Commissaries Now to Shutter Mondays


Furlough related commissary closures will happen weekly on Mondays instead of Wednesdays, starting as soon as April 21, according to a memo obtained by SpouseBuzz and

The closure change is the result of an agreement between the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) and the union, American Federation of Government Employees Council 172, which represents the federal employees at the commissary.

If the commissary is already closed Mondays, which many are, it will instead remain closed on the next regularly scheduled open day, according to the agreement. For example, if the commissary is regularly closed Mondays but open the rest of the week, it will take each Tuesday as a furlough day.

DeCA had announced late last month that it would shut its doors on Wednesdays as a way of complying with the Pentagon’s plan to furlough employees through September as a result of sequestration budget cuts.

“While we still hope sequestration will be avoided, we must, nevertheless, be prepared and plan accordingly,” DeCA Director, Joseph Jeu wrote in the memo announcing that plan. “Consequently, after much deliberation, analysis and consideration, we developed several actions that will reduce spending to the level mandated by Congress, should sequestration happen.”

Originally the closures were supposed to kick-in the week of March 31. But the Defense Department announced last week that they are delaying all furloughs, including those of commissary employees, until at least late April.

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Amy Bushatz
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  • Heather

    I really don’t have a problem with this. Where we are currently the commissary is closed on Monday already, so I guess it will then be closed on Tuesdays as well. While I do save considerably shopping at the Commissary (for a large trip), I have no problem going to Publix for basics if I need to. We will be moving to Fort Irwin, CA in the summer where the commissary is the closest grocery for 30+ miles. We are no strangers to Irwin having been stationed there 11 non-consecutive years, so I know it is open 7 days a week as of now. But, it wasn’t always that way. We dealt with it then and will again. There is a 24 hour shoppette there to purchase things to include infant items, milk, bread etc. It’s not the end of the world here and it’s something we can all live with.

    • Damsel

      I agree. If the budget is going to be balanced and the deficit reduced/eliminated, then *everyone* has to feel the pinch. This is really not that big of a deal, even overseas where we are. People will get their knickers in a knot, but it won’t change anything. They’ll eventually get used to it!

      • angelique
        • Heather

          Where are you? I was specifically speaking of Irwin. But, I suppose if you are at irwin the times could have changed. Either way, planning ahead is easy to do when there are fixed closure days.

      • Yellow Devil

        Hate to break it to you, but the budget is not being balanced nor the deficit reduced/eliminated with sequester. We are still on track to spend more money this year in the Federal leviathan than previous year. Although I do agree that one more day of closure for the Commissary is not the end of the world, it is purely politics plain and simple. Make the “little” guy suffer for not daring to toe to the line for massive automatic spending and additional tax increases.

    • Amy_Bushatz

      Heather unrelated: Id love to hear more of your thoughts on Irwin :-)

      • Heather

        If you check out what’s your favorite duty station I have listed a few things…It really is what my husband and I call “the best kept secret in the Army”. lol

        • Amy_Bushatz

          I’ll do that! I’m not going to lie — it sounds like a horrible place ;-)

          • Heather

            No, Fort Rucker and Fort Hood are horrible places. lol ;)

          • treefarmer

            Don’t know about Ft Hood BUT Ft Rucker may be the best kept secret in the Army.

    • retired 462

      I am happy that they can be flexible with one agency in DOD; but it should be the same for all. EVERYONE in DOD SHOULD HAVE TO TAKE PART IN THIS FURLOUGH (ALL THE WAY UP TO SECRETARY OF DEFENSE)! If people can use their many weeks of vacation and sick time every year, and the mission still goes on; then there should not be a problem taking the mandatory day off FOR ALL, and have their assistant/co-worker work for them!

    • Chief

      I am sorry you have to go thru that. I did two rotations to Fort Irwin back in the mid to late 80s for NTC. I know there is nothing out there at all.

  • alison francis

    i do have a problem with this,bidens trip and hotel cost millions and i wonder how much malia and sachas trip for spring costs ,please this is him trying to hurt the american people,and there is no need for it sell all the buildings sitting empty all over the country,

    • helga s

      this law was started under bush, automatic cuts. so please blame the right ppl. and him is the president and commander of our military. respect is the word !

      • fedupwitho

        Oh please! It is beyond time to stop blaming Bush! Y’all voted this fool in twice and now we are all suffering the consequences!!

