdown has nothing to do with their pay.

    • t.beni

      Don’t blame the NFL or the Sporting industry it has nothing to do with them. It is the wonderful system we have set up, yep, government is in charge of the military’s pay not the public. I agree the military do not get paid what they worth, not even close.. That is our government for you, all screwed up.

    • He will put a draft plan in. So that no one can say no

    • Meg

      He won’t care. He will still have people protecting him! (But I have a feeling that he doesn’t care about us anyway)

    • your right about that our service personnel are getting the short end but the verterns are also getting the shaft. where you still get pay the veterns are are not. the man sitting in that office is not a president and cares nothing about anyone but his own. He will close everything he can to produce the maxium anger to do the most benefit for his party and his agenda.

    • Haines

      I whole heartedly agree how about we go one more step lets pay them as goverment emploees just like we do our servie men and woman they start at as e-1 and go up from there and then after 20 years they get 50% and after 30 years 75% so if they do a bad job or and dont get reelected after 16 years well tough shit find a job that what we do to our man and wowmen who give up so much. Haines Henry

  • lizzie

    If you want to blame anyone, look at the tea-partiers in Congress, not the President, for this fiasco. They would rather shut down the government and default on the nation’s debt (lowering the nation’s credit rating and raising interest on loans) than allow Obamacare to exist. Just whose interests are they representing? Not mine and probably not yours.

  • Aj

    And I think it’s all the governments fault including the president they need to be working for a solution not comparing whose ego and stubbornness will out win. Obama could just as easily push those issues aside and change something’s but no everyone has am agenda and wants their own way and why would they care they will get a paycheck shut down or not

    • It is not the presidents job to come up with a budget–it is congress. The sole blame of all this can be put on congress. The budget hasn’t even gotten to the president yet. What’s really sad is this a basic concept of civics in our country and most people, like you, don’t understand this. Please read up on your civics.

      • Bill

        Actually it IS up to the President to propose the budget. “The Congressional Budget Act of 1921” requires a budget proposal be submitted to Congress by February 1st to allow congress to act and approve so it can be returned to the President for signature . I may be wrong, but the last presidential budget was three years ago and was rejected by a SENATE vote of 100 – 0.

  • Tony

    The only solution is for voters to stop electing people who do not believe in government !

    • Dan

      The solution is to stop electing people who see government as the solution to all problems.

    • enough 2013

      Repost that very well stated

    • anthony

      What would happen if everyone just got sick of it and didn’t vote

    • Harvey

      It is about time people started to focus on just what this “Tea Party” is doing instead of blaming “congress” or Obama. The Tea Party has their own extreme right wing agenda and they simply do not care about the average person. You ain’t seen nothing yet folks.


        stop giving to those who do not give first tired of giving my money to those who do not even try to support themselves!!!!!!!!!

  • Becky

    You obviously don’t listen to what they say. You only hear what the democrats say. You should listen to both sides UNBIASEDLY and then decide who wants what is best for the military and working America.

    • Cgale

      You obviously are drinking the kool aid they are offering.some people can not see the Forrest for the trees..sheeple really? ..

  • Rhonda Klees

    Scare tactic…it will not happen, never does…that dog won’t hunt…

    • Becky

      I love when people say it won’t happen. For those of us who were in in 1995 when we had to work for free until they finally paid us, we know better. It can happen.

    • Michael

      You are wrong. It has happened before and the military didn’t get paid. I remember it well.

      • PHP

        But you did get paid….We all did

      • PHP

        We all got paid it was just delayed…

    • Guest

      You’re not as smart as you think you are. This will be the 18th government shutdown since 1976.

    • Jack

      Easy to say if you do not have a horse in the race. I have 4 appointments for jobs in North Dakota as I am very angry about getting shafted by the Ellsworth AFB Commissary.

  • Joey

    Service members will get paid. Their pay is protected so that if the government was to shut down or even eliminated then they still get their pay. Everyone else will not have their pay promised. This needs to be taken care of though. This is happening way too much.If they cant do their job then they need to lose it just like everyone else

    • Amy

      You are wrong I still remember very well two years ago when this was going on once again and my husband was deployed and he did not get payed!!! The only way we got his check on time was because of our bank!! That was on his third tour over sea!! And not the first time his pay was affected because of our government can’t get their heads out of each other’s asses. It’s a very sad thing to see our government turning their heads to the men and women serving our country keeping us and them safe!

      • Nonamey

        You mean his pay was delayed he still got paid like everyone else in the same boat. The bank advanced him a paycheck, when his check was deposited it paid the bank back.

        • Kari

          Actually the budget was passed midway through the pay period so military members got half of their normal pay. The second half was deposited about two days later. However our bank was willing to advance my husband a paycheck.

      • Joey

        It is protected now. Because of this less then 2 years ago a law was passed so that the service members will get their pay.

      • Guest

        You got paid. It wa late, but you got paid.

    • jes

      Joey finally someone with some sense! I have been been saying that this whole time!

    • kywrite

      Not true. It has to be specifically authorized.

