Bragg OSC to Issue “Special” Membership to Gay Spouses


Board members with the Fort Bragg officers’ spouses’ club late tonight announced they are willing to issue gay spouse Ashley Broadway and others like her a “special Guest Membership” to their club after originally denying her admittance because she is not a DoD ID card holder.

“In a continued attempt to support all military families, the (Association of Bragg Officers’ Spouses) Board would like to offer Ms. Broadway a special Guest Membership,” the statement released late tonight said.

The original statement did not make clear whether a similar guest membership would be offered to any spouse who applies for the club. Emails requesting clarification on that point were not immediately answered.

UPDATE 1/17: OSC officials later said they will give a similar “guest membership” to any local officer spouse who who can produce a marriage certificate. 

“Guest membership will be extended to anyone with a valid marriage certificate in any state married to an Active Duty Officer in the armed forces residing in the Fort Bragg area,” officials told SpouseBuzz in an email.

Broadway, who was legally married to Lt. Col. Heather Mack in D.C. in November, applied for membership to the Bragg OSC shortly after her wedding. In early December she was informed that because she does not have an ID card she would not be permitted to join.

Because of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, same sex couples are not recognized by the DoD as legally married, and therefore are not given ID cards.

At the time the Association of Bragg Officers’ Spouses (ABOS) president said they would review this issue at their next board meeting. But the board has yet to make a decision. According to the statement signed “The ABOS Board” their bylaws, which do not specifically deny non-IDed spouses, “continue to be under review.”

The statement comes on the heals of a Defense Department decision to not require the club to accept gay members in order to continue operating on post at Bragg. Defense officials said the non-descrimination agreement by which the club must abide does not include any mention of sexual orientation. Because they are not breaking the rule, officials cannot force them to change, they said.

The Marine Corps, however, recently took a different view. Rather than abide by the department-wide policy, they issued a mandate requiring clubs to accept same-sex partners or relocate off-base. According to the story on, the Corps’ Staff Judge Advocate instructed legal offices through the service to view gay-spouse exclusion as discrimination. “We do not want a story like this developing in our backyard,” he wrote.

In a post here on SpouseBuzz last week I called for the DoD to update their anti-descrimination policy so that no spouses are excluded from the support we desperately want and need. I would hope the Bragg club plans to eventually do the right thing and not just allow gay spouses in a “special guest” members. Because spouses — gay or otherwise — aren’t special guests. We’re all in this big, confusing life together.

Why can’t we start acting like it?


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Amy Bushatz
Amy is the editor in chief of’s spouse and family blog A journalist by trade, Amy also covers spouse and family news for where she is the managing editor of spouse and family content. An Army wife and mother of two, Amy has been featured as a subject matter expert on, NPR, Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC and BBC as well as in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Follow her on twitter @amybushatz.
  • Krystel Spell

    In addition she wouldn’t be allowed to vote on anything club related.

  • Heather

    Disgusting. Just what she want’s, to go join a group who basically said we don’t want you here, but you can come sit with us anyway. It’s those close minded women in the OCS at Fort Bragg who have lost here.

    • Fredrick Setser

      Change the by-laws to allow all officer or in the case of enlisted wives clubs to accept any wife of an officer or enlisted . Who he or she sleeps with. It might be a cow, pig, goat – anything.

      • Heather

        apparently my post was misinterpreted. I agree, they need to change things, that is the point. I was just saying it’s digusting that they would offer her this after telling her she isn’t welcome in the first place.

      • Agdoc

        Getting just a wee bit stupid here, Fred?

    • Joe T

      Clearly she did want in, even after initially being rejected, or this wouldn’t be an issue.

      You want to know what is disgusting? How about calling people you know nothing about (except that they went out of their way to work around an existing rule – you need a military ID card to be a member – in order to accomadate this lady) a bunch of “close minded women”. If your mind is the example of an open mind, keep it to yourself, please.

      Grow up.

      • Heather

        What the heck, that IS what is disgusting, she should never have been rejected in the first place! I guess I should have clarified by saying it was wrong to deny her in the first place. It is the women who are in the OCS at Bragg who are wrong and have lost out on someone who could have been a valuable asset to the OCS.

