CNN Founder: Military Suicide is “Good.”


Ted Turner, media mogul and the founder of CNN, told a CNN news show anchor during an Oct. 24 interview that military suicides are “good.”

“I think it’s good because it’s so clear that we are programmed — and we’re born to love and help each other, not to kill each other, destroy each other,” the media mogul said.  “That’s an aberration, that’s left over from hundreds of years ago. It’s time for us to start acting enlightened.”

Essentially, Turner said, troops committing suicide is a sign that participating in war is against their human nature. It seems he is saying that the warrior ethos is so contrary to humanity that suicide is the natural response.

As the spouse of a warrior this makes my stomach turn. I know the lives my husband has taken as a result of his actions in combat weigh on him. But suicide is not the answer to the moral discussion of the justification of war. To call suicide “good” is to dismiss the problem as something that doesn’t need to be fixed, something that doesn’t need to be treated.

The problem with Turner’s remarks, other than being heinously insensitive and disturbing, is that his logic is flawed. The majority of military members who are committing suicide, research shows,  have never been deployed or have only been deployed once.

If Turner was right those who are committing suicide in the military would be that have the most combat experience. But he’s not right. The research shows that there is no common denominator behind military suicide, and that the only way to intervene in potential suicides is to bring those at risk out of isolation.

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Amy Bushatz
Amy is the editor in chief of’s spouse and family blog A journalist by trade, Amy also covers spouse and family news for where she is the managing editor of spouse and family content. An Army wife and mother of two, Amy has been featured as a subject matter expert on, NPR, Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC and BBC as well as in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Follow her on twitter @amybushatz.

112 Comments on "CNN Founder: Military Suicide is “Good.”"

  1. Libertarian | October 25, 2012 at 3:29 pm |

    Turner is a perfect illustration of the adage: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  2. Vernon Wegene | October 25, 2012 at 3:56 pm |

    I wish there was a way to revoke his citizenship

  3. As a veteran and a father of a current US Army son, I just cannot think of any words or phrases that are not slanderous, a personal attack or a threat to describe and reply to such an incomplete A**hole, he was only complete when he was married to Hanoi Jane Fonda. He should be glad that euthanasia is not legal (at this time) otherwise he (and her) would be prime candidates.

  4. Has he not had history classes or cultural anthropology classes? Humans have always had the capacity to inflict great harm. If killing was so against basic human nature then why is our news filled with stories about incidences of violence toward other human beings. I cannot see any good that could come from the suicides of our servicemembers. They are doing what we all do when threatened, protect with any means. Isn't that an instinctual response when someone or something we love is threatened and we do everything we can to eliminate the threat? Turner doesn't seem to have a realistic grasp of human nature and his rejection of reality makes him look like an idiot.

  5. Considering Ted Turner's father died of committing suicide, was a Navy veterans of WWII, Ted himself attended Military school and tried for Annapolis and wanted a Navy officer career until his father committed suicide and he was left to run the family business I am sure this a misspeak. Some where he probably left out a word like It is a "good indication" because it's so clear that we're programmed and we're born to love and help each other. Otherwise the sentence does not even make sense.

    I also think you are blowing it out of proportion. Even if he does think that then it is better the million who ride around with support our troops ribbons on their cars, shout slogans, etc and don't give 2 blanks over what happens to my husband or my family at least he is not being hypocritical if that is what he feels. I don't care if someone is against me just don't lie about it.

  6. I did not realize that Ted Turner was suffering from dementia………I realize that as his condition worsens, his tirades will become even stranger. Eventually, he will require enemas, so sad.

  7. have you ever noticed the stuped remarks that comes out of most of the rich and famous!!!!

  8. I guess old Ted should have worn a condom when he was married to Jane. Obviously, what ever affected her was sexually transmitted. And to think he lives in Atanta, the home of the CDC.

  9. Turner is stark ravin nuts! these suicides are reflection of our country I.E. the break down of the american family , and the lack of discipline in our Armed Forces.

  10. Sounds like Hanoi Jane really rubbed off on Ted!!

  11. I know a home in Benghani, Lybia which may be for sale…..a little burned out, but a nice fixer-upper…

  12. What do you expect from a man who was married to a Communist Sympathizer and Treasonous Bitch!

  13. Does this actually surprise anybody, he was married to Hanoi Jane for Gods sake. The man lost his friggen mind years ago.