    • You are right, we would have been fired a long time ago!

  • Kris

    Heaven forbid that stupid insurance bill passes….come on and look at this. If the person does not want insurance you can’t make them.
    Just get everything passes so we can quit stressing whether or not we will get paid. As yes they can take away our pay!! We are govt workers and it has been all over the news….NO PAY FOR SOLDIES OR GOVT WORKERS!!! But sure as heck congress and the president gets paid on time!

    • sabrinacking

      Ugh, see, total populace ignorance. The BILL…already became this thing called a law, which is slated to go live Oct 1st. I feel like this forum needs a showing of Schoolhouse Rocks…..I’m just a bill, yes I’m only a bill….

    • sabrinacking

      Just some FYI, for this confused forum:

      The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress and then signed into law by the President on March 23, 2010.
      On June 28, 2012 the Supreme Court rendered a final decision to uphold the health care law.

      • Nancy

        Passed in the middle of the night by only democrats, a bill which they didn’t even read.
        That’s why the election of 2010 got the results the people didn’t want Obamacare.

        It is not the responsibility of the federal government to force its citizens to purchase anything. (Though they do all the time) their responsibility is to protect our liberty! and freedoms.

        “If Congress can employ money indefinitely to the general welfare, and are the sole and supreme judges of the general welfare, they may take the care of religion into their Own hands; they may a point teachers in every state, county, and parish, and pay them out of their public treasury; they may take into their own hands the education of children, establishing in like manner schools throughout the Union; they may assume the provision for the poor; they may undertake the regulation of all roads other than post-roads; in short, every thing, from the highest object of state legislation down to the most minute object of police, would be thrown under the power of Congress; for every object I have mentioned would admit of the application of money, and might be called, if Congress pleased, provisions for the general welfare.” James Madison, On the Cod Fishery Bill, granting Bounties 1792

        • guest

          You mean the election where Obama won by a landslide that the Republicans couldn’t believe? You’ve probably never had to pay private insurance premiums that are through the roof to compensate for people without insurance using ER rooms like a walk in clinic

          • kywrite

            Best check prices on Obamacare. In most states, your premiums will be higher, and you’ll also have a pretty high deductible that comes out AFTER copays. This is NOT an improvement.

    • kywrite

      The government can make us do anything we let them.

    • Pass the Obamacare and if you don’t was it they can’t make you get it, where have you been if you don’t have health care you will pay a fine on your taxes if you don’t sign up. The active duty military will continue to be paid, but like you won’t get paid veterns won’t receive their retirement pay either. Stop complaining, we can’t afford anymore taxes for Gods sake.

    • James

      The “insurance” bill was passed a couple years ago. If they want Take it away do it at some other time and not with the bill to operate the government. Dirty tactics at it’s best.

  • Mike

    Where did this info come from? It is not on the DeCA website or any other location I can find.

  • the first mel

    I feel bad for the people who work at the commissary. They won’t be working, so no paycheck for them. I’m sure some of them rely on that income to pay their bills.

    • JuJu

      Dosn’t everyone rely on their paycheck to pay their bills?? The only ones not affected by this debacle, are the ones who created it, and since they obviously don’t care what their constituents need and want, they’ll do what they always do, quietly say “F” you America, I got mine. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE and get rid of those who think they are above the pain. Let’s give them a taste of their own medicine.

    • Jack is so far ahead of DECA it is pitiful. Most of us are 24 hour a week PT. Only the management is full-time anymore.

  • Oh joy…..

  • kristy

    I am a military spouse and when the governmenrt tried taking away my husbands pay, it didnt happen. We still got paid as usual but now with having my daughter and bills it stresses me out thinking theres a chance we might not get paid.

    • Jeana

      Glad you did get paid. Last time we went through this my husband only recieved half of his pay. Finance office has still not returned the back pay. We had to take out a small loan to keep us afloat during that time. We were stuck in temporary housing on base waiting for our house to be available and had to pay nearly $300 a week and during the shutdown couldn’t even get them to let us pay once the paychecks were back to full again….funny since it was on base. That was how long ago? We are still paying back that loan and living paycheck to paycheck. Tell me, will this backpay include the interest we have to pay to our creditors because we couldn’t afford our bills? Will they prevent my husband’s truck from being repossessed because we had to choose between the truck payment and food? I hope you are not one of those affected by this again Kristy, for you and your daughter’s sake. We have not yet started a family, that is one less stressor for us. I know last time not everyone lost out on pay. Oddly, we had half-paychecks while some deployed friend recieved no pay at all…others got full checks. I have no clue what to expect but it both angers me and scares me.

      • Heather

        He should have gotten the second half of his pay check a day or two after the first half. That’s how it was for my husband when this happened last time. We have had to deal with DFAS for many years and I can say if we were owed money, we always got it. You may want to look back at his LES’s to see if maybe you really did get it. If you were in temp housing you may not have realized it thinking the money you were receiving was part of his pcs etc.?