        • Joe T

          Everybody has their own declaration of how this SHOULD have been handled, and how things OUGHT to work – as if they know right from wrong. They are quick to tell others that they OUGHT not discriminate on the basis of this or that, or that club rules SHOULD be such and such. But when it comes to the underlying issue of gay marriage, they suddenly go brain dead. You berate the ladies of the OSC because they SHOULDN’T discriminate. But nobody has the balls to tell Ms Broadway that she SHOULDN’T be having sexual relations with another woman. (Who are we to judge, right? Oh, but we quickly pass judgment on the ladies of the OSC!!)
          If we are so ethically confused that we cannot even judge whether homosexuality is right or wrong, what makes us think we can judge how others should react to it? We admit our inability to pass ethics 101, and then declare ourselves masters at the graduate level?!?

      • Victoria
        • Joe T

          OK. I’ll take your word for it. You seem to have inside info, since you are relaying information that was not in the article. So if I got the story wrong, I recant. And I admit I was a bit harsh toward Heather.
          Yes, I know – according to US law, discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation is wrong, while homosexual activity is not. And I understand the legal issues – on base/off base, etc. Sadly, the typical American bases their understanding of right and wrong on US law. Do they really think right and wrong change every time the 9th District Court makes another ruling? Do they really think God is dead (or deaf, or blind)? Remember, the Nazis followed the law too. (Germany’s law, not God’s law.)

      • Victoria
      • Agdoc

        First of all, the Marines don’t see this as an issue at all. You don’t need a military I.D. to belong, just to vote–so what? And why doesn’t the Army simply decree that all spouses, regardless of gender, be issued suitable I.D.? As for them going out of their way to “work around an existing rule”, puhleeeze. They caved to overwhelming media scrutiny and pressure, then threw her an insulting invitation to be a half-member–“come sit in, but otherwise you can’t participate on any level. Just sit there and shut up.” You’re a bit of a moron, Joe.

    • hector chamorro

      I agree with you. These gay people do not belong in military. They just want to make trouble for the service. The gay officer should leave the service for the good of the of the ARMY.

    • sailor12

      They did not lose anything they gained another problem. Every time a gay person complains we have to make an exception. Damn her go join a gay club.

    • Warrior7

      What if she is a he? In a Male Homo Relationship one of the couple must be in a wife role, right?

  • lou

    clubs should be allowed to pick who they want. the government should stay out of thier business.

    • Sandra


    • Brian

      Then they should move off base and not use any govt facilities for their group. Then they can admit or not admit whomever they want..

    • Mike Scott
    • Agdoc

      You’re absolutely right–as long as you’re dealing with private clubs that don’t depend on gov’t sponsorship or public funds. The simple fact is that this nation has publicly acknowledged the validity of civil marriage contracts between same-gender couples, DADT has been repealed, and this is an ON-POST facility that is supposed to be open to any military spouse–with no exceptions based on gender, race, political affiliation, national origin, etc., etc. You’re a military spouse? You have the right to full membership in any/all spousal clubs/activities. The Marines disposed of this simply by issuing an order to that effect, but the DA and garrison command at Ft. Bragg seem to be too gutless to follow suit. If the spouses want to admit only whom they want, MOVE OFF POST!!

      • Giving in

        The Marines didn’t want to deal with what this has become so they gave in…

  • bobby928

    I think they were strong armed , forced , threatened whatever into accepting them

  • mka

    Special favors for homosexuals,female military meetings with the king at the whitehouse,multi-naval officers releaved of command;It all adds up to the democratic party trying to break up the conservative lean in the military.

    • T W
      • GayManServingOpenly

        I agree T W. The President had nothing to do with that misconduct. I agree with his premice of making a lighter and more agile force. We can have a more effective overseas contigency plan with a lighter force. We can do a better job at policing the man-made acts of aggression. If we get rid of all those “leaders” at the top creating waves, we will be able to be much more effective and transparent.

        • Warrior7

          If you had a spousal partner, who is the wife? You or your other half? You are so PC and many currently serving in leadership positions are disgusted with the Homo-tint and refer to their service as Homo-Army, Homo-Navy, etc.

    • Grace Mascorro

      Yes the donkey party is anti-military for sure.

  • MarineCapt

    Separate and unequal is alive at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

    • GayManServingOpenly

      I know…. it reminds me of the south during the height of the KKK. Your so right MarineCapt! I disagree however, my homosexuality is a choice. Black people cannot choose the color of their skin though. You should know what I mean by that.

      • Joe T

        Thank you for that distinction, and for the honest admission that it is a choice. Many are trying to deny that distinction, claiming that sexual behavior is not a choice – “I was born this way” etc.