  14. John Rackham | October 25, 2012 at 8:49 pm |

    This tripe coming from the ‘man’ that married
    “Hanoi Jane”! Consider the source.

  15. yeah and for the record that whole "Hanoi Jane" thing never happened… she didn't hand over the shit to the Viet Cong… that's all lies.

  16. This guys should join the Westboro baptist church,

  17. An inflammatory headline by a trouble making editor to get you to read the article.
    Put his comment in the right context and the statement is actually praising the troops.

  18. Ronald Whaley | October 25, 2012 at 9:55 pm |

    WOW! And to think he thinks he is someone important. He needs to find another place to crawl under and shut up. WOW!

  19. if you eat at Ted's Montana Grill, you support him…….

  20. A traitor and a ******* …….

  21. I’m so glad you blogged about this! His comments really upset me and I have not been able to say how much his comments hurt without being negative and nasty. Thank you for saying what I was thinking in a professional way!

  22. Yep seems him and Hanoi Jane were the perfect made for each other couple.

  23. I think Ted should set an example for the rest of us by showing us how "good" he can be and take Jane with you.

  24. Ted Turner was asked if he thought the suicides were "shocking". Ted started to say "terrific".

  25. Ted Turner is a "nut case". Maybe if he committed suicide we would all be better off. For that matter he can take "Hanoi Jane" with him. Two nut cases for the price of one bullet. The world would be a better place without these two crazies.

  26. You don't read about the Taliban getting goosed of of shape on prescription meds and blowing their brains out. They probably can't afford the uns and ammo. But they certainly do, and see, more horrors, or so we're told.

    Like the sneakersand dress shoes they wear into battle and the logistics tail they don't seem to need, there is a lesson to be learned from their 'warrior ethos'

  27. Ted needs to get smacked up side the head. What an idiot comment!

  28. I agree with Retired Air Force. It is my opinion that the key to understand Post Traumatic Stress is understanding that man is not really comfortable killing their fellow man. Us older vets need to let these younger vets that it is ok to feel the way you do.

    I also agree with those who think Turner is the south end of a north bound horse.

  29. Captain Courageous … our hero

  30. Libertarian | October 26, 2012 at 9:52 am |

    Andrew, you must be an idiot. Yes, Jane Fonda was in Vietnam, wearing an NVA helmet and cheering as the NVA gunners fired at U.S. planes. I was there the same time (although not in the same place) and remember we all wanted someone to bomb that site. From that point on, I have never supported any effort of Hanoi Jane's or her friends and family. I never will unless she makes a sincere, heartfelt apology and donates at least $1 million to a veterans organization. Most of us were against the Vietnam war; only she directly gave aid and comfort to the enemy.

  31. This parasites father committed suicide. And he sez this? He if filth!

  32. King of Pain | October 26, 2012 at 10:08 am |

    The sad thing is that the vacuous Mr. Turner will be buried in a coffin which means he won’t even be fertilizer so he will never be useful to mankind or nature.

  33. why is anyone "shocked" that this yuppie scum draft-dodger 1%er hate's everyone in the military. have you never watched cnn (communist news network). we are talking about someone who is sad that more American's didn't die during 9/11.

  34. As near as I can tell the UN is currently being controlled by every nasty little dicatorship and third world country available. They are attemting to "tax" wealthy nation to overcome their inability to contend in the world market, they are stealing funds from one program or another to finance the leaderships lifestyle (much better than their citizenry by the way) and are generally becoming the biggest thieves on the planet and good ol' Ted thinks they should be the policemen of the world? Rather like putting a fox in the henhouse to protect the chickens. I wonder how much of a kick back ol Ted and his "liberal" buddies are getting?

  35. Can anyone say DEMENTIA?? What an idiot! The suicides are an indicator that the military should take a deeper look at the enlistees it recruits! Many have mental problems that existed before service and can be worsened by just the stress of military life. How many suicides never saw combat? How many were in REMF areas likeKuwait and Quatar?? I've interviewed for Medical Boards many PTSDers and many never saw combat, saw a dead body or heard a shot ! They were support people on big bases and were SCARED!! They never left the wire except to go on leave! We just don't need mental wrecks in the military, we need strong, self starters that can work in a team but have the self reliance to have personal resonsiblity. The criminals and crazies in both the enlisted and officer corps reflect that not the suicide rate!!