        • Jeana

          We had already been living in tlf for almost a year before it happened waiting for a house. We have gone back and back to look for the pay. It isn’t there. Our finance office “will look into it” but we are coming up on our 3rd ann.And this finance office still didn’t list us as married no matter how many certs. We provide. I’m going to essy we fell through the cracks. It’s really not that uncommon. And remember the contract allows the gov. To withhold pay for 30 days before a soldier can walk away. If the govt. Shuts down entirely, how long do you think they can afford to pay half pay? No, at some point it’s all going.

    • JuJu

      You’ll be paid, I just read the military pay won’t be affected.

  • donna

    I work at the commissary and today we got our “notice” that if the government shuts down we will be furloughed starting the 2nd of Oct. and yes most people who work at the commissary depend on their paychecks to live so this does affect us.

    • Jeana

      We had already been living in tlf for almost a year before it happened waiting for a house. We have gone back and back to look for the pay. It isn’t there. Our finance office “will look into it” but we are coming up on our 3rd ann.And this finance office still didn’t list us as married no matter how many certs. We provide. I’m going to essy we fell through the cracks. It’s really not that uncommon. And remember the contract allows the gov. To withhold pay for 30 days before a soldier can walk away. If the govt. Shuts down entirely, how long do you think they can afford to pay half pay? No, at some point it’s all going.

    • Georgie

      I also work at a commissary (Ft Benning) and we were given our “notice” yesterday also. I guess we will just have to wait, like everyone else, and see what happens.

      • Pio

        I work at the commissary as well (Kaneohe MCB, HI) and we got our notice too. A lot of us depend on this paycheck. Hawaii is not cheap.

        • Gas Passer

          I use to work there! How are things going at the Kaneohe Commissary these days?

    • Jack

      Me too Donna. Me too. Ellsworth AFB here.

    • MsBee

      I’m sorry and will keep all of you in my prayers.

    • MsBee

      Thank you for all that you do. I’ve be a commissary shopper since the early 1980’s. I would never consider shopping anywhere else. The loss will be far reaching I know for you your coworkers and their families. But also MWR programs that count on the money from the surcharge. I hope after this is over more families will come back to the commissary. We need each other.

  • Kay

    Active duty members will get paid, if not now then later. Us civilians who work for them….now we will NOT be paid period. Oh, but no one seems to care about us though. I’m prior military and I can tell you, if your pay is held all you need to do is inform the bill collectors and they will work with you without penalty…most will anyways. Now as a civilian employee with no pay? Yeah, no help for us.

    • Shawna

      I agree with you, seems people forget about those of you that won’t get pay, but for military not living on base, our landlord, that didn’t want to rent to a military family to begin with, do not have to work with us, neither does the bank for our car loan, I have 4 small children and 2 disabled vets living in my house, we can not risk being kicked out. Back pay is great, if you haven’t already lost everything by the time it gets to you. I do understand what you’re saying though and I hope for your sake that this all ends quickly and you are not at a huge loss.

  • SSG Bobby Welch

    “Man i hate to say it, but the GOP is a dame Joke. They never been in “The Military” and
    they just don”t give dame. How they fill when they go to Church on Sunday,and listing
    at is been said in the “Good Book” do any of that go into that dumb brain……Can you
    hear me now….Good luck in getting your 1st of the month check….but guess what
    member of Congress will be getting they checks….. Ani’t that a joke

    • Jack

      And can you name a couple of democrat leaders in Congress or the White House that have served????

      • John

        does it matter who served, they all still get paid for absolutely nothing, Republican or Democrat, no matter the shut down they will get paid. none of them care.

    • Jane

      I don’t blame the GOP, I blame OBAMA a petty, small minded little twerp who obviously hates our Military.

      • sabrinacking

        I blame your junior high civics teacher for not explaining to you how a three branch system works…

  • Logan

    Wow, some of you are so ignorant its disgusting. This has happened before… 1995 under beloved president Clinton. Lovely Bush is the reason why we are in so much debt. You think Obama came into office and all of a sudden were billions on dollars in debt?? Doesnt work that way. Its sad that we live in a country where people who can not afford healthcare can be denied the right to be healthy. Majority of you military people would damn sure not be able to afford healthcare if you were not provided so. The sooner you realize that the president is more of a figure head (that takes the blame for all of Senate) the less ignorant you’ll be.

    • MCL

      Yeah Clinton left us with a surplus. Bush spent it all.

      • Guest

        No, Clinton did NOT leave us with a surplus. That’s a Democrat lie. The “surplus” didn’t include many budget items that should have been included, and if they had been, there would have NOT been a surplus.

        • No, what you spout off is a lie. That’s why at every turn you hear republicans trying to take credit for the surplus during the Clinton adminustration. So either they are lying about the surplus back then or you are just another person who hates to admit that Clinton did this country a lot of good….

          • Constitutional Guy

            Selling missile technology to China did the USA “a lot of good”? Whitewater was “a lot of good”? Perjuring himself and then starting a war in Bosnia did us “a lot of good”? How about “renting” out the Lincoln bedroom for contributions? Yeah, he sure did us “a lot of good”. He wasn’t no saint, so spare us the revisionist history.

