Hey MilSOs! It’s Time to Move It


It all started with trying to find a way to keep busy while my servicemember was away. I’m a writer by profession, so blogging seemed to be a natural choice. But what began as an idea to write my way through our National Guard Annual Training ended up snowballing into a long term project to connect, motivate, and inspire military significant others (MilSOs) from all branches.

Enter my new project: Move It, MilSo!

We all know that there can be downsides to loving someone in the military, but the idea behind Move It, MilSO! is that if we can just stay positive, stay healthy and keep going, things will only get better.

Working with SpouseBuzz, my goal is to create a community space that focused on keeping MilSOs happy and healthy, both mentally and physically, so that they can continue to give their servicemembers near and far the best support possible. After all, you have to put the best in to get the best out!

To hit my aim of helping MilSOs maintain healthy minds and bodies and to make sure we have a comforting routine for readers, the site runs on a regular feature schedule catering to both needs. At the beginning of the week, visitors can come to the blog for Motivation Mondays to get an inspirational quote to start their week off on the right foot with a good attitude. In the middle of the week, Workout Wednesday posts share fitness tips to keep MilSOs active before the weekend slump. Feel Good Fridays close the week with happy MilSO stories to put the warm fuzzies back where they belong. On the intervening days, I post updates on my progress with my own journey through the Move It, MilSO! Get Fit Challenge, which includes a sampling of the healthy recipes I’ve been using. I also occasionally post short entries on interesting MilSO topics.

Of course, the whole point is to cater to MilSOs. I want to hear form them in the comments and through the Make Contact! page. I want to know what they want and need to read about. I want to know what motivates them, what inspires them. I want to know what tips they have to share. I want them to send their stories in. Most importantly, I want MilSOs to step up to support and encourage each other on the site in the comments. I want Move It, MilSO! to be a safe, positive space where questions are welcome and encouragement is readily available for any MilSO.

When my servicemember left, all I wanted to do was lay in bed. The blog keeps me motivated mentally and holds me accountable for my fitness. I’d like to share that drive to keep moving and stay healthy with as many MilSOs as possible to ensure that they remember to take care of themselves as well as their servicemembers (and kids). Why? Because MilSOs deserve to be looked after too.

Come over and join our Get Fit Challenge!

Want to keep moving? Visit www.moveitmilso.com.


Diana is a twenty-something publishing professional currently working as a writer and assistant at her local newspaper. A rural New Jersey native, she enjoys spending time with her handsome, goofy, lovable music critic of a servicemember, going on hikes with their dog, exploring new recipes and restaurants, reading books by or about various dead people, and learning random facts that will maybe someday (probably never) come in handy. Follow her on Twitter @SweetDiaMarie. Her latest project, Move It, MilSO!, aims to motivate MilSOs to fit lifestyles.

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  • tac

    Not buying it. Damage has been done. We already tagged you as an officer’s wife and anti military. Great job. Bye.

    • Amy_Bushatz

      Hi Tac —

      Amy here. I failed to tag this as a guest blogger post when it went live an hour ago. Oops! Problem fixed.

      This post is by Diana, who is absolutely a military significant other.

    • sabrinacking

      WTH…I clearly missed something…

    • sabrinacking

      I am really confused by your response to this article. I don’t quite understand what about it is anti military. (Amy first link is broken) I went and looked at the site it references and it seems positive, humorous and all around kosher…and I am an enlisted wife. An old, chubby, enlisted wife. So I am not sure exactly what is so offensive about this post. We could probably all do with a bit of exercise, and exercise does raise endorphins…which in fact DO make us more resilient and happy. I fail to see where the page says anything anti-enlisted spouses…and trust me, I’d be the first to jump all over it, if it did. As for Amy…Amy is NOT: Antimilitary, and she is NOT what you would like to characterize her as the stereotypical officer’s wife…they do exist, but Amy ain’t one of them. I am left feeling I really missed something here…

      • Amy_Bushatz

        Link is fixed. I am obviously on a real roll today. Oy.

  • Hi! I am health and fitness blogger as well and I have to say exercise and staying active is my saving grace. Being healthy is not only great for you and your sanity, but it definitely resonates on to your family. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tips From The Homefront

    Ummm…. Not sure what’s wrong with the first commenter.

    Anyway, I’m all about health and fitness. It’s my sanity saver!!!

  • Diana

    Thank you all for your positive comments! Consciously striving to stay active (both mentally and physically) is turning out to be what’s holding me together and I’m so glad that the idea resonates in the MilSo community. Of course, I’m always looking to share tips and interesting advice from a variety of sources so your input is more than welcome! Feel free to share :)

  • Guest

    Movement is positive! Move as much as you can for as long as you can!

  • SMH

    Diana, this is an AWESOME idea for a blog. Exactly what I need–staying healthy in mind and body through inspiration, exercise tips, and recipes. Will be following your blog!