Military Folks Dig “My Little Pony”


Maybe I have my head in the sand, but as of this morning I had not devoted one millisecond of thought to the cartoon My Little Pony in about 20 years.

But don’t tell that to a growing group of servicemembers (and, presumably, their spouses) who think My Little Pony is where it’s at. Since a 2010 show remake called “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” hit TV,  the 1980s franchise has gained a following of people who relate to its message of love, friendship and tolerance. Think of these folks like the people who are really into Star Wars. Or Twilight.

Part of the “Bronie” nation, “Military Bronie” My Little Pony fans are picking up steam, and even attended annual BronieCon conference where they had their own special lunch meet-up, according to this story.

To identify themselves downrange, many MilBronies have self designated special uniform patches like this one, called a “cutie mark,” which we found on their Facebook page:

In response to the recent buzz about these patches, the Pentagon has made it clear that “non-authorized patches” are not OK, according to this story. And in response that, the Military Bronie community has made it clear that they do not consider themselves above the rules or promote the use of unauthorized patches.

From the Bronie site FOB Equestria:

Let’s be real here. Its great that you love the show. It’s great that you enjoy the messages of love and tolerance. It’s great that you are proud of your fandom. But remember, we may be bronies, but we’re members of the armed forces first and foremost. This isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle. Watching My Little Pony is just a hobby, and wearing MLP patches is not authorized. It doesn’t matter if this was a harmless convention. This is a uniform violation and you can get in huge trouble for it.

We at FOB Equestria believe that any person wearing their uniform should ensure that they are following the proper uniform regulations set down by their respective branch of service. Not every uniform is the same and not every nation has the same uniform regulations. We encourage you to take another look at your uniform regulation orders so we can avoid a fiasco like this in the future.

But, as servicemembers know, unauthorized patches are not new with the Bronie community, and are often overlooked by commands. For example, these servicemembers sported their own combat knitters patches. And my husband’s unit’s 1st Sgt. issued “God Squad” patches last deployment to a group of Soldiers who regularly attended Bible studies and help prayer services.

Are these patches really that big of a deal? Or are people only getting up in a bind about them because they are a rainbow and called a “cutie mark?”

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Amy Bushatz
Amy is the editor in chief of’s spouse and family blog A journalist by trade, Amy also covers spouse and family news for where she is the managing editor of spouse and family content. An Army wife and mother of two, Amy has been featured as a subject matter expert on, NPR, Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC and BBC as well as in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Follow her on twitter @amybushatz.
  • WRG01

    I don’t know about a slippery slope here, but this sort of flagrant unauthorized insignia is embarrassing. I remember some of my airman adorning a checkpoint with plastic army men and matchbox cars. I nearly flipped my ever-loving mind, but kept my composure and helped secure more appopriate outlets for their youthful imaginations, anxiety and need to cope. I sure as hell don’t want people of the world looking upon [us] as children at war. I think it reduces our perceived authority and professionalism. These are good troops acting the fool here and I think it would be a waste not to better redirect their efforts and energy.

    • JDAM

      Spot on WRG01, good call.

    • Bluejacket01

      Excellent point, WRG01. You are exactly right about how the perception of professionalism is. My first thought was that it was just a quirky way of dealing with the stress of being in a combat zone as a young man far from home, but you are right, we should not act like “children at war.”

    • avid

      So you say… But plenty of normal people like my little pony and wear similar things such as T-shirts. So why cant these soldiers like My little pony and not get so much hate? Because people like you want to control everything around themselves and make it to the way you think it should be.

  • John

    If you allow that patch to be worn on an uniform, how would you feel if a soldier put a KKK patch on his uniform? It is a slippery slope and standards should be maintained.

    • MAJ_D

      John, I think we all know the uniform rules, and I don’t think anyone’s seriously arguing that these are OK. But seriously? Slippery slope from cartonn nonsense to the Klan? Lighten up.

      • Food4Thought

        I agree that these aren’t in regs. I also agree that it is a serious leap to say Bronies=Klan members. But just for giggles, lets pretend for a moment that they were allowed to wear whatever they wanted. It would certainly make identifying undesireable characters alot easier if they were kind enough to fly thier KKK patch instead of having to wait for an MEO incident.

      • Jeff 4066

        Units have made their own unofficial patches since WWI. Remember the “Walking Dead”?.

        This is far from upsetting me. If you get shot at for a living, and you want a ‘Cutie Mark’, I’m cool with that.

        USMC Ret. GySgt.

    • military ?

      If they can serve openly. March in parades. What’s wrong with a patch?

    • Steven

      You wouldn’t mind if it was an mma patch or a football team patch would you? because my little pony isn’t considered manly it should be banned? they perform their duties just as well as the rest of the military. having a different interest in TV isn’t going to change the way they fight. It’s not like its the only thing they like. i guarantee you these soldiers also like things like baseball, or hockey, wrestling. so now ponies are as bad as a radical, racist, terrorist group? listen to yourself you sound like a damned fool!

      • AFbilly

        I think you missed the point. I am sure the poster did not mean that because it is not a manly patch, it should not be worn. If I read things with open eyes and mind, I see that the regs say it is against military policy to wear any unauthorized patches on the uniform. When I was Active Duty Air Force, our Squadron patch on our NON military coats was Snoopy riding on Twin jet engines. That was not an authorized patch to wear on our duty uniform and no one wore it there. It was, however a mark of pride in our “Jet Engine Tech School Squadron,” and most of us wore it. As I said, not on our uniform though. We knew the rules and had respect for them, unlike so many in these times.

      • Dave

        Lighten up. It was merely an example.



      • USMC1

        They aren’t LETTING them wear anything. They told them that ONLY certain patches were in the regs. And that those weren’t them….. Lol….. Some people read and see only what they want. How’s about everyone slow down, read what is there then stop and think about an educated answer. But, in another post…. Someone said maybe they couldn’t wear them because they have rainbows in them…..I have seen pretty recent pics of soldiers and others with diff. patches….like (Mil-Spec Monkey and others) downrange. I say let them wear whatever as long as they do their job. Bullets are flying and PATCHES are the least of ANYONE’S problems. I am former military so I understand that there are reg’s to follow. ****, take it off the uniform and just put it on a bag or some other gear.

      • USMC1

        They aren’t LETTING them wear anything. They told them that ONLY certain patches were in the regs. And that those weren’t them….. Lol….. Some people read and see only what they want. How’s about everyone slow down, read what is there then stop and think about an educated answer. But, in another post…. Someone said maybe they couldn’t wear them because they have rainbows in them…..I have seen pretty recent pics of soldiers and others with diff. patches….like (Mil-Spec Monkey and others) downrange. I say let them wear whatever as long as they do their job. Bullets are flying and PATCHES are the least of ANYONE’S problems. I am former military so I understand that there are reg’s to follow. ****, take it off the uniform and just put it on a bag or some other gear.

