Will Mickey Mouse Offer Your Next Job?


The Walt Disney Company is known for its support of veterans, military members and families. Over the past few years, they have made it easier for families to spend time together through their military special offer program providing theme park and hotel discounts. Now they are continuing to show their support of the military by launching a new program.  Since Veterans can have trouble finding work immediately upon leaving the service, Heroes Work Here is aimed at helping returning veterans find employment within The Disney Company.  The program is also  investing in non-profit organizations that help train and support veterans and participating in community service projects with veterans organizations. It is an interesting approach, especially because Florida and California host two of the largest populations of military members.  According to the Disney Parks Blog, Disney will:

  • Provide at least 1,000 jobs, career opportunities for returning U.S. veterans over the next three years.
  • Support military families and veterans transitioning into civilian life.
  • Launch a national public awareness campaign to encourage job opportunities for veterans.

So, what job opportunities are we talking about? They’ll run the gamut from internships to leadership roles and span all segments of The Walt Disney Company. To support this effort, the company will host career fairs and participate in events showcasing job opportunities for returning military personnel.

At a time when many veterans are transitioning into the civilian workforce, it is encouraging to see companies like Disney create programs to help vets hit the ground running in civilian life. Hopefully more companies will follow suit and provide programs aimed at the end of a military career when anxiety about the job market  is highest.  Military members have a lot to offer the civilian world–their git-‘er-done work ethic, their ability to be a part of a team, their leadership skills that emerge the minute you are responsible for the safety of someone else.  The moment of transition is a place where corporate America can step up.  Disney already has.

To learn more about the Walt Disney Company’s “Heroes Work Here” program, you can find more information at the Disney Parks Blog or on the Disney Careers website.

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The New Normal
The New "Normal" (aka Kris) is an Army National Guard wife of 6 years, married for 12 years, momma to two fantastic kiddos and caretaker of the household zoo. While not juggling the house, a full-time job, chauffeur duties and the kids increasingly busy social lives, she enjoys running, reading and sewing. She continues to navigate the ever-changing life with the National Guard, having survived her husband's first deployment without pulling all her hair out. Now the family gears up for her husband's second deployment that is quickly approaching. With training missions filing up the remaining weeks before they say "see you later" once again, the family works hard between school, work and activities to stop and enjoy every minute they have left together. The New "Normal" blogs about daily life and the craziness of military life over at her personal blog - The New "Normal" - attempting to make sense of the insanity with a bit of humor.
  • Rose

    I have experience the wonderful experience at Disney as a tourist. But I don’t think Mickey is willing not only provide jobs for the veterans but also give them a competitive salary and not just the bare minimum as they do with regular employees

  • I was an intern at Epcot in college and I absolutely loved working there. It was the best job I ever had and I miss it! It makes me happy to hear they are doing a program like this. They were always very patriotic and it warms my heart.

  • Jeffery Williams

    Hi my name is Jeffery Williams I’m interested in working or being part of this I was injured in Iraq in may 04 from an ied leaving me paralyzed from the chest down