            Clinton was essentially a lame duck, both Houses of Congress were Republican controlled at the time, so he had little, to no choice. Spending bills originate in the HoR and are approved by the Senate. He got to sign or veto the spending bills. Of course he’s not having any problem riding on that coattail of the Congress’ successes during that period.

            But I’ll tell you what, compared to what we have in the WH now, I long for the days of Clinton. Man, what a mess.

    • Waabi

      You Military people? We wake up early every day to stay fit prior to doing our job, work late and bust our butts to get that healthcare. How can you be denied the right to be healthy if you sit on your fat ass and not live a healthy life? After three tours and seeing stuff that would make you wet your pants, I keep telling myself that it was for my family and country. To hear ignorant people like you say things like Military people don’t deserve a damn thing, you got another thing coming. I loved Clinton as a president, as speaker, but since my time in the Military, Im directly affected and I tell you this, what do you do for a living?

      • Isabelle

        U tell ’em!

    • Jeffrey

      That’s trillions, not billions. If he is more of a figurehead than why blame Bush? We were six trillion in debt when Bush left office (this is after 42 other other Presidents, Bush was 43rd) , and are now over 16 – 17 trillion in debt, five years after Obama (an additional 10 billion in 5 years). Get it straight.
      You can’t one a figurehead and then blame the other as not being one.

    • Logan, you need to study up on it…..Bush came into office with a Republican controlled Congress…that took over half way through Clinton’s term and stopped his spending……The Democrats got control of the Senate halfway through Bush’s term, and Obama was part of that Congress….and the Democrats have controlled Congress (the Senate) ever since – blocking all the things the House has tried to stop the wasteful spending and give aways!!! We can only hope that the Republicans can win the Senate next year and put an absolute STOP to what Obama is doing before he totally ruins our country!!! The debt is ALL the fault of the Senate controlled Congress, who won’t balance the budget, who constantly wants to raise taxes and spend more money….

      • AFvetwith400amonth

        Boy, the great majority here should stop repeating the same crap the GOP keeps selling when it comes out of the mouths of the top 1%. They love to keep people ignorant, while they get their millions in subsidies but God forbid the poor would get any subsidy to eat, in the form of food stamps, like many in the military need -been there LEARN HOW TO REASON WITH YOUR BRAIN NOT WITH EMOTIONS

      • AFvetwith400amonth

        Stop repeating the same crap the GOP keeps selling when it comes out of the mouths of the top 1%. They love to keep people ignorant, while they get their millions in subsidies but God forbid the poor would get any subsidy to eat, in the form of food stamps, like many in the military need -been there learn how to reason with your brains not with your emotions. A lot of racists here….emotion.

      • Gas Passer

        Has the military been infiltrated by too many liberals and commies now?

        • Afva400month

          That’s why your name is gas passer all you have is sh#t to share and that’s how much is worth…..

    • Jack

      Logan, it was actually earlier and we were under the USAF Commissary not the DOD DECA and when they threatened we stayed open and everything was fine. Now back in the 70’s when Les Aspin screwed us at fiscal year with no military appropriations we stayed open and the squadron First Sergeants ran and managed tabs for anyone in need. Heu is a political crony who will not miss a days pay. the 24 hour PT cashiers and grocery folks are fubar’d

    • Paul

      Another Bush blamer. I know Bush got us into a lot of debt, but Obama doubled our nation’s debt his first term in office. If our Senators, Congressmen and Represenatives would quit spending money on worthless projects and quit sending money to other country’s, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. Just keep raising the debt ceiling and give our children more to have to worry about when they grow up.

  • Laura

    that is so backwards. Enough with blaming Bush! He is the President and he has been for two terms! We pay more taxes now then when his precious first “elect me” speeches started nearly 5 years ago! He is also the one who has openly threatened to veto a budget if his precious namesake insurance doesn’t get funded. Google it, research it. The more things unfold and the more time goes by with this President the more obvious it is he has no love for the military at all. Slowly everything is getting taken away, education, programs, retirement benefits, insurance benefits. Come on! We can blame legislators but the buck stops with him as Commander and Chief.

    • LINDA

      Laura – you are so right! If people would quit living in the Past – we might get some things done in the PRESENT! (too much racial hate and division because of something that happened 50 – 100 years ago) Everybody needs to get over themselves and start taking responsibility for THEIR actions! Just like OBAMA – he is the one that is giving the store away and then blaming the GOP for not paying the BILL.

    • Jennifer

      This is why I laugh when he and the FOTUS say that they care about the military. Nope.

    • Exactly right Laura, I love how Bush is blamed for debt. Do we know why the economy is in such a bad situation? Well think about it the economy always follows suit with the Housing market. Now why did the housing market crash? That’s simple enough, the housing market crashed due to forcing lenders to allow everyone to get qualified for a loan(Thanks ACORN and to your lawyer OBAMA) hello balloon payments nobody could afford. Now what could we have done to prevent this? We could of listened to George W. Bush who told us all this was going to happen, but nobody listened to him but yet now he gets the blame.

