“Jealous Wives Threaten Military Spouse Over Calendar”

alessandra bosco

Their headline, not mine. A couple of weeks ago, I received a press advisory about an Army wife/model who is selling a sexy calendar to help “boost troop morale.” Her name is Alessandra Bosco and she is ┬ábeautiful.

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Well, it seems that Alessandra and her soldier husband are having a rough go of it out in Germany. I’ve received some email about this and given that Alessandra’s story is now in the news, I decided, somewhat grudgingly, to post about it.

There are so many angles here that are worth considering and probing. I’m very interested in reading your thoughts about this. Unfortunately, I’m knee-deep in segregating stuff for the movers so I’ll simply post the story and come back later to add my two cents….

An Army spouse says her attempt to boost troops’ morale with a sexy, military-themed calendar has made her a target of threats, abuse and vandalism that she blames on jealous wives.

Alessandra Bosco, who’s married to Sgt. 1st Class Edward McCoy of the Katterbach-based 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, is selling a 2009 calendar that includes 12 photographs of her wearing a mixture of lingerie and military items.

The 32-year-old Italian has been a bikini model for 10 years and says she never had a problem with Army spouses before she came to Katterbach last year. But since then she has been the target of gossip, hurtful looks and negative comments from wives waiting at home while their husbands serve with the aviation unit in Iraq, she said.

“As soon as they found out that I liked to take pictures it was a problem. It’s a lot worse since the calendar,” she said.

The other wives, some married to high-ranking soldiers based in Katterbach, want her removed from the community, Bosco said.

“I’m a symbol that makes them feel self-conscious if they are overweight or don’t have a job that brings them in the spotlight,” she said.


Katterbach, where the somewhat-austere U.S. facilities are sandwiched into a cramped mess of rusty old German buildings, does not, at first sight, appear to be the natural environment for the glamorous lifestyle that Bosco aspires to. During an interview last week at the post exchange, she stood out from the shoppers in T-shirts and jeans in her tight black blouse.

Her husband, who stands well over 6 feet with a physique that suggests long hours in the gym, also cuts a memorable figure.

The veteran of deployments to Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa, who works as the 12th CAB operations sergeant major, said Army leaders have told him his wife is a disgrace.

“I’ve never been in this situation but I’ve been told my career is on the line,” he said. “I’m probably going to be relocated because my wife is a disruption to the community and it is affecting wives’ morale and they can’t have that in [the 12th CAB] rear detachment at this point.”

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Andi strives to find humor in the good, bad and ugly of life and is a firm believer that laughter has the ability to cure most ills.

  • aviator wife

    I am not sure what she has done that would require her removal. To each their own. She should be allowed to do what she pleases within the laws of the land. She had to know that some people might have a problem wih her photos.

    • gfc

      this happen to celeb Traci K ..when she humbled to go on a date with soldier and married him
      she later became a national tv reality and singer.
      then served her troops in her own career and trained them plus in morale aspects is HOT.
      she received stalkers, threats then her husband did the same to her in fact it lost her contract and sponsorship she was threatened,,,and has not had a reality tv or paid work and she is fighting for her unpaid wages and feels the service owes her for this and him
      he betrayed another part of the country….read battle ground coming up…although many soldiers since she helped them helped her but like other spouses they fall and are given no respect or money.

      it is wrong…and a celeb no matter what if elvis served and she did with her contracts she deserves the same pay as such although civilians were the worst giving no help to her out in the state.
      and even forgot her after no longer on TV. she needs to join FPLA fitness professional lifestyle association…to help make adifference…..FITSTYLE is about health and lifestyle

  • how ridiculous! the woman makes a living as a model. so that’s enough to ostracize her?? stupid. Those cats at the base need a life.

  • I’m with LAW. If a calendar is enough to make you doubt your dh, you’re better off taking that issue up with him, not the model. Those women must have too much time on their hands.

  • army_wife

    In the article that is linked to in this entry, it states that hard-core pornography is widely available in the PX and downrange and that “nobody cares”. I would take issue with that statement because there are a LOT of people that care about that, myself inlcuded. I think that porn, whether hard-core or soft-core should not be available anywhere on any military installation (PX/Shoppettes at FOBs/COBs included). And yes, I consider a calendar full of pictures of a woman in lingerie to be a form of “porn”… disagree if you wish. I think that suggestive materials hurt families’ morale whether a deployment is involved or not.
    I don’t like it at all and I hope my husband doesn’t wish to buy her calendar (highly doubtful, by the way). However, I’d be even more disturbed if it were a spouse in my husband’s unit. I understand how it would peeve the wives to know that their husbands are all leering at this calendar and can come home and know that they’ve seen one of their fellow Soldiers’ wives in lingerie. They’ll see her at some military function eventually and of course they’ll remember her calendar pictures, what she looked like undressed. That could make for a compromising situation somewhere down the road.
    My own personal belief is that unless a man is married to a particular woman, he doesn’t need to see her in a state of undress (of any degree).
    That said, I don’t condone the threats and vandalism directed towards this wife. No matter how much another person’s behavior might disturb me, no matter how wrong their actions are, it doesn’t give me (or anyone else) the right to retaliate. If the woman has done something illegal, then the law can handle it.
    As far as “being removed from the community”… well, the comment she made about the other wives being jealous because they are “overweight” or “don’t have jobs that put them in the spotlight” smacks of narcissism. If she has this attitude towards the other wives, I can see how she could be causing problems with that. I wonder how well-liked her husband is? Does he go to work boasting about the fact that “my wife is a bikini model”? Are they overly proud? Some of this woman’s comments suggest to me that she could be looking down her nose at the “less-attractive” spouses. I don’t know her, so I don’t know for a fact that this is the case. That’s just the feeling I get from some of the statements in the original article. A lot of wives would find it very intimidating (I am speaking for myself as well) to even be around a woman of her beauty, knowing that she is a model, etc. Perhaps this calendar that all the soldiers are ogling is just the straw that broke the camel’s back for them. I hope that my feelings are incorrect on this one, and that this woman is kind and accepting towards the other wives… but if she were so kind to them, and did not have a self-important attitude, then I suspect she wouldn’t be having the problems she is having. If her attitude is, in fact, causing severe problems with the other wives then perhaps it would be fair to remove her. I suppose that is for the leadership there to decide.
    On a lighter note… why are these married soldiers even interested in the calendar when they can make their own (for private consumption within the marriage only!)… ;-)

  • Yeah, they should leave her alone; it’s all part of the pin-up girl tradition–there was some pretty racy nose art back in the day. Fantasy. Not real life. But, then again, maybe the problem is that she’s a part of that “real life” for the wives.
    I have to wonder if maybe she likes the attention and being in the spotlight, no matter how negative the glare. Something about the tone of the quotes in the article smacks of self-promotion even if it is for morale.
    I can see both sides but cannot condone the harassment. No matter what, it makes wives look bad on all sides. The comments section of the article makes that very, very clear. I can see why you’ve hesitated to post this, Andi. It just brings out the ugliness in people.

  • A. Friend

    I believe people have every right to buy Playboy, Penthouse, etc. at military facilities. The troops are here to defend our First Amendment rights, so who is anyone to say those magazines can’t be sold on base? Anyway, you can easily find FAR more explicit material on the Internet 24/7. The harassment is due to jealous wives who just can’t compete with Ms. Bosco. Hopefully her husband can retire soon or be stationed at a big base where nobody will care.

  • Flaneuse

    How sad that the other wives are so insecure as to resort to harassment. That should not be tolerated.

  • That’s extremely ridiculous.. all that drama. For what? Just b’c she happens to be the actual person on a calendar? How many swim suit /sexy caldendars are available at Walmart etc etc? I think that the husband’s job should not be on the line either.
    I think that they need to seriously re- think how they’re treating her. It’s more of an insecurity from certain people that’s causing all the drama.
    On a side note, she also shouldn’t have said that they’re overweight or jobless but that’s not enought to drive her out of there.
    I personally know of an Army wife who made a sexy calendar for her husband and she’s not a professional model.
    It says Alessandra did this to boost the morale of soldiers. Do you honestly think they’d be having this big of an issue had it been Heidi Klum or anyone else doing this? I don’t think so.

  • Erin

    This saddens me because it only perpetuates that myth that women in military communities are insecure, like to start drama, etc. Let’s stop cutting each other down, especially when you’re stationed in a remote location far from home, when people NEED to be banding together.
    This woman is not alone in her ideas and efforts. There are tons of vintage-inspired pin-up models doing the same thing: http://www.pinupsfortroops.com/ http://www.thepinupangels.com/ http://www.pinupglamour.net/
    Let’s pick and choose our battles – this one isn’t worth it. It saddens me that her husband’s job is in jeopardy because of something she started with good intentions.

  • army_wife

    “I’m a porker myself. That’s why I don’t want my husband looking at any attractive women.”
    Why would you post that under my screen name? Do you really think anyone is going to believe that I would say that about myself in public? Please. If you want to say that about me, feel free to do so under your own screen name. No need use identity theft to hide yourself.
    As far as internet porn goes… just because they “can” look at worse things online, doesn’t mean anyone should. I don’t believe porn is a “first amendment right”. It’s obscene and a blight on society. I’ve seen firsthand how destructive it can be. I haven’t always been the person I am now (not that I’m super-wonderful now, but I like to think I have improved over what I used to be). I can assure you that I’m not, by far, the only one who has seen how destructive this stuff can be.
    If you think it’s OK, then you’re entitled to your opinion. I respectfully disagree with it. I’d have an issue with this sort of thing no matter who did it (an Army wife or anyone else)…
    I’ve said it before, but I want to make it totally clear that I don’t condone in any way the vandalism and hatefulness directed towards this lady. She deserves as much respect as anyone else in the world.
    I still say that we milspouses should make our own “private” calendar for our Soldiers. That sounds more fun than quibbling about what some other woman did publicly.

