Are You a Macho Spouse?


Isn’t it time there was a male-specific resource dedicated to providing support and information to male military spouses and their families?

Absolutely. And that’s why I started Macho Spouse, an online interactive resource for us male military spouses and our families. Despite the goofy name, Macho Spouse is about providing valuable, creative, pro-active content dedicated to helping our military families find success, happiness, and community.

I see the male spouse on Facebook, Twitter and even here at SpouseBuzz complaining that articles are not written for them. Just this week one reader complained that an post called “You Know She’s a Military Spouse When …” “completely alienates male spouses.”

Sites like SpouseBuzz do their best to cater to everyone. But at Macho Spouse we have content made just for us dudes.

There is no way I would’ve been able to push this idea out of my brain and into reality without the support of fellow male military spouse and web-designer Taurus James. Together we are building a pretty unique and dynamic website that helps military families connect through use of high-quality video production, interactive maps, blogs and forums.

Now, I could continue describing what we’ve been working on, or just show you. Click the “Play” button below to watch our video at Macho Spouse and see exactly what we’re about.



Chris Pape is an Electronic Media graduate from the University of Cincinnati who specializes in marketing and educational productions. He has spent the better part of 15 years building a solid reputation as a talented and creative producer, director, writer, shooter and editor.

About the Author

Chris Pape
Chris Pape, a male military spouse and 1995 graduate from the University of Cincinnati, is a national award-winning video producer with over 16 years experience developing entertaining and educational videos for public schools, large corporations, small businesses and state governments. Chris is the founder and senior producer of Macho Spouse, an interactive, online resource and educational video library for male military spouses and their families.
  • guest

    I totally agree that SpouseBuzz can be downright sexist sometimes, both in it’s alienation of male spouses and it’s reinforcement of traditional female gender normatives for all spouses. I think it would be awesome if the Dudes lead the way in creating an INCLUSIVE group, not exclusive, that catered to the broader issues of being a spouse. Unfortunately, while this will help male spouses it provides no outlet for female spouses who are ostracized for not fitting typical female gender norms. We continue to be left on the outside looking in, neither fitting in with the macho spouses (male gender norms), nor spousebuzzers (female gender norms).
    I long for the day when gender is not the sorting hat for spouses and we can actually all support each other. I think my spouse will be out of the military before that day occurs.

    • Thanks for posting your comment and I’m sorry you feel ostracized from the military community, as a male spouse I can relate. Macho Spouse is an inclusive group and we believe our content transcends all genders, races, branches, and ranks. Yes, we like to put a male-friendly spin on our information (graphics, music, images), but we bring in experts from both genders to help our audience navigate the challenging lifestyle of a military family. I welcome you to become a member (it’s free), watch the videos and read the blogs because we’re much more than guys talking about guy stuff.

      • sabrinacking

        Chris…your content is phenomenal. That sequestration article was so well written: go male spouse bloggers!

    • sabrinacking

      You should make one! I’d visit it. Homestead or WordPress are both great tools, cheap or free and easy to start out with. Templates etc make being a web designer or graphic artist not necessary.

    • Anotherguest

      I agree that an all INCLUSIVE group would be better. I don’t fit into the typical military spouse gender role. I have more in common wth the soldiers then the spouses.

  • Chris is not only a fantastic resource for male military spouses, but he’s an awesome down to earth guy. Keep up the great work!

  • Zuessfs

    It’s nice to see something geared toward the male spouse for a change. I’m a veteran and male spouse now, and have always felt ostrasized being a male spouse. Hell I can’t even get play dates for my daughter because I’m a man. It’s sad.

    • Zuessfs, have you been able to find the male spouse facebook pages? Where are you located? I know other guys with similar play-date issues, maybe you guys could start your own hangouts if you’re near each other.

  • John
  • cleobarker

    I affectionately refer to my husband as my Navy Wife and he loves it. I will also say I’m glad that there is now a Macho Spouse hub to connect with, because I myself read the spouse articles and instead of sending him the articles (which might make him feel slightly emasculated because of the consistent references to she-spouses,) I will give him the article highlights later over dinner. This is going to be greatly appreciated by the slowly expanding minority of man-spouses :)