        • sickofGOPlies

          Bush and the GOP are responsible for the mess we are in. I don’t know where “Y’all” were between 1996 and 2008 but I remember it well. Eight hundred thousand people losing their jobs EVERY MONTH. Hundreds of thousands losing their homes…I remember the tent cities all over this country. The intelligent people of this country chose to stop the GOP taking over for the rich while the poor get poorer. Pull your head out of you behind and do a little reading if “Y’all” can. Judging buy you lack of command of the English language I would say you are southern. I Probably use words to big for you to understand. It’s hard to get a grip on reality when you have your face buried in the grass of Fox News. You won’t get the truth there….

      • ColdWarVey75

        Uh Obama said in 2011 that any bill that came to his desk that didn’t include cuts he would veto. Also in 2008 as a candidate he said raising the debt ceiling was unpatriotic, then when president he said not raising the debt ceiling was unpatriotic. This person has taken four huge vacations in four months. He has taken more vacations than GWB in 8 years. Now Democrats count Bush going to Camp David for the weekend for work and meetings as vacation but Obama as usual gets a pass and they only count his vacation time. Just his Tiger Woods Golf Trip would have prevented any layoffs at ICE. But he and Michelle have the “Let them eat cake” attitude.

        • sickofGOPlies

          So not true. Bush spent so much time in Tex-ass golfing that was where the press had to go to get his latest stupid statement of lies that most of us did not believe. I don’t think he really had a clue. Cheney made so much money off lies and war for profit I am amazed anyone would listen. You can only learn the truth if you can read. You can’t believe Fox….idiot

          • fenriswf

            and you can get the truth from CNN or MSNBC? You are delusional if you think anything close to the real news is reported on any American tv.

      • ColdWarVey75

        Respect as the Obama Campaign providing signs with Bush wearing a Hitler mustache and in a rifle scope? Please. This guy had his school records sealed. Why was that? Maybe he applied for aid as a “Foerign Student”?

        • CiCi

          All student university transcripts are sealed. There is nothing new there. Our President should not have to request the unsealing to appease people that would attack him over anything.

    • katherine

      Oh, do get real bush’s law just fell on Obama to carry out since the speaker of the house felt it as his duty to stall the lack President as much as possible. You repibs certainly have a think skin and a knack for blaming the wrong peple.

      So, they run up some bills – what President hasn’t or is it that only repubs I able to have the perks of office? He has been trying to help the American people – but – all you repubs see is a black man – shame on you.

      If empty buildings are being sold all over the country and aren’t in use – what do you want to save them for – the spiders?

      • Mike
      • fenriswf

        I blame the right people, the American people. Keep watching American Idol sheeple. YOU HAVE TO CUT SSI, MEDICARE, AND DEFENSE. Nothing else will make a dent. PERIOD. END OF STORY. He or any president before him does not give a rats ass about the American people. Quit kiding yourself. There has not been a damn meaningful cut in 50+ years. Obamacare, that was helping? Come on. We have at weak estimates 25+ Million out of work and we want to legalize 12 million illegals cause we need more labor? Come on. You buy this?

    • James

      Cry me a river come on! It will not kill anyone to have the commissary closed an extra day. Plan accordingly and it is a non-issue. Move on to the next subject please.

      • guest

        Just do it on a better day, not Tuesday, causing a 2-day closure in many locations. Weekday closures make it difficult for military members to stop after work to shop. How about Sunday?

        • Komplikator
    • Get over it !!! As long as we have been in the military the commissary has been closed one day of the week. If it has to be closed for two just get what you need before it closes for those days. Wow that simple.

      • D
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    • George Bush

      What the kids have or do as a vacation has nothing to do with politicians not being able to decide on how reduce spending. They are still getting paid to govern and they are not doing that!! Do you actually know what kind of perks ALL politicians are getting? Be fore you make those comments, why don’t you try reading about what they are getting for what they are not doing and then you can make an educated comment….

    • cb jones

      what does malia and sachas have to do with this?

    • Chief

      I don’t mind them closing an extra day a week as long as they don’t feel they can start cutting all of our benefits and yes the commissary is one of our benefits.

    • John Smidt

      Stop crying and complaining. what does Sacha and Malia have to do with commissaries closing on Mondays and who is him!!!

    • B J Harris

      How long have you been a military dependent? We went for years without a Monday commissary. This is not about the Vice President. Grow up or grow wiser which ever is the case. Good luck & FOCUS, FOCUS.