        • des

          Um, no, not a choice at all. Maybe for some people it is but for me I cannot help it that my body reacts when touched by a male or a female. Homosexuality is a choice as much as heterosexuality is a choice. If you are attracted to both and choose homosexuality then you were probably bisexual to begin with.

          • GayManServingOpenly

            Um, no des…… I am only in it for the pleasure. We in the Gay community choose to live this lifestyle. Some for pleasure, some for pain, but all for ourselves. We do and do not care about what society thinks. I still know that I am heterosexual, but I am not bi. There is no such thing as homosexual or bisexual only individuals looking for attention by claiming its not a choice. Moreover, those people saying its not a choice are moved by a political agenda. I do it with no strings attached.

          • mel

            Call me stupid, but I’m confused. So if you are in it for the pleasure, does that mean that the pleasure you seek could be derived from interactions with males or females. And by not defining yourself as homosexual or bisexual does that give you the freedom to love who you love without getting hung up on whether that person is male or female? Is this a way to not be confined in a categorical box?

          • GayManServingOpenly

            Exactly. It is all a choice. Every “homosexual” that I know, and is in my community, all agree that it is our choice to act on our desires. We however, do not have political motives driving us. Those claiming it is not a choice are driven by political motives and have the need for others to pay attention to them.

          • Warrior7

            You are obviously an A-Theist, based on you statements. Still hope for you.

        • June

          So you’re saying you chose to be straight, and if you felt like it, you could choose to be attracted to other men?

          • GayManServingOpenly

            Yes. All Gay people have this feeling.

          • mongolberry
          • June

            I figured. Sometimes the question of “could you choose to be gay” will weed out the trolls from the people who really just haven’t reflected too deeply on the idea that of course being straight is just the way they are–it’s everyone else that makes the choice to be gay or straight.

          • GayManServingOpenly

            Wow. You got me pegged! Your so insightful. I guess all of us have to conform to your ideals.

      • Luke

        You know, your BS is so transparent you could sell it as glass….

        Being gay is NOT a choice, not by a long shot; I did not choose to be gay, and yet I am. You could walk naked women in front of me all day long and I would never get aroused or excited; I’m simply not wired that way.

        Being gay is as natural as being straight; discriminating based on sex or sexual orientation is NO different than discriminating based on Race or Religion(which btw is 100% a CHOICE).

        • Warrior7

          Say that to a person of color and you could end up with a changed face.

    • Jeff Long

      Too bad, but you can’t use the meaningless term “homophobe” any more. The AP just dropped it from its updated stylebook this year so let’s get with the program and understand that these fine women, like most of the rest of us with half a brain, do not desire to promote or endorse in any way a lifestyle wherein nearly 20% of the male practitioners eventually come down with HIV/AIDS. They have children too, and the thought of their constant exposure to this so-called lifestyle with its pushy, brash, in-your-face, we’ll do what we want attitude is sickening to the majority of us. We honestly feel sorry for those seduced into it. And by the way, iso-called marriage between these people is a violation of the NC state constitution in any event and the federal Defense of Marriage Act–in spite of what king O and fast and furious Eric may wish. We are not constitutionally mandated to abet its spread

      • john dupon
  • Kevin Y.

    So Lou, a club (on govt. property) should be able to pick who they want? You are in favor then of excluding someone because of their race or religion as well?

    • Steve

      Absolutely. This is the United States and we have the absolute right to choose who we want to associate with and we have the right to use public property as we see fit within the law. The law says ID card. No ID card no join. We are making special rules for ever different class of person out there, Minority rule does NOT work. Just beacuse the club is on government property does not take away a persons rigt to association. For that matter, how come the homos are forcing their sexuality on everyone? If they kept it to themselves how would we know?

      • guest

        Wow, you are a “special” one. you do NOT have the right to use government property for discriminatory purposes. And how come you as a homophobe are forcing your hatred on everybody? You are no better then the “homos” you claim to be against

      • Kevin Y.

        Yes, you have the right to associate with whomever you choose. On federal property you do not however have the right to discriminate. You’re honestly saying the KKK should be able to hold a rally on base? How about the Black Panthers? Oh, or a branch more suited to your liking like the Westboro Baptist Church? In the privacy of your own home you can discriminate all you like, but on federal property you may not.

