Poll: What Kind of Neighbors do you Want?


Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, neighbors are an unavoidable part of life. But unlike my parents who had the same neighbors for 20 years (whether they liked it or not), military life gives us the unique opportunity to have many, many neighbors. Whether it’s you who is moving out or it’s them who are moving in, neighbors will inevitably offer you a chance to meet many different types of people, test your patience and surprise you with their kindness.

Over on Military.com’s spouse channel today, Jacey writes about the kind of neighbors every military family needs – the kind that watch out for us instead of watching us like, say, stalkers or neighborhood watch volunteers.

Her column got me thinking: the kind of neighbors we think of as ideal are likely just as varied as the kind of people we are. Me? I want neighbors who notice when I’m not home and give the packages at my door a safe place to stay until I get back. I want  neighbors who I can check on and who can check on me. I want neighbors who invite me to us their pool.

But maybe you want neighbors who mind their own business (in which case, I have some great candidates for you where I live). In your mind, holding your packages until you comes back just means they were nosy enough to see that you drove away.

So take our little poll and tell me: what kind of neighbors do you want? Check out the results below, and check out Jacey’s column over here.

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Amy Bushatz
Amy is the editor in chief of Military.com’s spouse and family blog SpouseBuzz.com. A journalist by trade, Amy also covers spouse and family news for Military.com where she is the managing editor of spouse and family content. An Army wife and mother of two, Amy has been featured as a subject matter expert on CNN.com, NPR, Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC and BBC as well as in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Follow her on twitter @amybushatz.
  • mel

    I like neighbors who don’t let their dog bark all night or let their dog crap in my yard. Don’t get me wrong, I am a dog lover, but I believe in not being a nuisance to those around me. It’s too bad not all feel the same way.

  • Armywifely

    While civilian neighbors are nice (did the “remote” tour for 3 yrs), the feeling of security and “esprit de corps” you get with living on post, are incomparable. That being said, I know there are dozens of spouses out there who will roll their eyes at that comment. BUT, the situation is just like anything else in life…it TOTALLY depends on what YOU put into it and the mindset in which YOU operate everyday.

    If you and your family (kids, included) take care of the outside/inside of your qtrs, if you follow the community guidelines, if you are pleasant to your neighbors, then MOST of the time, the positive example that YOU set (no matter your AD spouse’s rank or age) and the positive energy that you continue to put “out there,” will rub off on your neighbors, your street, your housing area.


  • SnprsWfe

    I want neighbors who don’t turn the culdesack into some sort of teenage drama tv special. I’d like pleasant, cordial neighbors who do their own thing. We’re all busy and stressed out, no need to complicate it. Unfortunately, my on post living experience has been marred by just that sort if nightmare neighbor for the past three years. Oh- did I mention she has a dog that also craps in my yard? Her dog and children, yes I said children, relieve themselves wherever the need strikes on our common areas. It’s pretty awesome. They drink until late at night with their kids yelling in the road and then drive their 4wheeler behind our house. We’ve complained & called the MPs, nothing gets done. It’s a great community, nice house, great ammenities but we’ve had enough. Those people are driving us off post.

  • Sapper

    I can’t stand having neighbors. Rumors, gossip, kids not wanting to play w/ other kids one day & then wanting to another. I HATE neighbors whether they’re nice or not. I can’t wait until I can afford to move out to a 1-3 acre community & be AWAY from people!

  • Cryppie

    I lived on base for 6 months and hated it. It was like the worst episode of a soap opera imaginable. So i bought a ranch style home and some land. Have never been happier. Now our neighbors are coyotes, deer, bobcats, hawks, rabbits and gophers, a lot less drama and much easier to get along with.