How No More Saturday Mail Will Impact Your MilFam


Yesterday the United States Post Office announced that they’re getting rid of Saturday delivery of first class-mail. Beginning in August, we’ll no longer get letters, cards, bills, magazines, catalogs and junk mail on Saturdays.

Even in this day and age of electronic communication and social media, I love real mail in my real mailbox, and I’m kind of sad that I’ll have one less day of it. When my husband was deployed, one of the highlights of my day was the mailbox walk. In that short walk from my front door to the mailbox, my excitement built as I wondered if that would be the day the mailman brought me something with his name on it. The mail run also meant that my daily outgoing letters were on their way downrange, where they would soon become the highlight of my husband’s day.

He may not be deployed now, but mail still makes me happy.

On the upside, this new delivery schedule won’t be affecting packages, PO box mail or post office hours. According to the USPS website,

“Once implemented during August of 2013, mail delivery to street addresses will occur Monday through Friday. Packages will continue to be delivered six days per week. Mail addressed to PO Boxes will continue to be delivered on Saturdays. Post Offices currently open on Saturdays will remain open on Saturdays.”

So how is the elimination of Saturday mail going to impact military families? Officials with USPS speculated that it won’t make a huge difference, but didn’t get back with us with any further information by our deadline. Those love letters you write may take a little bit longer to get to your sweetheart downrange, but because package delivery will remain unchanged, all those care packages we jam pack with love will still reach their destinations in a timely manner.

While some of us still cherish letters, generally speaking, so many military families communicate with faraway loved ones through email, Facebook, Skype, and text messages that the art of the handwritten letter seems to have become almost as archaic as the telegram. So unless the USPS figures out a way to stop all electronic forms of communication on Saturdays, I think we can handle not getting snail mail delivery.

When we asked our Facebook readers what they thought about Saturday mail delivery disappearing, most of the responders said they wouldn’t miss it (especially because it means one less day to worry about finding bills in the mailbox). But there were some people, like myself, who will.

So what do you think? Will you miss Saturday mail delivery? How will this affect you as a military family?

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Heather Sweeney
Heather Sweeney is an Associate Editor at, former Navy wife, mother of two, blogger, and avid runner. She’s the blogger formerly known as Wife on the Roller Coaster and still checks in every now and then at her blog Riding the Roller Coaster.
  • I will miss Sat mail because I love checking the mail. On the other hand I was in Germany for 2 out of our 3 deployments and we couldn’t check our mail on Saturday anyways. So that wouldn’t be much different for me when he deploys again.

  • pattierwr

    I would rather sacrifice Saturday mail delivery in favor of keeping post offices open.

  • 1SG

    Yeah, just toss my weapon in the truck and drive.

  • SGM Bob

    Losing Saturday mail is NO BIG DEAL! Most of the mail the USPS delivers consists of advertisement slicks and other junk mail. It’s clear that if we want to keep the USPS operating at current hiring levels and operational plans, then the first class postage will have to go up considerably. The USPS has the most lucrative health care and retirement program in the government. YOU (that is to say, you and I) are paying for all this and in the meantime, the USPS is going bankrupt. The union WILL NOT allow cuts to postal workers – therefore you will either pay LOTS more – or lose services. It’s your (our) choice. I choose to lose Saturday mail. As I said –NO BIG DEAL.

  • BDW

    They need to stop mail deliverys but keep post offices open on Saturdays for working people!!!! its only open 9-1130/1300-1500 as it is in my home town. Now who can use the PO with hours like these!!! Not the working people.

  • Ramses

    I will miss snail mail.

  • RmeMom
  • RmeMom