        • Jeff Long


          Too bad, but you can’t use the meaningless term “homophobe” any more. The AP just dropped it from its updated stylebook this year so let’s get with the program and understand that these fine women, like most of the rest of us with half a brain, do not desire to promote or endorse in any way a lifestyle wherein nearly 20% of the male practitioners eventually come down with HIV/AIDS. They have children too, and the thought of their constant exposure to this so-called lifestyle with its pushy, brash, in-your-face, we’ll do what we want attitude is sickening to the majority of us. We honestly feel sorry for those seduced into it. And by the way, iso-called marriage between these people is a violation of the NC state constitution in any event and the federal Defense of Marriage Act–in spite of what king O and fast and furious Eric may wish. We are not constitutionally mandated to abet its spread.

          • PavePusher

            Unfuck yourself, stat.

    • Steve

      Wake up, sexual preference is not the same as race and religion, unless you want to call perversion a religion. Hey lets really get stupid and have someone marry a goat. Just think you could go to the club and zoo at the same time. There was a time the military was a leader in doing the morale right thing.

      • Luke

        You state two things, one innate, the other a choice, and claim they are undeniably protected; but yet, the two schools of thought on being gay are one of those: its innate or its a choice, and yet, either way, it is condemned? Hypocritical, no?

      • Kevin Y.

        Where did I say it was the same? I merely used it as an example that you can not discriminate. And as for your tired argument comparint homosexuality to beastiality, as soon as that goat can consent to the marriage then I’ll agree with you.. Use some common f_cking sense alright?

    • Mason

      Yes I do, the goverment does not have the right to tell a private citizen or group who they must accept or service. It is their right to say yes or no and it is your right to accept their position or boycot them.

  • Semper Fi

    Judgment is coming and it will be swift. Our joke of a military can only last for so long. We will fall.

    • GayManServingOpenly

      Sounds like fun Semper Fi! I say bring it on!!

    • Kevin Y.

      Unlike you I have a little more faith in our military. It overcame racial integration and it’ll overcome this. Get over the religious doomsday crap.

      • Semper Fi

        I do not. Many (majority) military people are so stuck in an entitlement mentality. Moreover, we are so focused with risk aversion. I would say the notion of 10% bad egg can only be applied with E1 through E3. E4 through E5 it is 50/50 and E6 through O10 its 80/20. Does that spell success? I think not.

        • Kevin Y.

          sounds like someone who couldn’t get past Lance Corporal. Thanks for your service though.

          • Semper Fi

            Actually, I have been in for over 10 years and went from e to o through MECEP. Made Staff in 6 1/2 and commissioned at 8 1/2

          • Semper Fi

            However, the Marine Corps is something differnt though.

      • GetAClue

        Getting over racial discrimination was godly. Getting over homosexuality is ungodly.

    • PavePusher

      WBC, is that you?

  • BAM

    Please notice it seems like only the female sex wants to disrupt things , the males stay quiet and don’t cause problems.

  • Rafael Merheb

    DoD, does not recognize same sex marriage, do not issue ID’s ..but force the officers wife to accept or move out of camp…..Why this woman want to belong to the OWC……

  • Bill

    Ouch – y’all are pretty rough! Ease up and let it go. She can probably bring something to the table that may make the little tea party more interesting. Bill

    • bigsal175

      Yeah, like how to live a depraved, perverse, and morally corrupt lifestyle…GO ARMY!!!

  • Jason

    Meh… by the end of the year, DOMA will be dead after the Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional and DoD will return to the rule it always used before DOMA: If a state says it’s a marriage, then it’s a marriage – and they get spouse benefits. Applied to inter-racial marriages when they were still illegal in some states, applied to child-brides when some states still allowed such things… it’s what will go into effect here.

  • Richard

    Simple solution to those who think homosexual activity is wrong, is to stop going. Create a new club off-base. As a former officer, I would not go.

    • Repo43

      Its called the conservative Church

  • MilitaryOfficer

    Bottom line, she’s a spouse. She should be allowed in the club with full privileges. What if a male spouse were denied admission? Like it or not, military policy now allows people to serve openly. Many states allow same gender marriage. This is the direction that our military force is moving in. At one point minorities were not allowed to join. Then women were not allowed to join. Later the military became diverse with other cultures and women being allowed to serve. Get over yourselves.

    • GayManServingOpenly

      She should not be allowed. It is her choice to be Gay.

      • Luke

        Being gay is not a choice; you are trolling…..don’t.

        Even if it was, the club Cannot discriminate based off it being a choice; Religion is 100% a Choice, and yet, if someone was denied membership because “you’re Muslim”, the uproar would be massive.

      • Warrior7

        That makes homo-activity a sin as defined by the 10 Commandments: Thou shalt not commit adultery.