  36. Forgot: Did osmosis w/ Jane Fonda force him to say such drivel?? She is still a TRAITOR!!

  37. Paul Richter | October 26, 2012 at 4:36 pm |

    Thankfully, Ted Turner's network, CNN, doesn't totally reflect his mindless vocalizations. Case in point is CNN Anchorwoman Carol Costello's successful shutdown of an interview with American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer's radical rantings against gays. She abruptly shutdown the interview leaving Fischer to stew in his own slime.

    Ted Turner should apologize and retract his comments immediately.

  38. Part of an internal conflict of being in the military is the fact that unfortunately we are defending his right to speak like an idiot. Support the troops even if you don't support the policies!
    I just got back from Afghanistan two months ago myself. Maybe he could live there in a mud hut with some goats in a country where there is no free speach.

  39. old ted done gone nuts! rubber room him!

  40. Since WWII there has not been the prayer of forgiveness by our President for the Soldier coming home from combat. Since he and congress are responsible for the killing, they have to come before the people and God to ask for forgiveness for the action of killing as a defense of our Nation. This cannot be done by a Muslim in a Christian Nation. Neither can it be done except that the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and His cleansing Blood be mentioned emphatically. So it does not matter that a person does not see action but the spirit of death is upon each person that does go to war. This is a serious matter and does need to be attended unto. Can we please elect a President that is a Christian? I have gone through long periods of warding off suicide and only was relieved when I went through deliverance and healing ministry at the church I now attend. So I know that it isa real matter to be attended. God Bless America through our Savior and LORD Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Shalom

  41. Bobby L. RICH | October 28, 2012 at 6:49 am |

    To call Ted T. A horses a$$ is to insult horses and their a$$es. He would have to rise several notches to just be close to a horses a$$. He is lower than whale dung And obviously is suffering from a 'caphalic fecolith'. He and Jane 'that bitch' Fonda eat sh/ t and if you put them together they would eat the sh/t house down. R/ S. HMC-FMF, USN- ret

  42. Ted is a millionaire and has never had to face the topic of war. His only info into war has been through his sellout wife Hanoi Jane Fonda…. What can you expect from a duo like that. Let everyone else do the fighting while I rake in the millions and act all proud. Where was the party for all the good guys? Not in his backyard. He's too good for them.

  43. Is this idiot friggin NUTZ???? He should take his money and his liberal ass and get the hell out of this country!!! I will forever boycott anything to do with this asshole!!!

  44. This man is so arrogant and self righteous, he is obviously set himself apart from mere mortals that protect and serve our country an yes even A…es like him.

  45. Ted Turner states in the news footage " we are born to love each other & help each other, as HE so aptly put's it! then HE should put his BILLIONS where his mouth is… HELP OUT the service men and women to avert suicide!! He talks a lot, but sits on his *ss and just makes comments!! If he cares SO MUCH about his phrase "we are born to love each other & help each other" then here is HIS big patriotic chance!!! Perhaps a petition on line, to motivate him would do the trick…any takers?!

  46. Troubleshooter | October 30, 2012 at 6:26 pm |

    Jane promised him a "knobby" if he would say that. That's how sick HE is.

  47. Don't forget he married Hanoi Jane Fonda. That should have been your first clue of a loose screw.

  48. IDEA – write Ted Turner and ask him how it's down… Could how show us how? We can sing "Suicide is Painless" for him if he'd like. If enough people write him he might just do us a favor.

  49. You took his comment out of context, tried to link it to CNN's news coverage, and then went on a rampage. That's not good journalism. There are other terms for it.

  50. Although I wholeheartedly disagree with what Turner said, the fact is we live in a country that allows for free speech, which includes all individuals who makes a statement or assessment based their own interpretation of how they view/perceive it to be. One should attack the message, not the messenger. We're all guilty of making statements based what others may view as stupid, moronic or insensitive because they see, experienced or were taught differently—just listen to the Dems and Reps, they top the list.

  51. Typical for Ted Turner, open mouth and insert foot. This one does not in any way represent our fine citizenry, but in teaming with Hanoi Jane he shows he was well matched. A direct insult to our troops. He doesn't seem to realize that we have to fight for our freedom and that takes wars on occasion. What a rich and useless person. I am proud to have served my country even for drones like him.