  • DJ

    Shame on all of you, especially her. You need to read further comments she’s made regarding spouses. How DARE she say that because spouses may be fat, she can provide the distraction their husband’s need. I can’t believe that men have such little respect and compassion for their wives, that they would encourage this. Their wives are home taking care of the children, pets, the house, and working full time jobs in order to support their deployed husband’s. All they have to get them through is the HOPE that their husband is looking at THEIR pictures, and that THEY provide the distraction that he needs..NOT the next door neighbor. We all know Playboy is around, no problem there, BUT their husband’s are not going to meet the Playboy models they lust over. Having this woman living on your street, knowing your husband has been looking at her in her lingerie, is totally wrong. She has a big mouth, and has said a lot of hurtful things about the spouses. If she is going to be a military wife, then she needs to act like one and treat the other wives with the respect they deserve, not thrusting her half nude body on their husband’s. It’s not a question of men looking at “pin up girls”..It’s a question of men lusting after a woman that they will see on a regular basis, with their wives right next to them.
    I hope they remove her from the base and send her elsewhere. It’s time that the wives were shown some respect for all their hard work during deployments. A half naked calendar of the next door neighbor is not respectful. She needs to pedal her goods elsewhere.

  • Andi

    LeeAnn said, “I can see why you’ve hesitated to post this, Andi. It just brings out the ugliness in people.” Yes, it sure does. And that was just one reason I hesitated to post this story.
    It seems we have some commenters who are new to SpouseBUZZ, so it might be a good idea to explain how we do things around here before more comments are flagged. We disagree with one another on occasion, sometimes we vehemently disagree, but we always do so in a civil manner. We attack an argument, not each other. SpouseBUZZ is a community and everyone treats everyone else with respect around here, whether or not they agree with one another.
    So please, no more posting rude comments under another person’s name, peddling porn sites, leaving explicit comments or personal attacks leveled at spouses with whom you disagree.
    Anyone is free to make their arguments, but just remember that good manners are important around here.

  • Erin N.

    I feel that the threats etc that this wife has had lobbed her way are unfortunate and do not reflect well on military wives in general. That being said, I don’t agree that what she did was a good idea. Lots of wives know that Playboy and other magazines in that category are around. However, as it was mentioned earlier, no one is likely to meet the girl in Playboy he saw naked or nearly naked. It’s very likely that these other wives will run into Ms. Bosco and it would be quite aukward to know that their husbands had seen her naked or nearly naked, and what he may be thinking the moment they run into each other. No wife wants to think that her husband lusts after another woman, and to have that woman possibly right across the street is a bit much. Just an opinion.

  • Mrs. D

    I have to admit, I am pretty disgruntled with the Stars and Stripes lately. They have turned into tabloid trash. Some of the articles and editorials they have published recently should never have been put in print for everyone to read. Articles about allowing people to have sex in Afghanistan, an editorial by an active duty female stating that people cheat all the time on deployments, then this mess about the “model” who wants to entertain our husbands. I am not an Army spouse (an AF one), and don’t live in that community, but I certainly understand why the wives are upset. I don’t feel that vandalism, etc is the answer, but that it should be handled by the Commander’s on the base. Obviously, this has become a serious issue there. Once she started berating the spouses, by talking about their appearances, lack of a job, etc., (also, the nasty comments made by others about the spouses appearance published in the paper),she became public enemy number one.
    Personally, I don’t think my husband would want me posing in such a way for my peers, but then, a SSGT doesn’t make a lot of money, and I’m sure the supplemental income is worth sharing his wife for.
    I have a feeling this is just a way for her to get attention in hopes that Larry Flynt will come knocking.
    Stars and Stripes needs to be a bit more selective in what they publish. They have stirred up a hornets nest with this one, and a lot of people are being hurt by it.
    Especially, the wives who would like to think their husband’s are looking forward to coming home to see THEM, not to get glimpses of the neighbor. She has done irreparable harm to many women. When the husband’s return, there will be heck to pay everytime the woman is around. I can hear it now.
    I’m just glad that the women in the USA don’t have access to the Stars and Stripes unless they go looking for it online. Ignorance is bliss.

  • Calico

    I may not agree with what the woman has done, but I will defend to the death her right to do it. So she has a big mouth; so she might not be a very nice person; so the other wives aren’t being very nice either – not all people are nice, or quiet, or what we may think is the “ideal” military wife. It is not up to me to decide how someone else should behave; or what someone else should look at; or what I think they should be thinking when they look at something. I cannot imagine that the woman’s husband’s career is actually in jeopardy – that’s probably an exaggeration. It is up to him to fight any push from his superiors to force his wife to conform to their standards. If he isn’t willing to push back, then perhaps he wants things to change. You never know. If he is willing to tell a superior officer that it is none of their business what his wife does as long as it does not reflect unfavorably on the U.S. military – then they will have to back down. Well, that’s my 2 cents.

  • Andi

    It took me a while to formulate my thoughts, and this is lengthy, so please bear with me. How many of you read the entire article? Long story short, nobody looks good in this article, and if we’re getting the whole picture here, then truth really is stranger than fiction.
    We should keep in mind that this article puts the perspectives of Alessandra and her husband in the spotlight. The other “players,” as it were, are mentioned and there are one or two quotes from them, but the article is largely Alessandra and her husband’s story.
    Let’s examine all the players mentioned in the article.
    The Spouse Community:
    “The other wives, some married to high-ranking soldiers based in Katterbach, want her removed from the community, Bosco said.”
    I was a bit stunned to read this. What does “removed from the community” really mean here? And can one be “removed from the community” because one is beautiful and trades publicly and legally on that beauty? This seems a tad ridiculous to me.
    “After a story about the calendar appeared in Stars and Stripes last month, Bosco said she found threats posted on her Web page – http://www.alessandrabosco.com – and that she was awakened in the night by women banging on her front door and yelling abuse. Her husband’s car, a distinctive blue Chevrolet that sports an Italian flag, has been vandalized several times with side mirrors snapped off, keys dragged across the doors and the windshield smashed, she said.”
    I do hope the MPs were called. As many of you have commented, this type of behavior is beyond the pale, to say the least. I really, truly cannot envision a scenario where milspouses congregate at the residence of another spouse and verbally assault her. Seriously, this sounds like something right out of the Lenore/Marilyn (Army Wives) play book. But if this really occurred, it’s embarrassing and inexcusable. As for the vandalism, well, I think we can all agree that is unacceptable, and a totally unjustified response, no matter what Alessandra has done.
    “Army Leadership”:
    “The veteran of deployments to Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa, who works as the 12th CAB operations sergeant major, said Army leaders have told him his wife is a disgrace.”
    Really? I’d like to know who these “Army leaders” are that told a fellow soldier his wife is a disgrace. And on what did they base their comments? I’m having a hard time believing that Army leaders actually said this. If so, what’s disgraceful here is their behavior.
    “I’ve never been in this situation but I’ve been told my career is on the line,” he said. “I’m probably going to be relocated because my wife is a disruption to the community and it is affecting wives’ morale and they can’t have that in [the 12th CAB] rear detachment at this point.”
    Again, hard for me to believe that a career would be “on the line” just because someone is married to a beautiful swimsuit/lingerie model and that model lives in the community. This makes no sense to me, whatsoever.
    The Husband:
    “Downrange it is pornography with a capital P,” he said. “There is hard-core pornography everywhere and nobody cares. Every soldier could back me up, but they don’t want their wives to know that and the Army doesn’t want the public to know that.”
    I found this comment to be gratuitous and wonder where the connection between porn and this story (which is supposedly a story about swimsuit model and calendar girl who is getting a raw deal from other spouses) is. It just seemed an odd reference which could do nothing but provoke hostilities and make matters worse for him and his wife within their community. In his defense, we don’t know what question was posed to him, but the way it reads in the article isn’t pretty.
    And then there’s Alessandra. I think it’s worth noting that Alessandra is Italian. I’ve always heard that Europeans are not as uptight about sexuality as Americans are. I’m not sure if this is true, but of the Europeans I know, most are much more direct and blunt than Americans tend to be. I tend to like the directness, but I also know that it can sometimes come across as rude. Some of Alessandra’s comments do come across as rude, but worse than that – they come across as belittling, whether they were intended in that manner or not. Alessandra shouldn’t be surprised that other spouses would take offense to a statement such as this one:
    “I’m a symbol that makes them feel self-conscious if they are overweight or don’t have a job that brings them in the spotlight.”
    That’s a lot of projection and her statement assumes quite a bit. I think Alessandra is a beautiful woman, but there are outwardly gorgeous women on every military installation. Women who are well-liked and not considered “disruptive.” And there are overweight women on every military installation. Women who do not resent or cause trouble for other women simply because they are thin.
    You see, the problem I had with this story was that everyone involved looks bad. Everyone. Milspouses come across as petty and insecure, the post leadership come across as heavy-handed, soldiers come across as hard-core porn-addicts, Alessandra comes across as uppity and her husband comes across as someone who pokes his finger in the eye of other wives and the Army. I’m not saying this is how everyone really is, but it sure reads that way. As LeeAnn stated:
    “I can see both sides but cannot condone the harassment. No matter what, it makes wives look bad on all sides. The comments section of the article makes that very, very clear.”
    There are no winners here. There are no sympathetic characters, and a lot of this is hard to believe. I’m not saying it’s untrue, just that it’s stunning if it is true. It would be nice to get some more perspective from the other wives and the Army leadership. Can one situation really be this horrible all the way around, or is there some context missing here?
    I hesitated to post this story for many reasons. First, it just seems so wacky, doesn’t it? Also, it deals with so many yucky stereotypes, one being that women act catty towards other women. Another being the gossipy nature of post-living. As Erin commented above:
    “This saddens me because it only perpetuates that myth that women in military communities are insecure, like to start drama, etc. Let’s stop cutting each other down, especially when you’re stationed in a remote location far from home, when people NEED to be banding together.”
    But also, thanks to the unnecessary injection, there’s the delicate issue of pornography and how it’s viewed (not literally) from the home front to the battle field. It’s a tricky subject. All in all, I just plain didn’t like this story. Some of the SpouseBUZZ authors discussed it beforehand and we agreed that since it’s a story about a milspouse community and it’s in the headlines now (and we kept getting pinged about it), that it was a reasonable topic for SpouseBUZZ.
    Some comments posted elsewhere pertaining to this story were downright brutal and I didn’t want that happening here. The milspouse community and Alessandra have been raked through the coals in an unpleasant, distasteful fashion in some quarters. We had a couple of out-of-line comments (which were flagged and disposed of), but the SB community has offered intelligent, rational commentary that avoided personal attacks on those involved and we wanted to thank you for that.

