The Tattoo-Off: Spouses Strut Their Stuff

Thanks to those of you who sent in photos of your tattoos and explained what they represented. Your stories are very interesting. I got the inspiration for this post from SGT Danger, click here for background.

Behold, the tattoos……

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First up is wifeunit:

The one on the left says family. I know this because Sarah was able to have her friend confirm it for me. Even after the ridiculous internet sleuthing I did before taking it in to the tattoo shop, I have always secretly feared it said something totally different and completely inappropriate. :-p

The one on the right is an infinity knot dragonfly and I love it. I like the infinity knot as a symbol of marriage and love dragonflies. I found a necklace of this design on ebay and liked it enough to look at it forever and ever. In purple of course.

I am a bit too OCD to commit to placements willy nilly and chose the symmetry of one on each wrist. This placement hangup is going to become an issue should I ever decide on what I want to get next.


From Bethany:

The first tattoo I got was the Kermit and Miss Piggy, I got it when I was 19 but I always knew that's what I would get. I think that love truely is blind, especially between a frog and a pig…hence the blind folds…

The tattoo's on my feet are from a poem my mom used to say to me when I was a kid…There once was a girl with an itty bitty curl right in the middle of her forhead, and when she was good, she was verry verry good, and when she was bad she was horrid…Yep me all the way.




From Emily:

I am a USAF wife of 5 yrs. My husband and I both have tattoos.
I have a total of 5. The red firedancer I got as a tribute to my all time fav. band – Dave Matthews Band.I got this the year I graduated from college (it's on my right shoulder) 2001

The next one I got was the wolf paw – I went with my mom to get a tattoo for her 50th birthday and I have a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science (I've always liked wolves) 2002

Then came the anklet of music notes and butterflies (went with my husband – as date night, 3 weeks after we met, to get tattoos..) 2003

After we got married, hubby got orders to Iraq. He was injured 6 months in and got to come home.When he was healed up enough, we went to get matching tattoos. The triskle (black circle tat) completed my music note/butterfly anklet which I thought was extra special b/c that was the date night tattoo. The triskle is a symbol of the 3 stages of woman (child, woman, crone) and hubby got it to remind him of me – since I have the same one and I'm a woman! ;) 2005

The last and final tatoo (as of yet) is the celtic dragonfly that I got for my 30th birthday. I see it as a symbol of change and rebirth, and I see your 30th birthday as a change in life – moving from young woman to adult .. so thought it was fitting.


Wolf paw

Half ankle tat 1


Half ankle tat 2


From tankerswife:

[The first photo] is a picture of my tattoo. The other picture is of my husband's tattoo. It's actually one that was done in stages. In 2002, just after the initial thrust into Afghanistan in, I drove all night to meet with him at Ft Bragg the weekend before he was supposed to leave. We hadn't gotten married yet, so when he had new orders, I went home to IL and he went to Ft Carson. Anyhow, I was rather scared of getting the tattoo, but I had to have something lasting…just in case, you know. I got the single blue rose and stem that is now the right side of the design.

Years later – after that deployment to Afghanistan, getting married, a deployment to Iraq one in uniform as well as one not, and finally his retirement I went and had the tattoo finished to match DH's.

It's not exactly the same. It's very close signifying our unity, but different enough to signify our individuality. I love it. It was worth the time, money, and the pain.


Deans tattoo

From "S":

Mine is the kanji for Love, Ai…the flowers are my wedding date to my soldier, 6 (petals) 11(petals) 5(petals). The ribbons are the wedding colors.

He has Love on his left pec, over his heart, with 6-11-05 under it. And a dragon around a yin-yang- when he was 18, he just picked something random.



Great pictures! For anyone who doesn't want to send in photos, feel free to add what your tattoos look like and what they represent in the comment section.

SGT Danger, back to you…..

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  • Emily

    I think this is great! I love tattoos. Thanks for the opportunity to share. I think it’s amazing that another military spouse has my same dragonfly tattoo.. we probably saw the same ebay necklace! that to me is wonderful that two people so separate had the same idea. wonderful post ladies!

  • betherfany

    Look at me! I love my tattoos! I was just thinking the other day, I need another one, but I don’t think my husband would approve!

  • tankerswife

    I actually want 2 more. I know exactly what I want. The problem for one is getting what’s in my head onto paper. For the other one, I’m not settled on where to put it. I completely get the symmetry hang-up. That’s part of the problem.
    So, what do you ladies think…where should I put it? It’s a sun with lightening bolts. I can change the size to fit the area. I’m torn between on the top of my foot, above the ankle on the outside of my leg, and on my hip/outer thigh. Where do you think would be feminine and discreet?

  • Hey Andi and other spouses! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve got new tattoos up at It’s been a fun project; hope to see more from SpouseBuzz too!

  • Hey Andi and other spouses! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve got new tattoos up at It’s been a fun project; hope to see more from SpouseBuzz too!