  • purpleheartpark

    Actually they were always closed on Mondays even Overseas until about 15 years ago. Really no big deal…

    • Amy_Bushatz

      PHP — the difference here will be that if they are also closed mondays (as some still are) they will be closed an additional day.

  • Tara

    This is a non issue to me. I know some people will feel the pinch more than others (i.e. Hawaii, OCONUS, or those out in the middle of nowhere) but its hard for me to get upset about this when my friends who are federal workers are getting furloughed as well. We’ve all got to do our part, regardless of the fairness of our politices or how this came to be.

    • James Hickman

      The only problem with your statement – – you said,”We’ve ALL got to do our part…….”. When Congress, and all of those on the sugar pay roll feels the pinch, why should the military and its
      government employees. One area that has not been discussed….is the BX/PX/NEX, etc. Why
      are they necessary??? Has anyone tried to purchase a simple golf shirt from this outlet??? There
      is nothing less the $25.00. And even then – they are made outside the US. What happened to
      BUSH – Buy US Here?? Of course, if there is nothing equal to buy in the US, I guess we have a
      bigger problem.

  • Cathy

    But why can’t each commissary choose which day to close? We are overseas and have 2 commissaries nearby. Why to they have to close the same day?

  • Rosalee

    from what I recall from when I was on active duty, I often found better prices off base, so why not close them on Mondays? It would also allow employees to conduct business of their own, often closed on weekends.

    • Nelson

      Spoken like someone who has ever overseas.

  • Visham

    Surcharge !!!

  • Barb Huff

    The Commissary used to be closed on Mondays back in the 1980s. I think it may have been both Sunday and Monday….?

    • Amy_Bushatz

      Barb many commissaries are still closed those days. This day would be in addition.

    • kathy w

      they were closed both days. back then alot of stores were closed on sundays

    • Chief

      Most of them were closed only Monays if I remember correctly.

  • leslie bartoszek

    Our commissary should only close on Monday’s. It’s currently open 7 days a week and we have a large retiree population here. I have found that buying name brands at the Commissary here is cheaper than Price Chopper, Dillon’s/Kroger, and Wal-Mart’s off brands. Use a coupon, save even more!

  • Kay

    No big deal eh! Do our part, eh! No problem, eh! Then I guess it is not a big deal spending a half million dollars for one night in Paris at the Intercontinental Hotel, eh! Saved a lot of money closing the White House too. Closing a grocery store for two consecutive days – no way. I see wilting produce that will have to be disposed of or sold at a loss. Delivery of all foods will have to be adjusted by every vendor. Store workers will take a cut in pay along with our faithful baggers. Can you imagine what would happen if a civilian grocery store closed for two days – they would not survive.

    • B Roys
    • JimM

      If you have been keeping up with the GAO, they have pushed for years to eliminate all commissaries. This just might be the rationale behind the 1-2 day closures, and possibly more coming; not what we are being told by the DECA agency.

  • Steve E

    Can someone tell me from what pot of money the commissary employees are paid from? If they are paid from the revenues generated by the sales in the commissary, it would seem counter-productive to close even more than they already are because it will just drive their customers to shop elsewhere. Then those former customers would find out that in a lot of cases, there are equally good prices at Wal-Mart and Aldi on the same products that the commissary sells. And — Wal-Mart is open 24×7.

    • Jack Ross

      In Texas and Fla food is not taxed you pay no sur-charge and a fee for someone to carry the items to your car, also the price of gas at $3.75 a gallon, Walmart could save you money. Something to ponder!

      • Jim

        Who cares about Texas and Fla? Walmart does not save you money like you think. Compare Milk, Bread, OJ and meat costs and then comeback and talk to me. Plus, you have to deal with i di ots that work there, they never have lines open, that place is a joke.

    • Amy_Bushatz

      Hey Steve — the commissary employees are actually federal employees paid for by appropriated funds just like all DoD civilians. That’s why they are subject to furlough. The commissary itself beyond the employees is largely paid for by revenue from the surcharge on your receipt. Because the commissary sells food at cost there IS no revenue from the sale of food.

  • Ft Riley spouse

    Wal-Mart and other nearby grocers will love their increase in sales. And the gov’t will love its increased tax revenue.

  • William

    If our presidents family would stay home and not on an ever other month vaction costing $300,00 plus and our Vice President would not stop in France luxcury for 830,000 over night would be a good place to start in spending cuts/

    • Really


    • Marilyn

      Did you tell that to the Bushes and prior presidents.