    • Warrior7

      Why is the spouse assumed to be lesbian.

  • Repo43

    Im over myself about 20 years ago. Its the white Nazi feminist man hating crowd that is not over themselfs. They want to shove the homosexual way of life down my mouth and make me agree with them that gay partners are equal to natural marriage. They cant have kids without a man involved! The human race would have died off long ago if everyone was gay. Lesbians and Gay men offer no benefit to society by being ‘married’ vs being civil union partners (knock yourself out), they in fact create a tax burden on the rest of us to ‘create’ an equality that does not and can not exist naturally. Gay marriage failed popular vote in every state it went to the ballot in…and then it gets overturned by federal judges who trample the voters rights to give a hyperpolitical minority rights that dont exist in nature. Constitutional free speech trumps thier rights to ‘gayness’; I dont agree, and never will! This is not about race rights, this is not civil rights like the female vote, or rights MLK won for millions of my black brothers and sisters, Its about forcing us to accept thier unnatural BEHAVIOR as natural. The officers club and other clubs can regulate BEHAVIORS, they already do. Get out of the civil rights discussion you putrid rotten white feminist KKK bigots. Homosexuals can’t claim equality in a civil rights fight. Civil rights is about unchangable gender or race, not an individuals behavior.

    • June

      Hey, no one’s shoving it down your mouth. It’s gay marriage, not mandatory gay marriage.

    • GayManServingOpenly

      I agree. It is our choice to be Gay not anyone else. All gay people know that. However, the poltical machine, primarily on the left, (and some on the right) want this to be an issue to divide and conquer. So they claim it is not a choice to get sympathy. They are outright liars and fools. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. They use the ignorant to push thier agenda and it is working.

    • Luke

      Define “unnatural”?

      Unnatural as in: not occurring in nature? Hmm; aren’t there dozens of studies of hundreds of animal species exhibiting same sex attractions and relationships…
      Unnatural as in: not happening naturally, a learned behavior? That would be a stretch, seeing as how there is evidence of same sex relationships in native american cultures AND Eurasian cultures, even though the two were separated by thousands of miles of ocean in BOTH directions…

      Face it: being gay IS natural, by every definition of the term.

    • unidragon

      ah but your wrong there homosexuality does exist in nature. there are animal species out there other than humans that take mates for life. and in some instances those mates are of the same gender. In many cases these same sex relationships actually are a help to the animal group they are with as the partners adopt and raise extra/orphaned younglings.

    • Charlie

      Marriage is not a Natural State. It is a Religious State. The Legal System adopted the word, as being commonly understood.

      If as you state Marriage is a Tax burden, the solution is obvious, DO AWAY WITH ALL MARRIAGE IN LAW. Problem solved. No more Tax Breaks, No more Inheritance Benefits, No more Death/Burial Benefits, No more Medical Visitation Benefits, No more Childen Benefits. That would put Billions of Dollars into the Tax system, and I doubt even Congress could spend all of it in the first year. We might even be able to come to a Ballance that would fix the Econmy.

      Yep, Disband the Ecomonically inadvisable legal state of Marriage.

  • Dusty B

    I would just quit the group cause they are not legitimate spouses and this is only happening because people scream homophobia whenever you do something that doesn’t support their beliefs. If only we all could get what we want by running to the media and getting them to report one sided stories.

    • George M

      Good point. My question is; is this a military or a social experiment?

  • GUEFighter

    @unidragon: You are equating animals to humans. Animal behaviors are not an excuse to condone animal behavior in humans…its a different level of consciousness and reason. So, who cares about the animals. More to the topic, if a club disagrees with a certain behavior, they do not need to allow the member access. I can’t be a member of a country club if I don’t golf in a collared shirt. Does the spouses’ club need to accept a spouse who’s a drug user or alcoholic? No. That’s how homosexuals should be viewed…like a drug user or alcoholic…you do not have to accept their lifestyle, and you try to get them help. You can still respect them as a person, but that doesn’t require caving to political correctness and condoning “animal-like” behavior into your spouse’s club.

    • Luke

      Heterosexual behavior is an “animal-like” behavior…..even more so than homosexuality, if you go by pure statistics alone….

      Try logic for once, will you? Drug users and alcoholics are doing a destructive behavior, whereas there is ZERO evidence of being gay is as such.

      As the law stand, this is a gray area that is an injustice.

