Where are the Awards?

Where are the Awards?

I have always wondered why Hubby does not have a “Me” wall that showcases all of his accomplishments. Not even his college degree is on the wall in our home. SO I asked him and his simple answer was that he wants to wait until he retires to show everything off. Right now he is living and doing and wants to accomplish many things. Makes sense to me, sorta.

I want him to show off all he has done because I am just as proud as he is but I am respecting his wishes. So my walls will remain bare of his accomplishments that we will not show off until he is done with the military.

Then I began to wonder, who else thinks like this? My dad for one. I do not remember too many of his certificates or awards on the walls when I was growing up. Even now he has them in his office in the back of his home.

Am I the only one around who does not have a ton of military awards or certificates on the walls?

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I am a wife, mom and whatever else life calls for. My Hubby and I have been married for 17 years and in that time we have been active duty Navy, National Guard, and now active duty Army. We have five children, two dogs, a fish and a Texas Spiny Lizard. We are still at our first duty station as Army folks and see no chance of us leaving here in the near future.

  • Java

    We don’t a pride wall, but hubby does have a man cave that allows him to display “his” taste in decor, etc. I think that goes a long way toward letting me have my way elsewhere in our home. Fortunately, our tastes are very similar anyway, so we don’t have conflict about it.

    We do have several of his degrees framed. Not even sure where there are right now, to be honest. I’m sure they are somewhere in the forest of Rubbermaid crates that seem to plague military families.

  • RedLegMeg

    We don’t have any of it in the house, but he does put up some select pictures, certificates, etc. in his office.

  • tankerswife

    Tank doesn’t have much either. His retirement sorts sucked. Unfortunately, he sort of fell down the rabiit hole as his entire Regiment was redeploying home from Iraq when he was retiring. Rear D and I really dropped the ball. It wasn’t until recently that his records were “found”, and he retired in 2004. We still have to have both his A-stan and Iraq campaigns added to the DD214. That’s a mess and a half.

    We’ll eventually have an Pride wall, as soon as I get all the patches and medals and such to put together a shadowbox.

  • We don’t have any awards or anything else Army related on the walls…but that’s mostly because it doesn’t match the decor! =) I told him when he gets an office, he can display all his stuff there!

  • Kristine

    Finally put up a “love me” wall when we moved this summer. Since hubs has 25+ years of service and is close to retirement, I felt the time was right. We put them all, floor to ceiling, in the guest room bath. That way, I don’t have to stare at them all the time and they are a source of amusement for all our house guests: )

  • We have a “Love Me” Wall-it is in the hallway-between the kids rooms and the bathroom. We have always had one are for it. It is usually the space I am not sure what to do with or the weirdest lay out. lol We don’t have everything out & some is in his office.

  • She of the Sea

    Some houses we put it up, some houses we don’t. We will never put them up in “public” spaces as I just don’t think it is appropriate. In the last few houses, they either went in a bedroom hallway or in the man cave. This house (overseas), I am trying not to put anything up since I have no idea how to hang things without damaging the walls. If a Command hook won’t hold it, it isn’t going up!

  • Amy

    I encourage the “love me” wall, and I like to be on it too. I find it inspiring to look at commondations of past experiences. They make me want to do great things now and, when it comes to the hubby, encourage him to continue to be great. While I dont have military awards I do have other plaques and what not — and those go up as well. That being said, we dont put them up in a public space in the house. I’m trying to inspire ME, not impress others. They go in our office room.

  • We had a “love me” wall in our last place, but since we moved I haven’t hung anything. Need to find an appropriate wall and get hanging…want to have that all done by the time he gets home from his “sandy vacation locale”!

  • AFWife

    We don’t have a wall in our house. Usually it is because of lack of appropriate space. My hubby puts some stuff in his office and there are a few nicer awards that we have made room for in our “common” area. His degree is framed on the wall in the office area next to mine. When we retire, I want to make a nice office with room for all the memorabilia. I think it is a big accomplishment in his life and I want to make sure it has a nice, appropriate place in the home.

  • reasad

    Thanks for the input. Hubby and I have been talking about this and he wants to wait til he is retired from the military and the awards and such will be in the office and no where else. I am okay with that, I kinda wish though that he would put some out now. But it is his choice so I will respect his wishes.

  • AustinArmyWife

    Hubby totally has an “I LOVE ME!” Wall. It’s the staircase up to the second floor, where the theater (couch and big tv but we’ll let him call it that) and the man cave (aka his office that has some Harley posters and a BUNCH of video games) are located. But honestly, I love that wall and am proud of every medal, and certificate of appreciation he’s earned. I proudly have that displayed where all can see. Now of course, I picked out the frames, and determined how they were being hung, so it looks great as well. I believe it reminds me every day when I walk up or downstairs of how much he’s done for our country, and reminds him as well.

  • kirsten

    We have our commissions and diplomas on a wall in the family room, but everything else is in a box waiting for . . . . who knows what. But we’re moving this summer so I’m not gonna dig it out now! The box can stay put.

  • Laura

    We both laughed over this very thing when we moved this past spring. We have a “love me” box. He comes home with new coins and what-not, I find them in his pockets and they get thrown in the box. Sometimes I would love him to bragg a little of what he’s accomplished in his 6 years in. That’s not his style. He goes to work most days without all the pins on. When he has to go get something done he’ll tell me he has to go put on his scare badges-lol

  • redman

    Speaking as a military member, I don’t like to show off “my awards”. I feel that i do my job and if someone gives me an award because i went above and beyond so be it. I have over 20 years in the military and have earned quiet a few awards and coins along the way. i really don’t want to brag about what i have been given. I am humble and feel i did my job and want to leave it at that.

  • I had to laugh at Laura’s comment. I have never called it a ‘love me’ box, but I guess that’s what it is. I throw my husband’s coins, badges, ribbons, medals and lots and lots of ‘frogs’ into a shoebox. My stuff is buried somewhere in the house and I don’t much want to find it. The only paper I ever kept track of was my DD-214. I’m sure the kids will find the rest of our papers and the paperweights to go with them, some day, but neither of us are planning to dig ’em out.

  • Sarah

    I blogged about this several years ago when our friend was awarded a Silver Star. The topic always makes me think if Mr. Miyagi! If you’re interested in reading it: http://tryingtogrok.new.mu.nu/medals

  • Moni

    Even before we married at the ripe old age of 22, my hubby had enough self-love to over-fill our then tiny apt… but it all got relegated to one small 1/2 bath, which he took full advantage of, covering every ounce of wall space he could. Over the years in various houses, he has been “given” a hallway, a man cave, one wall of the bedroom… but surprisingly, I have found myself having more and more love for the pieces with time, understanding the affection and pride that goes with them, and at this point, several of the pieces are incorporated tastefully throughout our entire house…we use a bell to ring us all to dinner, pictures adorn the mantle, he even has a model or two interspersed on the bookshelves. I think it has added to our identity as a Navy Family… kinda love it, actually!