    • Mikecharley


      • tony villanueva

        I agree left them wear the patch on a bag , duffle, or helmet not on d shoulder

    • Jeremy

      John, Slippery Slope is listed as a classic logical fallacy for a reason. The danger here is not that everything would slide into chaos, but that the command will have to start vetting some patches versus others which will require justifications that could get sticky. Most would avoid this issue, but if they want to tackle it, more power too them. For example, two simple rules that would work: recognized US religions or TV/Movie symbols might be ok.

  • LeeretArmy

    WTF how is this an issue regulations are regulations what part of no unauthorized patches don’t they get. My little Pony REALLY I don’t get it. What is happening to our military. Glad I retired when I did. I would have lost my mind if one of my troops showed up with a patch like that.

    • Steven

      you know how many soldiers in history (and our military) have worn non-regulation clothing? you don’t even have to know for sure, you can just think about it. the only reason these guys get problems is because my little pony is considered a little girls show

      • 0341 Oorah

        Thats not true, my unit didn’t allow any patches except unit ones which said our motto like 1-1 Alpha company Red Death, or Vravo company raiders. Nothing else was authorized. And we could only wear ten on our gear/flak jacket. Then again marines don’t wear patches on uniform just badges and metals

      • David

        I for one think that his patch is pretty stellar.

    • Rex

      they are worried about a damn patch, when the POTUS allows and civilian military leaders allow homosexuals to march in gay pride parades in uniform.. Like you, I’m glad that I retired when I did, before “don’t ask, don’t tell” became lets kiss on the pier…

      • Matt

        My, what a bigot you are! I’m glad you retired when you did, too. No room in this military for fossils like you.

    • SGT. Capps

      I can Guarantee, these are not 11 Bravos and are more than likely part of the National Guard or Reserves. Either way it reflects poorly on not only their branch of service but their chain of command for lacking the intestinal fortitude to enforce standards.

      Of all the things enlisted men and women could be lobbying/fighting for that would actually benefit the military these turds are distracting the public with UNAUTHORIZED my little pony patches. Aside from being completely against regulation THEY ARE TARGET IDENTIFIERS- ITS DEFEATING THE PURPOSE OF CAMOUFLAGE.

      • Leyroy Jenkins

        I’m sure if they were going into combat they wouldn’t wear bright blue patches

    • Robie

      Any male (not man b/c a man would never wear such a thing) wearing the patch or even watching the show should be discharged from the military.The unisex movement is making me sick and is destroying our country. I cant believe that queers are now accepted in this once great nation, but what I cant believe even more is that they are allowed in the our armed services. It is sad that we are discussing homosexuality and unisex and little fonies in the m ilitary. I wish I was born in 1932 when America was great, it may not have been as technically advanced but at least it was right and moral. I do not hate homosexuals but I do hate homosexuality and hope that queers realize they are wrong and go straight. America please realize where we are wrong and start to live right again for my childrens sake.

      • David

        Grow up! Just because somepony likes My little pony doesn’t mean they are Homosexual. So if you dont want to live on thin planet then I’m sure you can get together a bunch of haters and go live on Mars. ave fun on the red planet! ;)

    • Incatasi

      WTF is wrong with you? “Glad I retired.” Have some respect will you? These people enjoy a show, should i be saying im glad for retiring because you use the internet?

  • Zach

    If it’s not authorized don’t wear it.

    • Steven

      oh please… customized clothing has been worn in every military in history. even as small as a patch, bandana, or a pin. (obviously not regulation). It makes soldiers feel like they’re not robots, like they’re different from the other thousands of people wearing the same clothing. The only reason these guys get shit is because my little pony isn’t manly

      • AFbilly

        Obviously you don’t get it either. The military is taught to act as one, a unit that listens to orders and are taught to obey them no matter what. This is what keeps servive men and women alive in battle. If they stop to ponder there individualizim for only a second, it could mean the difference between life and death. That is why when a new recruit goes to boot camp, they are all dressed alike, from their shaved head to the bottom of their boots. Been there, done that, it works.

        • USMC1

          Ummmmmmm, it’s not just bootcamp where they all look alike. It is your entire enlistment. Mil-Spec (non-issue) items have been around 4-ever. I know soldiers and Marines have even bought their own Uppers(rifles) and have taken them to the big sand box because they wanted something better than the worn out crap the Military uses. They were allowed to take it but aren’t supposed to be able to bring them back so they pass them to units (other soldiers) before they return, if they do at all. So soldiers are buying(making patches) the gov. don’t want them to wear and it’s a big deal, but where is the news on soldiers buying their own rifles basically because what we have are worn out and they will not do anything about it. This whole country is going down the tubes. Anyway, a patch makes u stand out from a bigger crowd, but that doesn’t mean they are any less aware of their surroundings an what is going on around them. Example: Force Recon has their own patch, but they work around others. Does that mean since they are different they are gonna het people killed? Think not! They, the patches, are just a way to express an idea or for morale. Not that I condone the non-reg patches, but damn, after all, they are just patches.

        • USMC1

          Ummmmmmm, it’s not just bootcamp where they all look alike. It is your entire enlistment. Mil-Spec (non-issue) items have been around 4-ever. I know soldiers and Marines have even bought their own Uppers(rifles) and have taken them to the big sand box because they wanted something better than the worn out crap the Military uses. They were allowed to take it but aren’t supposed to be able to bring them back so they pass them to units (other soldiers) before they return, if they do at all. So soldiers are buying(making patches) the gov. don’t want them to wear and it’s a big deal, but where is the news on soldiers buying their own rifles basically because what we have are worn out and they will not do anything about it. This whole country is going down the tubes. Anyway, a patch makes u stand out from a bigger crowd, but that doesn’t mean they are any less aware of their surroundings an what is going on around them. Example: Force Recon has their own patch, but they work around others. Does that mean since they are different they are gonna het people killed? Think not! They, the patches, are just a way to express an idea or for morale. Not that I condone the non-reg patches, but damn, after all, they are just patches.

        • USMC1

          Ummmmmmm, it’s not just bootcamp where they all look alike. It is your entire enlistment. Mil-Spec (non-issue) items have been around 4-ever. I know soldiers and Marines have even bought their own Uppers(rifles) and have taken them to the big sand box because they wanted something better than the worn out crap the Military uses. They were allowed to take it but aren’t supposed to be able to bring them back so they pass them to units (other soldiers) before they return, if they do at all. So soldiers are buying(making patches) the gov. don’t want them to wear and it’s a big deal, but where is the news on soldiers buying their own rifles basically because what we have are worn out and they will not do anything about it. This whole country is going down the tubes. Anyway, a patch makes u stand out from a bigger crowd, but that doesn’t mean they are any less aware of their surroundings an what is going on around them. Example: Force Recon has their own patch, but they don’t stop and say,” Hey, you have a diff. patch, what is it”. They,the patches, are just a way to express something for morale. Not that I condone the non-reg patches, but damn, after all, they are just patches.

