Poll: Is Sequestration a Good Thing?


“Yeah it’s taking away some of the stuff I use or things I think I need, but it’s cutting down spending which definitely needed to be done. So it’s OK.”

I looked at my husband in shock as he said this. Every night since sequestration became a reality I have been regaled from his seat on the couch with stories about training he won’t be doing, military school slots that have been closed and programs that have been cut by sequestration.

“Did you hear the ___ family isn’t going to Monterey for the language school anymore? Because of sequestration.”

Insert visual of Army dude shaking his head in disdain.

It surprised me to hear his reticent acceptance of the whole thing as a necessary evil.

And it got me to thinking – do other people feel the same way? So the commissary is going to be closed one day a week starting the first week of April. So the contracts aren’t being renewed. So tuition assistance has been shuttered for the time being.

So what?

We ran a poll a few weeks ago asking what you think about the commissary closing. Almost 44 percent of the almost 7,000 respondents said the closing is something they’ll just work around. Nine percent said the extra day closure should stick around forever.

With sequestration looking more and more like a rather permanent fixture on the American fiscal stage, I wonder if many are as resigned to it as my Soldier. Take the poll and let me know, then check out the results.

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Amy Bushatz
Amy is the editor in chief of Military.com’s spouse and family blog SpouseBuzz.com. A journalist by trade, Amy also covers spouse and family news for Military.com where she is the managing editor of spouse and family content. An Army wife and mother of two, Amy has been featured as a subject matter expert on CNN.com, NPR, Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC and BBC as well as in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Follow her on twitter @amybushatz.
  • sabrinacking

    My primary problem with sequestration is it mostly affects the same people who have already been paying the price of two protracted wars: military personnel, DoD personnel, Civilian contractors and GS. Meanwhile, out in the “real” world their lives are still fairly unaffected by the astronomical cost of the wars in both humanity and financially. I understand sequestration as a necessary evil, but I would like to see the ENTIRE NATION undergoing the same cutbacks. Cut back the post office, cut back all civilian government services etc. Share the wealth already. But instead…its, well we are going to send your soldier to a training mission, but we can’t afford to pay for it, so not only will you not be getting separation pay for the four months, we’ll be taking his BAS to pay for it. We’re watching senior NCOs be all but run out of the Army on reduced retirement schemes after serving their country honorably through two wars, and the threat of that looms over every E6-E8s head right now. Its those sort of things, which we have never seen in 18 years, and are becoming considered “necessary evils” that are just becoming that last straw on the camel’s proverbial back.

    • Niels Slater

      With my wife, who is civil service, wiil be losing 1 day of work a week, that’s half a car payment and 3/4 of our mortgage payment. I’m hoping that my military retirement pay won’t be affected.

      • Edeter

        Whoa! If one day of your wife’s salary is 50% of your car payment and 75% of your mortgage payment, you must live in a primitive, no-electricity shack somewhere in the outback, and drive a 1956 VW bug, right? Either that, or, she’s getting far too much of MY tax dollar each month! And you also receive a (tax-on-the-working-folks-funded) retirement each month? Move over Mitt and Carlos, youse guys got something to learn from Niels’ family!!

        • sabrinacking

          You speak as if you think military personnel or civilian DoD employees don’t pay taxes…they do. Also, if she is losing 1 day a week…that is 4 days of pay. Which could easily be 1/2 a car payment, or if they bought a modest home 3/4s of a mortgage payment. If she made only $20 an hour that’d be $160 a day x 4=$640….could you just lose $640 a month?

          • Dave

            Sorry Sabrina, Niels said “that’s half a car payment AND 3/4 of our mortgage payment.
            If 4 days take home pay covers all that then the remaining 18 days should cover everything without too much trouble. QUIT WHINING Neils!
            Many TAXPAYERS in the private sector are making do with less than they earned more than a DECADE ago.
            As long as unemployment stays at these levels employers know they don’t have to offer much to keep their employees, where else can they go? We won’t see major improvement until we get rid of the obama administration and most of his ilk in congress and elect some true conservative, free market representatives. (Not the RINO’s we have today).