    • shaikhreza

      I just can’t help but think there is WAY more to this story that we don’t know. And, given the ‘drive by’ smattering of coverage that is becoming more & more typical in grab-your-attention stories like thi sone, I doubt we will.

      Read more: https://spousebuzz.com/blog/2008/06/jealous-wives-

  • Guard Wife

    I just can’t help but think there is WAY more to this story that we don’t know. And, given the ‘drive by’ smattering of coverage that is becoming more & more typical in grab-your-attention stories like thi sone, I doubt we will.

  • The only thing that really would bother me about the calendar is that it is of a wife that some of the troops will know personally. I don’t think I’d care for my husband checking out a calendar of someone’s wife from his ship or shore job. However, I’m not opposed to to the soldiers looking at calendars of any type or pinups or any “dirty” magazines, per se. It literally doesn’t bother me b/c I know my husband loves regardless of what “eye candy” he might check out from time to time. And deployed military personnel have had access to calendars and other material for years so this isn’t that big of an issue to me.
    I do think it’s a bit harsh with all of the criticism she is receiving and the threats of being relocated, etc. Granted, she may not be sympathetic to the other wives feelings on this, but the threats are too much. We have bigger problems in this world to worry about.

  • Andi

    And just to build on my comment (because it wasn’t long enough – heh) I do not like it when an entire community is painted with a broad brush, because it’s not right. I don’t believe for one minute that an entire post of milspouses were plotting and scheming against Alessandra just because she happens to possess some fine physical attributes. It just seems to me that everyone involved probably has reasonable points to be made but their points (whatever they may be) are somehow lost in the visceral reactions that occur when someone reads a story like this, and when we don’t know much about what the other side has encountered or is thinking.
    No matter what happened and no matter who did what to whom, it’s sad that there is a rift so wide among spouses who, in general, tend to bond with and support one another. Wouldn’t it be nice to see them work it out somehow among themselves?
    Where’s Claudia Joy when you need her? Heh….

  • Jewel

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Andi. It’s a sad situation all the way around, especially thinking that milspouses are capable of such hate and vengence. I have to wonder if this would have caused the same uproar at a state side post/base. My experience has been that when you are stationed at a post/base that may be isolated and far from the nearest town, everyone turns their attention inward and focuses on the post and all it’s stories and gossip, which can cause things to spiral out of control rather quickly.

  • Mikala

    I wonder how it would feel if your husband has her calender (and you know it), and then you have to sit across from them at some type of function on the base. Hmmmm, I wonder where his mind would be. I assure you, not on the dress YOU are wearing! He would be focusing on what she’s wearing underneath hers! None of you ladies writing on here will ever have the opportunity to experience that, because you are not stationed where she is. It’s pretty easy to berate the women on the base for their actions, when it’s them and not you having to see her every day, knowing she’s been entertaining their husbands, barely clothed. Having said that, nobody has the right to threaten or do violent acts. Funny how an active duty girl was discharged not long ago, for basically the same thing. Doesn’t seem real fair, does it…..

  • NC Army Wife

    Reacting to Mikala’s comments, this is one of the very reasons I stear clear of my FRG and why this calendar has created such an uproar. Yes my husband would look at her, then we would laugh all the way home on the huge scene this caused and what idiots everyone was being. I hope that I would react in a mature way and ignore what would have gone away quickly under normal circumstances.
    Small minds and closed minds is what tears apart any community.

  • SeabeeSeniorWife

    I’m in agreement with Andi. Its sad to see such a disruptive article printed as a factual piece of information. This reads like an unsubstantiated piece of promotional journalism. The allegations made by the model and her husband seem like a shameless ways to promote her calendar and promote her career as a model. This also seems to be the agenda of the articles author as well. Sadly, it will do just that and in the mean time it will spread a misconception about those Army wives on that base as well as military wives everywhere.
    I too, agree in the right to free speech but what gets forgotten many times is that if you chose to exercise that right in a very public forum, you must accept the responsibilities and realities that come with making your opinion so public. No on should be naive enough to believe that you can put your body out there, even as a model, and not have some women react negatively to your promoting yourself to their husbands. Obviously, I don’t agree with vandalism and slander as forms of retaliation, but the reality is that there will always be people who react this way and you should always be prepared for the consequences of your public actions. That doesn’t make them right but reality is never an ideal world.

  • ditto NC Army Wife.
    I tried to come up with a long, thought out response. Then I realized it wasn’t worth the energy. It’s a female scantily clad. Whoop dee doo. Still haven’t seen one reason that would convince me that it’s a big deal or worth all the energy of making a fuss over it.

  • oldtanker3

    i’ve been retired 35 years now but it seems some things never change! Maybe these worried wives need to ask themselves ” What am I worried about?” and then take appropriate action! A picture is just that! A picture!
    1SG Jim Carner USA Ret.

  • Aubrey

    NC Army Wife..he might be laughing in front of you…
    but what thoughts are really lurking in his mind ;-)

  • Evie

    Jim, it’s more than just a picture when she’s living next door to you. A military base is a small area, overseas…..there’s no avoiding her. It’s only a picture when it’s a fantasy that you will never meet in person with your wife standing next to you

  • Desi

    I, personally, cannot stand the “right to free speech” argument as being a permission slip to drop all sense of decorum, decency, and resepct. Yes, she has the right to parade herself around in front of these men. No, she isn’t doing anything legally wrong and I agree with everybody else that the retaliation of vandalism and threats are way out of line. However, let us put a different spin on this idea.
    Say you want to make a sexy calendar and sell it to the men in your husband’s unit. Now how do you think your best spouse friend (whose husband also happens to be in your husband’s unit!) will feel about her husband getting aroused by you every evening while on deployment? Could you look your best friend in the eye? Do you think she’d be your best friend anymore? Do you think you’d be invited to her labor day barbecue this year or any year in the future? I know that if I were that best friend, you can bet I wouldn’t speak to you for the rest of your life. Not because you did anything legally wrong, but because you somehow felt it was your duty to entertain my husband sexually when in fact it is not your duty nor your place.
    If you can’t tell, I’m 100% against porn of any kind, whether I know the model or not. I think it berates women and undermines the sexual relationship between a man and his wife.

  • Erin

    My husband would have the same reaction as Jim, but I understand where Evie is coming from as well.
    At least for me, there’s a huge distinction between tangible women (“real” people, neighbors, etc) and those seen in porn and nudie mags. Those women are inaccesible. As difficult as it is sometimes, it’s my challenge as a wife to rely on the strength of our marriage and have faith in my husband. That insecurity is my issue that I have to overcome.
    I’m not quite sure where I wanted to take this post, but I did want to expand on how different people (men and women) may view something like this as an issue and give my take on the calendar, as a wife.

  • NC Army Wife

    I hesitate to respond to the comment about my husband. My blood curled when I saw that comment. I will not take it as a personal attack since you do not know me personally. I will instead take it as an attack on the very heart of what it a marriage. Military or not, a marriage in my view is two people who have decided to commit the rest of their lives to one another, for better or worse. As much as I do not like quoting entertainment figures, Will Smith was asked how he and his wife have stayed together so long, and his response was divorce just isn’t an option. Popular opinion of marriage and what that commitment means has eroded in the past years or decades. Some seem to think that cheating and wandering thoughts and hearts is normal and to be expected. My husband and I do not feel that way, and as I look around I have surrounded myself with friends who value that commitment just as highly as we do. We are not prudes, but our marriage is the most important thing we have together. It makes me feel old and sad to see so many people make comments to this article that show just how much our culture and values have changed. And I am not old, just raised old school :)

  • Semper Fi Wife

    NC Army Wife,
    Lancelot and I have the same philosophy on marriage. Divorce simply is not an option. You are absolutely right.
    Old school or not, it’s a philosophy that has kept my marriage together for 23 years. :)

  • cdgin

    I kind of think people are missing the point here.
    The last line of the article a wife was quoted as saying it would be ok if he was slobbering over Angelina Jolie. Someone else mentioned it would be ok if it was Heidie Klum. All these pictures are of real people-they are ALL tangible. Angelina has neighbors and so does Heidie. All the other models in all the other calendars and magazines have neighbors..they don’t live out on some sexy model/person island out in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t matter who it is or where they live, they are always going to be someone else’s neighbor. Do we have to like what our neighbors do? NO. But I also think we don’t have the right to tell our neighbors what they can do and cannot do for a living. That’s part of being an American-we aren’t told what we are going to do for a living.
    I haven’t seen the pictures (I’m on my work computer) however, if we don’t even know what the photos look like, how can you assume that they aren’t tasteful pictures? And even if they aren’t-if it’s legal-then we really can’t say anything either. We can choose to buy the calendar or not to buy the calendar, period. If you don’t buy it, you aren’t supporting her.
    None of us know how she is being treated, what is being said to her. Her comments weren’t very nice, but we don’t know what those other women are saying to her either. What they have to say could be much more nasty. Plus, if it was me and my property was being vandalized and women were saying nasty things to me..You could quote me about it and what I had to say would be alot worse, I’m sure. I’m just saying you don’t have to agree with her, or what she does or what she says-but she is an adult. How she chooses to make her living is her own choice. If some of what was inferred in the article is being said by military officials-I’m more worried about how much the lawsuit is going to cost the taxpayers.
    Comparing what she does to other models and saying it’s ok if it is Angelina Jolie or some other famous person, but not ok because she lives on a military base and is someone’s neighbor is like saying it’s ok if _______ (insert anything bad you want to think of) happens in the civilian world, but on a base it’s not ok. Everyone is entitled to their rights, whether they’re your neighbor or someone else’s.

  • MO

    When will we women embrace our sexuality and stop being so afraid of bigger, smaller, pale, tan, golden, brown, inverted, bubbly, flat etc. etc.
    I’m so done! Let the woman do her thang! Perhaps the next time somebody wants to make some racy pic’s for their husbands they could make friends with her and get some pointers or some discounts.
    Unite ladies, screw what society tells us how to think!