  • SFC Q

    I think our military bearing started to go downhill when flogging was outlawed.

    • frmr 19D30

      It definitely went downhill with stress cards. We didn’t know what to think when DS’ SSG Lindenbush and SSG Allen said something about them the first week of OSUT. We laughed our asses off with them on graduation day about the stress cards. Not ONE of us ever got one nor would we have ever used one. This is back in ’96-’97. We all knew that you can’t just say time out when your being shot at or when your tired.

      • USMC1

        We didn’t have stress cards yet, that I am aware of, but they were starting to get softer on language because of the softie’s and their Momies of America….****. Not one curse word was said, that I can remember, around any other platoon or around someone you knew was soft anyway. I guess when hadji is coming u better not curse him just kill him. Truth be known, ALL OF AMERI

      • USMC1

        Oops….. Cont’d……. All Of America, is getting soft. We have A gov. that doesn’t care, from the smallest city to the very top with their own agendas. For the people, by the people…. My ***! Most all the politicians are bought off by some big Corp.. ****, look at the Army brass, they just got new Camo uniforms, BDU’s whatever, and now they may be changing again. Soldiers can’t afford that crap. They already live below the poverty level, most of them anyway.

  • Carl

    If I was in charge of a guy caught wearing a “My Little Pony,” patch on his combat uniform he would find himself in the combatives pit for a week or until he changed into his warrior mentality.

    • Steven

      And i would beat the hell out of anyone you sent to me. Fighting for a cause always produces stronger effects than someone only trying to subdue a fan of a tv show. How can you say this about our armed forces? they fight just as hard as the rest of the military does, a hobby that is “unmanly” for off hours doesn’t make them weaker.

    • James

      Dear Carl,

      I am A US Marine Infantryman. Rank E4, Cpl, 0311. I am very proficient at my job and get very high Pro Con at every evaluation. I am considered a bit moto since one of my many hobbies is learning everything about anything, and my “Warrior Spirit” is pretty intense. I’m up for any challenge and lead by example, as taught to me by my father, a veteran with 24 years of service. (USMC/USA/USAR)

      My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle, she literally defines good leadership and her role model is applicable to the Infantry. When things get tough, she takes charge, makes a plan, looks out for her fellow ponies, reassures them, takes care of their needs and provides the will and knowledge to help them overcome any challenge, just like any good Officer or NCO should.

      • James

        Continuing from above.

        I advise you to learn about MLP FIM Before you judge it. I encourage you to watch a few episodes before making such a statement. Our Warrior Spirit is not dampened by watching a show that teaches many life lessons.

        I do not judge anyone for anything. I set the standards, and so long as you reach them and do not let your personal life interfere with mission accomplishment, I do not have a problem.

        As Marines, or service members of any branch, we must expand our minds and be willing to embrace new ideas which may help us understand and relate to our fellow servicemen. Understanding and caring for them has been proven to improve my squad, and I believe it to be very effective in bringing us all home alive.

  • Mark Kaplan

    It’s no different than any other “morale patch”, just a little more…colorful.It’s no different than any other “morale patch”, just a little more…colorful.

    And y’know, if you’re gonna’ wear a UA patch, I’d rather children in foreign lands see “Rainbow Dash” than “Infidel” or “Pork Eating Crusader”.

    • WRG01

      I don’t disagree with you on what you would rather people see…I, personally, would rather they saw none of it.

  • Mark Kaplan

    t’s no different than any other “morale patch”, just a little more…colorful.

    And y’know, if you’re gonna’ wear a UA patch, I’d rather children in foreign lands see “Rainbow Dash” than “Infidel” or “Pork Eating Crusader”.

    • Sgt.Pipe

      Anybody remember YEARS ago , before the subdued patches,when the 1st Cav. used to mud up thier bright yellow ‘shoulder target’ during the VietNam years????? Camo is there for a reason… downgrade it with anything outside the pattern is dumb………And the way the pentagon has thier camo-of-the-week policy going…..we might just see a new uniform fielded with a boatload of little ponys on them……….

      • Mark Kaplan

        I was the king of UA patches, until a Senior Chief gave me a smackdown one day.

        Then I just learned to be more subtle.

        They’re a way to add a personal touch, a solution to uniformity, but they’re also unauthorized, that’s up to the local SNCOs to resolve. Or at least it should be.

      • WRG01

        Hmmm…digipony fatigues. I like where this is going.

        • shawn1999

          Solution: Digital rainbow fatigues. That way, this patch will blend right in.
          But seriously, great they are fans, but that kind of stuff is for your bunk, when your out of uniform. Never had the chance to serve (not from lack of want though), but I am a huge Star Wars fan- would never ever consider bringing anything of the like on the job with me or decorating my uniform with non-military/unauthorized decor. There’s a time for work and there’s a time for play. The military’s job is to represent the nation they work for. While you are in uniform, you are working- regardless of what you are doing- you are first and foremost representing the USA- that is your job. Do it with pride in your nation.

      • Steven

        sky blue is a very light color, a desert… an ahrid, hot place tends to be a very light environment. the difference at 50+ meters probably wouldn’t make a difference at all. and i doubt they wear them in combat… I wouldn’t because i know the possible disadvantages and i have no military training whatsoever. SGT… you should have more faith in your comrades than that.

    • Steven

      how can you thumbs down this comment, you approve of the enemy? Why, that’s lower than insulting them.

  • Ashley

    Is this article in any way satire? My Little Pony??? This just can’t be for real.

    • Amy_Bushatz

      Ashley … that’s why I said before I started writing it. But apparently …

      • Ashley

        Totally hilarious, but soooo freaking weird!!!!

  • Citharistria

    My husband (currently deployed) is a proud Brony and we had My Little Ponies on our wedding cake. Wearing a patch is taking things way too far, but I don’t see what’s wrong with being a fan of a show. How is it any worse than Spongebob or Game of Thrones?

    • jumper

      Um… a grown man obsessing over a cartoon made for 5 year old little girls is the same as watching an adult show on HBO? Beyond that… you actually married a grown man who wanted a My Little Pony wedding cake? You almost can’t make something like that up….

      • WRG01

        Be nice….I’m gonna piss myself laughing right now, but be nice.

