Valentines Day Care Package Ideas — Go!


Update! You can now go to this new post to see a series of great Valentine’s Day care package ideas! Happy packing!

Now that we’ve gotten that pesky holiday season out of the way, we can take a deep breath before the next major care package holiday of the year: Valentines Day.

I’m not a big Valentines Day fan under normal circumstances. Seems to me like a great big excuse from stores to trick me into buying candy I crave every day anyway really don’t need.

The only exception to this rule is during deployment or long TDYs over “the day.” In that case I get really into the whole thing. This will be our second Valentines Day apart (wait, maybe third or fourth? Hmmm I’ve lost count). And while a care package won’t be doable this time because of the school he’ll be attending, you can bet your buttons that I’ll be mailing some sort of perfume laced letter to mark the occasion.

If I was putting together an actual box, I would include some art from our son, a collection of love letters from me, some of that delicious terrible for you candy, and maybe something on the more racy side that I really wouldn’t want anyone but him to see.

Like I’ve confessed before, creative care packages are not my strong point. What fun Valentines Day themed boxes have you put together?  have some friends who have even done boudoir photo shoots and included those photos — have any of you ever done that and how did it turn out?

Share your ideas in the comment section!

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  • Michele

    I would say “NO” to the boudoir photos because I’ve heard of numbers of wives who have done it, and that’s the problem. I shouldn’t have heard it. Get my point?
    wife friend says “Hey, heard from my dh that Smith’s wife sent him naked pictures.”
    me “geez, what did Smith do, show them around?”
    Friend:”Seems like he left them out and people looked or he showed them around.”
    me “Smith’s wife would probably be horrified to know that.”

    And I know you’d like to think that your husband would never ever ever show the photos,but there is always the chance that someone will see them. sometimes “personal space” doesn’t exist.

    • Amy

      It’s worth saying that boudoir photos don’t have to be naked — not that I want anyone but my husband seeing me in lingerie, but still. In my experience (with my friends) the photos they’ve done have been lingerie, not nude.

      • Michele

        back late to the party. Yes, The photos probably weren’t actually naked. I think it was just guy talk and how the story was related to me. either or. Usually a bad idea.

  • I have seen a cute gift on pinterest that I think I’ll make. It’s a deck of cards with 52 things I love about you written in. You add some rings and make a little book of love for you honey.

    • Amy

      super cute idea!

  • Cyndi

    my husband and i separated back in august when he was home on r&r, and we’re now trying to work things out, thank God – so i’m going to go all out on this box. I’m going to line the inside of the box with valentines day paper, i’m also doing the 52 reasons why i love you on a deck of cards, i’ve got some crafts for our kids to do to throw in there too.. ive got a lot of stuff pinned on my pinterest. :) i’m excited!

  • Jen

    I saw this valentines day chex mix… think it would make ship well since M&M’s dont melt as much as regular chocolate :) Im thinking of buying one of the PT shirts they always have to wear and wear it to bed for a week and sealing it up in a bag that says “break in case of emergency”. OH and I thought about doing some type of dinner and a movie…but not sure how to pull it off :)

  • Staci

    My guy is not my husband – yet!! But I’m still making a care package for him :)) – I saw a cute idea.. “a day with me”.. where you take pictures of what you do throughout the day, from the time you wake up till the time you go to sleep, so that they can feel like they’re there with you, and it even suggested sending little items to go along with each picture! I also decided to get some candy, send a few handkerchiefs sprayed with my perfume (&& sealed in ziploc bags, so they don’t lose their scent of course), && I’m big on making gifts – I feel like you can add a personal touch, plus you can’t beat the time/thought that goes into em – so I made him a picture frame with an Air force theme that I’ll put a picture of me in!! I’m trying to search for some other ideas.. but that’s what I have so far!!

  • Renee

    My husband and I had a Skype date for New Year’s that was really fun… We had a cocktail and watched the ball drop in Times Square on my tv. I’m in California – he’s in Okinawa.

  • Latoya

    My husband and I are seperated. I am hoping for reconciliation although things are looking fairly bleak at this time. So I did want to send him something to let him know I am thinking of him. This Valentine’s Day is also our three year anniversary (of getting together) as well. So I was planning on sending him glass dominoes (not very romantic I know, but 3 yr modern anniversary gift is glass and he is a huge domino player). I also want to send a card, but currently I have no clue which way to go with this or what to say that has not been said. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

  • Jennifer

    I made my sweetheart a DVD… All you have to do is input photos and a song and it helps you put it a together. It was like 20 bucks an it came out fantastic! I’ve also done the Brodouir photos an he loved them!!!

  • Paige

    Ok so my situation is a little odd. My exhusband and i are back to dating after 3 months of being divorced (he filed, not me), we have a 20 month old little girl, and he is in Germany now (air force) while i am here in the states. I really have no idea what to do for valentines day, but i really want to do something sweet. We are taking things slowly this time, and hopefully they will work out much better than last time (fingers crossed) but i dont want to send anything too mushy because i dont want to seem too overwhelming. So sweet, but not overwhelming, and something that will remind him of the good times that we use to have together and that we will hopefully have more of in the future. Does anyone have any suggestions at all?? Any help would be appreciated!