Front Gate Fun!!!

Awhile back, I wrote a post about having a problem at the front gate. You know…the upside down ID card means distress" problem?Friday, I had a whole new problem with my ID card.

Light Twin and I decided to make a commissary run. We BOTH had our ID cards ready to hand to the guards at the gate. Right side up, of course.

When we get to the front of the line,we saw that the guards have a machine that scans the bar code on the back of the ID card. I handed over my card and he scanned it.

I am not kidding when I tell you that it made a "whoop whoop" sound. The guard frowned and asked me if I was "wanted"? I laughed. He didn't.

He wasn't kidding.

I wracked my brain to figure out what I could possibly have done to be "wanted". Was it my insane love of sensible shoes? Was it my potty mouth? Was it because my ID picture has got to be the worst picture ever taken? For what seemed like hours, he looked at the picture, looked at the scanner screen and then at me. He finally decided that I was not a menace to society and let me go with a "you're good."

Sheesh!! I'm starting to get a little front gate anxiety. What next?

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SemperFi Wife

Semper Fi Wife has had a military ID card continuously since she was ten years-old. As an Air Force brat, she horrified her father and grandfather when she chose to marry one of the few and the proud.

Almost 25 years later, she is the wife of an OIF vet and the mother of an OIF/OEF vet.

While her motto has always been "Sanity is overrated", in her more lucid moments, she volunteers with Injured Marine Semper Fi fund as well as heads up her own very small military support organization called Honor Their Service.

  • Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t live near a base right now… I’ve already gotten Stretch called on the carpet twice now (it might have been 3 times, but we PCS’d before the 3rd incident made it’s way to his boss).
    Hmm…. but now you’ve got me wondering… just what DID you do?

  • Semper Fi Wife

    I have no idea!! I was so relieved that he said “you’re good” that i left it at that.

  • MO

    I absolutely cannot stand the anxiety I get going through the gate. Are they going to take my ID because they don’t like the little peeling it’s doing, which they feel the need to flick and make worse.
    Not to mention Phantom Express here Ft. Hood. It’s the stupidest invention ever! I accidentally grabbed DH’s card and we got pulled over, they took all of our ID’s even though I showed him and explained I had my ID I just accidentally grabbed the wrong one. They are just crazy with power I think.

  • DL Sly

    Maybe it went *whoop whoop* because you’re only 11 and not supposed to be driving….

  • …or it may have been the braids :p

  • Andi

    Howdy from Europe, ladies. Atop the tallest mountain in the Alps right now. Miss you all…..

  • angela

    Just in case there are any guards reading this I have a complaint for you. Just because I have drove away does not mean my window is up all the way. When you talk about stuff you did are who you did over the weekend my kids can still here you. My kids don’t need to hear about any body functions you have either. And to the guy on Monday that dropped the F-bomb my 5 year old heard you. So say whatever you want but make sure my window is up so my kids don’t hear you.

  • Xtna

    I had a problem with not having a sticker on my vehicle and the airman (back when they still worked the gates) wouldn’t let me on base with just my ID. When I attempted to go through another gate I was denied, because he had called my vehicle in. Now they don’t even use those stickers stateside. Frustrating!

  • Apparently atm cards do not gain entry into military bases. Just an FYI.
    And don’t try to get onto base when facebook cursed you into forgetting your id for the first time in MONTHS only to find out your registration is expired. But if you do, possibly after midnight might be best.