      • Rquick

        No one seemed to have a problem when GW was jetting off to circle jerk at the ranch at the drop of hat.

    • RealtalkXpress
  • It’s to bad for a lot of retires for the closers

  • Paul

    I don’t have a problem with the extra day of closure. Most Americans are willing to sacrifice some. All but the president and his spouse. The VP is pretty good at spending the taxpayer money as shown by his last trip. The president, senate and mouse should show a little leadership and cut back on their spending.

  • mack
  • pedro santiago

    I believe that Monday’s closure would be the best solution. Pete santiago.

  • John Murray

    Our commissary is normally closed on Monday. I wonder how many others are as well.

  • Daniel L. Almaguer

    Okay people, we need to look at the bigger picture. So why are they closing the Commissary or even touching these areas? I thought they paid for themselves through profits generated from sales? What is the gain from closing these areas? So now we cause even more losses due to closures. Do you realize how much Wal*Mart would lose in profits due to closure? Billions! This does not make sense. These people don’t make much but they work hard to keep us happy when we do get around to doing our weekly or monthly shopping. So I go back to my first question, why are they closing the Commissary or even touching these areas? That’s what we should be asking or questioning. Forget about which or how many Commissaries are closed on Monday. Why are they closing the Commissary or even touching these areas?

    • flash54

      The commissary is subsidized (that is why the prices are 22% below other grocery stores) but the exchanges make money for the MWR’s. Some moral booster.

    • Jim

      The have to fulough there civilians that is why. They are DOD GS employees.

  • Retired USAF

    In locations like the Norfolk area of Virginia, why not close one of the many local commissaries permanently and leave the others alone. Closing all of them on the same day(s) certainly is not a good thing for patrons. Same thing could be applied to the Washington area. Any area with more then one commissary could easily stagger thier closing day(s) so that at least one store would be open each day. A little common sense would be appreciated by all of us. I think we all realize we must do our share, but we should minimize the problem as much as possible!

    • flash54

      They already closed ft monroe. and they will be putting tolls on the bridge tunnels. where would you like me to do my shopping? ft eustus and yorktown don’t have a commissaries, they have to travel to langley AFB. So which one do you want to close?

  • Chippuller

    Recently the vice president rented 100 rooms for one day in both London and Paris. That stunt cost the taxpayers close to a million dollars of taxpayers funds. Explain how closing military commiissiaries for one day will save money as their employees will be paid even if they arent working at the commissiary. Same for the USPS being closed on Saturdays doesn’t save a dime if the USPS employees are still earning their salary for that day

    • retired 462

      USPS should be cutting a large percentage of their part time staff, as the others will be working just 5 days.

  • Bob

    I live in Germany, my commissary is over 1 hr away and it is alread closed on MON & TUE, does that mean it will be closed on WED also? I just want to know so I can plan accordingly. I really don;t want to drive over an hour to go to the commissary and find out it is closed. Otherwise we can deal with it here in Germany

  • PaPa

    How STUPID is this? Furlough an organization making money? What is Hussain going to do next?

  • Lowell Miller

    I’m retired. Live 60 miles from the nearest commissary. We use to make a monthly trip to stock up. Now with the price of gas etc kinda cuts into savings i.e. $24 in gas. If I were close I would buy there all the time. When I’m on vacation and travelling around the country and am close to exchanges I buy in order to support the Welfare and Rec fund. For those who can, plan ahead. I keep enough food on hand that I could live a couple months without going to the store. You don’t have to do this all at once. Buy a couple cans or boxes of this or that each time and rotate the stuff on your shelves. Milk and eggs will last at least a couple of weeks. The only thing I see this could inconvenience some shoppers because of days they can go and the workers who depend on the income. Where my commissary is: Selfridge ANG Base, Michigan always have a lot of shoppers because there are a lot of retirees who travel a long distance. They have been closed every Monday.

  • Dick Hansen

    Just another example of an uneducated administration trying to inconvenience voters for political reasons. The basic economic model of a grocery store has the entire sale inventory turning over at least 6 times annually creating a profit at low mark-ups. Closing the domestic stores will actually cost money.

