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October is Women's Health Month.

Healthy Debateisasking –what the Department of Defense should continue, improve or change to better support the health of female service members, particularly the wounded, ill or injured.

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I am an Active Duty Army Wife. I have enjoyed living in the US and overseas. I have volunteered in many realms over the years with various FRGs, Sew Much Comfort and a Wounded Warrior Equine Therapy program. I consider myself lucky to have been a part of the SpouseBUZZ family since 2006.

I homeschool my children and continue to love volunteering when time allows. The Army life is a busy life, but a good life!

  • marinefam

    One thing they could do is to make the morning after pill (Plan B) available at all MTCs. It seems that the availability varies widely between commands. Another issue that comes up is having female doctors to perform well female exams. All efforts should be made to have a female doctor on hand in order to make female service members feel comfortable if they would rather have a female examine them.