      • Steven

        obsessing?I love the tvshow mash just as much as i love my little pony. of mash, I have a tshirt, autographed picture, all the episodes and both movies i even have a martini glass, groucho marks nose, and a pair of “bloody” scrubs i used for halloween. and most don’t even consider that obsessing. so how is getting a couple my little pony patches obsessing? you should sit and think about what you’re going to say before you badmouth and slander the brave men risking their lives for the country

    • Sgt Jmack

      Glad to see that you are taking your wedding as serious as a cartoon. Yep, that’s destined to add to the pile of divorce papers on othe CO’s desk…

      • nonymous

        Right, because some plastic figurine atop dessert is what determines the success of a relationship. Not shared interests, or sense of humor, or confidence in each other. Got it. Thank you for the life lesson.

    • Jeremy

      It’s not, but people usually judge it based on what the show used to be (which was really intolerable). Using the Spongebob analogy is a pretty good tactic because lots of adults enjoy that even if it too was made primarily for kids.

  • Pat

    Maybe they should be wearing a Power Puff Girls patch.

    • ceekay

      Quick fact: Lauren Faust (Head animator and etc) and Tara Strong (voice actress) did both “Powerpuff Girls” -and- “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” :D

  • HLH

    If i’m not mistaken he is out of uniform and a fag.

    • ceekay

      Someone who bashes someone on their television show of choice by insulting and/or questioning their sexuality…… Looks like -someone- is insecure in their own…

  • Guy

    If the Army did not want Soldiers to play velcro patch games, the Army should not have made velcro patches for the uniform. Somebody did not think it through and now they want to drop the hammer. It is an on the spot correction that takes a second to implement.

    • old soldier

      From an old soldier’s view point (’72-78), a little wall to wall counselling is in order here. NCO’s use to do their jobs and run their units. In my day, this crap would never be seen outside the unit. It would have been handled instantly.

      • Retired Guy

        Yeah in your day of “wall-to-wall” counseling, you didn’t have digital cameras and the Internet to expose Soldiers shenanigans.

  • jumper

    I’m glad my WWII combat vet great-grand father isn’t alive to see this… If one of my guys developed an all encompassing obsession with My Little Pony to the point of refering to himself as part of some bizarre sub-culture, I think I might actually order a psych eval. This is easily the creepiest thing I’ve seen in my entire time in service. If you want to be an adult and play with toys and watch little girl’s cartoon shows… stay home. It’s your right to act like a child, but the military isn’t the place for it.

    • Mark Kaplan

      It’s no different than grown men obsessing over sports, comic books, movies or music, it’s entertainment.

      I’ve watched the cartoon, there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s not my thing, and I wouldn’t sit around with a bunch of guys watching it.

      I will say that when we returned from deployment in 2003, we had an multiple copies of “Beavis & Butthead” that were watched in the Duty Office overnight. I’m pretty sure some of the senior officers and enlisted thought there was something wrong with us too.

      • jumper

        A lot of people are glossing over a very significant point. What is age appropriate for NFL, Tarantino movies, etc as compared to My Little Pony? (I can’t believe this is even a discussion…) Yes… there is a difference, although I think it has more to do with this generation than the military specifically. So when does it stop? Should we make room at the MWR so the boys can kick back in the corner and play with Barbies? Maybe the shops should have some area where our warriors can have tea parties and play dress up…. There’s a bit of psychosis at work here…

        • Ashley

          LMAO, you are so right! The Barbie thing just kills me, I can see it now!

        • Eyeslolling

          Insecure much, or just out of touch? There’s a bit of psychosis here, but it’s entirely on your part, homophobe. I’m sure your WWII Great Grandfather vet would recognize that it’s no different than his generation reading superhero comic books intended for the 8-10 crowd.

          Many many cartoons over the last 20 years have been made with multiple layers to appeal to both children and their parents. Most of the Soldiers in the Army today grew up on cartoons like that. It’s no more of a surprise now than it was 9 years ago when every Soldier under 25 carried a Nintendo Gameboy SP in one of their pockets so they could whip it out and play pokemon with each other in their down-time.

        • JLH

          It seems that your issue is actually not with the age appropriate-ness but with the gender appropriateness. The things you listed as “a bit of psychosis” are things that girls play with, so your assertion is that female toys and shows are beneath a soldier. That’s more sexism than anything else. And FYI, all soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coasties aren’t “boys”. And “boys” read comic books and play video games that are aimed at children. I see no assertion of “psychosis” with regards to that.

    • frost

      Well said!

    • Steven

      shut the hell up. what’s wrong about liking a cartoon? the fact that it’s not considered manly? childish? would you say this about disney films? the original audience may have been for little girls but it has a lot of refferences only adults would know. If you grandpa was alive I’m sure he would understand an adult liking something society calls childish. I’m sure he would accept the way people stay true to their interests no matter what people like you think. are you out there fighting for our nation? have they not earned at least one unusual interest? I’d say they earned any and every damn pleasure possible in this country. It’s not some baby raping cult… It’s a fan base. They like a tv show enough to wear a patch. i like mash enough to wear a tshirt, have a picture, have every episode and movie ever made, i even have the same kind of martini glass they use, i don’t drink alcohol but its fun to have. ive liked mash since i was a kid, probably even 7years old. if a child can like an adult show, without doing anything to deserve it, how come an adult who is fighting for YOU, risking their lives so you can have the right of free speach (which you choose to use by mocking the very ones responsible for your ability to use it.) how come an adult, worthy enough to be in one of the worlds greatest militaries can’t like a cartoon who’s main audience is for kids?

      • James

        Steven I agree with you.

        I fail to see how this show causes a problem for our servicemembers.

        In fact.

        One of my best friends here is in the Navy (E3) He works on computers and loves the show. It in now way hurts his job performance.

        I met my Girlfriend (Corpsman) because I was watching the show at the liberty center and she came over and revealed that she likes the show too. It does not affect her ablility to save lives.

        I’m in no way unable to function as a rifleman or squad leader because of this show.

        3 examples of professionals who share a hobbie and have no adverse effects.

    • Queens Moll

      If my husband walked around wearing a My Little Pony patch on his military uniform, I’d divorce him – right after I castrated him.

    • Gengar

      I dont think I’m a brony, but I think people who say they are stupid and immature are stupid and narrow-minded. You should respect Bronies. How is it creepy?

  • BillFHM3c

    My Little Pony doesn’t project the killer attitude that we’re going for. Sponge Bob doesn’t either, although PowerPuff Girls definitely kicks arse! HooRah!!! Maybe a R. Lee Ermy patch???


    Stupid, Immature and Unprofessional!

    • brad

      hes prob a guard or reserve Soldier rank e6 or below those organizations have little or no discipline and very low standards

      • Hellrazors

        I’ve deployed both as Active and NG. Outside the wire, the NG was as proficient and professional as Active Duty- in most instances more so. I was 11B-B4 and maybe the CAB I was attached to was an anomaly but blanket statements against the NG is weak and really shows your ignorance.