    • Sam

      You should really try to understand how the government works. There are three Branches of government, Executive (the President’s branch, he only signs what Congess & the House puts through), Legislative (Congress, writes and votes bills), and Judical (the Supreme Court). The President doesn’t write bills, He only signs them into law. Take a course in how your government works before passing judgement on things you obviously know nothing about!!

  • PHP

    Same BS we’ve been through before. We all got paid before and we will all get paid again…Its just delayed while the Numb Nuts in Washington Jockey for position…

  • Lynn

    I understand we are all upset about this government shutdown but we need to remember that the President only has so much power. He can not sign off on a bill until congress approves it. So all this bashing and lack of knowledge in reference to government is unnecessary. This is not just an Obama situation this happens every year around the fiscal year it’s just that now because of the recession due to the war that we were duped into that budgets are struggling. My husband and I have been in the military for 15 yrs and this is not our first rodeo. Normally they are fighting on whether or not they are going to give the military a rasie and what percentage it will be. I find it puzzling how many on this page think that the commissary as well as housing is a must that the government must provide…all of these amenities are privileges and we need to be grateful for those things.Also learning the basics of how government operates will help the President does not work alone yes he has been put into a position but he can’t do anything without congress saying ok so we all need to think about who we put inton office locally they represent your spouses fate when it comes to these time.

    • Om… We have been in 15 years and this is not our first rodeo either… And I can honestly say Obama is not helping the situation either. Bush would have never let this happen. He respected the troops too much.

      In addition… Its easy for someone with 15 years in the military to say, “oh, the commissary is just an amenity, you should be grateful” … Let us remember our junior troops who financially depend on the commissary for their budgeting.

    • Mpel

      They passed Obamacare without a huge approval of congress or the American people

  • Marilynn

    How about if Congress and the President give up their salaries to pay the Military who protect our country? How about if the Secret Service does not get paid and shuts down! Let the first lady and the kids walk and be normal instead of the protection detail they are ‘entitled’ to just because they are who they are! My fellow soldiers and families deserve a paycheck for who they just are- defenders of our COUNTRY!!! WOW!!!

  • Lyn

    Good, I don’t like shopping where the people who work there are rude and disrespectful anyhow!

    • Guest

      Maybe they’re rude to you because of the way you act?

    • You get what you give.

    • Jack

      That is only the management. You obviously haven’t come through my line…

    • Barb

      Wow! Where do you shop? I shop at McConnell AFB. Everyone of the staff there is polite, friendly and go out of their way to be helpful. They greet me with smiles and waves and we joke in line. Maybe it’s your attitude or the way you approach them?

  • Heather

    I try not to take a fatalistic view of things with the government, though at times I know it’s hard. But, if this does happen, we will deal with it, just like we deal with everything else in life that isn’t so comfortable. If it does happen, it won’t be for long, so maybe a day, maybe two tops? If for some reason it did stay closed for a protracted amount of time my concern would be for those who live in very remote areas where the next closest grocery store is 30+ miles away. While it would be a pain in the butt for me I can do it if I had to. But some of these families here at Irwin don’t have cars, and that could be a challenge. As for pointing fingers and putting blame on the President, I think that is naive. It is a much broader problem that all parties have created by all sides being ridged and stubborn to a fault. We all have to flex and when something doesn’t flex it breaks.

    • Jennifer

      Glad I am no longer stationed where we used to be. The closest Wal-Mart was 30 minutes away and that was all there was. Gas was pretty high there too.

  • Infantryman101

    I’m sorry, but if you’re not in the military, or been exposed to how it works, you have no place to talk about it all.

    • Johanna Friess

      Amen to that

  • Meh. Go to Walmart than. I find better deals there than the Commisary half the time anyways. If the politicans, including the President, want to play games, than I’ll just walk off the court and go somewhere else. I suggest the rest do the same.

    • alexa

      I couldnt agree more i save a lot more money at walmart than i did at the commissary everyone always seemed unhappy there as well. I feel bad for the people that do like the commissary though.

      • Glorify

        Just google “communist party cells in walmart” and see if you can consciously go to walmart. they allow the communist party to set up shop in all the walmarts in china. treat american workers like crap.

        its true…i read this article in the wall street journal TEN years ago and havent been to a walmart since.

        you should be ashamed of taking your dollars out of our military DECA system to save a couple precious pennies on the backs of americans and our country.

        wake up, walmart junkies!

    • jack

      Wall Mart is only hiring Temp workers due to Obamacare so what do you have to offer us the PT folks of DECA? BTW They want you to quit shopping there and close the entire Commissary system down. haven’t you read anything about Hagel?

    • Constitutional Guy

      At Edwards AFB, the nearest “China” mart is over 40 miles away. Gas is @ ~$4 a gallon. You figure out how much that impacts a young A1C and his family.

