What’s Ahead for Military Couples in 2013


While taking my morning gander around the internet this morning, I came across this little piece from Yahoo. “What’s Ahead for Star Couples in 2013.” In it they bring in a psychic and a comedian to give us the dish on what going to happen with three celebrity couples in the coming year and answer such burning questions as “will Princess Kate have twins?”

Now I don’t give one fig about what’s ahead for celebrity couples, but I do care a lot about military families. And I think without being delusional a psychic, I can make just as many predictions as Yahoo’s expert.

In 2013 …

You’ll be surprised by how emotionally stressful deployments, separations and reunions are. You’ve been doing this stuff for years, but it doesn’t matter. You’ll still forget, just like you have every other time, the exact level of stress this stuff brings. Just like with having a baby, you’ll have forgotten just how painful the whole process can be until right there in the thick of it again.

You’ll be amazed by how strong you’ve become. Even though the emotional stress will catch you off guard, you’ll be surprised by how you’ve gotten better at handling it little by little. You’ll remember those old coping habits. You’ll have learned from your past mistakes. You’ll realize you are a better version of you. You will feel empowered.

You’ll finally use those counseling resources the military offers. Yes, defense funding may be in limbo, but leaders have made it clear that they have no intention of doing away with much of the counseling services. So you’ll realize that this is your year to find a professional to talk to. You’ve heard that while it seems a little squirrely from the outside, there’s really no stigma attached and it really does make you feel better. So you’ll call Military OneSource, do the 30 minute screening with the helper-guy on the phone and get set-up with a fabulous counselor. You’ll go for an hour a week for awhile and at the end you’ll be the best version of you’ve ever met. Your marriage will be stronger. Your confidence will be greater. You’ll take challenges in stride.

Look at that. I can tell that 2013 is going to be fabulous!

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Amy Bushatz
Amy is the editor in chief of Military.com’s spouse and family blog SpouseBuzz.com. A journalist by trade, Amy also covers spouse and family news for Military.com where she is the managing editor of spouse and family content. An Army wife and mother of two, Amy has been featured as a subject matter expert on CNN.com, NPR, Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC and BBC as well as in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Follow her on twitter @amybushatz.
  • Rquick

    I co-sign on the counseling. Its easy and so worth it. To keep services military families actually have to USE them so please do.

  • NIna Iturrizaga

    This year for me and my hubby we will be celebrating his retirement! Congratulations SSGT SEGA for 20 years of faithful service in the United States Marine Corps, We have been married for 7 of those 20 years, we have endured together 3 deployments supporting war zones, 4 moves and the birth of our youngest son, Who is now 4, and the Challenges of raising 3 teenagers through all of this. Can’t believe that 2013 will bring it to a close, Relieved and so proud we made it through.
    I have to share that through these years I did call military one source more then once, utilized the services through EFMP, School Liaisons, and hunted down the FRO when my car broke, which we all know always does during deployments, and am not ashamed to admit, Counseling was a valuable resource for us in this journey. Happy New Year Spouses, My heart goes out to you and yours as you forge forward in your military Journeys.
    Many Blessings from our family to yours.

  • Kathy

    My husband is a disabled Vietnam war Veteran (1964-66) and I have been his caregiver for 26 years. I would like to encourage all spouses to take full advantage of any and all information that is provided to you now and in the future. I can look back and wish that I had had some sort of mentoring during our life’s journey, because I truly had no idea what I would be facing during our so-called golden years. I am 100% dedicated to my husband and don’t think that I could possibly love him any stronger, but as our life carries on, so does the stress increase. He’s now 71 and me 60 and the struggles have greatly increased every year. So please, please, please learn all that you can now so that you can apply that knowledge later for your spouse and YOURSELVES, it will certainly come in handy. We’re still winging it. Thank you for listening.