  • ladyluck

    as an army freaking embarrassing..hubby agrees..GROW UP ARMY

    • Mark

      Oh, so you’ve never deployed? You don’t know what it’s like to be deployed almost contiuously for eleven years? No? Okay, then shut up. My oh my Army spouses are some of the dumbest cows on the planet.

      • mel

        Whether or not you have deployed has nothing to do with the professionalism that a servicemember projects and the perception of the professionalism by us civilians. Deployment is not a criteria for having the right to an opinion about what another fellow human being is doing. Also, deployment doesn’t give a person a free pass to do whatever they want without any consequences. We all answer for our actions. Your statement makes no sense in the context of this discussion and I take great offense as a Marine wife to your blanket insult to my fellow military spouses.

  • mel

    Are you fricken kidding me! There are plenty of age appropriate self help/life lesson books that can get across the same message. If they are looking for a life philosophy maybe they should take what they’ve learned from their life experiences and come up with one on their own. Oh wait, they can’t because they haven’t grown up yet and are too immature to think on their own. The little pony patches for military uniforms are ridiculous and should be burned.

    • Jeremy

      That’s pretty offensive to assume that just because someone likes a cartoon with female main characters that there’s something as fundamentally wrong with them as you imply. Guess what? There are lots of cartoons with female characters that I like: Mulan, Tangled, My Little Pony, a series of Japanese anime. And yet, I’m smart, successful, have a great relationship and awesome kids.

      Why are you so hateful about this? Is it because you’re referencing someone or something in particular or do you always approach things you don’t understand with such vitriol?

  • shotbag

    Where are the NCOs??? if this clown was in my unit I’d rip his GD MF sleeve off with his arm still in it.

    • bradb

      probably gaurd or reserve were is the real army no t play in with patches

  • shotbag

    velcro causes agent orange !

    • Sgt Jmack

      I love your satire…

  • StarlaRose

    I like My Little Pony, and I’m 28. There’s a whole subculture to it that a lot of adults obviously are not aware of. The creators, esp the super awesome lady who helped re-create it converses with MLP fans , and knows there’s a teen/adult crowd that like it. Nothing wrong with liking MLP, nothing. To each their own I say!

    That aside, anything that goes against what a UNIform stands for shouldn’t be allowed, even in a joking manner. We are one force, and if you have a big blue patch on your arm you’re standing out from everyone else. Being in the front lines is not a time for you to express your individuality.

    • Jeremy

      Exactly. A lot of people here are making this about My Little Pony and not badge regulations. That said, it’s pretty embarrassing that there’s still this level of reactive hatred in our military to anything that people see as threatening their masculinity.

      A reasonable person would may find the fandom strange, but realize if it’s this widespread, maybe the SHOW is the thing that’s not what they expect, not the soldiers that like it.

  • Chuck

    My Little Pony? Are these people for real? What is happening to our military? Leaders, ENFORCE THE STANDARDS! That is why you are NCO’s.

    • Steven

      it appears you don’t too much about the military. nco’s aren’t all powerful. it’s not up to them to enforce every law and regulation. since the beginning of time soldiers have been personalizing their gear. you just wan’t to put them down because My little Pony isn’t considered manly.

      • Michael

        Steven, There is a reason that NCO’s have been called “The Backbone of the Military.” They are the ones who enforce the rules. This MLP crap has gotten way out of hand and flagrantly goes against military uniform regulations. I don’t care what my soldiers’ sexuality was or anything like that. I’d yell at them for wearing an out of regulation patch that said, “I’m a badass-machine-gun-toting-SOB!” just the same as I would for wearing a MLP patch. The rules are there for a reason. They support order and support the chain of command. What is it that you do not understand about this concept?

        • James

          I hpe you’d remember to pull your servicemember to the side and try to correct him in a professional manner first, then get a bit harsher if the correction was not followed.

  • SFC(RET) Tim

    Follow the regs

  • Gus

    It is obvious that this Soldier have no pride and respect for the uniform he wears. He is lucky I’m retired. If I was his NCO and catch him wearing this patch on his sleeve he will wish he had never done it. Tears will come out of his eyes from the pain he will suffer form sh….g in the US ARMY uniform.

  • Bob

    WTF. Tolerance and cuddles aside, GROW THE F*** UP! Emulating a little cartoon about talking ponies that came out over 20 years ago and who’s main audience is little girls in grade school . . . well damn, I just don’t know what to say. I’m all for self-identification and belonging to something but for christ’s sake, at least pick GI Joe or Transformers. This “Bronie” stuff is just creepy and effeminate.

    • Jeremy

      Easy friend. My Little Pony 20 years ago WAS what you say, but it isn’t anymore which is fairly obviously BECAUSE so many men like it. Men didn’t change, the show did.

  • Val

    ya know i just joined the military, and i do like watching MLP, and yes im a bronie of sorts, however this is goin a bit to far. i agree with few of other comments but most are just insulting. yes what he is doing is wrong and he should be penalized to a point. what this guy is doing is just showing off what he likes for a couple min, is that so hard to do or are we just stuck in a uniformity and be like Asians who all look the same ( srry to any Asian who read that) Most of you think that MLP is ment for little grade school girls, did you know there is more adult and teen scripting and referencing then there is for little girls to understand. i like that show and im a brony and you know what im in the military i like what he has done to personalize himself and you know what from the brony community to all you haters, ill let you hate cause its not gonna get you anywhere in life

    • Nathan

      Man Up Val!

      • Val

        im sorry i didnt quite hear you, guess your balls havnt dropped yet, take you own advice before giving it uot dip****

    • Appalled

      I think the folks writing My Little Pony clearly need to do a few episodes on capitalization, grammar, spelling and organizing written thoughts into paragraphs. This comment looks as if it was written by a more conventional MLP fan than an adult charged with the protection of our nation (i.e., and 8-year-old girl).

  • Terry R. Kelley

    I can’t belive the little pony can be put on when the Recondo and Jungle warfare can’t .

    • Pony Sympathizer

      Are you for real? I have seen Recondo patches and my husband was just telling me about all the “fun” patches guys in his unit have on their multi-cams. Then again, he also says that multicams aren’t a real uniform so it is not against the rules.

  • scott


  • SgtJmack

    Just goes to show you that the M.C. has it down by not having ‘patches’ in the first place. No one is more important or special in the Corps, we’re all one team.

    • USMC1

      Ooh-Rah…. Couldn’t have said it better!

      • Mr_shufflin

        F*** the Marines, you guys think you’re better than everyone else but you arent. you guys are just jealous cause you don’t have 82nd, 101st, 1st Cav, 1st ID, 2nd ID, 3rd ID or 10th Mountain. you guys are just a bunch of cry babies who need to act tough to prove that you’re Bada** cause you guys are ran by the Navy. you guys are just glorified Seaman.

