DoDEA Furlough Days Canceled, Commissary Closures Reduced


If your kid attends a DoD public school we have good news — all of those furlough days scheduled between now and the end of the fiscal year have been completely canceled.  And commissaries will no longer be closed on extra day starting the week of Aug. 18.

The cancellation for DoDEA and reduction for the commissaries comes as part of a plan by Defense Secretary Hagel to cut the number of furlough days for year-round DoD employees from 11 to 6. DoDEA teachers, who were only to be furloughed five days as part of the original plan, were subject to less because they only work part of the year.

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The change means commissaries will be closed for only six furlough days instead of 11 — making the last furlough closing Aug. 12. After that all commissaries should return to their normal schedule.

This is great news for commissary and other DoD employees who have been having to go without one day of pay each week.

It’s also great news for parents who were wondering just what they were going to do with their kids over the five furlough days this fall. But some parents point out that have already made plans for some of the furlough days. One spouse, who I quote in my story, planned a trip over the four day weekend caused by the furlough.

I asked DoDEA officials if they’ll consider granting waivers to parents who made furlough plans before the change that can’t be canceled. They said they didn’t have an answer right now.

Is the furlough school cancellation change a relief or problem for you? What about the commissary? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Timsdanni

    I was looking forward to the extra family time since some of the days matched up with 4 day weekends.

  • Amy

    Glad to have the commissaries running back on normal schedule again. Makes like easier!!

  • Shannon

    This is great news but what happens next year? Lay-offs opposed to furloughs?


    I am thankful that the commissary will be back to regular schedule but am concerned that the situation may get much worse by next year.

    This problem is directly the responsibility of a dysfunctional political party running our congress and needs to be resolved in the voting booth next fall. We all gave our time and sweat in service to our country and some have given much much more more. It is time that we elect only people who really care about this country, its people and those who defend both.

    We should never allow an elected official to take office who has advocated session from the union, making our government dysfunctional or just plain have an agenda to do nothing. Yet this is the Mantra of far to many of our current politicians.


    1. Will the Furloughs at places like Ft. Jackson Moncrief Hospital be suspended also?

    2. Will funding for base security forces be restored so that we can get the base gates that have been closed to reopen? We need to stop the traffic problems entering and leaving the Bases that the sequester has aggravated.

    Ten years ago my wife was in an accident (very serious with flipped cars, tires, heavy objects and battery acid flying everywhere) cause by backups at the base gate onto the freeway. We had to drive a rental car for forty five days waiting for car repairs and total repainting due to acid damage.

    They add extra manpower to reduce backups and probably saved many injuries and even maybe a life or two in the ensuing years. Now the backups are even worse than ten years ago and the current traffic on the freeway has doubled or tripled.

    Oh yes, the sequester can injure or kill and we have many in congress who just do not care.