  • plc

    Wow, sure have some emotions stirred up with this article. I have jut one thing I would like to comment on…aren’t there other people besides just female spouses living on the post? Who is to say that it was a bunch of “wives” that did the vandalism? Maybe she forgot to tip a bagger at the commissary?

  • NC Army Wife

    Thank you for the humor. I think we all needed that!

  • Shanna

    I’m just curious as to how she is improving morale with the calendar? Is she donating the proceeds to the MWR office or the unit? I think that this article barely touches the surface of the entire story and that if this wife is being “removed from the community”, my guess is it is because of something completely unrelated to the calendar. Unfortunately, the press nowadays doesn’t deem it necessary to ensure all of the comments they’re printing are related to the same issue. Good for her that she’s beautiful and a bikini model. If I could do it, I probably would, too. Bad for her that her attitude portrayed in this article makes her a very ugly person. I think everyone is getting worked up over this situation, but I don’t think anyone has been provided with the whole story. I can understand why some wives would feel threatened, I may have too in my younger years. Now, I have the “Zen-ish” philosophy that I can control absolutely nothing other than my reaction to everything. I can’t control what my husband looks at, fantasizes about or is aroused by, but I can control how I react to those things. Simplistic, maybe, but it works for me and keeps my jealousy levels at a minimum.

  • Madeline

    With all the sexual assaults in the military (just watch AFN commercials), I think I’d be leery of putting myself out there for a bunch of men to fantasize about. This isn’t just about married men, but there are a lot of young, single guys “enjoying” it, too. Also, I am no prude. I have subscribed to Maxim for my husband in the past, BUT, I know that once he turns the pages, that’s the end of it. He’ll never bump into those women in the commissary, PX,
    base swimming pool, etc. He won’t see her and wonder if she’s wearing the Feb, March or April underwear. By the way, an article online said that while other wives shop in t-shirts and jeans, “alessandra” is seen in tight black tops. (okay, freedom of dress is an alienable right). She is, obviously, a woman who craves attention and likes to stand out in the crowd. Conforming is not the problem here, it’s being sensitive to the other women on the Post’s feelings. My husband is in the Air Force, and I must say that when we go to formal functions, the woman in the low cut dress is the one everyone gossips about. My husband has even made comments on how inappropriate some of the dresses are. This woman,who feels she’s doing a service for the husbands, is doing a disservice to their wives.

  • Hope

    “If you want the girl next door, go next door…” (Quote from the home page at http://www.alessandrabosco.com)
    I think that Alessandra says it herself on this one… The fact that she actually is the girl next door is likely the root of this problem.
    I question what this is about for Alessandra. She claims she wants to support troop morale. However, with all of the uproar this has created, I wonder if this is ultimately doing the opposite in terms of creating turmoil in families and showing the military in a negative light.
    Perhaps she is coming from a good place, but it seems like she is a bit of an attention hog. I’ve never thought to myself..”Gee, I hope that my goodies can get Jane’s husband through his deployment.” But then again, I’m not a bikini model…
    Alessandra and her husband don’t deserve to be harassed and moved, and she does have every right to do what she is doing. And perhaps the wives should just be confident in themselves and their husbands, and just assume that it’s another lingerie calendar. However, the fact of the matter is that not every wife can do that, and if it is making a deployment more troublesome for even one family, then Alessandra’s project has defeated it’s purpose.

  • I just read the article and I have some questions? Did the article post every quote as stated by everyone or did it cut and paste what it wanted? How accurate was every quote? If the article was meant to provoke, it did its job. I may not like all the comments made but I do also know how comments can be distorted to fit the perspective of the writer.
    I definitely do not have the body to sell a calendar, so I give her a lot of credit for doing it. If she and her hubby are okay with it, then there should be no problems for anyone else. No one is forcing other husbands or wives into buying or looking at the calendar.
    If she is distractingly beautiful, that is something she cannot change nor should she. If some people are uncomfortable with her looks, what does that say about them? Wrong is wrong. Saying she is too pretty is just as bad as saying someone is not pretty enough.
    We, as women, should be banding together for sisterhood, not tearing each other apart. We should also support each other since we are milspouses. All for one…

  • DJ

    “Sisterhood?”. I don’t think my sister would want her husband seeing me in lingerie.
    Nor would I want my husband seeing my sister in HER lingerie! As for all the damage being done to their property, perhaps it’s the husband’s of the wives who are making their lives miserable because of all of this. Men who may never give her a second look, are now being subjected to accusations by their wives, because so much attention has been given to this. At some point in our marriages, we have ALL been jealous of other women, and we ALL know the snide remarks we’ve made to our husband’s over it. Imagine what these guys are going through from their wives. They probably never want to leave the house, just in case they run into this woman, while with their spouses. Even if they turn the other way, the wives will throw tirades..”I saw you looking at her”, etc. etc..the damage is done, folks. It’s time for this to stop being front page news and let it die down for everyone’s sake

  • SigGal

    Andi, Thank you for the thoughtful commentary. You are right on – no one one looks good in this.
    The Stars and Stripes has been partly to blame for making some ridiculous stuff into news items lately – and then printing opinion letters to further stir the pot. Their editors do soldiers and families a disservice.
    But of course they have the “right” – we all know who protests that.
    I live overseas. Europeans are different culturally in their opinion of nakedness – it abounds on billboards, in regular magazine ads, etc.
    Allesandra knows this difference in culture – she’s lived in both places. She knows Army wives because she is one. I bet that most of the difficult reactions she is dealing with (not the vandalism and threats – that is unaccepptable and I hope they have called the authorities) are things she has experienced throughout her career as a lingerie model.
    I bet the story is very different if you were to actually talk to the members of that community.
    Anyway – interesting discussion. Can of worms, Andi – you were courageous to post this!

  • NewArmyWifeMegan

    MY husband and I have a very open mind when it comes to porn and pin-ups. I honestly don’t care if my husband looks and the person in the pics lives next door. I am an artist. I have sat through life drawing and sculpting classes and my own work has mostly nude females figures as the subject or main image. I have framed photos and drawing that I have taken or made of men and women that I went to college with. My husband has meet some of them. The only one he has an issue with is the drawing of my ex boyfriend.

  • SigGal

    Andi, Thank you for the thoughtful commentary. You are right on – no one one looks good in this.
    The Stars and Stripes has been partly to blame for making some ridiculous stuff into news items lately – and then printing opinion letters to further stir the pot. Their editors do soldiers and families a disservice.
    But of course they have the “right” – we all know who protests that.
    I live overseas. Europeans are different culturally in their opinion of nakedness – it abounds on billboards, in regular magazine ads, etc.
    Allesandra knows this difference in culture – she’s lived in both places. She knows Army wives because she is one. I bet that most of the difficult reactions she is dealing with (not the vandalism and threats – that is unaccepptable and I hope they have called the authorities) are things she has experienced throughout her career as a lingerie model.
    I bet the story is very different if you were to actually talk to the members of that community.
    Anyway – interesting discussion. Can of worms, Andi – you were courageous to post this!

  • TigsPooh

    First of all, these are only my thoughts/opinions. I have to agree with Mikala. The whole thing makes me feel slighted. I hate to say it, but it’s still a man’s world. Has anyone read the comments on military.com posted mostly by men? Its really disgusting. A lot of men apparently lose brain function/common sense when their you know what is engaged.
    Anyhow,I feel whats good for the goose is good for the gander, right? I just hate the unfairness of it all. I often wonder, if she is out to ‘boost the morale’ of the men, then why not teach other women how to look fantastic for their husbands.
    I think of that programme “How to Look Good Naked”. Now, theres a programme that attempts to change the way a woman feels about herself. And when a woman feels good, she exudes confidence. And that is the most attractive attribute of all!
    How is this confidence building. Its more like confidence stripping at someone else’s expense. I feel that this woman’s petty comments smack of narcissism,and it seems she *needs* the attention.
    I think if given the opportunity, most military wives, heck, women in general would love to have the chance to look this way for their hubby’s or boyfriends. ( It’s been my experience that most women, especially military wives cannot afford to, or they are just plain busy.)
    And besides, wouldn’t you think that military wives/any wife would just want to do it for their husbands’ eyes only?
    Makes you think about her and her husbands motives.
    Here’s a thought, what if there were places just for women to go to, to see half naked men, to stand next to them, dance with, have them to hang out with, have calendars of, pen pals, etc., (and to actually have daycare available while women attended these functions) and all the while we would let our men know that hey, this keeps our mind off of deployments and gives us much needed breaks from the family while you are away……… I wonder how if this would cause as much commotion as this story?? just my 2cents worth.

  • HorsesRule

    I think that the issue is that when men typically engage in porn, or a sexy calendar, the objects of their affections are unattainable. In this case, these men can enjoy their “object” at the next company party…that’s a slightly different ball game. Not saying I agree either way, just pointing out that there is a difference between men lusting after someone they will never meet and someone you run into at the commissary.

  • Mrs. S.

