Video: Thank You, Jeremy


How many of you pay attention to the Military Spouse of the Year award?

I didn’t until I met Jeremy Hilton last year. It blew my mind that some guy was nominated for this “feminine-leaning” honor amongst a bunch of women. I can’t believe the creators of this competition really intended for a man to be nominated, let alone win.

The overly pink and dainty logo confirms my suspicion. But Jeremy did win and deservedly so. The dude has set the standard so high for male spouses that I don’t think another guy will win for quite some time.

Don’t believe me? Google him. As I’ve gotten to know Jeremy, I’m amazed at how well he’s been able to walk the line of representing all military spouses while remaining true to the fact that he’s still a male military spouse. I think spending nearly every hour of every day advocating for military children with special needs will keep anyone grounded.

When I started Macho Spouse, one of the main goals was to create an environment where young military families, especially male military spouses, could learn about military life by listening to each others’ experiences.

In the beginning, I had no idea our content would attract nearly as many women as men. Maybe that trend is because of interviews like this with Jeremy — just a guy with a lot of life experience, sitting down with the camera and offering open, honest, practical advice to anyone who cares to listen.

My wife still laughs at one of his observations towards the end of the video, can you guess which one?



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Chris Pape
Chris Pape, a male military spouse and 1995 graduate from the University of Cincinnati, is a national award-winning video producer with over 16 years experience developing entertaining and educational videos for public schools, large corporations, small businesses and state governments. Chris is the founder and senior producer of Macho Spouse, an interactive, online resource and educational video library for male military spouses and their families.