  • Hizzy

    grown ass men wearing My Little Pony patches in the Military? …it’s stuff like this that makes me not want to enlist.

    • Gibstov

      Meh…then don’t. If people liking a TV show that you don’t like, is enough not to make you want to join. Then you probably won’t make it through basic training anyway.

    • Jeremy

      So what? If it was Spongebob or Patrick would you care?

  • Not your wife

    I thought the military uniform was a sign of pride and honor? I thought it was supposed to be respected? I thought MEN in the military were supposed to be PROFESSIONALS? Is this the new patch for the newly out and proud? Just asking.

    • Jeremy

      No it’s not. Watching My Little Pony has nothing to do with sexuality. It’s just a popular cartoon like Spongebob.

  • Ssgt Melendez

    Oh my God *** its that!!!!! Not auth not a military conduct!!!

  • Ssgt Melendez

    Oh my God *** its that! Not auth not a military conduct.

  • Ssgt Melendez

    Oh my God *** its that! Not auth not a military conduct.

  • Ssgt Melendez

    Oh my God *** its that! Not auth not a military conduct.

  • Laughing

    You all say “oh I would correct this on the spot!”. We all know that is bs. You would just say things behind their back and wait for someone else to say something. As for the patch, I think you all need to get a sense humor. Your so worried about the uniform and unauthorized patches that you forget that the enemy doesn’t care about standards. They only want to kill you. It doesn’t matter to them you are completly in regs or out there with a rainbow patch on. As for the people saying they are glad they are retired because the military is embarrassing to them, you are unamerican. You should be proud of our military. Your comments are embarrassing. You might as well walk up to current military members and spit in their face. Then tell them you are better than them because you served before them.

    • nathan

      It’s called image and respect for the uniform, duche.

      • Val

        No its called lazy *** antagonizing, all everyone can do is sit on their buts and just rage about this, but in real life they prolly wouldnt have the balls to do any of the crap they say

    • Rex

      I WOULD correct that on the spot, retired or not.. it’s those standards that we have that are what make the US Military what it is.. if we start on a slippery slope allowing simple things, what’s next, allowing homosexuals in the military openly? (oh wait, we already do..)

    • moralepatchdude

      I love you, man. thanks for a well-articulated reality check.

    • John

      got to call you on your BS,man……I am of the generation that was told I did not belong in the VFW beacuse I was not a “real” veteran after 22 months in Vietnam…. easy for me to disrespect the kids today that think that regs are merely suggestions,and yes,I had my helmet cover grafitti. and caught grief from my seniors Youngsters deserve the same role models,mentoring and leadership that I rather resented in my time,but became glad for later..

  • Ron Whittaker

    Military insignia are not supposed to be cute and cuddly. They,re supposed to be professional in nature and a strong representation of a service in general or an individual unit in particular. I don,t like this effort to make the military into some big lovable gummy bear when its mission is very serious and critical to the nation,s survival.

  • Grog

    Did you just compare Star Wars and Twilight you sck of ****. Whar universe do those even compare. Also its a morale patch as in not authorized for wear. I don’t get why there’s a debate

  • Jimbo

    Today’s military is full of pu**ies.

  • ceekay

    With that said, I do agree; Regs are regs, and are to be followed. Still, I WILL wear my Rainbow Dash morale patch on deployment, whether it’s visible or not. If “Pork Eating Crusader” and others can be worn, why the HELL can’t ponies!?

    Further, I think a pony-loving infantryman is one of the SCARIEST things you will come across, and our enemy knows it!!! “A trained killer who loves PONIES!? This one MUST be cracked, and won’t hesitate to kill us before we can get our IED planted!!!!”

  • disgruntled postman

    IIt appears to me that more posters are upset about the little girl pony aspect than the unauthorized patch aspect. I saw all kinds of trunk monkeys, pirate flags, spartans, molan labe, etc patches worn with little commentary from the COC. It was considered a morale builder.

    We’re making this into more of an issue than it deserves. If the COC doesn’t want morale patches then ban them all and enforce it equally.

    • Jeremy

      It makes me sad frankly. Why do people get so upset over this just because it’s called “My Little Pony”?

    • NVYdaughter

      Totally agree. If moral patches are allowed then this is just another one.

  • John

    AIRSOFT player, not MIL

  • AC Teichert

    Many years ago I was correctly admonished for wearing a black and gold Renger tab above my colored 101st Airborne division patch. The colored patch was authorized by Army directive. My logic, incorrect , was that the camouflage theme of my field uniform was already compromised may have been correct, but it was wrong. Next thing male transgender troops will want to wear skirts instead of trousers. This has gotten out of hand, with exceptions to accommodate those that want individuality to rule. It is called a uniform for a reason.

    • moralepatchdude

      “…already compromised may have been correct, but it was wrong. Next thing male transgender troops…”

      Well that escalated quickly..

  • jb7

    just more gay lib, bs.

  • Andrew Hamby

    I’m sorry, but this bashing of bronies and MLP is ridiculous. Yes, current military uniform regs prohibit these kinds of patches. But why are all the other morale patches allowed by the Company commander and these aren’t? Besides, there are a number of bronies in the military. I’m one of them. I’m not a someone of the homosexual kind and i love MLP. And yet, people continue to hate because they don’t understand. I’m sick of it. If it doesn’t involve you. I respectfully ask you to keep your comments to yourself. Nobody cares

    • Val

      Agreed friend, tis a hard life we live in the herd, but you have it harder, i salute you for your service

    • TSG Ryan

      NCbrO signing in to say keep it in regs. Also, Pinkie Pie is best pony.

  • Sgt Mac

    The single guys could wear “My little hooker” patches.

  • Retired MSG

    In Vietnam, soldiers wore many “unauthorized” patches — patches that were actually sown onto the uniform such as unit made LRRP patches, “Air Cav” patches, and Army pilots wore crossed sabres on their left collars in place of their warrant officer or commissioned branch insignia. I don’t see the harm if it’s only worn in theater.
    Now, admittedly, I’m not familiar with the Little Pony mentality or former TV show. After all, now we’re the Army of marching in a Gay Pride parade. What’s next?

    • Val

      end of the world as accourding to westboro church members

  • will

    well the MLP is bad but what about the American Flag in unauthorized colors? Per the FLag code the flags colors are red white and blue not black and sage. I never wore the “subdued” flag on deployment.

  • Really?

    Absurd and Ridiculous! Soldiers who wear that Unofficial, Unauthorized Patch should be disciplined. What next, Transformers and Barbie patches?…..Give me a Break!

