Are you listening? Those Key Spouses are getting tired …

Greetings — SpouseBUZZ LIVE is cranking and running and we have a wonderful mix of all 5 Services represented today! And as the conversations developed during breaks and as well during the open discussion of the panel, it became apparent that something I've seen before may be more prevalent than I'd thought. Here tis …

Commanders — First Sergeants … what's up with your support of YOUR Key Spouse programs? Some seem to be working wonderfully, but more often than not, it seems that your Key Spouse may be getting what little time you have left at the end of the week or even the end of the month … so … are you giving it the time it deserves, this Key Spouse program?

Do you give your Key Spouses the information they need to contact the spouses in your unit? Names, phone numbers, PCS driven changes to the unit rosters?

Childcare? Are you or the First Sergeants Association, or the Top 3 … or "?" helping to defray childcare costs so that the once-a-month Key Spouse trainingmeeting at A&FRC is attended by everyone?

Or even … How often do you, Commander/First Sergeant, attend the Key Spouse meeting to hear what's said, and just as important, the group of Key Spouses gets to hear what YOUR thoughts are?

CC/CCF…. Trust me on this, Your Key Spouse wants to help and really does feel the responsibility of the challenge you have given them … don't wear them out and don't take them for granted.

So if you're there, and your listening … when was the last time YOU met and really talked to YOUR Key Spouse about what they are experiencing?

Lastly … sorry for thump … but we know we can't make the Key Spouse programwork without you. SpouseBUZZ LIVE has pointed out that we want to help you help us to help the spouses …

Over&Out, MaintenanceToadOne

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Maintenance Toad One, or simply "Toad", retired from the Air Force after 26 years and brings 18 years of marriage, 14 years of it Military-married-to-Military experience. His wife remains active duty Air Force and they have just completed their 22nd PCS, which includes Toad having two tours in the Middle East as well as the initial campaign of OEF. That life behind him, he now focuses on all things mil-spouse, turning up and speaking to any forum that will allow him the opportunity to address the issues facing the mil-spouse.

  • E

    Thank god someones saying it! I wish I could be there to add my “2” cents!

  • Maint Toad1

    E … glad you’re on line, and yes, really wish you could have been here at Norfolk with us!
    Your 2 cents is very important–tell your commander if possible, or your First Sergeant or lastly, go to A&FRC and talk to them … they need your feedback too! Thanks again.

  • LAW

    And if you were asking our CO, 1st Sgt… NO phone list, NO email list except to FRG leader… oh yeah, we don’t have one anymore….. OPSEC (read, I don’t want to be bothered, so I’ll use the excuse and no one will question me…Col whatsis)

  • Maintenance Toad

    LAW — I know — I truly know and only wish for you and your unit, that clearer heads will soon be with you and that they will recognize that the positive inputs of the spouses can be invaluable. It’s just tough to legislate common sense and sadly it’s not a block on any promotion recommendation form.

  • LAW

    This is the second CO I’ve gone through with the unit. and it’s obviously easier to carry on with the former CO’s ideas. vFRG proposal? shot down as OPSEC… notwithstanding the encouragement of the Pentagon. After 16 months, I have officially given up. No.. it’s not a block on the OER. should be.

  • M

    Another option would be to check with your Airman & Family Readiness Center for the child care issue. Air Force Aid has a Volunteer Child Care program which provides a certain amount of free child care to those volunteering on the military installation… Being that these key spouses ARE volunteering they should be be able to utilize this program.