  52. Yes, blindly just "doing what you are told" was what the lower echelon NAZI's did also. Everyone is eventually responsible for their action….whether hidden under guise of a corporate name, or "just following orders". Murder is murder, even worse for thsoe that murder the innocent …of which there are over a million that died at the hands of U.S. military…..just doing what they were told (and some that even went above and BEYOND that)

  53. It's disheartening to see so many mindless and uneducated in our military today. The right preys upon them to do their dirty work. Sadly, almost none have the intelect to comprehend Ted's message. Their condemnation of him even further highlights their ignorance.
    The U.S. military depends on the mindless. As the desire for war increases, big business cuts back, forcing those that really were unemployable to begin with……to foin the military to find work. It suits the military and the right wing establishment to have such mindless carrying our their wishes, as their intentions with ending the draft was to insure that the average American with critical thinking skill would no longer be forced into military service and then demonstrating against it.

  54. What do you expect from the crackpot who married Hanoi Jane? How she has never been tried for treason is beyond me…….

  55. I was a veteran also…during the attempt to destabilize Viet Nam, as was my father during WWII and both grandfathers during WWI. We failed in Viet Nam…as we should have. Viet Nam has since persued their OWN natural path of autonomy and are proudly doing well….IN SPITE of our misguided attempts at controling them. My father, who was a war hero ..having been shot down in the Pacific even agreed that Viet Nam was a huge mistake… that was motivated only by corporate greed, corrupt politicians, and a largely ignorant public. My children, and my siblings children, although intending to join our military as officers, have withhled their support of these current wars. Shame that any father would encourage his child to take part in this non necessary murderous and aggressive act. It's obvious you can't pass on to YOUR chlidren….that which you don't have.

  56. Was it Teds fathers military service or the fact that his father was shamed of his son that he committed suicide over?

  57. Such intellect! Shameful that this is what represents todays military. MINDLESS!

  58. Absolutely nothing good can come from a suicide! It leaves a big question mark on the family, especially if no note or reason was left. I saw two or three guys try to commit suicide in Vietnam, and I guess it was from being forced to take lives, and other factors, and everything just closed in on them. Maybe they were raised with good morals and principles, and the taking of human life was not among them. These guys today need help through counseling, or maybe most of all, some good friends!! Ted is wrong.

  59. Cant Tell 2nd | October 30, 2012 at 11:00 pm |

    Conan O'Brien's spoof of Ted–a delusional raving old guy riding a stuffed buffalo–may be well rooted in truth!

  60. Who watches that liberal TV station any longer? I haven't for years!!!!

  61. Our eyes are in the front of our heads, we have binocular vision, we are omnivorous, and we have the largest brain to body size ratio of any other mammal, We ARE predators by definition and THE APEX predator on this planet. Yes Ted, we were born to kill.

  62. The mindless comments do not represent the military, just poorly educated people with some sort of military affiliation. There are plenty of us who can understand the context. A few idiots looking for something to get offended about do not represent our military.

  63. How could this man say such a statement. I am appalled as an American. This is exactly what the middle east haters want to hear. Americans turning on its own. What do you expect for a man who supports Obama. Take away his American rights ship him to Canada.

  64. The amount of combat experience does not directly correlate with the amount of tragedy a service member has encountered or endured. Many have seen more in 1 deployment than others have seen their entire career, so that argument is irrelevant. I understand what Ted Turner is saying, I think he just chose his words wrong. I seriously doubt he thinks the actual suicide is good. Quit reading too much into it. War is not good and is not human nature. Understanding this will unfortunately not change that fact that military suicides occur. I believe what he is trying to say is that hopefully we can learn from these tragic events and make changes to prevent them in the future- like minimizing war and deployments. This article assumes way too much about Ted Turners opinions and intentions. In my opinion he is hoping for a change, not just to "dismiss" the problem. This article lacks journalistic integrity!!

  65. A Viet-nam vet | October 31, 2012 at 9:58 am |

    Consider the source. Both Turner and his ex, Hanoi Jane( Fonda) have always been anti-military,
    but like most of their ilk, they wrap themselves in the flag and claim to be patriots. Too bad, treasonious
    peolple like that can't be sent to countries whose political systems they Do admire.

  66. Having to kill or be killed is a part of combat and a price a Free People pay for the Rights and Freedoms American Citizens have today. There is also a price to pay for preserving and maintaining those Rights and Freedoms for this generation and generations to come. Ted has never served and does not know what he is talking about. The suicide problem runs much deeper than just War. Half the Military People that have commited suicide have never deployed. Answers are needed to resolve this problem and the are not going to come from Ted Turner.

