Mental Health Demons and Spouses

In the military spouse world, we are very concerned about issues like PTSD and the mental health of our returning service-members, and we should be. There is much there to be concerned about.

But what about the mental health of the military spouse? What is it like to deal with mental health demons far from family while the love of your life is thousands of miles and a war zone away? How do you cope? How do you overcome?

Tonight on SpouseBUZZ Radio Livewire we'll be speaking to Holly, a military spouse who battled severe and debilitating mental health issues… and won. With her husband deployed more often than he was home and two children, what challenges faced Holly in her mental health battle and how did she meet and defeat them?

You don't want to miss tonight's show, at 8 pm EST. We will not be taking callers on this episode, but we will be taking questions for Holly in the comments and also in the chatroom. We'll see you there!

About the Author


airforcewife started her military journey as an Army National Guard wife, but upon experiencing base housing decided to aim high and made the switch to the Air Force. That's worked pretty well for Air Force Family so far, even though airforcewife holds the spouse world record for Come to Jesus talks with various members of the command.

Air Force Family has four children, two pit bulls, and a Mother-in-Law who lost her mind eight years ago. Despite the reputation of pit bulls, airforcewife would like to assure you that her Mother-in-Law is truly the most dangerous of the group, and is banned in more places than the dogs.

airforcewife gets through Air Force Guy's frequent deployments and TDY's by frequently attending her boxing gym, after the chance discovery last deployment that hitting things really does make life better. She also volunteers as the Ambassador for Sew Much Comfort to Bethesda National Naval Medical Center and in a variety of other causes throughout the year.

airforcewife has no idea what the future holds, but decided five years ago that she wants to be Andi when she grows up.