          • sabrinacking

            I am not going to disagree with your sentiment regarding the current administration. However the logic here is still bizarre-o…you aren’t for socialism…but you don’t want anyone making more than what can cover their basic needs? You do realize, she IS a taxpayer, too? I am not sure which textbooks you were using but that is not a free market.

          • sabrinacking

            I am not going to disagree with you on the current administration. However, your logic here is bizarre-o. You do realize she IS a taxpayer too? Also, you only seem to want people to be able to earn enough to cover their basic needs. I don’t know what textbooks you have read, but that isn’t a free market…

          • Dave

            You misunderstood my comment, Sabrina. She’s a civil service employee, paid by our taxes. Yes, she has taxes withheld as well, but ultimately her income is provided by us taxpayers who earn our money in the private sector.
            I have no problem with anyone making as much as their skills and business acumen will allow, as long as they’re not doing it on the backs of TAXPAYERS.
            Civil service jobs SHOULD pay comparably to a similar private sector job, including similar benefits and other perks.
            There are too many government employees (and politicians, for that matter) that, especially when their benefits are included, make considerably MORE than they would in a similar private role.
            It’s way past time to eliminate unnecessary government positions, cut pay and benefits to equal those of private business, and generally cut out the FAT in the federal budget.
            I’ll bet that we could easily CUT 25% or more from the overall federal budget without serious negative impact on 98% of TAXPAYERS. (Freeloaders on public assistance don’t count).

          • sabrinacking

            I am again, not going to disagree with your general sentiment here. Personally, I am more concerned with blanketed sequestration vs. What should be calculated fine tuned cuts. It’s not dissimilar to services provided to us as military families. I could care less if you close the commissary 1 day, anyone who can’t shop in 6 other days…or who doesn’t have more than one weeks worth of food at home at all times has worse problems than sequestration to begin with. However, certain blanketed cuts don’t seem to be very thought through. Today a memorandum came down here that CYS will now be closed every Friday. That is likely a force stability and strength issue for single soldiers with dependent children and already resulted in one 1SG we know announcing “well I guess we just wont require any work on Fridays from now on so soldiers can watch their kids”. We are at a very remote post, there really are no other viable childcare options for soldiers off post and few family child care in home providers on post, certainly not enough to meet the demand. Meanwhile, for working spouses who you would like to be taxpayers and pay their own way, are now left scrambling for Friday care. My point herein, is the same families who have been suffering the war the last 11 years, will now suffer more…and the totality of their suffering greatly surpasses the American citizenry non military.

          • guest

            Then that sounds like the PERFECT opportunity for those spouses that complain they can never find a job to fulfill a much needed niche, our neighbor got her in home daycare certification in under 3 months. Perfect for the soldiers, perfect for spouses that claim they can’t find employment. The free market at it’s best

        • Guest

          That 1 day a week for a month – that’s actually 4 days a month. And I perfectly understand what Niels Slater is saying. I too will loose 4 days of pay a month which equals to about $350.00 or so, which technically IS a monthly car payment and IS technically HALF of my monthly mortgage payment. Depending on what grade you are within the GS hiarchy this figure could be way LESS then some (I am a GS-6).

    • nyc546

      do a search on how many spouse buzz events this writer and her cohorts are going to be sponsored for by our tax dollars. Then they’ll be attending the after-events with their husbands campaigning for the next job on our dime. Disgraceful useless people while we all have to suffer paying for them.

      • nyc546

        do a search on amy bushatz and jacey eckhart, you’ll see what their relationship is and what they did to have us distracted from their ultimate goal — free trips and free everything on our dime. Your fraud will be exposed

      • jacey_eckhart

        NYC546–As we have explained to you before, SpouseBuzz and Military.com are not government agencies. We are not sponsored by federal money. Our live events are free. Our sponsor pay for the trips because they, too, want to provide a little inspiration and innovation to military spouses. The most important part of the event is when spouses get a chance to meet other spouses in their local area.

        We bring the live show to the bases where they invite us to come. Last year we went to Eglin AFB, 29 Palms in the desert of California, Miramar in San Diego, and Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. This year we are going to Aviano–a tiny Air Force base in Italy where there is no base housing. We are going to Quantico–near where most of the team lives in Washington, DC. We are going to Goodfellow, TX and Norfolk, VA.