  • Glen26143

    Wow so much hate on this board. If your gay and tell me, cool, I’ll tell you I’m not gay and I dont care if you are. As long as you pick up that weapon beside you and watch my back while I watch yours, nothing else matters in war. I dont care if you male or female, when the shit hits the fan, as long as your a ready, able and willing soldier to fight for the same things I am fighting for who cares? If you are distracted by a female soldier (or a gay one) then YOU are not doing your job and YOU are not disciplined. Suck it up cupcakes, life is not fair, noone is the same and not everyone in the world will agree with your views. So many other problems in life…grow up.

  • sailor12

    I would let her in then everyone should walk out anfd start another club off base were the military can’t tell you who you have to let in your club.

  • C.G.

    From some of the hate messages I see posted here I wonder who on earth they actually like. Perhaps other hate mongers like themselves. How did they become such ass—–? Thank God I don’t recall knowing anyone like them during my time in service. Maybe they just have to get discharged, grow old, ignorant and self hating to turn out like this.

    • Warrior7

      God/Christ Jesus do not hate the Homosexual, it’s the activity that is despised.

  • Tom
  • Tammy
  • former GI joe

    My last duty assignment, in 1977, I was in a co-ed barracks. It was exactly like living in a combination whore house. When I see how the gays and lesbians are forcing themselves on the military these days, all I can say is that I’m sure as hell glad I got out when I did.

  • Mike

    Any organization operating on a Federal facility (taxpayer funded) is required to abide by federal non-discrimination guidelines – looks like a civil law suit is in the making.

  • Gary

    Tolerating change at Ft Bragg

    Mat_10:15 Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.
    Luk_10:12 But I say unto you, that it shall be more tolerable in that day for Sodom, than for that city.

    • GUEFighter

      Gary: I agree with tolerating!!!! But tolerating just means I have to “put up with” a behavior. Tolerance doesn’t mean I have to agree with the behavior. So scripture here does not, and never will, support the homosexual agenda. I love gay people just as much as I love an alcoholic or someone who beats his wife, because that is what Christ commanded. However, I disagree w/ the behavior and will pray that these individuals turn from their sin.

  • Meh

    I personally hate the Officer Spouses Clubs. All about what rank your husband is and face-timing with the Alpha Spouse. :( You are almost required to join if you don’t want to be looked down on. Meh! They do have some positive points like fund raising; but I think that can be done without having to carry your spouses rank around like a badge of honor.

    • Warrior7

      No Meh it reflects on your husband fitness report. You are a team and if your husband makes it into the front seat you become the Alpha Spouse. Otherwise kiss his career goodbye.

  • Gregory

    She doesn’t belong in military facilities. She belongs in the Congress or the Administration with her type.

  • ChuckI

    This same issue came up when women began to enter the force in large numbers and the husbands were stay at home and care for the children or held other jobs out side the military. It was resolved with them becoming full members of the Wives Clubs. If the wives have a problem with the organization they have several options, do not join the club, talk there husbands into leaving the service. Spouses are as important to the unit as the service member.

  • Bill

    Things change.

    • ADCS

      And we all know how well Obama’s “change” is doing !

  • dale

    Support for our service members are at the top of the list when it comes to their families,it should not matter if that means the spouse is male or female or gay or ”sad”….spouse clubs are there to provide support for spouses, the family ,the base and often times special project no other group can tackle…this lady is a spouse no matter if she has an I.D. or not….she is a partner of this service member and should be able to support her spouse just as the other spouses do…some of the members of the Fort Bragg Club need to get over them selves and remember they don’t wear the rank..their spouses do and maybe it’s past the time for their group to open up the membership to all ranks and get into this, the real world of today…it’s 2013..not the 40’s ….after all of this why would this person still want to join and donate her time with such a narrow minded group anyway…..very sad

  • Isabella

    What’s really funny are the folks that think homosexuals in the military are something new. Just because they weren’t “out” doesn’t mean they weren’t there. Clearly they’ve done their job proudly and well since the beginning with no detriment to our country. Crying like chicken little that the end is near is well past it’s prime.

  • Andy1

    Hey, wait…I’m an enlisted member’s wife and I want to join their club. Aren’t they kinda discriminating by keeping us enlisted spouses out too? Why is it different? Just because their bylaws say no enlisted shouldn’t matter it’s discrimination. Why don’t all clubs just open their doors to whomever wants to join?? It’s all so confusing, why don’t we all just get along and make all clubs open to anyone who wants to join. How dare they only want legitimate card carrying officer’s spouses in their Officer’s Spouse Culb! What is this world coming too? Hmmmmmmm