USPS Changes Won’t Impact APO/FPO


The US Postal Service announced today that it will soon be ending next day delivery, closing some post offices and slowing first-class mail from a standard one to three day delivery window to two to three days instead, according to this story.

For those of us who rely on the USPS to get mail to our loved ones downrange or receive mail while stationed OCONUS, the looming question is  how will these changes impact those services and delivery times?

Answer: it won’t. According to a USPS spokeswoman, we can expect the same delivery window we’ve always had —  seven to 20 day average for mail sent downrange or OCONUS.

Crises averted. Now, back to stuffing those care packages .

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Amy Bushatz
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  • I am still trying to determine if the “7-20 days” is a tongue-in-cheek or serious comment. :p

    • Amy

      That’s what “they” claim is average — I’m only the messenger! In my experience with mailing stuff to Afghanistan, though (and a fairly remote FOB no less) that IS pretty standard…

  • Lee

    7-8 days is about what it takes to get something from the US to us over here in Japan, as well. It is almost like clockwork…

  • Heidi

    Yep, the last few times hubby was in Afghanistan, it was 7 or 8 days, which I was really impressed with. Glad to hear there won’t be too much disruption to that going forward.

  • Sapperangel

    The reason that the Postal Service cant actually make claims about length of time or guarantees to APO’s is that US postal service delivers it to the army… california for packages going to asia… NY for europe and the sandbox… after that it is the army that is handling the packages…

  • Adriana

    There where times my husband would get a package from me in 8 days. While other packages took 12 weeks to get there. I always felt bad when it was home made goods.