Military Wife Quote: Done Is Better Than Perfect

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Something’s gotta give during deployment. No lie.  No exaggeration. No one person can do everything that a service member and spouse manage to do together when they are home.  We spouses all know that, but we forget to automatically lower our standards when deployment begins.  Then drive ourselves crazy.

That’s why “Done is better than perfect” is the military wife quote I always post up during deployment.  It reminds me that everything is not going to be up to the level of perfection I call normal when my husband is home.  The important thing is to get everything to a reasonable level of completion.  Cold cereal sometimes means that dinner is done.   A mowed lawn is done enough–edging can wait until next month.  Three papers fished out of a backpack and signed should be considered done–the teacher will send another form if I missed one.

It doesn’t mean that my perfection-lovin’ heart doesn’t cringe from time to time.  But the reality of deployment means that done is better than perfect.  And perfect can wait until my husband is all the way home.

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