  67. Ted Turner has never done anything to help this Great country.. He needs to LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vietnam Vet

  68. Someone check to see if he is a member or supporter of Westboro. His logic is terrible and his reasoning faulty

  69. Not really too surprising coming from the head of the Communist News Network!!!

  70. David Cram Retired | October 31, 2012 at 3:11 pm |

    Doesn't matter why he made that statement. I spent 20 years Army and have been a counselor. I would counsel recruits at different times when strange happenings show. Anyone with fear from combat or peer pressure could easily want a way out. Suicide is their way out to a better life. Everybody should be on alert for such a terrible situation becoming a reality. Please pay close attention and help any one that is down. Also never mention the word suicide in the range of individual. Help is simple, talk and care about the individual. Mr. Ted Turner, I am not impressed with your commit.

  71. Easy answer: Stop watching CNN.

  72. Robert Cerveny, Jr. | October 31, 2012 at 3:49 pm |

    Mr.Jane Fonda, What do you know about combat???? I am a disable vietnam vet. Do you know what suicide really is and how the thoughts fell?? No you dont because you use to feel snug with Hanoi Jane in bed. What I would like for you to do is if you read this, come face me man to man and say this to my face. Question is: are you a man or a women. I would like to think a women. Dont call or write, face me like a man so I can really see what you have to say about my brothers and sisters, some of who have died protecting your free speech!!!!!! Please,please,please

  73. Ule Notknow | October 31, 2012 at 4:16 pm |

    Almost as bad as Hanoi Jane… not quite, but definitely in the ball park.

  74. The reason we are seeing more military suicides is because we have poor leadership. Leadership starts with the platoon and moves up. These video-playing kids who sign up for the military don't realize how tough war really is until they've been there themselves. Their leadership needs to prepare them and guide them.

  75. Turner and his wife or ex-wife, whatever her name is/was, are both way left of center to the extent that their opinions do not pass muster with those of us who live in the "real" world. Better that we ignore the Turners, and CNN for that matter. Remember when the news was about 90% factual news and maybe 10% opinion? Now it's just the oppossite, 90% opinion and maybe 10% factual.

  76. LARRY ROBERTSON | October 31, 2012 at 4:45 pm |


  77. jerry butler | October 31, 2012 at 5:00 pm |

    any post by mr turner is way off base. what he saided is very wrong . and should not be posted. at all. he mush of not service at all US ARMY RETRIED

  78. USNE8RETIRED | October 31, 2012 at 5:02 pm |

    Ted Turner is such a pompus, bigoted jerk, he's probably comunist on top of that. Obviously he never fought for his country, and if he did, I wonder what country he fought for.

  79. Retired Army Bozeman | October 31, 2012 at 5:05 pm |

    I will never eat at Ted's restaurant again.

  80. Fits right in with his traitor wife — Jane Fonda … let no one forget her treachery.

  81. HeidinPhillip | October 31, 2012 at 5:35 pm |

    (POST 1 of 4) I am a wife of an Army Infantry NCO that contemplated suicide (Thank God that was the ONLY result) before becoming a Wounded Warrior for the past two years and medically-retiring at 90% disabled due to combat. I can tell you wholeheartedly that I am DISGUSTED by Ted Turner's comments, just as much as our parents were when his POS wife, Jane Fonda, made hers' during the Vietnam War. Ted doesn't support and/or represent our soldiers of today just as much as his wife didn't do either for our Vietnam War troops. Personally, I think both, who never served a day in the military in their lives should, excuse the Army term, "SHUT THEIR MOUTHS AND STAY IN THEIR LANES!" HOOAH!! Oh and Ted attending Military School did NOT make him military; he could have been a kid that needed direction or was out-of-control, not just another military brat! And, another point, Ted Turner's own father served in WWII and years later committed suicide as Ted was eyeing the Naval Academy.

  82. HeidinPhillip | October 31, 2012 at 5:38 pm |

    POST 3 of 4 d and Jane’s views are truly, misinformed, uneducated, one-sided, and biased with no military experience of their own to justify their claims; this truly makes them VILLAGE IDIOTS PERPETUATING IGNORANCE! Ted Turner needs to STOP using his family's loss as an excuse for everything that didn't go his way in life; he's a grown man who needs to REALLY GROW UP! He is driven by greed and has made millions off of us, MILTARY FAMILIES, who have used products and services offered by his companies, but no more! He's a hypocrite, two-faced and needs to stop using his Dad's suicide as a lifetime excuse for his short-comings, along with the fact that it’s just WRONG to do!