      Giving up the field, yielding to your opponent or compromising with evil is ALWAYS a losing proposition.

    • Guest

      If you look at the size of the items at Walmart, the portions are smaller, and you are actually paying more there then if you went to Vons or the other big stores. Look at Walmarts meat prices. At least at Vons you can use the Vons club and it makes a lot of their items affordable. Look around before you make a blanket statement. The White House has their own agenda, and what the people want does not matter, it never has.

  • The very fact that the government can use shutting down as a scare tactic proves that the Government has grown entirely too large. Just think about that.

  • Frank Zink

    1976 the military went 27 days with no pay because the government could not pass a budget. Tough on the pay check to paycheck families. I was deployed, wife working back home had to borrow money from HFC at extortionist rates to pay for the rent. Back then she was moved out of housing, because I was deplyed to GITMO. So don’t say it will never happend; it did and it took a long time to recover.

  • Roberta Ellis

    Why not stop all of congress and the rest of thems paychecks. See how long it takes to agree on something….

  • Jennifer

    I think that AAFES is privatized, which if I’m right and it is, that’s why they can stay open. They aren’t run through the govt. You’re right though… it is pretty stupid.

  • dm43180

    2011 the last time they talked about this, i was assigned in germany, i do remember that the units assigned not only were considering assigning soldiers to work at commisaries as a detail, but also a lot og service members and a few senior leaders were quite upset to say the least. So much they were considering having units notreport in for duty, and remain on stand by in case a serious event occurs. Short of telling their troops to seek other employment, with budget that is passed, these base services like commissaries, px, mcss, and mwr all fall under the same bracket of budgeting. Im currently one of three soldiers at my installation performing calibration and technical equipment support for our installation. We are cooperative working with a civilian team of vets doing the same thing, and their doors will close as us service members will have to stop working due to the what will behappening with the civilians. These civilian techs are part of our tech team and we service members will be halted on our ability to perform our mission if this shut down occurs

  • Nancy

    Change in Tricare Prime Premiums
    Retirees who pay their Tricare Prime premiums through a retired pay allotment may notice a slight change in their October net pay. This is because Tricare increased its premium effective October 1t.

    Another group of retirees who pay their Tricare Prime premiums through a retired pay allotment may notice a slight change in their October net pay for a different reason. This is because effective October 1, retirees are only eligible for Tricare Prime if they live within 50 miles a base. If they do not live within 50 miles of a base, they will be enrolled in another Tricare program, and their premiums will change.

    If you fall in either of these two groups, Tricare will have contacted you and informed you of the change. If have any questions about these changes, please contact Tricare through its customer service center.
    Updated September 18, 2013

    • MsBee

      Thanks for reminding us of this change. In addition TRICARE for Life beneficiaries are being notified that as of October 1st, military retirees (over age 65) who receive care at a Department of Veterans Affairs facility for non-service connected ailments will be required to pay the VA 80% of the TRICARE allowable charges. By law TRICARE, will only pay up to 20 percent. The remaining 80 percent is equal to the amount that Medicare would have paid if the beneficiary had used a Medicare certified provider. Its important to KNOW before you go.

  • YoL

    Only OCONUS commissaries will stay open? What about the isolated posts in the states? The nearest grocery store for us is a 40 minute drive. My family will be fine and survive, but there are some that don’t have the financial means to get through this. Most families here can’t even get groceries until payday which is Monday. I really hope a decision is made quickly so our families don’t get impacted by this.

    • Amy_Bushatz

      If you’re at Irwin — great news! They are keeping their store open!

  • Bobbi

    Does anyone know if the perishables will be discounted? If so, I might brave the crowds. I hope everything either doesn’t happen or ends quickly!

  • ChuckI

    Interesting that how is the military going to feed the troops who eat in the mess halls. The Commissary is the provider of food to them?

  • art kart

    in the past it was said “nothing is too good for our military” why is it true now that we now to get nothing

  • Mary V

    I have you know that the politicians will continue to receive their pay during these hard times. We just went through this problem, and it is a crime to make us endure this condition again. There should be more empathy towards the people empacted by the reckless behavior of our congressmen and women.

    • patty v.

      active duty military will continue to be paid. president obama announced that yesterday. he signed a special order to make sure the soldiers will be paid.

  • April

    How can they justify closing the commissary in Hawaii?! Blows my mind, they say it’s an overseas location for one thing then not another!! The civilian grocery store prices are staggering difference to the commissaryhere, it’s not like most places where Wal-Mart or Safeway and get as good or better deals. This is going to be a MAJOR financial hardship on everyone who uses the commissary here.

  • Lee

    The surplus money was left behind by Reagan. Obama care is a form of taxation. Everybody will pay and services will be dish out with the approval of Wash.D.C. The free willing I want to see my doctor right is over. You have to wait for your turn. And doctor will be appointed by the government on your behalf. Many doctors with certain specialties or doctor now practicing will take early retirement because of over work and over work of paper works and documentation and very little reimbursement. so good luck to all of us what it will bring in the future of our younger generation…Promise is always be broken

    • Glorify

      Ronald Reagan exploded the federal debt, eventually to over a trillion dollars, by cutting taxes while demanding that the nation fund a huge expansion of the military.

