Your Child Could Be The Military Child of the Year

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This is not the time of year to give a parent something else to do.  Yet this is also the time of year we parents tend to look at our military kids and really see how much they have done over the past twelve months.

Sometimes the changes in a military kid’s life are easy.  This child has grown three inches. This child has learned to walk and talk.  This child can skateboard/drive a car/get an A on a paper for which he has not read the book.

Other times changes in a military kid’s life are hard.  These kids have spent the past year going back and forth to Walter Reed.  This sophomore has moved to three schools in a year.  This girl of ours worked nine weekends putting together that charity walk.

That is why Operation Homefront wants you to know there are only four days left to nominate a child you know for the Operation Homefront Military Child of the Year Award. The deadline to nominate is this Saturday, Dec. 15.  Operation Homefront noted:

While much of the nation carries on with daily life, military kids’ lives are filled with ongoing sacrifice. While their parents fight on the front line, these young Americans must keep the homefront fires burning. These kids have stepped in where many adults could not and would not. They thrive, often without their military parent nearby to cheer them on.

Just go to to nominate your child.  It only takes a minute and shows the young hero you know that their work and growth and sacrifice make a difference.


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    If you think it is so bad being a mil kid then don’t have kids. Mil kids are kids with issues just as non-mil kids are kids with issues. The issues are just different. Lots of plus and minuses of both mil and non-mil.