  83. To Start with anyone that has entered the military on there own legs should have read newspapers, watched television, and watched movies to figure out if that is what they want to do. If you volunteer it is a sad sad day that you commit suicide. You volunteered. It does not matter what service you are in. You already know for sure if Army or Marines you will be sent to the war. You also already know that in the Navy you will be gone for as much as eight months at sea. So knowing all of this why in the heck did you volunteer if you will not keep your signed and sworn to contact with the military. Why would you commit suicide.?

  84. Jonas you are very naive. What you think war is and the reality are never the same thing. Until you serve your country in a war zone you have no right to judge others. If we didn't have brave men and women willing to put themselves in harms way you would now be fighting a war in your backyard as would women, children and our grandparents. At least I know the senior citizens would fight to the death for our country and freedom. Some of you I am afraid would do nothing from some of the des turning things written.

  85. Wrangler grow up, mature. You know nothing about me or others but because I disagree with you you throw insults to a person you know absolutely nothing about.

  86. Being a Diabled Viet Nam VET I think he should suit up and take the place of one of our Hero's fighting now. Wonder just how long before he put a gun to his Shit Head !!!!!

  87. As usual, The Mouth of South of speaking out his A– again. He's an ego-manic and is as stupid as most Liberals. No one needs to give him a forum or pay him any attention.

  88. I wonder what he would be saying if a bomo or planr hit his building?The same men he talks about fight for his right to do so, and in his case it makes me sick to think of him sitting high and mighty. Such ignorance can only come from someone who has never served. I hope you choke on that silver spoon!

  89. Leonardo Gomez | October 31, 2012 at 6:56 pm |

    I understand what this guy means, but he couldn't have said it in a more offending way!
    His attitude is standoffish and elitist, to put it in very mild ways. He is fortunate he didn't have to engage in battle and that he had others serve in the military to protect his investments, corporations, liberties and bank accounts, but damn if he has to offend us that served!

  90. Ed Bowers do you know how many 'stupid liberals, as you call them have died protecting you? My among millions of others in wars, liberals are responsible for you being able to insult them or their memory. Thank you for nothing!

  91. There are many different reasons for suicide and all those contemplating it feel a hopelessness that whatever the person is dealing with will not improve and there is only one way to take the pain away.
    It is heart wrenching and sad because the majority can be helped.
    So it is not a weakness of character or as some of you suggest coming from a family of divorce. Fifty percent of Americans divorce so were that the case we would lose a mind boggling amount of people each day to suicide.

  92. Hshameon them | October 31, 2012 at 10:42 pm |

    Ted Turner is simply a Joke. His Communist News Network (CNN) has his agenda and is totally slanted not to mention very ignorant and out of class. They risked many of solder in their ignorant coverage of Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Afganistan conflict, Iraq War, to mention the major conflicts/wars coverage. One case in point is when Peter Arnet (spelling) was held in Iraq providing essentially news coverage support to the Iraqi government while one of their ridiculous was reporting from a top of the Saudi Hilton spotting where one of the first Scud missiles had landed, camera panning the flight and location where it had hit, giving artillery liaison back to the Iraqi officials where they could adjust their coordinates for the next launch. A very ignorant coverage to say the least. Fact? Your looking at the guy that put that reporter down off the roof and on to the ground where he couldn't commit the same stupid reporting a second time.

  93. Life in the military is tough, not just on the service member, but their families as well. Life after the military can be equally as stressful, if not more so for a myriad of reasons. The stresses are often kept well hidden, but the toll is often too great for many to bear. Given Mr. Turner's line of reasoning, I presume the resulting suicides among those service members who've never served in combat, and the suicides of spouses and children of service members who've served in combat are "good" also based on some other perverted "Turner Military Suicide is Good" hypothesis. Suicide is rarely a "good" thing, maybe one could argue a serial killers suicide being a good thing, but then one could imagine situations where that isn't preferable. No Mr. Turner, the only good thing here is that the vast majority of humanity sees nothing good about the suicide of otherwise healthy individuals, or that participating in the military and if necessary warfare does not make a subsequent suicide "good" for any self-serving, ideological, politically motivated reasoning.