      Even the Wall Street Journal at the time was aware of the unsound nature of this Republican deficit-spending scheme. They and other newspapers warned of the “baleful effects of big [government] deficits.”

    • Roro123

      Don’t bash the military because we get benefits, they all earned it by protecting your lives and by keeping wars overseas and not stateside, be thankful for the military and remember we were ALL civilians before we were military so we do know what it is to struggle and just make do. And for those of you who think we have soooooooo much money and are living the life, think again…… Months go by before we see or hear from family, we live paycheck to paycheck, we still pay bills just like everyone else but with less money. We make do just like we always have before the military we now just have more benefits but like I said we earned it. And for everyone blaming this person and that person blame yourself, you have all lost sight in what this nation was founded on and that is God, you don’t vote for what will benefit you, you vote for God and tell me who has done that in the past 10 years. If you know what it’s like to struggle then you will get by like you always do.

      • patty v

        don’t you think God would want everyone to have affordable health care?

        • Constitutional Guy

          So why are all the “gods” in DC exempting themselves, their union buddies, their staffers and 10’s of thousands of others if “god” wants everyone to have “affordable” (HAHA!) health care? Subsidies and exemptions for everybody except you folks who are “rich” or not entitled, or not one of the “gods'” BFF’s.

          What a load of pap. The government (“god”)is PUNISHING people if they don’t go out and purchase a product they may or may not want. The government (“god”) is coercing people into this wealth redistribution and destruction of our healthcare scheme.

          No, God allows man free agency to choose how he lives his life and then gives an accounting for it come judgement day. God would not force one man to take from his family to support another. God promotes charity, not government coercion.

          You may be willing to surrender some of your freedom for the comfort of government (“god”) sponsored and mandated healthcare, but don’t drag the rest of us who don’t want to down with you.

  • Sambo


  • Gas Passer

    Actor John Woods has stated that… Obama: the gift from hell that keeps on giving.”

  • MsBee

    Commissaries’ should stay open until Saturday or they run out of food. Most commissary patron received their pay checks on Oct 1. Why would you close and send that money to the big box stores in town

  • Mustang’s Wife

    Military pay may be safe for now, but reservists’ drills are already being cancelled.

  • Brandi

    False! There’s MANY Anericans who are and have always been unsettled if not completely against this Government controlled healthcare. Pelosi and Obama BOTH stood and dramatically pleaded READ later, SIGN now! Congress did. Now they’ve read it and heard the Anerican voices who want revisions to the law or for it to be defunded all together!
    What is TRULY the argument here? Are you going to tell me that you think it’s WRONG for the house BOTH Democrats & Republicans to ask Reid & the Senate to ENFORCE UPON THEMSELVES the same they force upon us?!?!? And the statements that Obama holds no blame, though most of us are used to hearing that is absurd. He may not be the speaker of the house, or sitting in the Senate BUT he himself STATED HE EOUKD VETO THE BILL if it did reach him. The man who claimed to be The Lord and messiah of leadership, lacks all leadership skills. They ALL have a hand in the shut down. Included the overpaid under responsible President. But SOME HAVE GOOD REASON! And some are just self righteous hypocrites!
    In the mean time while those are excited to sign up for a government controlled health system others have lost their employment do to the cost on companies. Clinics and hospitals are laying off single moms who worked their a$$es off to get an education and NOT RELY on the government to raise her children!
    What type of American are you? Are you not paying attention?
    You TRUST the government with your HEALTH after watching their display of ability with our countries budget?

  • Brandi

    False! There’s MANY Anericans who are and have always been unsettled if not completely against this Government controlled healthcare. Pelosi and Obama BOTH stood and dramatically pleaded READ later, SIGN now! Congress did. Now they’ve read it and heard the Anerican voices who want revisions to the law or for it to be defunded all together!
    What is TRULY the argument here? Are you going to tell me that you think it’s WRONG for the house BOTH Democrats & Republicans to ask Reid & the Senate to ENFORCE UPON THEMSELVES the same they force upon us?!?!? And the statements that Obama holds no blame, though most of us are used to hearing that is absurd. He may not be the speaker of the house, or sitting in the Senate BUT he himself STATED HE EOUKD VETO THE BILL if it did reach him. The man who claimed to be The Lord and messiah of leadership, lacks all leadership skills. They ALL have a hand in the shut down. Included the overpaid under responsible President. But SOME HAVE GOOD REASON! And some are just self righteous hypocrites!
    In the mean time while those are excited to sign up for a government controlled health system others have lost their employment do to the cost on companies. Clinics and hospitals are laying off single moms who worked their butts off to get an education and NOT RELY on the government to raise her children!
    What type of American are you? Are you not paying attention?
    You TRUST the government with your HEALTH after watching their display of ability with our countries budget?

  • This is extremely unfortunate! They need to get all of this sorted out very soon.