        Many members of our staff put untold hours of work into these live events. And we think our audience members are totally worth it.

    • nyc546

      they like us talking about local nonsense. go around spouse buzz and see the spouse buzz live events that these sponsors — Jacey Eckhart and her cohorts will be getting freebie trips throughout the world while people are suffering. Disgusting

      • Amy_Bushatz

        Hi — I replied to your comment about this below as well but want to do it here, too. SpouseBuzz and Military.com are actually privately owned companies and therefore no tax payer dollars fund anything that we do. That includes this site, Military.com or any SpouseBuzz or Military.com events. If you’d like to give me money I won’t argue with you, but I can assure you that is not happening right now.

  • guest

    And as a PS, both my husband and I are all for the cuts, we don’t like the rigidity but they are necessary.

    • Amy_Bushatz

      After some conversation with my dearly beloved he admitted to not liking the rigidity either :-)

      • nyc546

        then stop travelling on our dime

        • Amy_Bushatz

          Hi — Thanks for your comment. I think you must be confused about who owns and operates SpouseBuzz and Military.com. Both are private companies owned by Monster, also a private company. Unless you’re mailing me checks I don’t know about, I definitely am not traveling on your dime.

    • Rich

      Obviously your not one of the DoD civilians that will take a 20% pay cut from Apr through Sept. I don’t know about you but I don’t have that much “flex” in my budget.

  • Trooper

    I can’t believe Soldiers are in favor of sequestration. We are the 1% people. This is what the politicians want us to do; bicker amongst ourselves. This is the first step in segregation. The best way to cut spending is to increase employment not decrease it. How can revenues increase without the generation of money into any area/community. Give people jobs and let them spend within their communities; military and civilian communities.

    • Guest

      We agree because we all see how “rice bowls” and “monopolies” within the Services are sucking very percentages of the budget away from operations and maintenance. I offer up as example: GSA Transportation – our only source for vehicles. My department has a 10 year old SUV that we are charged $788/mo to use. I went to the local Ford dealer and asked about a Fleet Lease. I could replace all vehicles with brand new ones at $287/mo per vehicle (complete maintand vehicle replacement every 3 years). GSA Transportation, by law, is our only source. . . Therefore we spend 3x as much as we should because we must pay for the vehicles, maintainers, admin and legal staffs, facilities, etc.
      it is time Fed leadership begin taking a critical eye to all of the waste and find more efficient ways to do business.

    • Wayno

      Obama wants as many Americans as possible to feel the effects from the cutbacks, not just the military. National Parks to reduce staffing, no more air shows, fewer Coast guardsman for hurricane relief.
      This is why he didn’t budge on negotiations with those on the other side of the aisle.
      He wants to show he is the chosen king and no one will dispute him.
      He’s not my president, my guy didn’t win.

    • fred

      Commander in Chief is not affected, he has no problem increasing his spending,
      think he is concerned about anything else? sure—bull s–t.

  • Niels Slater

    If G.W. Bush hadn’t gotten us involved in Iraq and Afghanistan to begin with, it wouldn’t be as bad as it is. When Bill Clinton left office, the US was approximately 480 billion in the black.

    • ColdWarVey75

      Clinton was riding the way of the Reagan Years. What was Bush suppossed to do? Let Afghanistan send more trained terrorists?

    • tim196

      Of course, if President Bush hadn’t gotten us involved in those wars we likely would have had several more 9/11’s spread across our country.

    • Phil

      9-11 changed everything, Iraq wasn’t needed however Colin Powell gave evidence to congress that Sadaam had WMD’s and Afghanistan was the home of Al quida.

    • Jeffrey Clark

      Yea we should just sit by and let terrorist bomb our country and watch it on tv and do nothing…. you would fit in with Mrs Hiliary Clinton quite well… what does it matter?! wow!! You are part of what is wrong with this damn country. Get some patriotism!

  • Don Fehlings

    Austerity is not for everyone. The Obama clan has managed many expensive lavish vacations using Air Force One and the services of a large staff. So much for leadership by example. Never has a president and first family lived so lavishly at government expense. Clinton cashed-in the Peace Dividend from the collapse of the Soviet Union, and had a military procurement holiday. George Bush spent some of his government paid vacations on his Texas ranch. Now we have the Imperial Obama life style to pay for.

