An Open Letter..

To my military brat

Dear Little Man:

I’ve been thinking back on recent events and realized something. All this time you were there secretly making sure I kept my sanity. You redefined what it meant to be a “battle buddy” to me. When it came time to move back and forth between states, you were there to remind me to have fun. It wasn’t always about unpacking all the boxes before the week was over, sometimes we had to take the time and jump on the bubble wrap too.

I have to admit, I’ve felt very guilty at times. You may be young, but you’ve already spent more than half of your life without your Father. You accepted the military lifestyle and never questioned your surroundings. I think life can get so chaotic at times between deployments and moves, we sometimes forget how amazing and resilient our kids truly are. It is amazing to me, as I sit back and reflect, to realize how much of an impact you’ve had on my life.

I originally wanted to say “Happy Birthday Little Man” but now what I really want to say is, “Thank you for bringing such an indescribable joy into my life. For reminding me to not stress out about the big things and take time to enjoy the small things. To say it’s ok to jump on the bed every once in a while and sing along when the mood strikes. ”

I feel so lucky to have you in my life and love you with all my heart.

DSC03356Little Man at Homecoming. I took this photo when he saw the Soldiers marching onto the field and you can tell he realized something was up.

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  • Thank you for posting this. My hubby and I are expecting our first navy brat and I have been worried about how to handle it when he is deployed. This reminded me that I will be less alone than ever before and have a little ray of sunshine to get me through those everyday chores. Thanks. And happy birthday to the Little Man!

  • You know ,as mom of teenagers and an almost teen, let me tell you that it will only get better. Puberty or not, I am so proud of my kids I can’t tell you! I am sure you will experience it the same way. Keep them close to your heart!

  • Vicky

    Ok I cried. My husband left a week ago and I was a sentimental mess before he left, but after he left I been fine and I think it is because of by battle buddy, my 23 month old that makes me sing and dance with him.

  • Penny

    Vicky, one of my favorite memories during the deployment was when Little Man discovered the rain outside. He loved to go out and run in it, something I love to do also. One particular day while he was out there I decided to join him and we ran dancing and twirling around in the rain.
    There are moments that you’ll be stressed and not know what to do, but the moments you will remember are the happy and amazing you get to share with your kids. Those are the ones you’ll keep close to your heart. :)

  • Petra

    Awww, getting all teary-eyed here. My daughter, dubbed Her Royal Shortness, is a great supporter when times get rough, and she seems to know just when to come and give me hugs and kisses, and when to be silly to make me laugh.
    They sure are great :)

  • Petra

    Speaking of memorable moments and events that keep us busy and cheer us up, if not while it happens, then in retrospect.
    When daddy deployed, HRS was just about 14 months old and plain refused to walk on her own for another 3 months. Meanwhile we had gone on a trip to Europe to be spoilt by the grandparents, and when we come back, she finally decided now’s the time to walk, and walk she did, dragging me outside to walk through the whole neighborhood. At 5am. In the rain. Gotta love changing time zones :)) She did this to me for about a week, in rain and snow, then she finally started sleeping longer again.

  • UTwife

    Thanks for sharing a very touching letter. Just like Married2theNavy, we are expecting our first Navy brat and I think about deployments and separations, too. It’s great to see that your Little Man brings you much joy and a reminder to always play! And, that it’s necessary to find and create fun when times are tough. Happy Birthday to your Little Man!! :)