Time Keeps On Slipping…

My husband and I went on our much-anticipated vacation to "somewhere other than our parents' houses." We took two whole suitcases and had the time of our life. My husband did a much better job of relaxing than he did back in January. The vacation was perfect.

Until the last day.

And all of a sudden, I realized we were on Block Leave. I realized that the end of this trip signaled the end of block leave, which means July was coming soon, which means my husband is deploying.

My husband is deploying in like two weeks or so.

And I wanted the last day to slow down, to last forever, to never end.

But it did.

About the Author

Sarah has been married to her soldier for a bit more than 10 years. In the past decade, they've been at six different duty stations in four different branches of the Army. They've also endured three deployments, six miscarriages, and a failed IVF. Sarah's blogging focus has shifted some in the past five years, from common military issues to something more personal: the difficult intersection between the military and infertility. It's hard for some couples to start a family; it's even harder when one person spends a lot of time on the other side of the globe. But Sarah was lucky enough to declare Mission Accomplished when their daughter was born 10 days after her husband's return from Afghanistan. And she tries to remind herself how irreplaceable and cherished that daughter is now that she's entered the terrible two's. In her free time, Sarah is a pioneer housewife: knitting, crocheting, and cooking ... and sometimes even firing a weapon.
  • http://Saravido.blogspot.com Sara

    As always, I get it. That sinking feeling in your tummy and wanting to hold on to everything? Heart wrenching. We’re here.

  • Andi

    It’s always struck me as ironic how often military spouses are stuck between wanting time to stand still and wanting it to speed up. Seems we wish half our life away, and want the other half to freeze. Such is the life…..

  • Xtna

    That and the inevitable feeling that you are constantly being left behind and constantly saying “goodbye.”

  • http://adamsplusone.blogspot.com Tiffany

    Enjoy the rest of your time together as much as possible. I know sometimes it can be hard to do (at least for me since it gets tough to ignore the departure date). :(

  • http://mindbooger.blogspot.com Sarah P.

    My man leaves in less than 36 hours to return after a months leave. Obviously since I’m up and typing this I can’t sleep while he’s sawing logs, but I would give nearly anything to have this last day go slow.

  • Mel R.

    I cried hysterically the last day of block leave, because, finally, it was real. It wasn’t just waiting to be deployed — he was actually going to leave.

  • http://www.onearmydayatatime.blogspot.com Penny

    I agree.. I’ve spent all these months saying they weren’t moving fast enough and once r&r was here, I wanted them to slow down. They didn’t of course and it flew by so quickly.
    I used to make myself stay up as late as I could b’c I wanted to enjoy seeing him for as long as I could.. That actually backfired b’c when morning came, I was pretty tired from staying up late. We finally came up with a good solution, we headed to bed earlier than normal and woke up early to spend the morning together. That way, we were well rested and had alone time before everything became extremly busy. Even if it was just cuddle on the couch and watch tv, it was worth it to enjoy those last few moments. :)

  • Maja

    My husband was supposed to leave last friday for one year. I went thru all the faces and was finally ready to let go, once again. One week before he was supposed to go, friday night, the news: They are not leaving yet. On one hand relief, on the other, why? It is so painful,to go thru it, not just for me, also for our for kids.God help me,i hope this is not happening again.

  • http://jessielee317.blogspot.com Jessie

    I agree…saying goodbye is hard and I spend the last few days just wanting to hold GI Joe and he spends them wanting to quadruple check everything.