    • Melanie Bush

      Bush spent way more on vacations than Obama has.

    • Jim Darby

      Obama takes one vacation a year, and since this is not job related, the DNC pays for it just as it pays for the President’s campaign trips. but it is a part of his official duties to promote his policies, and these trips are considered official and paid for by the taxpayers. In Dec, the DNC paid for his vacation trip to Hawaii, but then because the house waited until the last minute to avoid the ‘fiscal trip’, the taxpayers paid for his return to DC, and then back to Hawaii. This is hardly an ‘Imperial’ Life Style. The trip back to DC and then back to Hawaii, at taxpayers expense could have been avoided had the House acted promptly. At some point the House will have to realize that saving money (cutting the budget) actually costs the taxpayers money.

      • guest

        Who paid for the golf trips? . No one has ever spent so much time golfing. just recently with Tiger Woods. Do you consider golf vacation or business? Tiger considers it business. Is Tiger a representive of government? Mr. Obama flies Airforce One all over the country talking about what should be done instead of staying in Washington doing what should be done. Seems he is still campaigning to win the office to me.
        Sequestration is not one parties fault though. We have cowards as representives. Cant make a decision on the budget because they are afraid of making someone mad. Election day I hope we can clean House. Pun intended.

  • 2433FO

    Sequestration is a necessary evil. Do not blame the politicians for the specific cuts each Branch decides to implement. Congress passed the bill that the President signed giving each Branch the discretion to decide where the cuts will come from. In other words if you do not like the cuts the Generals are making then blame the Generals. The Generals are deciding to cuts our benefits instead of junk weapons programs or wasted projects for missions that another service already does well.

  • Guest

    Hmm, I always wondered why the politicians only work for half the year, sit on fat bank accounts, take vacations all the time. The politicians then say their job is one of the hardest, but still have no problem passing their own bill to not have their pay cut and then decide to make the military members who defend the people from all enemies, pay for the mess the politicians made in the first place. MY EYES have been opened to the reality of the country I’m going to be defending for the next 5-8 years. I’M SO PROUD OF MY COUNTRY RIGHT NOW. MAYBE NOT……

  • The sole reason for sequestration is that both congress AND our current POTUS have refused to do their jobs, especially the POTUS, who couldn’t be bothered long enough to leave the golf course to put together and propose one single budget during his ENTIRE reign of terror! This IS part of his job description! If any one of us were to blatantly refuse our jobs as much as he has, or even minutely, we would have been fired a Long time ago! While the responsibility of putting these idiots in office in the first place, as well as continuously re-electing them falls on the heads of the voting public, the fact remains that proposing, agreeing upon, and implementing a budget IS THEIR JOB! Therefor, sequestration should have NEVER been so much as a word uttered in one of Obama’s many back room deals! Being as they ALL refuse to do their jobs, only THEIR pay and THEIR benefits should be cut/suspended until they do the darn job they are highly overpaid to do. However, the entire sequestration is merely a part in Obama’s master plan. He purposely has everyone stirred up over and distracted by his gun ban crusade to the point where congress is divided into two sides… Pro 2A and against 2A. He has had everyone, congress and public alike, so heated up about 2A so that sequestration could be easily slid into place to begin a gov’t shut down. So far, his plan is working. It’s past time for people to wake up and look deeper than the media reports that are “approved” by the POTUS and his regime to see what is really happening. Don’t believe me? Think I’m a conspiracy theorist?? Read your history books… Hitler, Castro, Stalin,…etc. no one can truthfully deny that history DOES repeat itself!

    • James

      Someone said the average person on the street doesn’t know what sequestration means. Whoa, where are you coming from? Maybe you need to watch C-Span instead of right wing propaganda. The House controls all money legislation (you know the Constitution) Republicans control the House so who are you blaming? Get a grip and stop making up nonsense.