    I hope you can stand one more letter about the “bikini model.” I personally could care less about her selling calendars. She is a woman who is married to a soldier and is trying to continue her bikini modeling career while she can. Maybe that is her only skill? I was glad though the Stars and Stripes had a non airbrushed photo of her in the paper. She is very pretty, but I’ve seen just as attractive (or more so) spouses walking around base. Ok…meow. Her comments on other military spouses bothered me. When asked: “Do you think Italians are more glamorous than Americans?” She answered:”We have a better way of expressing passion through a picture. We are more blessed with looks.” Her comments whether meant to sound hurtful or not were insensitive. If she normally expresses herself like this, I can understand while other wives may not like her. It was also insensitive for the Stars and Stripes to print these remarks. In all honestly, I think all the articles done by Seth Robson, Stars and Stripes reporter, have been, in my opinion, just plain poor journalism. What’s with the Stars and Stripes??? I thought they supported military families???? I agree with Mrs. D (17 June 2008). I, too, have been disgruntled with the Stars and Stripes. These articles by Mr. Robson are not supportive of military spouses and have done a great injustice to the military community. Now the whole community is in an uproar. I also don’t think the Stars and Stripes should be promoting her calendar. When she says she only wants to support the troops with her calendar, I want to laugh. No dear….you want to make some money OFF the troops. This is just a business and she and her husband have used military sources to promote her calendar.
    This is not the first time The Stars and Stripes has done an article advertising what my father who is retired military would call “girlie” calendars. Back in September 2006, there was an article published on a group of models out of California who were putting together a calendar to raise money for wounded soldiers and their families. Their 2007 calendar was called Camouflage (www.operationcalendar.org). The models were “clad only in body paint” with an “a button here, a scarf there.” Many of the models worked with Strategic Operations at Camp Pendleton. According to the article, 100% of the proceeds went to Fisher House Foundation. The Stars and Stripes had a picture of one of the “pinup girls” next to the article. I remember I tried to see if see “anything” with these painted on swimsuits…I couldn’t. The photos were more like WWI pinups. I don’t think there was uproar about this calendar since the women in the article made no negative comments and all the money went to wounded troops and their families. Their goal was to help the troops and their families. I don’t think Ms. Bosco is donating anything to the troops.
    So now, I wonder what will happen to this couple. They say they have been persecuted by the community. Well, they only have themselves and the Stars and Stripes to thank. I would think they would want to leave. I think it would be best for them and the community.

  • Mark

    There is a big difference between her picture in the Stars and Stripes and the pictures on her website…once the makeup and lighting goes away…………………….she’s quite ordinary

  • Mark

    She married an American, got a green card, and has used it to hurt American military spouses who have devoted a good part of their lives to their husband’s careers,often at the expense of their own…
    Time for her to move on…in the USA she’ll just blend in with the crowd. She’s not extraordinary enough to stick out. Models are a dime a dozen. Does she have kids? Maybe she should walk in the shoes of the women raising families, virtually on their own because their husband’s are deployed 3 out of 5 years. Then she can see what HARD work really is. Their husband’s should respect their wives more, considering they are doing the day to day, and sometimes year to year, handling of home and family matters, so that their deployed husband’s can concentrate on their jobs, not on the “girl next doors” have nude body on their walls.

  • army_wife

    I just wanted to pop back in and say I love the comment about teaching other wives how to look good for their husbands. What a great use of Ms. Bosco’s talents that would be! She knows how to look good — how edifying it would be to the Army community it would be if she were to help the other wives! How confidence-building that would be! I think it would be great for her to offer a class for the wives.

  • angela

    I am wondering what the kids in the neighborhood are thinking when they listen to the adults argue over this. I mean I try and teach my son to respect women and my girls that they should take care of their looks but not let that be all they are. So what are the kids thinking when they see dad looking at the women next door and not their mom. I don’t want my girls growing up thinking if they gain a few pounds or get old that its ok for their husbands to look at other women. We are more than that. I had 3 kids for my husband and really raise them alone because he is gone so much. What would that say to my girls if they caught him looking and commenting on the model next door. That would teach them that all women are is something to look at. Hey if I am the one washing the man’s underwear and raising his kids he better only look at me.

  • Jenny

    According to Alessandra in yesterday’s paper, “men will cheat with or without her calender”..Such a classy comment in a newspaper read by thousands of military wives! Somebody needs to muzzle her

  • SigGal

    This in our S&S paper in Germany today. You can find it at Stripes.com
    Thanks to calendar supporters
    I have been following the responses regarding my calendar project. I would like to thank everyone who has made an effort to understand the real meaning of this calendar and understand that this is my career and not an overnight venture.
    I have received hundreds of letters from servicemembers worldwide, particularly from those deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have also received a ton of supportive letters from military spouses who aren’t blinded by jealousy and even bought copies of the calendar.
    Thank you for being able to think outside the box and for understanding that this calendar wasn’t made with the purpose of dragging your husbands to my doorstep. Many thanks also to fellow European ladies who always supported me: We are generally thought to admire a successful woman and learn from her, rather than hating her, and it shows.
    Some people do not like individuals who are ambitious and go after their goals. Jealousy is a reflection of fear. It is easy to blame personal insecurities on my calendar, but let’s be realistic: Poor self-esteem will be there with or without my calendar. Husbands have cheated and will continue to do so with or without my calendar.
    If some think their husbands are so “weak” they’ll drop on my doorstep, maybe the option is to get rid of him or see a therapist. There’s obviously a deeper reason why some marriages are so fragile.
    My project was created for the troops. Their daily messages thanking me for what I am doing remind me of one thing: I have accomplished what I believe in and my work is done. As long as they are happy, that’s what matters.
    Alessandra Bosco
    Katterbach, Germany

  • Gary

    What have you accomplished? How are you helping the troops? Did you put the proceeds into MWR supplies for the war zones? Did you buy phone cards for the war zones, so the servicemen could call their wives? Or did you build up your own nest egg? I think that what you did was done for purely selfish and egotistical reasons and the only morale it helped was your own.

  • AmmieNavyWife

    I seriously don’t see what the problem is with this woman. I don’t doubt for a moment that these wives are insecure and jealous. I find it ridiculous that the Army would take opposition to this woman, just because the wives got their panties in a bunch.
    Further, I think they should distribute the calendar military wide and if I could get my hands on some, I know MANY sailors who would feel a little more patriotic if they had one.
    Maybe if they could get other wives involved with the calendar project, they could be a part of it rather than lashing out at the model. A little confidence goes a long way, and I would bet money their husbands would think it was HOT HOT HOT.

  • Bonny

    I hate to admit this but she does have a point. A cheater is a cheater, whether it’s with a model, the girl next door, or the model/girl next door. A spouse who wants to cheat will do so with anyone willing. I’m not so sure a calendar is the deciding factor.
    I now have two questions.
    1. Does she say where the proceeds from calendar sales went? A few have said she kept them. Just wondering.
    2. Are the people buying her calendar getting the same grief that she is getting? Fair is fair. The buyer is as guilty as the seller.

  • Former MP/Current Ar

    This is ridiculous. Seriously, so this woman decides that she wants to do something to IMPROVE MORAL..she has good intent and a good heart and now she’s being slammed for it!?! WTF, over. What does her husband’s job have to do with it at all?? Oranges and apples. And it’s all because someone is listening to this bs and that someone or somebodys don’t have enough of a spine to say, “Get over it ladies.” Seriously, these women are acting like they are in the 2nd grade. Two words for those ladies: “SHUT UP”.

  • Navy Wife Gossiped A

    You go girl. I was the center of a gossip chain as well. Like you, they were a buntch of military wives who don’t have a job and are nothing but breeding machines. Keep up the great work. I hope it works out and I hope to get a copy to show the support from the Navy side.

  • A VStouwe

    I’m sorry to say but this woman has no common sense. She is obviously a fool, probably conceded and she may have her reasons but that does not make it okay. Plenty of people in the military have problems in their marriages and she’s just giving some people one more reason to get angry. Doesn’t her husband care that his wife wants to show herself off to the other men he works with so they can do God knows what with it.. She is definitely a disgrace to herself if not to her husband and it’s a shame that something like this even has to come up. How would she feel if I or friends of mine made “personal” calenders of ourselves and sent them to her husband.. knowing that it’s possible to meet in person… She needs a reality check.

  • drill sgt’s wom

    This is crazy. Women acting like children over pictures??? Whether these insecure women want to believe this or not their men are over there watching porn every chance they get. It’s a natural thing for men. It doesn’t mean they are going to leave their wives. Does it mean they are stirring up some fantasy in their head…of course! Everyone fantasies everyday about something and if you are a inscure women that usually means your not giving your man what he’s really wanting in the bedroom. Given that, while you two are doing your thing he already got that fantasy in his head before you even get busy.
    These women need to get some self confidence in themselves and be proud of who they are and stop showing the whole world how low their self-esteem is.
    And for this man to have to be worried about loosing his job??? Wow, they will sell porn at the PX to any person, married or not.

  • Jodi

    I am one of the people that posted a reply to the stars and stripes after the article about the calender. When they did the follow up, I was not surprised. It seems that Mrs. Bosco has a case of foot in mouth disease, as in, she is always inserting her foot in her mouth! I made a comment that in a previous article, Bosco said that European are sexier and more beautiful than American women. Then the comment about women who are self concisous because of their weight being jealous of her. This is all such a pile of bull, I can’t belive it! How in the world is her “job” more important than the job of the women that stay home and raise their children, manage their finances, support their husbands during deployments and hold a paying job at the same time?
    I don’t think that the reactions are based on jealousy, i think that it is anger over the fact that the stars and stripes continue to print Mrs. Boscos digs towards American Military Spouses. This does go to show that beauty really lies within.

  • Jerianne

    My main problem with all of these arguments is this…pornography, playboy, penthouse, whatever…those are women who are “untouchable” and therefore a fantasy for men, same with the Pin-Ups of the olden days. The main difference here is this, she is an actual army wife, a flesh and blood creature that interacts with other wives and probably with some of the soldiers who are looking at her calander. I realize that her job is as a model, and good for her…and it would be fine if she made a calendar and distributed it to the masses, but that’s not what she did..she made it and directed it at our men overseas, away from loved ones, lonely and homesick. Imagine if the girl next door to you or across the street was this drop dead gorgeous creature and she was a model and made a calendar and sent it to YOUR husband? and then say he came home a few months later and was standing face-to-face with this creature he had been drooling over in a calander. how would you feel about that? I know me personally I would be angry…i think that if she wanted to make a calander for her husband, great, but that should remain between them. I can’t believe that her husband would be happy having all those guys oogling over her either. And as far as her comments? that’s just the Europeon attitude towards Americans…they think we’re all fat and ugly, but I agree she should not have made those comments, it only put her in a worse light..I can fully appreciate the punishment they want to hand down,but removal i think would be too harsh, but a reprimand is defintely in order. The Army holds our men to a higher standard, and as such we are held to that same standard..everything we do reflects back on them ….just my two cents

  • Rose

    1. 95% to 99% of all military wives are venomus vipers. They aren’t worth the time of day from what I have found.
    2. You want to use military things to pose on a calander where you also show off your body, you should damn well know better your going to be the main target with most wives.
    3. Any man who can’t be faithful to his wife should just get his balls blown off. If the wife is the unfaithful one leave her dead in the gutter.
    Everyone should stop their damn bitching and move on. If you can’t do anything better than bitch here about some dumbass who wants to whore it out to men or who wants to show off her body to make herself feel good then you need to be slaped in the face so you wake up and get a damn life. The people who place shit like this here are pathetic. I don’t get the news letter to read about some dumb ho thats jealous of some crack pot whore. For a full blooded italian that chick surely don’t stick to true customes of her family heritage.

