Thinking of Spouses in Japan and Hawaii


There’s something particularly dreadful about waking up to a natural disaster across the world in a place we have troops and friends. The 8.9 earthquake is the largest in Japan’s recorded history, the fifth largest in the world since 1900 and has triggered a tsunami warning for Hawaii and down the US West Coast.

This story has a great run down of how the  quake has affected US bases in the area. In Hawaii tsunami sirens have been running and people have been told to move to higher ground. Many US bases in Japan reported taking precautionary measures by sending personnel home, the story says, others experienced nothing (like our friend John Avelis in Sasebo) and Yokota AFB was receiving flights diverted from Tokyo. At Misawa AFB in the North of the country phones and internet are down, tsunamis were seen miles inland and reports were few, the story reports.

Keeping all in Hawaii and Japan in our thoughts and prayers. Feel free to leave your messages of well wishes here in the comment section.

If you are in Hawaii or Japan please let us know and share your story! What is disaster response like on a military base? What are you experiencing?

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  • Thanks for thinking of us, Amy! I posted a quick update to my blog. Not much to report from out here on Kyushu, but it’s been a long afternoon and evening passing word to loved ones back in the states and keeping up with our friends at Yokosuka, Yokota etc. My cousins in Yokota felt the quake, it was measured as 5.0 or so there, but there’s been no reports of damage. Last I read, they’re accepting commercial flights at Yokota that were in the air when the quake hit, because Narita airport is shut down.

    I haven’t heard from friends at Misawa, there’s a chance they don’t have power there, but the latest word from US Pacific Fleet is that there’s no major damage or injuries to U.S. personnel. We’re just thinking of those displaced and affected, while waiting to hear how we’re going to be able to help.

  • Briana

    Praying for everyone involved!

  • Lori R.

    Our friends at Yokota say everything is fine and no damage that they know of.

  • Mel

    Friends in Misawa say they’re fine, but without power. It’s still very cold up in Northern Japan, so I just hope they can all find a way to stay safe and warm. I lived in Aomori prefecture (where Misawa AFB is located) for 7 years until 2009, and am just praying that everyone comes through safely.

  • Ramswiss

    We have not heard from our nephew in Misawa. Sationed at Misawa AFB. (but he is Army) We are sick with worry, All e-mail, not answered. Does anyone know how to find out?

  • Shauna P

    Hello, My name is Shauna and I am searching for my cousin, Fermond Lewis, on behalf of my aunt, Caudill Lewis. He is in the Navy and is stationed in Japan. We have not heard from him since the Tsunami… (not normal). He normally checks in with his mother (has not yet). She is worried sick about him, the wife (Yuka Lewis) and grandson. I do not have much information to give but if anyone can assist, the family and I would be truly appreciative. My email info is: Any information at this time is more than what we are working with. Thank you in advance.