  94. ted turner was married to jane fonda aka hanio jane the american traiter during the viet nam war.

  95. How does he explain the suicide rates among police officers? I suppose human beings are also not meant to arrest criminals?

    This is exactly why you should not sit around and theorize with the wife, especially if she's Hanoi Jane.

  96. I can't believe something so horrible is coming from the mouth of an American citizen!!! OUR Armed Forces defend the freedom of free speech, and the only thing spewing from his mouth is FILTH! Revoke his citizenship and send his butt to Afghanistan, where we STILL have Armed Forces Servicemembers dying EVERY DAY!!! Betcha didn't know that, did ya, Ted? I have nothing but disgust for ANYONE that says ANYTHING negative towards our Armed Forces. They defend our freedom; they DIE defending, and they live with the death and killing they have seen in combat! They willingly fight, and die, so Americans can be free. Mr Ted Turner, you are an IGNORANT person- if you would have served in Uniform, then you'd be seriously enlightened and would be more appreciative of what WE do every day so your sorry butt can be free. On second thought, I wouldn't want to serve beside you in uniform…

  97. If it's so good… maybe he should try it.

  98. Rod Johnson Jr | November 1, 2012 at 10:18 am |

    Mr. Turner, as a life long georgian i regret to say you sir are wrong. If were to come upon you on the side of the road needing help i would be hard pressed to justify stopping. our military men and women have been ask to go and serve in places you can only imagine. so either respect them or keep your mouth shut!

  99. I would often switch to CNN to see what was being reported. Do they possibly report with a slant towards the views of their founder and his wife??? I can't say I will never watch it or a good movie on his other channel TCM but when or if I do I will remember the source and most likely have to take a shower and brush my teeth afterwards!

    By the way Retired Air Force must be a shrink?? Turner said what he did and meant what he said! No need to try to read into it. Look at who he hangs out with and shares views with. Not only his wife???

  100. chris gulyas | November 1, 2012 at 11:32 am |

    For those who are young (too young to remember the "Chicago 8", let me bring you up-to-speed. This "individual" was a member of the "Chicago 8" albeit a small member at that. This "individual" has NO right to speak up on ANY military item, much less military "suicide."

  101. Who listens to this left wing, UN loving jacka– anymore.

  102. Ted Turner should find himself another country to live in where his billions of $ will protect his self righteous a@@.

  103. Rolf this guy has a problem with those that serve more so than the military itself. He sees everyone as food stamp recipients, lazy and totally ignorant. Wrangler is to be pitied as are his children, if he has any and they buy his line of bull.
    Regardless of which war you speak of Americans fight with all they have including their lives. They fight for each other and we owe you all a debt that can never be repaid. My husband, brother, family and friend fought in Vietnam. My grandfather, father, uncles and everyone I can remember from childhood fought in all the wars and none were there because they were ignorant and wanted to later collect food stamps. Don't know what Wranglers problem is but he should redirect his hate of the men and women serving and do away with crazy thinking.
    I pray we never have to depend on people like him to keep our country safe.

  104. I think it would be great if Ted and Hanoi Jane followed suit and ate bullets together.

  105. Vietvet1968 | November 3, 2012 at 7:15 pm |

    First there was Hanoi Jane and now her idiot ex-husband has to make stupid statements. These people have more money then brains. Suicide is a call for help that either goes unheeded, is not loud enough, or is done in a hopeless state of depression.

  106. communist athiests both him and jane ,leave our country NOW

  107. Ted Turner is trying to justify his father suicide as young man.

  108. Turner has made loads of foolish comments over the years. A brilliant business mind, yet socially, the guy's an imbecile. Why does anyone even pay attention to him anymore?

  109. Renga Otoko | November 5, 2012 at 9:06 am |

    What a jerk with extremely twisted "logic."

  110. People forget, Turner is from the south, he is probably inbred. I'm just kidding. Since his starting CNN in the '80's and became known, he has always put his foot in his mouth. He is not stable mentally. He, and others of his ilk, ie., the Kennedy's, D. Trump, and others living off their predecessors money and expertise, of which they have none. Oh some who have the smarts to lie, and cheat are former "Rhodes Scholars".

  111. If suicide is so good, maybe Mr. Turner should shove a brick of C-4 up his hind end and set it off while CNN is broadcasting it.

  112. Ted I want to meet you to discuss this.. lol ssgt here

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