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The Oprah Winfrey Network has decided to no longer run episodes of their Army spouse reality show Married to the Army: Alaska on a weekly basis, and has instead pushed the final three episodes to a three-hour block on the last Saturday in December.

In the few short weeks that have followed the show’s Nov. 19 premier, the network has shifted episodes to multiple time blocks during the week, leaving fans confused about when they can catch new episodes — or schedule their DVRs to do it for them.

The news did not sit well with at least one of the show’s stars – Army spouse Traci Moran. In a blunt Facebook message she left on the OWN Facebook page, she told the network that she felt used. She said that after months of abiding by the schedule of the producers and sharing her life with the camera, it was unfair for the network to air the rest of the show all in one day.

The Facebook post has since been deleted.

Some commenters on the OWN site were also not pleased with the programming change.

Here’s one of the comments:

“So you have moved the show once again. No wonder it failed and the OWN network is failing. It is hard for someone to keep up with a show when you change it every week. I don’t pretend to know the TV biz but I do watch TV and if one of my shows kept changing I could see how ratings would go down. I wish OWN would have given it a chance and not moved it week after week just because of ratings. To Bad OWN To Bad.”

That the OWN network is struggling to find ratings has been widely reported. Both the Alaska Army wives show, and the resurrection of Oprah’s Favorite Things (which, this year, were given to military spouses) were seen as a bid by the TV industry as a bid to bring up ratings.

While OWN officials did not confirm that the ratings for the show are low, they did say in a statement released Dec. 13 that the move is aimed at digging up a bigger audience.

“OWN is very proud of ‘Married to the Army: Alaska’ and grateful to the women who allowed us to help share their stories and the important contributions of military spouses and their families through ‘Married to the Army: Alaska.’  The scheduling changes to the series were made to help try and find a larger audience for the show and viewers can see the remaining three episodes which are scheduled to air on Saturday, December 29,” the statement said.

Do you plan on watching the remaining episodes? What have you thought of this show as a whole? Does the fact that it at least appears to be struggling for ratings surprise you?

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Amy Bushatz
Amy is the editor in chief of Military.com’s spouse and family blog SpouseBuzz.com. A journalist by trade, Amy also covers spouse and family news for Military.com where she is the managing editor of spouse and family content. An Army wife and mother of two, Amy has been featured as a subject matter expert on CNN.com, NPR, Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC and BBC as well as in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Follow her on twitter @amybushatz.
  • StarlaRose

    I watched the first three, and then it just disappeared. Sent an e-mail to the show’s FB page, and was told the show it was still on but, and I quote “Some systems still said POLICE WOMEN OF… at 9 and 10 pm EST on Friday night”. Well, that in itself is a big issue don’t you think?

    Just from the three episodes I felt some of the spouses were off their rockers. The main one that bothered me was the senior enlisted Soldier’s wife, Lindsay, and how she took it upon herself to practically insult the junior enlisted Soldier’s wife Traci. Granted I do not at all agree with Traci’s reaction to what Lindsay said, but, the way Lindsay suggested it was ‘disrespectful’ that Traci brought up that she met her husband at Hooters is outright despicable.

    Not only that, she, Lindsay, was married to a junior enlisted Soldier before she married her current husband (which was within a SHORT period of time after her divorce!). I don’t know why that bothers me so much. It’s as if since she married up the chain she is now a ‘better’ person than those junior enlisted Soldier’s wives she used to associate with.

    This is what I wrote on the last article, and it still rings true.

    “As a wife to a junior enlisted Soldier I am quite put off, even after the 2nd episode, by the wife Lindsay. She was married to a junior enlisted Soldier, and now that she’s married to a senior enlisted Soldier she has this air about her that she knows all, and has to butt her nose into a junior enlisted Soldier’s wife’s business. Perhaps she went about it the wrong way, but the way she came off was more offensive than the “Hooters” issue. We are civilians, for the most part, we do not wear our husbands rank. While I do disagree with the way Traci went about responding to her, I can understand her anger and frustration. She, Traci, said it best in the last episode that she’s “To me we’re all civilians so why should I act different in one situation or another?”…I want to give this show a chance, I really do. But so far it’s all about drama.”

    So, I can no longer comment on how Lindsay is, or any of the other wives since the show has vanished into thin air. I did like the Brigade Commander’s wife, she was AMAZING. Graceful, mature, understanding…everything you’d want in someone in her position. She is really what made the show great, because there was no ‘drama’ with her. It’s sad the show has been cut, but what do you expect? There was drama, but not enough to ensnare a ton of viewers in to watching it. Now we’re left with a badly painted portrait of Army wives from OWNs perspective, and terrible impressions of a few wives from that show. I really hope after everything settles their lives are not disrupted much from this.

  • giraffenk7

    I really enjoyed the show! Although, as a military spouse, there were moments that annoyed me, it was no fault of OWN. There really are spouses out there that are like that. I think that it is a great teaching tool for other military spouses; examples of what to do and what not to do.

  • Rquick

    I didn’t watch it but it does seem foolish of OWN to bait and switch like that. Not only viewers but those who participated on the show. Not sure what their end goal is?

  • Sandy

    Yay…..hopefully the show is cancelled? Who cares if the actors are upset….they got paid! In the meantime…there’s a real war going on with real troops deployed and REAL wives carrying on at home!

    • Amy_Bushatz

      Sandy — the show was a reality show … no actors, and real wives :-)

      • India Kerry

        Reality TV is not all real. Much of it is “lightly scripted” to keep the audience interested.

    • Marzhan
  • Alison

    I liked the show, to bad they keep moving it. Of course there is a little drama, it is reality TV after all. I hope they do more series about Army wives.

    I could relate to the ladies, my husband is deployed and we live overseas which is a long, long way from home. It made me grateful that we are in Europe and not Alaska. At least in Europe I don’t have to deal with bears and can travel while we are here instead of being a long way from anywhere.

  • DEAlo

    I want to watch this i have never even heard of it?? I always thought they should make a reality show on real army wives me being one my life is full of craziness stationed in fort drum right now so i would like to see how they cope in Alaska!! Since I have never heard of this I am thinking they did not advertise or promote this show well?

  • Karla

    I enjoyed the show “Married To The Army.” As a civilian and not knowing anything about military life in general, I appreciate the real life situation’s the wive’s lived on a daily basis. I did see a resemblance between the real “Married To The Army” wives and the show “Army Wives.” There are already many show’s similar to “Police Women Of Boward County.” Please give word of mouth a longer chance to help grow an audiance as well other means of support by the network in the future.

  • Susan
  • KLW

    I loved the show! You really messed up cancelling this show. It could have done awesome! As an army wife, there’s ALWAYS something going on to keep a show entertaining

  • bJJ

    i loved this so show. i really wish it would come back.