    • Steven

      whats next, football hockey patches? i bet if your favorite sports team was on the patch you would be rooting for them. but wait, my little pony is different? its for girls? its just like disney movies, they aim for all ages, kids can’t understand some of the jokes made on the show… theres alcohol references, lesbian, racism, slavery, communism references you couldn’t begin to understand with your weak, narrow minded brain. Just because they like one thing that you dislike, means they are lesser than other solders? if their CO wanted the patches gone, they would be gone in seconds, there would be no arguing from the troops. a guarantee you, a simple patch would not keep them from doing their duty, and it wouldn’t make them work any less efficiently than other solders, so take your narrowmindedness to some political forums or something.

  • MSG (Ret.) Rob

    Break the Rules, get disciplined…..That simple……..This political correctness is ridiculous!

    • Steven

      If their CO wanted the patches gone, they would be gone within seconds without question or argument. because they are soldiers, just as good as any other. no matter what patch they wear or what kind of television they like to watch…

  • Punisher_1

    Man I never thought about committing fratricide until now…… MLP patch really MFers? Okay all joking aside that’s asinine I see this in the video game world and wonder WTF are these dudes thinking. I can see if you wanna toss something on the front of your body armor thats not too crazy but this is seriously one the level of sissy ghey tard stuff

  • Zenpistolero

    Whether the patch is a “NE CONJUGE NOBISCUM” rocker or the MLP patch, it’s unauthorized. There are tons of ways to build morale with coins, bandannas, pennants, etc. Heck – get a tattoo if it means THAT much to you. Just don’t mess with the uniform…

    A general once said something like, “If a leader can’t get his troops to crease his uniform to within a fraction of an inch of regulations, that leader can’t be counted on to get their troops to charge towards gunfire when under attack.”


    Isn’t that special? Makes me feel all warm and cuddlie inside. One look at “My Little Pony” and all the
    bad and nasty people in the world will just cry and want to be our friends. Sigh!

    • USMC1

      Sorry for the multiple postings (2-3 times) my phone is bugging. Semper-Fi By the way, I am sure this person isn’t wearing it everyday. People are getting up-tight over nothing. If it isn’t effecting you then it shouldn’t be an issue because I am sure his/her SNCO’s will take care of it. I know they would in The Corps. When I was in we policed each other (had each other’s back).

      Again, sorry for the multiple postings.

  • jim

    This has to be a joke. God, I hope this is a freakin joke. The safety and security of the world is in the hands of youngsters with these childish issues. Tell these soldiers to grow up and wear the uniform with pride.

  • Frank

    What part of “unauthorized” don’t people get. Attention to detail is not a joke in the military. If you can’t get the little stuff right how can you be depended upon to deliver when things get difficult.

  • SOF

    A soldier is supposed to be disciplined, damn it. What’s next? Day-care Center timeouts so a soldier can watch cartoons?

  • David

    Are you freaking kidding me??? My Little Pony??? Oh, and Kokabur: You’re 28 and say “super awesome”??? You sure you’re not 12???

  • Issy

    So glad to see things have come full circle, and to know there IS justice in this world if you just wait long enough. How very far we have come from the days of pin-up calendars on hangar walls and busty broads with “cutie” names adorning the fuselages of our WWII warplanes. This current fascination with “female” icons, whether rainbow ponies, kitties who say “Hello,” or singing mermaids, suggests a need in our culture for a balance to millenia of male-dominated warrior society norms. The road to equal rights has been a long, hard one for women on this planet, and the battle is not yet won. On the other hand, the appearance of animal “spirits” in the war room may be just one more way that thanks to decades of media exploitation (movies, video gaming, action hero toys, etc.) today’s generation shows it believes that guns don’t really kill

  • Soldier

    This is why I’m leaving the Army. Outside of units like 10th Mountain, 101st Airborne, 82nd Airborne, and a few others, the discipline is at horrendous levels. This is a ‘facebook’ culture infesting the Army. It’s all about individual expression.

    This particular example, that of the above story, embarrasses me as a soldier. Take that patch off. You are NOT authorized that junk on a uniform. Better men and women before us put the honor in the uniform we wear. We are supposed to leave the uniform as we found it. I’m embarrassed.

    Further, what has happened to the American male? Lost in a sea of Twitter, Facebook, public diaries, and other whining tools, men in this country are lacking achievement. We once went to the moon and stormed the beaches of Normandy. We’re now relegating ourselves to wearing ‘My Little Pony’ patches and whining that no one ‘understands us’. What an embarrassment.

  • Bloody Bucket

    I’m in the NG. If someone showed up to drill wearing that, they would be pushing till the paperwork to send them to a POG unit went though. This has to be a joke…and a bad one at that!

  • I’m sure with the latest DADT policy being lifted, and such “glorious” celebrations as the Pentagon did with the recent homo-day event, that we’ll see all kinds of perverse morale patches, like “Rump Rangers”, or “Brokeback Mountain”. If there are any offended by what I’ve written, you can GFY. I’m just glad I’m retired and did my 3 wars before those côcksuckêrs affected my operations.

    • And for all those silly-azz comments about gays in the military who have served so “well” and are upstanding people, let me just say this. I served with an enlisted troop in our radar unit who was a serial killer. No one even knew it, until he was picked up by OSI and taken in cuffs to the local police. Are homosexuals as bad as all that? In many ways, YES, for they prey on young men, paedophilia is common place amongst these perverts. And yes, I think it’s that sick, and detrimental to society. Those of you who say I’m a bigot are enablers, and you’re just as pathetic and twisted as these gay perverts. You’ve lost your moral compass. Yeah, and I don’t care what this thread was all about. I just felt the urge to say something.


    This reminds me of the character “Cpl Klinger” in the M.A.S.H series who wore womens clothing to get a psychiatric discharge from the Army. Its just plain wrong.

  • John P Struthers

    If you can survive a wound or a truck full of of shook up guys -you know- who were turned into human marbles. This is a out in the boonies only, non-issue.Monster deros due in 18 months or less and that means staying focused mainly on you and your bud’s staying alive and in one piece.
    What affect is this little patch that got some outside/public noteriety going to have on military tradition and professionalism. Certainly, less than flash bomb dancing in the mess tent or squad parody, sing a longs and dances. Art work authorized or not became a way of life … it didn’t hurt the Army Air Corps during WWII. And there must have been at least 1000 patches designed by Disney for all branches.
    The military is made of the people in it , you can be tuff but keep it tempered and keep a sense of humor…we can all use a laugh during the best and worst of times.I’m no fan of my little pony but it won’t break the Army.Reign it in when it gets out of hand or the clowns forget to stash the patches out of your area or when the brass show up.Biggest worry here is the bright (target) colors on the patch and some nasty, not so connected with the troops and their function types mouthing off

  • Michael Gallagher

    Where is this guy’s First Sergeant!