  • i think that what this model is doing is great… these wives should get on their husbands, and not this woman trying to boost morale.
    i am a Marine wife of 6 years, going on 7. and everytime my husband deploys i do not hesitate to send him some racy photos. that boosts his morale, and keeps him from buying some cheap calendar or magazine. plus hes looking at his own wife.
    wives.. dont be affraid to step infront of that camera, and get a sexy face on. you have no idea how much that does for your man.
    hes married to you. not some calendar.
    i dont care about the politics of this article much.
    but wives if your pissed off at this woman because of your own short comings.. then step it up, and get something going on for your man. otherwise get off of this womans A$$.

  • Amber S. Proud Navy

    I do not see the problem with a beautiful woman showing off her body to boost morale. I know what some of you might be thinking, “Oh she must be one of those women”, but the truth is I am not. I am an average American woman a little too heavy, I have bad hair days and I certainly won’t win mother or wife of the year this year, or any other. But I will tell you what other kind of woman I am; I am woman who believes if you got it flaunt it, and if you don’t hate on women who do.

  • Patriotic American G

    I see this from both sides. I think it is kind of ironic that someone from a foreign country isnt getting enough attention in her own career so she has to create drama by making a calendar to boost american troops morale. I’m all about being proud of what you have, and I understand the sacrifices of having that sort of physique being a part time model myself. However, in this case it seems the good wife shoudl consider her husbands morale over the morale of the troops. They’ll appreciate her just the same for free online. If it makes SO many other people unhappy, it doesnt seem like rocket science to nip it in the bud… but sometimes intelligence or grace are a part of the sacrifice made.

  • honey

    I think that she is a good thing I was station in Germany and grow up there and i believe that moral is a important thing you have problem with a spouse trying to boost the moral and downing her for doing but you don’t have problem with your husbands downloading the shit off the internet and watching it with their buddies down there. I think that if her husband supports her in doing that that’s fine because that means he knows that she is doing her job as a model it shouldn’t matter that she’s a military wife. She doing something that noone else thought about and just because she beat you to the punch don’t make her look bad. You ladies need to get a life and learn that if someone is trying to help the cause that’s a good thing and what your husbands need is support and high moral not you going after a model that is is trying to help the cause. If you have a problem with model or people that pose go after people that make major money for shit like this not someone that is helping our soliders out. Some of you just like to sit on your ass not have a job and spend all your husbands money the reason i say that is because i lived in Germany i know how much money you get on a monthly bases and i know that if u don’t have any bills you will go out and spend the money. And for the one of you that just stay at home to make babies get a life and learn that this country needs more then people making babies get a job and learn the more about the place that your in because if your just going to sit on your ass while in germany and not see the beauty of the place then your going to hate where you are the whole time your there and your going to try to bring people down with you and that is not fair to them because are jealous and what makes it worst is you are all pissed out that a spouse that wasn’t an american beat you to the photo shoot.. Alessandra keep your head up and don’t let jealous people upset you. Good Job and HIGH FIVE to you.

  • A VStouwe

    Also, I don’t care if it’s someone my husband will ever meet or not… Seeing another woman in her lingerie or naked for personal enjoyment is NOT okay. And saying it’s to “boost morale”.. come on.. we all know what it’s really for.

  • Jerianne

    wow..do you eally think that bashing military wives is appropriate here girls? give me a break…the angrier you get the more names you call, the worse your look….
    95% to 99% of all military wives are venomus vipers. They aren’t worth the time of day from what I have found.
    and where do you get you facts swetie? maybe you should come meet my friends…
    and Navy Wife??
    Like you, they were a buntch of military wives who don’t have a job and are nothing but breeding machines.
    ummmm, you need to get a clue…
    this is really not a place to bash other wives, aren’t we a little more mature than that???

  • Kharalew

    The whole point to all of us being in the crazy military life we are in is to protect people like this bikini women. Anyone who is in the army now or who has been in the past is there to protect our freedoms. We don’t have to like what someone does, but the idea of throwing someone off post when they have not even come close to breaking a law is rediculous. So for you wives who are upset enough to cause harm to this woman’s mental state and property, in reality, you are undermining what your soldier is fighting for.
    However…. My own personal morals are quite different from the rights that we are allowed. I am a strong believer that anyone who promotes herself in a sexy way for the purpose of pleasing men has set women back generation. We have fought long and hard to be recognized as equals to our male counterparts. In my opinion, everytime a woman participates in a wet t-shirt contest, dances on a pole, or distrubutes sexy pictures of herself, she has slapped the face of generations of women who have spent their lives working for our rights and our image.
    This is a tougher issue because she is in the community. I alwasy tell my husband,”It’s ok to say the chick on T.V. is hot, but not the girl walking down the street.” When it boils down to it however, we have the right to be angry, but we do not have the right to harrass and terrorize. Take the high road, believe in Karma, and leave the bikini girl alone.

  • Danika

    After reading this story it makes me truly sad that women can be so petty and vindictive and hurtful. The fact of the matter is, she had an idea, a way to blend what her job is, in with trying to show her support for her husband and the troops. And the first thing we do, instead of commending her, many judge her and say she needs to leave the community.
    And sadly I think she’s right, by putting herself out there and showing that she is proud of what she does and how she looks it makes many other women take notice of the things they don’t have. And we don’t like that. Granted she doesn’t have kids, and I’m sure that if she did, she might not look as well put together as she does now. But there are plenty wives out there that do take the time to look good, even with kids. It’s not just pride in yourself, but the want to look good for your husband. Is that really such a bad thing? How many of us, work hard while their husband is on deployment to get into shape, to surprise him when he gets home?
    Yes its hard to manage everything on your own. Stop bitching. You knew what you were getting into when you married your husband. I did. I don’t have kids yet, but I take care of my husbands elderly father, work a job of 25-30 hrs a week, and go to school near full time, while still taking care of the house and working out. My husband as do yours, step up and work longer hours then I do. And he doesn’t complain. We should be rallying behind this woman, not ridiculing her, for stating the obvious. I live in military housing in California, and I can’t stand to be around to many Military wives, if they aren’t cheating on their husbands, they are complaining about the fact that he didn’t take out the garbage after a 14hr day.
    If you have an issue with the way your look then do something about it. And stop being so petty to complain because somebody is doing a little better then you. If you want it that badly then do something about it.
    So the troops are looking at a calender of an Army wife, so what? If anything its a reminder as to what he’s missing back home. If your that worried about your husband cheating then maybe you should be looking inwards instead of outwards for problems.

  • apachegirl

    Troop morale? that’s a joke she just wants to be the center of attention and hopefully get noticed by Playboy that’s all it boils down to!
    The problem is, there are too many raw emotions involved when spouses are deployed for someone to be so shallow to add this problem to the mix. My husband was deployed to Iraq twice and as a wife you have so many things racing through your mind that you don’t need anyone adding to it. Being away from your spouse puts a strain on your relationship and the last thing you need is some Narcissistic woman to use this as her excuse to display her pictures of herself half naked. I take offense to the title “Jealous Wives”. It’s more an issue of respect for the other wives. I’m not overweight and from what everyone tells me, I’m considered a very attractive woman but I would never have gone and had a calendar made for all my husbands friends to “boost the morale”??? The only pictures I would have sent would be to my own husband. I can also tell you that my husband wouldn’t want me being the object of his fellow soldiers lust. This could have all been avoided if this wife would have kept her morale boosting for her husband’s eyes only!!!!

  • Mac

    I understand that the spouses don’t want their men looking at pornographic pictures especially when the woman lives in the community with them, but seriously keying cars, vandalism…that is stupid and immature. As a military spouse I wouldn’t want my husband looking at this kind of thing, but I also know that most of the men are going to anyway and i ‘m not going to go tell the girl to put her cloths on, I’ll ask him not to look. She is a modelwho wanted to boost moral, many of us use our personal talents to attempt that goal, what better way for her than to do what she does best. I guess i’m torn on the subject. I wouldn’t want my husband looking at this calender, but then there isn’t any law that says she shouldn’t do this. She and her husband do not deserve the treatment they are getting. Maybe she should find another way to boost moral that doesn’t ruffle as many feathers and aquire as many stalkers.

  • A wife to MY Soldier

    OMG! ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS? I swear, I can’t believe how some military wives act. I’ve been a military wife for 2 yrs. and have been with my husband for 3 yrs. I’m not a model, but I am an attractive and THIN woman. I was the subject of scrutiny, lies, harassment, and rumors when my husband and I first got together. I lived 2 hrs. away from the base, so that meant I was a cheater. Like 98% of the wives in his old unit were overweight, stay-at-home moms with no college education…and here I was, 5’5 and 110 lbs. plus I had already graduated nursing school and worked as a nurse for nearly 4 yrs….plus I was in college again working on my 2nd college degree…and I was a mom! They were purely jealous! The guys in his unit who were his friends would tell him all the time that people talked trash about me. His unit’s FRG leader made up so many dang lies about me. While they were in Iraq, she contacted her husband and told him that I “jumped” her (keep in mind, she was about 5’8 and well over 200 lbs.) and cussed her out in front of the Sgt. Major’s wife. She was so full of BS! I had never laid a hand on her! So many freaking Army wives (esp. on our base) are so freaking obsessed with rumors and gossip that they are willing to be two-faced and back stabbing just to get people on their side. My husband was switched to a new unit when he got back from Iraq, and this is a small unit, so I have only gotten to meet a few of the wives, and they are super nice. So far, all of our neighbors are super nice too. So, since he’s left that unit, I haven’t had to deal with any negativity…except for in our daughter’s school. It’s pretty much ran by all military wives…and they love to pull rank and treat everyone’s kids like crap if their father’s rank doesn’t match their husband’s. It just makes me mad! I can’t believe that people are so darn jealous of other peoples’ accomplishments that they would set out to ruin a soldier’s career and his wife’s reputation.