  • Killeen

    May God be with us and families that are affected by this. Keep the Faith ! God bless you all :)

    • Remember, no matter what God is in charge, try praying, it will work wonders

  • Wow…thanks for such a timely post…not! It is 5:01 October 1st and this is the first I saw this newsletter with this bad news. Too bad for us…too late to “stock up” as advised.

    • Amy_Bushatz

      Dee you’ll notice that this post went up Sept. 27 — about 30 minutes after DeCA released the information (although there’s no time stamp to show that — youll just have to take my word for it). I’m so sorry you didnt visit our site and see the info sooner! We do our best to put out information on our site in a timely manner, but the Newsletter only goes out once a week. If you want to make sure you’re receiving information as soon as it’s available, you can bookmark us :-)

  • WCForbesPE

    I thought the commissaries ran on their own money, not appropriated funds or government borrowing. Why should they shut down?

    • Amy_Bushatz

      The commissaries receive an appropriation each year to fund their employees, who are federal GS workers. Therefore — shutdown.

  • Robert

    After reading comments regarding the shutdown, I find it amazing how many people don’t know what they are talking about. Most comments seem to blame the President or the democrats when the GOP is the party that is causing this. If you understand how gov’t works, you know that Congress makes the laws not the president. If you really want to prevent this from happening again, next election vote these people out of office. Someone called Obamacare this stupid insurance plan, but if you are active mil or a dependent you already have your healthcare. What’s wrong with millions of Americans being able to have affordable healthcare; Medicare works, doesn’t it?

  • Donny Brook

    435 congressmen/women have 16,000-paid staffers who have to be off of work during this unnecessary crisis. Senators pay their staffers approximately $2-Million a year, or about $200-Million a year total, while representatives shell out approximate $1-Million a year or about $335-Million a year. Do you think the Commissaries could have been left open at least three-days a week while the congress is saving $2.68 million a day?

  • Sense Maker

    There may be no food at Walmart if things keep going as they are. I suggest you have your own commissary in your home. Then you’ll be sure to have the food and supplies you need.

  • I can go to several other grocery stores and get better deals anyway. Closer to home and I get points toward better gas prices. I don’t think I’ve been in the Commisary more than a half dozen times in the last 3 years. The parking is awful and lines are long.

  • Elyas

    This is so sad n it bothers me, Obama do your best man and safe this country peaple work with him

  • Wallace Riley

    This does not make financial sense. Commissaries MAKE money for the military. Their prices are supposedly cost (in some areas (especially where commissaries almost entirely support retirees and are not located on active military installations – such as Orlando – the price seems to be more than the cost of the product) plus 5%. Their profits (minus employee and other expenses), like those of the exchanges, supposedly go to MWR. I have been retired since 1981, however I thought that they also supplied storage for food for the dining halls. Exchanges and many of their services (gas, ticket sales, equipment rentals, and sometimes Clubs. etcetera) also make money for MWR. I don’t recall if workers at the Commissary are military, GS or MWR. I think the head of each, on each installation, is military and the majority of the workers are MWR. If you recall, the baggers are volunteers who work for tips only.

  • Smokey2518

    I see a lot of posts stating that they wish the president and congress/senate would not get their pay during this shutdown. Well Guess What Cowboys and Cowgirls? They have passed legislation which makes it impossible for them to not get paid during one of these shutdowns. They can’t even refuse to be paid because of the clever law they have passed to protect their money/pay/benefits.

    • john

      Their citizenship requirments are no the same as the ordinary Amercan..makes you wonder doesn’t it.

  • sabrinacking

    Coming back to read this is one thing: frightening. The polarization in every single argument is nutsoid. I am beginning to wonder if this is what every conversation was like in 1861.

    • guest

      I suspect the tone was much the same, though having the internet to hide behind does tend to bring out the worst in people. If they’d had it back in Lincoln’s day, there probably would have been violence and vitriol being spewed everywhere then, too. Human nature doesn’t change, much.

  • jas

    i served this nation active and reserve forces for more than 30 years EVEN IN VIETNAM. the more this nation moves away from God the more problems we are going to have. the GOP, Tea Party, Bush, Obama, and the Democrates / Liberals can not save us because they are not in control of anything. God is

  • john

    It would be interesting to know if the dinng hall for the politicians in Washington has closed or are we still subsidizing it?

  • Jim Carner

    Until we the people start electing politicians with adult leadership abilities we can expect this process to repeat it’s self from time to time.

  • Emeraldseagull

    Congress’s pay cannot be reduced. That is in the Constitution. To get more bang for the buck, reduce the number of incumbents by 75%. Then they will not be so willing to sacrifice the well being of the citizens of the USA, by shutting down the government, not passing budgets, and mandating the purchase of something.

  • Cake

    Shore will open tomorrow. It’s not DeCA fault. They do the best job they can. They have been out of work! Give them a break!

  • Bob

    Stop complaining just go to Walmart end of conversation I love the commissary

  • Ruth

    Albertsons is giving military families discounts for now.