Some Clubs to Allow Gay Spouses


Remember a few weeks back when we told you about the spouse clubs on posts and bases around the country that had decided to block gay spouses from their membership based on a rule that the spouses do not hold DoD ID cards?

Well, at least one of the clubs had changed their minds.

The Little Rock Air Force Base club we originally told you about here decided shortly after our post was published to propose a membership change allowing any spouse access, and striking the DoD ID card business from the rules.

Here’s what they have posted to their site:

When we asked the club president for a comment she referred us back to their website.

The other club we wrote about, the Fort Bragg Officers’ Spouses’ Club said they will be reviewing their membership requirements at their next board meeting — presumably after the new year.

Rather than thinking the Little Rock Club is simply caving to bad publicity and public pressure, we sincerely hope they are considering a rule change because they want to make every spouse feel as welcomed as possible.

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Amy Bushatz
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  • Tony

    They are cowards. Our Republic will soon be a Tyranical government because our morals are trash.

  • this is a good start. Regulations (Army, anyway) already welcome anyone who is important to the soldiers to family support functions (fiances, girl/boy friends, grand parents, etc) so why shouldn’t the same sex spouse be permitted to these social events and locations?