      • sabrinacking


    • wm thom

      We all know cuts have to be made–and for fairness sake they should be across the board. The thing is, cuts should not be so massive ALL at once. It took 12yrs , 2 wars to get all this dept. Let’s take some years to reduce it. I really doubt Obama plotted the sequestration. He certainly went along thinking it would never really happen. The obstructionists in the Congress are the real culprits. They refuse to compromise to solve our dept crises, or reach agreement on a budget. Yes, they all should get 20 per cent pay cut and reduction in health care until they get something done.

    • Melanie Bush

      It it is not the POTUS’s job to come up with a budget. It is congress. The POTUS just reads it and approves. I think Americans really need a civics lesson.

      • ken

        Check that civics class again Mel, The POTUS is required by law to submit an annual budget to congress by February. Apparently the law doesn’t stipulate that his submission be realistic, just timely. I don’t believe that he has met the submission deadline since taking office and now have been realistic when he finally did make his submission. the latest submission was so laughable the even his own party members rejected it to the man.

  • John Murray

    Sequestration was a desperation play, plain and simple. The one good thing that came out of it is that the country is learning two things. 1) We can survive not increasing our spending as much as we have been every year and 2) The President is more interested in scoring political points than he is in doing what is right.

  • Ken

    This is very interesting. If we, the citizens were to break a law, we would either be fined or serve time. Since our government (President, Senate, House) have broken a law, they should be fined 25% of their pay. We need to make it retrospective starting 4 years ago for their failure to obey the law.

    • Buz

      Wouldn’t that be kick in the butt. Unfortunately members of the Congress are already millionaires. If we took their free health care, it might get their attention.

  • fortleonardwood90

    while someone is monkeying in washington, the DoD civilians already had pay freeze 3 years in a roll while inflation and health care premium shot up the roof. Now the most hard hit impact is also the DoD civilians. 50 % of the sequester comes from DoD.

  • BillSanders

    I’m retired Army, and have been since way before this recession. I’m still of a working age, but seeing it from the other side of the fence, ya’ll are simply going through what we’ve been going through since 2008. I did time in Iraq and Afghanistan, so don’t try to lecture me on the hardships of deployment. I also did Desert Storm and remember the monstrous downsizing that happened after that. That was WAY worse than sequestration.

  • LosingFaith

    If Congress and the President had included their pay and entitlements to the list of items to be cut, Sequestration would never happen. Instead, they continue to target the same folks that keep giving day after day, after day. Since Mr. Obama has been President, my income has stagnated and yet gas, taxes, consumer goods, housing etc… continue to rise, effectively reducing my wages to be worth a fraction of what they once were. But hey, it could be worse, my only fear is that it will as long as congress continues to act like three kids fighting over one lollipop.

  • David

    Nobody wants a country with a budget out of balance but to do it in the way that sequestration does is wrong. The “President” is punishing those who he dislikes and protecting his buddies. For him to fly in Air Force One to play golf with Tiger when Air National Guard personnel are losing $400.00 a month is insane. The military has been forced to stop Tuition Assistance and he keeps on flying.

    • Melanie Bush

      Congress is the one that comes with budget. They are the only ones who come with a budget. The President just approves it. Quit blaming the President for congress’s shortfallings.

  • Thom

    The real culprits are members of Congress (Senators and House of Representatives). A pay cut probably won’t help; most are already millionaires. Maybe taking their free health care might get their attention.
    They were elected to serve us (the entire country). It’ time to put aside political differences and get on with solving the dept crisis and getting a budget in place. Sequestration is an absolute idiotic solution. A one line law and stroke of the pen and it goes away. GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE. Across the board cuts over 4 or 5 yrs is a much fairer and wiser way. After all, it took 12yrs and 2 wars to get us in this mess. We all know cuts have to be made-just not so much all at once.

  • Lawrence Ekdahl,

    Sequestration is a lie. I am surprised that so many so called intelligent people have fallen fo this huge lie. There is no cut in the budget. It will be increased by more than a trillion dollars and the increase will be cut by 2%. Get your head out of the hole in the ground.

    • Jonathan

      Don’t tell me its a lie. I work as a DoD civilian – when furloughs start I’ll lose 20% of my pay… Thanks

    • Melanie Bush

      It affects and my husband. I don’t know where you are getting it is a lie, but you are wrong.