  • deb

    This just means more food waste! Now fresh veggies and meats will be sitting and going bad for 2 days in a row instead of just 1. Many years ago when commissaries were closed on Sunday and Mondays, I would go in to shop late in the afternoon on Saturday, so I could pick up bargains since they would discount the meat, fruit, veggies and bread – it was great savings to my family budget.

  • Pauline

    That’s OK by me as the Commissary at Ft. Huachuca is already closed on Mondays and has been for the 11 years we’ve been down here. But thanks for letting us know.

  • John Rainey

    Typical. The profit center is closed. Now lets close congress from their 200,000 income plus,plus, plus.
    Term limits, without benifits is the answer

    • Kafkhi

      Every incumbent should be booted every election cycle. We’ve seen what incumbents with 20+ years “experience” gives us.

  • Kay

    It amazes me that some of these comments are so self-centered. They only care how these closures will or will not affect them personally. They don’t see the full ramifications of this entire sequestration fiasco. (Read Webster’s definition of sequestration: Seizure of property – a writ authorizing seizure of property.) If that definition doesn’t apply then why is this word being used. The present admin. did not get its way and they want to get even and hurt us every way possible. Wait until they start with our military health care benefits and you will really see some justified screaming going on. Our great country is on a downhill spiral.

  • Charles Stauffer

    Retired AF in Glendora, CA. My ex and I use to shop at March AFB, CA. Later my new wife and I tried it for a short while and it broke down to this. Vegtables and fruits were grade B to C. We never saw good looking wholesome products. Canned goods aren’t tasty or healthy at all. Frozen and other packaged goods were about the same. On the outside, all the big grocery markets employ all union employees and all outside repair services are union too and that drives up the prices on everything. Our other let down is that March AFB, Los Angeles AFB and other military sites in Southern California are at least 100 mile round trips. We prefer to shop at local stores that are non-union, who only handle top of the line veggies, fruits and meats. Our other shopping spots are Costco and Sam’s Club. I did my 20 + years and the only real benefits I enjoy are Tri-Care for Life and Dental. As far as we’re concerned, the commisaries and BX’s are dead.

  • Cindy

    Why not allow DOD Civilian employess access to the Commissaries because of the furloughs? It would help them and the Commisary to make more money and keep the doors open.

    • Rquick

      I think thats a really excellent idea. Way to think outside the box!

  • Jennie

    My commissary in Brevard County has gone downhill for awhile and 2 weeks ago it dropped off the cliff. I’ve been driving 30 minutes each way to support my commissary for years. No more. They have stripped the shelves of most items I regularly purchase saying they are not “movers”. I buy organic, natural foods and health beauty products. They have cut back the variety we have to choose from in almost every category. If the store won’t carry what I enjoy buying why shop there?

  • gene

    As one writer said, a little here, a little there and soon all the benefits of a military career will be gone. Some time back I remember some DC turd talked about putting the exchanges and com system under a single management. My first thought at the time was that if and when they chose to do away with this benefit ???? there’d only be one agency to deal with. Sooner or later the advantages of a military career will be zip. I anticipate once obamacare hits the street many companies with employer healthcare programs will be dropping those plans in favor of it totally. I suspect TriCare will also be a casualty of this and many using it will find themselves outside looking in. Now if obamacare replaces TriCare there again is a hit in the retirees pocketbook. I also expect medicare to eventually be phased out. Since TFL users have to have Medcare Part B to participate anticipate rates for obamacare to be allowed to increase while cutting service as medicare has been since it’s inception. The gov. has not been able to effectively manage medicare so what makes anyone think they cam operate a huge system like obamacare. Folks we’re blowing in the wind.

  • Richard H. Lemmon

    How can I get you to stop sending me this crap?

  • Jim

    We are always the first target, even here in our homeland! I wish those a**holes who take our benefits had to go and take our places once in a while. I’ll bet their attitude would change pretty quickly.

  • J. Miller

    If they HAVE to close one day a week, why not go back to the old ways and close on Sundays? LETS REMEMBER THE SABBATH AND KEEP IT HOLY!!!!

  • Mac

    I don’t think the commisary is cheaper any way. With a 20% fee added onto the bill, even if your not paying taxes the fee is just the same as taxes.

  • Fortunata

    No big deal. If it will help our economy. Closing it for 2 days won’t be an issue..plan your schedule .

