Osama Bin Laden is Dead: Milspouses React


One man.

Pure Evil.

He’s dead.

Think of what the actions of this man cost our military community over the past nine years. So very, very much. I’m experiencing a range of emotions right now. Happiness. Shock. Anxiety. Sadness, as I reflect on the sacrifices of so many.

What are you feeling?

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Andi is married to an active-duty soldier and is the founder and former editor of SpouseBUZZ.

She is the founder of the Annual MilBlog Conference. The MilBlog Conference is the premiere event of the year for military bloggers. President George W. Bush, U.S. Representative Adam Smith, GEN David Petraeus, LTG Mike Oates, LTG William Caldwell, RADM Mark Fox, MG Kevin Bergner, MG David Hogg and The Honorable Pete Geren have addressed previous conferences.

While living in Washington, DC, Andi was the Ambassador to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for Sew Much Comfort, a non-profit organization which makes and delivers, free of charge, special adaptive clothing for wounded service members. Andi has worked with several non-profits to help our wounded heroes and their families. She finds that work to be the most rewarding and meaningful of all.

Andi strives to find humor in the good, bad and ugly of life and is a firm believer that laughter has the ability to cure most ills.

  • redlegmeg

    It’s a little overwhelming, isn’t it? Lots of emotions here, too.

  • Wifey

    Hope and trepidation.

    Hope that this will unite our country as bin Laden’s heinous actions did 10 years ago. Hope that this will continue to move us in the right direction in our fight against Al Qaeda.

    Trepidation because I fear the potential backlash but I also fear that America will decide our work there is done… when it is clearly not. Trepidation because there are more Al Qaeda members out there who wish to do our country harm and we have a lot more work to do. We will continue to need the support of the American public.

    • Andi

      Well said, Wifey….

    • KateKashman

      I agree completely. We need to push on now more than ever.

  • SemperSteen

    Right this second, I just wish I could personally spit on his body. After taking a flame-thrower to it.

  • Alix

    My first love signed up for the marines because of 9/11. He was killed by an ied in 2005. I should feel happy right now, i should be ecstatic that the person who (I feel and blame) caused his death is dead. Instead I’ve been crying for over an hour. His people will retaliate and all I can do is worry for all our men and women out there right now. Worry for our people here, if they dare attack our soil again. This should be a happy moment, instead I’m dissapointed that his death didn’t equal the end of this war. It’s only adding fuel to the fire. I know my Jonathan didn’t die in vain. And I am partially happy that Osama got what he deserved, but I’m more worried and fearful than anything else.

    • KateKashman

      Alix, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for joining us in this conversation. It is because of men like Jonathan that we can all be free to live as we do.

  • Andi

    Importing comments from our Facebook page:

    Kristen – Surprised that he was living in a mansion.

    Gretchen – Proud to be an American

    Christopher N Angela – Wondering what kind of repercussions will come from us accomplishing what we set out to do nearly 10 years ago.

    Markita – Worried about the level of retaliation…

    Jeni – mixed emotions like those mentioned above.

    Devon – I’m happy for Team USA, but I know the battle’s not over. Osama was a big name in Islamofascist terrorism, but he is not the only one. To think his death will end our battle with Al Qaeda and the Taliban is unwise at best. So, I’m celebrating the victory, but will continue to be vigilant for further attempts to undermine or attack our country–because that’s how to truly attain peace.

    Shoshana – I’m hoping that the administration will now understand that Pakistan is NOT our friend. Never has been and never will be.

    Julie – I have 285 flags in my front yard. It is the number of days my husband was boots on the ground in Afghanistan, but today they are there honoring Seal Team 6!!

    Debbie – this is a many headed snake, others will rise to take his place. Hope we are ready…

    Shari – ‎”Let’s show the world what we’re made of and end the hate by simply acknowledging that justice was served. Honor the memory of 9/11 victims with dignity. Don’t celebrate death…that’s what the enemy did.” — via friend of a friend. Seems appropriate in this case.

    Myrna – Definitely proud of our accomplishment! Our Military Special Forces are not to be played with! None of our Military is! As a former Marine I know! But as a SPOUSE I’m worried about retaliation! Our work in Afghanistan is far from over and Pakistan is NOT going to be happy with us! Still sending Lots of prayer for our troops!

  • Well said Andi!!!