  • Hoot

    I spent a long career in the military and civil service. There is so much waste and unnecessary expenditures in any program that cutting a mere 3 percent won’t be noticed anywhere. I have long encouraged my congressman to push a 10 percent, across the board cut in all Federal budgets.

  • Wayne Held

    I wonder if this country would be in better shape if congressional pay and benefits were controlled by the states they represent instead of the federal government. Maybe then the work of and by the people would get done. In the meantime, sequester away, there is a lot of waste in the federal government.

  • Patrick Morris

    How about the American people, as a whole share this burden for a change? Oh wait; I forgot no more White House tours. Yea that seems fair. Taxes don’t go up, but I as a government worker and Army Veteran take a 20% pay cut, as well as see the benefits I earned over 20 years of military service and sacrifice, continue to come under attack. Our politicians are sending us a message. They do not value government workers and veterans. OK, message received, looks like time to look for an employer that does value my skills, experience, work ethic, commitment, honor and sense of duty.

    • JRL

      Just who is the employer here? We are! And collectively our vote will make a difference. So how about we vote out our current employees and continue to do so until they get it right. That’s the beauty of our system. If we continue to weed out the non-performers, newly elected officials will immediately be put on notice.

  • JRL

    For my understanding and observation, I can describe congress in one word “LAZY”. The sequestration makes it too easy for them to just do nothing on the premise that it’s the other side’s fault. This was evidenced when they shut down and left for the weekend; as if March 1st was just another routine day. Their actions speak louder than their words, and I am sickened by their lack of commitment to the American people as a whole; rather than to their special and personal interests. Personally, I will continue to vote out any incumbent on my ballot until they get it right. Just my opinion; your mileage may vary.

  • rafael

    Why is the federal government arming up domestically?

    The hardware build-up has been called a “domestic arms race,” and it’s starting to make even mainstream media journalists nervous. Benko writes that the 1.6 billion rounds of ammo being purchased by DHS represents “…a stockpile that would last DHS over a century. To claim that it’s to “get a low price” for a ridiculously wasteful amount is an argument that could only fool a career civil servant.”

    He also points out that this huge arms race of weapons, ammo and armored vehicles by the federal government is taking place right in the middle of the claimed “sequester” which the government claims has sharply curtailed its ability to spend money. So while Janet Napolitano threatens to release criminals onto the streets of America, behind the scenes the government is actually building up an ammo stockpile so huge that it could wage a 20-year war against the American people.

    World Net Daily has also covered the story, saying, “the federal government’s extraordinary buildup of ammunition looks even more ominous than critics already have portrayed it.”

  • rafael

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  • rafael

    Written by visiontoamerica February 12, 2013 New Record: 1 Out of Every 13 ‘Workers’ Collecting Disability
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  • rafael

    Obama Borrowed Nearly 6X as Much in February as Sequester Cuts All Year
    Filed under Economics, Government Posted on March 5, 2013 0
    During the month of February–as President Barack Obama was warning Americans they would see dramatic effects in their lives if “sequestration” of some planned federal spending kicked in–the federal government’s debt climbed by $253.5 billion.

    That one-month increase in the debt was nearly six times as much as the $44 billion in spending cuts the Congressional Budget Office estimates will take place in all of fiscal 2013 as a result of sequestration.

    At the close of business on Jan. 31, 2013, the federal debt was $16,433,791,850,294.04, according to the U.S. Treasury. At the close of business on Feb. 28, 2013, the federal debt was $16,687,289,180,215.37. Thus, the federal debt increased $253,497,329,921.33 during the month.

  • Don

    Better than nothing at all.

  • Having spent 15+ years in the military I honestly believe that sequestration is a GREAT thing. I’ve never known the government to manage any program efficiently. In most cases, they just waste money. Having served in the Army in the past, I can tell you the Army wastes LOTS of money on unneeded programs, wars, travel, etc.

    Additionally, most people will agree that the government needs to cut back on spending. And they are ALL FOR government cuts as long as it doesn’t effect them personally.

    As a taxpayer, I believe all government programs should share part of the burden of these tax cuts/spending proposals; even the military. Just my two cents.