Employment Program to Require Results


The new and improved military spouse employment program will require spouse hiring results from participating companies, a DoD official in charge of military and family policy said yesterday.

From my Military.com story:

“We’re really holding their feet to the fire with this,” said Robert Gordon, the Pentagon’s chief of military community and family policy. “We want documentation — who they’re hiring, how many they’re hiring, in terms of what kind of jobs our spouses are getting.”While the program still does not include a spouse hiring preference requirement, as I reported earlier, Gordon said they will be “holding their feet to the fire” to ensure that they live up to the promise of hiring spouses.

Another important change to the program that was not made clear before yesterday’s rollout (but were brought up in our comments on the last post) is the removal of the requirement that companies be near bases. That means companies could very well be near National Guard and Reserve spouses.

But, like the article says, the problem of the majority of available jobs being entry level remains. Gordon says that they are going to work on this. But, like everything else, the proof is in the pudding. We think this is a start!

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  • Lauren

    Who are the 15 new companies?

  • Strong Army Spouse

    Billy I am disappointed to read your comment. I am not only a military spouse, but an Army veteran. I am well educated with a nursing degree at every level LVN, AAS, BSN MNSc, LNC and currently scheduled to graduate with my doctoral degree in 1 year. I have served this country and my husband continues to serve. The role of a military spouse is tough. Please don’t cast judgment on us unless you have walked in our shoes. I move from station to station because this is what the Army requires of me. With every move comes the challenge of trying to secure a new position. I don’t ask for special favor, but I do ask for understanding. I am more than qualified to work and love having the skills to do so. What is your excuse for employers not giving spouses like me an opportunity? Yes, times are rough, not “ruff”, however it is not excuse for poor hiring ethics. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity. So stop bashing military spouses and contribute to a more productive role in helping assist us to continue making the country a better place to live in.

    • molliekathryn

      He’s a troll, Strong Army Spouse. Posting similar nasty comments all over the place. Not worth arguing with.

  • rachel

    This would be nice. I too am a Veteran and a Military spouse. I followed every stitch of advise offered and had applied for at least fifteen federal openings, all of which were under level five. In the Marines I had achieved the rank of Cpl. before being medically disabled as a consequence of my service. I also have owned two successful businesses, trained employees ensured compliance etc etc. The only thing I did not do was go to the good old boys club and ask for entrance (I guess this is the way everyone gets in now). Anyways, my last straw was when I applied for all entry level (GS-02+) commissary positions within a ninety mile radius and never received a return call. I am sorry, but as a disabled Veteran, Military spouse and former business owner, if I can not even gain an interest for entry level work at the commissary, I might as well stay were we are and visit my husband when he moves. I think I speak for many female Veterans when I say that I did not know what I was getting into when I married my spouse, and being somebody’s sidekick who constantly either does not work, or only obtains part time entry level work is simply unacceptable. Something needs to be done. I also must state that as a Veteran, it irks me that I can not claim both spousal preference and Veterans’ preference. I do think it is nice that this might be enacted however, sincere changes need to be made to OPM as well as, the enforcement of Veterans’ Preference within hiring practices.