  • Aviation Wife

    YA know I’m with Law & someone else earlier in this whole ordeal,if she was just a model,waht’s the BIG deal,IF the women are THAT INSECURE of their husbands looking at another woman,then shameon you!! I’d rather my husband Look than touch!! If he’s NOT doing anything BUT looking what’s the matter of the whole ordeal!! I mean C’mon,I can be insecure myself but MY GOD it was a calendar from a model,Good Gravy it wasn’t a naked pic!! GET OVER it & find something Else to do other than pick on anohter wife trying to boost morale,Hell How do we know that all our men,let alone others even think she’s hot or even pretty!! THey may think hey I have the REAL Deal & NOT something that looks soo phony!!Ya know,Besides how do ya’ll know EXACTLY what your hsuabnd’s are doing wether they’re online or not,you’re not there,it’s Called you NEED to TRUST your husband!! & Get a DAMN LIFE & leavae this couple ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amb2313

    it seems apparent to me, that some of the people posting things really didn’t get a chance to read through the other comments and see the entire story. i believe that morale boosting for our soldiers is a great thing.. let them look at the dirty magazines and the pornography videos. i think just like Andi stated, we are missing huge parts of the story here. i don’t think it’s right. i sure as heck wouldn’t want my husband looking at a calendar of another soldiers wife.. one who could be in his same unit. i’m not okay with the harassment she is getting either. all us army wives know that we are WAY better than that, and like someone said, we are just living up to the “classifications” about us that have already been set. there were plenty of other ways to go about discussing the issue with her. in my opinion, she has every right to distribute the calendar. it’d have been much nicer if it would have been something aimed more toward the public and less toward our soldiers. yeah, a lot of the soldiers would have found it anyways, it would have kept things less dramatic. i don’t see the point that she had in offering it only to the soldiers.. it puts off a bad image in other wives’ heads and then leads to thinking things that may or may not be true. there is a ton of miscommunication here. and i really think someone needs to sit her down and try and let her understand what it’d be like for her hubby to do that with another wife who lives down the street. it just seems like no one has made her see all the sides to this.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve read through the article, read through her website, and read through every comment here. I agree with a lot of what Andi has written. I’ve noticed an assumption over and over. Why do we (as wives – not just milspouses) assume that our husbands will undress the “woman next door” if she’s in a pinup calendar? We’re not dead – we all look at that hot guy in the exchange, or doing pt, just like our husbands may look at some hot chic in same way. We look, but we don’t touch. At the end of the day, my husband and I can talk about it, we can laugh about it… even the ones dressed inappropiately at unit functions. I trust him, I know he won’t sneak off to the neighbors house. I don’t care if he looks, I know he won’t touch. I think a lot of it comes down to self esteem and trust in our own individual marriages. I agree it is harder when it literally is the girl next door, but instead of berating and belitiling, thats the time to talk to your man. Not assume and accuse. I think communication is the key here, and the stars and stripes hasn’t done anyone any favors with its, shall we say, lackluster journalism on this one. And as to the career in jeopardy, isn’t it illegal these days to have your wife’s involvement/job/volunteerism… play a role in any military career? I’m thinking there was a court case against the DOD in the late eighties or early nineties about that, that was found in favor of the wives. I think it was something about three wives who sued the DOD because their community involvement was an item on their husband’s performance evaluations (fitreps in the usmc) for promotion consderation… I can’t remember clearly, and I’m sorry I don’t have more details. I wish I did! Just my own humble opinion.

  • THE one

    You know what, I get what she is going through. 90% of the women where I am wear t-shirts and jeans and are overweight. I say do ya thang girl. If anything they should be trying to see what they can do instead of sitting at home eating doughnuts waiting to get pregnant again and again and again. I’ve received those same looks because I don’t look like the norm. I’m sorry, I like to wear clothes, and I’m pretty sure Alessandra does too. If they don’t get over it toooooooooooooooo bad. Why don’t they get off the couch, get out of the PX and do something with theirselves. I say let em’ talk. As long as they’re talking you’re doing something right. It’s when they stop talking that you need to worry. TRICKS ARE GOING TO HATE NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, SO DO WHAT YOU DO.

  • Netta

    The sad thing about all of this is that it is just a snapshot of what has happened to the moral compass in society today. We have all become desensitized to what is right and wrong and lost the ability to have self control. Not all men look at pornography, soft or hard. And if you want to know what is wrong with a husband looking at a scantily dressed beautiful woman other than his wife, just ask all the social workers and chaplains who collectively counsel thousands of military men addicted to porn, and women and children whose families and lives have been torn apart because of something that outwardly seemed harmless and inwardly began a descent into the hell of addiction. If you don’t believe me, read the research and the statistics. Men, and women for that matter, who regularly look at some kind of stimulation outside of their spouse have trouble developing trust, intimacy and communication. I would say honest fear is at the base of these women’s emotions, more than mere jealousy over how this woman looks. Sexual, emotional and communicative intimacy between husband and wife is meant to come from husband and wife. Period.

  • My husband is in the USN and we are newly weds. We have been in a long distance relationship for 4 years so if there is any who can understand how hard it is to keep morale, it is me. In fact, we only got to spend 4 days together as husband and wife before he was sent away again. So yes I can relate. But the thing you HAVE to remember is that your husband is a grown man who is going to do whatever he wants to do anyway! Regardless of who you kick out the neighborhood or if you take porn away from them,there is nothing you can do to stop grown people from making choices. So, the only thing you can do is to STOP worrying about it. It does you no good trust me!
    In the case of this woman, it isn’t like she is having prostitution legalized or anything. They are just pictures. The fact that you say you don’t want your husbands viewing her pictures says a lot about you and what you think of him. First it says that you have low self-esteem, and low faith in the fidelity in your marriage. Second it says you think your husband can be lured away easily by some models pictures. It’s just dumb to mess with someone over that let alone threaten the womans HUSBANDS career! So I say, get a life! Leave them alone! Have faith in your husband and think highly of yourself! Maybe this is that womans way of dealing with military spouse problems. Maybe this makes her feel good. Everyone has a way of dealing with things, but being mean to each other shouldn’t be one of them. We military wives have GOT to stick together. We are a different breed from other wives. So as a special breed, let’s have each others backs. Stay positive and prayed up cause it’s the only thing that will get you through this stuff.

  • Gary

    Interesting that so many of you who think you are so special, and condemn military wives for no education, etc., can’t even spell. Where did YOU go to school??? I know of a lot of marriages that have become victims of infidelity in Iraq. Looking at sexy women on calenders only promotes that feeling of lonliness and “need”. By the way, when my husband was in the Middle East, we were given explicit instructions regarding sending pornography, etc. When did the rules change to allow it back in the country? And those of you who said that you send pictures of yourselves to your husband so he won’t look at pictures of other women, are living in la-la land..I assure you, if the pictures are there, he’s looking. The blinders don’t go on because the pictures aren’t of YOU…

  • martina

    It’s sad, it’s not like shes sleeping with their husbands, there arent many people out there caring about troop morale anymore now that america is “safe” its women like them that give good military spouses a BAD NAME. Don’t stop what you are doing and thank you so much for supporting our troops!

  • Rhonda

    I have been an Army wife for over 13 years and I am a Navy Brat. There are several things that bug me here. 1) Some one stated that the actions of a spouse should not affect the active duty spouses job. Wrong. The active duty spouse is responsible for all of his/her dependents actions. This means your actions should not embarass the military in any way. This includes the people who are making threats and destroying personal property. This is the way it has always been. 2) There are several of you that are putting down military wives and some putting down wives in other branches. If you are a military wife and you are doing this it makes me ashamed to be one. Some of the best people I know are military wives. I do not work, I do not have to. I raise my kids, lead a scout troop, go to school, take care of finances, the house, and my husband. If and when I ever need to work, I will. 3) I am not going to put down Alessandra. She had a good idea. I do think that she could have gone about it better and instad of just her, used spouses out of the unit and not taken it to the level that she did. I hope she thinks her next project through a little better and what it could mean to her husbands carrer.
    I have to agree with Dankia, you either knew your spouse was in the military or you made the decision together. It is not just free medical care and a dependant I.D. card. It is hard work and dedication to your spouse and your family.
    God Bless America and ALL of our Military, both Active Duty, Spouses and Family.

  • navywife.
    i see what you are saying.. my husband looks at porn mags, online videos and whatever he can get for free. and i know he looks at other pics. and i dont even care that he does..
    i am comfortable enough in my marriage to know hes not out when hes deployed doing anything wrong.
    but i also know, that when he is in his rack at night, i am his calendar girl. he would, and most of his friends would rather have something to look at that they know they can have.
    it keeps the anticipation, and romance a live.
    like i said. i know most of these guy look at other womens naughty pics. and i dont claim to live in la la land.
    but i promise if you are sending your man pics.. the chances of him making the effort to look for something else is a lot less.
    when my husband was deployed, they used to keep everyones wives pics in a locker. like to compare notes, votes, and what ever else they feel like saying.
    men are men, and some women are always going to be insecure when it comes to their men.
    all i was saying is give your man a reason to keep his interest in you, and not a calendar. they do enjoy seeing their wives.
    you have to understand that when these guys are stuck with a bunch of men on deployment.. any glance at a girly, clean, put together woman is an appreciated thing.
    so seeing a calendar of a knock out is awesome to them. and most of the time the guys
    dont even care.. things like that usually end up at the bottom of a stack of magazines of car magazines, cosmo, and celebrity gossip. ( and im not kidding about that one at all lol)
    porn and half nekkid women are usually the last thing on their minds. except when they have a moment alone in the head.

  • Pat

    If Ms. Bosco doesn’t like all the negative comments about her calender, perhaps, she needs to stop fueling the flames with her ridiculous remarks to Stars and Stripes.
    She is, obviously, enjoying the attention, negative and positive. No doubt, the hullabaloo has been good for sales. Perhaps, she’s hoping Hustler or Maxim will get wind of it, and exploit her in their publications. I have news for her..models are a dime a dozen and she doesn’t stand out enough to play with the big boys….so, she’ll keep playing with the little ones in order to boost her ego and her bank account.