  • USAF Retired 1993

    This has always been “his” plan….slowly remove benefits, freedoms and eventually create a third world country where the majority of the population is dependent on the government for survival. “He” doesn’t want America to succeed and is executing his plan to systemically destroy our country. There isn’t anything fair about what he is doing regarding our country, his track record proves that. This is just one more nail in the proverbial coffin. How so many could be lead astray from what our freedoms are and believe this lying non-American baffle me and they allowed him to do it twice! (continued)

  • MeAgain

    They have to do something because he stated it was going to hurt, so, this is to make it hurt rather he needs to do it or not. This is a game he has to play, or he looks like a (kduid^*99) which is and most of the dummycrats are, just to say I told you so now suck it up while I go play golf and take in a basket ball game. Memo to all agency heads= MAKE IT HURT!

  • 2WarAbnVet

    I don’t understand the necessity. Despite the “sky will fall”/”end of the world” eighty-five billion dollar sequester, the federal government has already spent 30 billion dollars MORE during the first five months of this fiscal year than it did in the same period last year.

  • Retired

    Most of these posts are so self centered the border on ridiculous. Everyone seems to be so concerned about “sucking it up”, “it won’t hurt to stop at Publix”, or “we all need to do our part to help balance the budget”. Do you people even have a clue why the commissaries are closing an additional day, or what the real impacts are? Everyone is concerned on how the extra day of closing will cause them an inconvenience, but nothing more. What about the GS-3 or GS-4 employees who will be taking a 20 percent pay cut because they will have two less days on their paychecks. These folks don’t make a ton of money to begin with, so a 20 percent reduction could have serious consequences. I served in the military for 23 years and understand that the commissary is one of our benefits, but look past yourself for a minute and see what the “real impacts” are of the furlough.

  • Peter Maxx

    Unions got the Obamanation to give them long weekends versus serving the military needs.

    • Rquick

      Oh please thats so off base.

  • Mark

    Don’t blame me I did not vote for him!

  • Dave

    I though commissaries where Non-Appropriated Fund?

    • Amy_Bushatz

      Their basic operations are. Their salaries, however, are not.

  • Just wondering

    I thought the surchage we paid went towards operations and salaries. If so, why do they need to close at all?

    • Amy_Bushatz

      You’re partially correct — the surcharge DOES go towards operations — things like keeping the lights on and doing repairs at commissaries around the world. Salaries, however, are covered by a federal appropriation.

  • sabrinacking

    Full disclosure, we haven’t used the commissary regularly in well over10 years. Out of curiosity from these past couple of articles, we just went to the commissary again for our monthly grocery run. I have two freezers, I go once a month and then get produce or milk midway through the month.
    So…my take away was, the same experience I had when we used it before. For me, the only value was in the meat. And I spent $250 in meat and shoved it in the freezer. But we bought only one other item…a 2 pack of Nutella. The produce was all HORRID, next to rotting on the shelves. In fact, all the peppers were moldy and all the apples were brown. Bags of oranges were moldy….we went up and down isles just to see what we have been missing, and I still don’t get the allure of the commissary, or the PX for that matter. You can do MUCH better for your food $ shopping store brands elsewhere. But if you insist on buying name brand, over priced, processed crap…the. Guess it could be a cost savings.

  • Ret. USAF Spouse

    All Commisaries used to close on Mondays it’s nothing New…. My issue would be withe the Editor who let this Headline print as is… ‘ Commisaries to SHUTTER on Monday’ .. Should it not read ‘ Commisaries to Close on Mondays ‘ !

    • Amy_Bushatz

      Hi — thanks for your comment. “Shutter” is a synonym of “close,” thus my usage.

  • sprdthewrd

    This is all a ploy by the Obama Administration to somehow garner positive points. The economy is the problem yet we are being distracted by Gun Control, Immigration and the like. Obama care will further hurt the economy as it already has begun to affect the lives of many.
    And of course” The Blood of Heroes is on the Hands of Obama, Clinton and Panetta…Remember Benghaz1 !!!”

  • marinewife79

    Let me see if I understand this: Our President and Vice President have on more than one occasion have said that the American People need to tighten their belts in order to survive the economic crisis but yet turn around and spend billions of the hard-earned money of those same Americans so they can send their kids on lavish vacations and treat their wives to lavish trips. ENOUGH!! I simply don’t care if they are the President and VP and feel entitled to these perks. What I do care about is that under no circumstances should commissaries or any other benefit military families depend on be shut down because the clowns in Washington can’t do their jobs.

  • rallypoint6

    Fake Sequester…I will believe it when I see it.