  • redprincess

    military has a uniform code – authorized patches only!!! put the cutie, needle point etc patches on your civies

  • brad b

    National guard and reserve units have little to no standards and discipline…… hate to say it but that’s the truth …. they shouldn’t be considered army

    • TroyMcloy

      I’m in a reserve unit and if anyone in my unit did this our 1st sgt would ef us up. not all guard and reserve units are like that.

    • ssgt t villanueva

      The reservist in Puerto Rico are the best in the nation out performing active duty personnel so don’t generalize when u do its always a wrong statement say MOST.

  • Vicky

    Is this the United States Military, the strongest killing force on this planet, or is this an elementary school saturday afternoon cartoon fan club?
    I know one thing for sure and that this is so disturbing as to warrant a full investigation into the complete incompetence of military leadership.

  • PVTPuerto_Rico

    WTF is wrong with you guys who keep slamming on the fans who are in the service? they’re you’re F***ing brothers and sisters, start acting like it. if you’re an NCO and talking about how you’d mess up one of your soldiers if you discovered that they were a fan of MLP then you’re not a true leader, just because these men are watching a show doesnt dictate their “manliness” or wether they’re a good soldier, what dictates them being a “man” or a good soldier is wether or not they’d take a bullet for you and how dedicated they are to our country, I bet some of these guys can whoop some a** in combatives. heres another thing, they earned the right to watch whatever TV show they want to watch the minute their boots hit the ground in a warzone. I’m 21 and in the Army and I still play pokemon. I hope you all have a nice day.

  • pmielke

    WOW…..first sory I read was about service members marching in the gay pride parade IN uniform and now… little pony patches!!!!!! Anyone else see a pattern here.????? Forget the slippery slope we are being pushed off a cliff!!!! The respect is gone. Soon the “soft target” will be our military!

  • Retired and proud

    The right sleeve on an Army uniform is reserved for that soldiers combat patch. Good soldiers wear the patch with pride,. (showing their participation in combat in support for the USA). I am embarrassed by this lack of pride in these soldiers. I am thankful that my service (38 years), my 3 brothers service, my fathers service and my wifes fathers service, all occured in a time when patriotism and love of service was considered normal.,


    What will some want to wear nest, the rainbow patch? Thanks to Obama & the SOD some went public and received national attention recently in San Diego with their “Gay Parade”….Gay used to mean happy back in the day when the military was a proud profession…see what’s next now that DADT has opened the flood gates to a bunch of wimps/sisseys! This once proud soldier is very happy that he retired back in 1982! Oooops, pushed many soft/weak_ buttons didn’t I?????

    • TroyMcloy

      lol not all homosexual soldiers are pieces of sh*t, but I forgive you cause you grew up when they were considered that. I knew a gay soldier and a lesbian soldier through my training and they were too of the best soldiers in our training companies, in my unit we have a few soldiers who are gay and could probably out shoot your old tired ass.

  • HDW

    Not to mention this is a trademark or at least a copyright infringement if they did not get the permission of the My Little Pony people.

  • Logic Mine

    We are talking about MEN right?

  • SGT Mack

    I have seen guiltier pleasures in my time in service. Watching a children’s cartoon is fairly tame from what I have witnessed. I’m a father who is a nerd at heart, I grew up on comic books, video games, and science fiction. In fact my own daughter and wife love the show, I never watched it, only saw an image here or there on the internet. It wasn’t until I went to a local comic convention in Seattle with my family did I realized the magnitude and age group of it’s fan base. Personally I see nothing wrong with it as long as it doesn’t interfere with your performance. But to avoid ridicule from your peers it’s bests kept under wraps. And if you ask me to “brohoof”, I swear I’m smoking you until judgment day.

  • jundee

    errr oops I meant to say (you KNOW how ole Ranger’s can be. lol)

  • Whatnow

    We have become a nation of The Rules Don’t Apply to Me and that has little room in the military. That is the biggest problem in the Iraq and Afgan Army little discipline. They want to do as they please. If you don’t want to follow the rules don’t join the military. Discipline in the ranks is what makes our Armed Forces some of the best in the world.

  • CMDR

    The US Army brings **** like Xbox 360’s, PS3’s etc on big exercises like Talisman Sabre here in Australia, and you are crying about shoulder patches?

    You carry on about discipline yet US troops still smoke when on patrol, they play loud music when on patrol, they make god aweful noise when on patrol, and get lit up by RESERVISTS and dont have any idea how such a thing could occur.

    You are all making a mountain out of a mole hill!

  • Wulf

    This is just another reason the Marines don’t have all the patches the Army does. From the Marine Corps viewpoint if it isn’t in the uniform regs then it doesn’t get put on the uniform – PERIOD.

  • Felicianomiko

    Let’s put this in perspective for a second. We have military personnel in combat situations. It is a high stress environment that takes a huge toll on a persons mental state. What better way to counter act the death and violence around you than with something very soft and kind? I don’t see a huge difference between My Little Pony and knitting. They are two sides of the same idea, peace, calm, soft, domestic and sweet. It’s called keeping ones mind in one piece here people. The patches are another thing, and that’s not what I’m addressing. I’m addressing the attack on military people who would rather not come home with severe PTSD, and if My Little Pony helps with that, then good for them. Sheesh.

  • NLR Propogandist

    Looks like I’m late to the party. For whatever it’s worth, I am a military officer with 10 years of active duty service. I enjoy beer, boobs, death metal and My Little Pony. Not necessarily all at the same time. That’d be weird. Or awesome…I’m not sure. Anyways, people will always think it’s weird, gay or psychotic. There’s little I can say to convince them otherwise, and it isn’t really worth my time to try.

    When it comes to uniform violations, I correct them when I see them, just like every service member should. Morale patches are kind of a gray area, and ranting for or against them won’t really get anywhere. Saying that allowing some harmless cutie mark patch can lead to KKK patches is stupid. When MLP is long forgotten, there will be some new patch fad to get people wrapped around the axle, but it’s really not worth getting spun up over.

    tl;dr – relax, don’t judge, and just focus on the damn mission

  • NVYdaughter

    Would be interesting to see people lose their minds if a unity actually adopted a Pony as their mascot and incorporated it into the official unit patch. Couldn’t really pitch a fit about it then.

    It takes a secure man to be a proud brony in the face of people’s misconceptions. I applaud the spirit of these guys.



  • illuminatiexposer

    Considering the military is part of the new world order, and mlp is also some occult symbology, anything goes!

  • Derpy

    I. A brony and I think it’s fine for that to happen, I wear shirts and the media doesn’t give a shit about it, I think there just overestimate reacting

  • Ggggg

    Yayyyy ponies! Pony pony pony!