  • Liz

    I have been a Army Wife for two years now and still can’t believe how some women get so jealous. You know I am not skinny and definently weigh at least over 200 pounds. But I have confidence in my self and good self-esteem. So for someone to judge a person who poses in a calender really does have low self-esteem and needs to stop being a jealous person. It gets you no where in life and their is obviously some internal issues going on inside yourself. I am happy with the way I look. I am pretty, have a nice body, and a beautiful face. So all of you overweight women out there it’s about attitude and your self-esteem. It is not right to judge a person and make up things about them. Sooner or later karma does come back to bite you.

  • Marine wife & fo

    I’ve been around the military for years, many of them spent overseas. I’ve been active duty and a dependant wife. Sad to say, a small percentage of men, usually after having a few to many drinks have, to say it nicely, taken advantage of women. I personally see nothing wrong with the pictures, but I would be afraid that if a man was obsessively ogling, as someone else put it, and if Ms.Bosco was in the wrong place at the wrong time she could be in trouble. If you are in the eye of the public there will always be issues of one kind or another. A persons insecurities will not go away if the calendar goes away. I hope that both men and women can be mature enough to “get over it” and not cause harm to Ms. Bosco or her family. I suggest if couples are having issues about this that they seek councilling and get to the root of their problems.

  • Mike

    The reality is, when a man has been looking at his wife for x amount of years,,looking at someone else’s wife in sexy clothing is a whole lot more fun. The intrigue and fantasy is why.
    He knows his wife, but he doesn’t know these strange women..so fantasy is a lot more fun…..Keep sending your man pictures, but don’t be foolish enough to think that if calenders such as this are available, he’s not looking, admiring and probably putting them to good use…..It doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate and love his wife, it just means he’s away from home, lonely, hormones are raging, etc., so diversions like this are much welcome…I suggest the wives buy a Chippendale video if they think it would even the odds….If the worst thing your husband does on a deployment is look at sexy pictures, count yourself lucky.

  • Mandy

    Has anyone noticed that the Stars and Stripes only prints opinions by “pro” calender people? Where are the negative opinions? I know there are many.

  • knotheadusc

    I agree that Alessandra Bosco’s remarks about other wives were not very nice, but there is still no excuse for people vandalizing her property, making threats, or otherwise breaking the law on order to express their displeasure.
    Personally, I am not threatened by Ms. Bosco’s calendar. I know my husband loves me, even if I am one of those overweight, unemployed Army wives. My self worth is not defined by how I look or what I do (or don’t do) for a living. I wouldn’t care if my husband bought a calendar, because at the end of the day, it’s me he’s with, not her.
    Good for Alessandra Bosco for making the most of her talents. More power to her.

  • Sharron

    My first reaction was what is their problem but the more I think about it, I don’t think I would be too happy if my husband was down range and had views of a half naked fellow spouse in his face. Talking with my husband about it, he said that he would personally be embaressed to be looking at another man’s wife – especially if he knew them both.
    My thoughts about how the wives reacted to this is maybe that exact reason – it is not that they are oogling over a calender, it is the fact that they personally know her. Isn’t it the same as sending your husband pictures of yourself so that he can show them around the mess hall? A bit tacky…

  • I have to throw down the BS flag on most of these comments. Of course, this couple doesn’t deserve the kind of illegal harassment they’re getting. That said, I think that if the wife down the street from you distributed lingerie pictures of herself to all the husbands, including yours, you wouldn’t exactly be inviting her over for afternoon tea…and what she’s done basically boils down to that. I wouldn’t be keying her car, but that’s not the kind of person I’d want to spend any time around, and I consider myself to be pretty hot ;) I just choose to only parade it for my husband’s and my enjoyment! And yeah, if I distributed a calendar of myself wearing lingerie to all the guys on our boat, I would fully expect to not be a popular wife after that. She knew exactly what she was doing and what reaction she’d get. Someone who makes the kinds of comments she did clearly enjoys the spectacle she’s creating and hasn’t learned the difference between positive and negative attention. She’s no different then the “That Wife” we’ve all experienced who thrives on crazy antics and malicious gossip to keep herself entertained.

  • jojo

    whats the big deal its just a calender she has every right, my husband might look at her but at the end of the day i know he is coming to bed with me! women should be more confident in their own bodies, i dont have the thinest bod but he still asks to see me on the web cam ;)

  • Fonda

    Okay I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t make me feel self concious to think my hubby looked at the “perfect” body and then looked at my not so perfect body. But I also know that he is just looking like he does at the store or anywhere public, and you all know girls dress half naked these days. He always comes home to me….because he loves me. I am sure he has fantasys..everyone does at times. I am also sure that my hubbys not so perfect body bothers him at times as well…and didn’t the article state the husband in this case was toned and good looking? Well there seems to be only one solution then…where is the calendar featuring his half naked body for all the wives to look at …LOL

  • OMG!!! are you guys serious..it’s like we have nothing better to worry about then a MODEL..That’s her JOB!!! what u gonna do , fire a doctor for dressing sexy??? and doing a calender?? plus i heard that people in Germany are pretty uptight..they need to relax…the wives are probably mad because she looks better then they do…i would do one if i had the body..and if the husbands want’s buy or look at the calender..ladies that should tell you something!!!! She has something that u don’t!!! and furthermore , we have far more important issues in the world today , like IRAQ , rising through the roof GAS Prices , economy, we should be worried about when our soldiers will be coming home , and where to go from there, DO you guys watch ARMY WIFES???? Now that’s a story for you , then again this is the ARMY<<< it's sadens me that we have all this kind of gossip..you should have more important things worry about in your life and your world..i was shocked to even read this kind of news..you call this news..more like jealousy...ladies if you have a problem ...then head to the GYM!!! It's her bussiness , not ours..IT's not like WE don't look at OTHER MEN!!! If you say you don't , can u say DENIAL!!!

  • Ashley

    As the Granddaughter of a Army Nurse Pin-up in World War II and the Wife of a US Sailor, I feel like she should be allowed to do whatever it is that she feels appropriate for herself and her enjoyment. If your one of the women who don’t like her because she’s setting up too high of a standard, I’d say, take a long look in the mirror and hit the gym, lay off the big mac, or just come to terms with who you are and stop projecting your insecurities on beautiful women.
    Especially, her husband should not have any career ramifications for what she chooses to do in her professional life. God bless her for actually being proactive with her time instead of not pursuing her passion because of what people might or might not say.

  • 1.5generationUSNwife

    Two things to share with my fellow military wives:
    1. What you focus on “expands.” This calendar girl/Army wife definitely knows how to do her business. if any mil.wife sees her, please say, “thanks for sharing your talent with us. By the way, how much did you contribute to U.S. military? You didn’t by any chance donate that revenue to your Italian military, right? Pamela Anderson was originally from Canada but she pays her taxes in the states, you know that right? Please keep up the good work and keep donating for us!”
    I’m in the states so I don’t get a chance to see her face to face but that’s what I would say to her. People…please ignore her. She makes money out of our attentions. She has a short career life and has to promote herself as much as possible while her figure still retains some commercial appeal. Beat her by at least one step. A tip for those who wish she wasn’t even existing: Invite her over a casual miliary wives’ party and speak in real American English over subjects that ONLY real American women have access to. I’m talking about PTAs, The Great Gatsby, Citizen Cane, Bush, Hillary, Hybrid cars, 80’s music and etc. Also chat over things only well educated American women would know…like Reaganomics. Wouldn’t she feel lonely and left out…
    2. What goes around comes around: if she is to pay her due, if there is, she will get to do in one way or other. None of us or you has to fret over her promotional self-stirred gossip. This is just any celebrity’s old trick to keep her or him alive in the entertainment world–getting attention by stirring up a scandal. By paying attention to her, we are silently making her a celebrity she wants to be. Maybe there is another calendar girl coming up in the future. It can be interesting to see this particular one gets a big smack on her face by a much more spectacular one. I hope the next one is a genuine state side born, a proud tax payer, a true Yankie girl in her heart. I really hope the next one publishes a statement on her calendar that says every single penny earned by selling the calendars goes to the fellow military wives and the United States military!

  • Ok, after checking out her webpage, I’m laughing. She’s obviously an amateur trying to drum up press to boost her career. Half the articles she has scanned in are about this controversy. She’s a “party galz” consultant, for pete’s sake, so I guess she’s not getting much in the way of modeling jobs ;) Now I really do feel sorry for her. But I still say it’s totally tacky to distribute lingerie pictures of herself to the men her husband works with.

  • Tiffany

    And men wonder why I hate my own gender so much, seriously everyone of the harassing wives & the model included needs to get a life. If another woman’s tits make you insecure about your own body you’ve got problems far deeper than what amounts to a Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar.
    Also, I’d love to know why women who think porn is evil and that their husbands shouldn’t have access to it should be able to ruin it for the guys & girls who just don’t care? When did we start allowing the morals of one couple to dictate the morals of all?
    And to think my man is getting shot at because American’s believe Iraq is our worst enemy. *eyeroll*

  • Diana

    Well, this story gets old. Somebody needs to get her act together and there are tons of (even more) beautiful girls out there who do not put themselves in the spotlight like this. This is not about physical appearance, this has something to do with Army Wife traditions and the fact ,that one spouse uses the military to boost her own career, who else gets so much attention unless they have done something absolutely outstanding to give back to their communities? I do not see how a calendar like this boosts troop morale, if the money made off the calendar would actually go back to the soldiers in some way, I guess it would, but this is a for her own profit calendar to basically boost her swim suit calendar which again makes money. It doesn’t surprise me at all that she gets funny looks and even threats. Oh well, own darn fault.


    I think it is extremely unfair for Military.Com to post such a heading like “Jealous Wives Threaten Military Spouse” without any solid proof or evidence. Those are all insecure allegations made by Ms. Bosco and there is nothing to suggest that anything she is experiencing is being done by “jealous” military spouses. Shame on Military.Com for posting such a heading. Furthermore, Ms. Bosco claims her calendar was done to support the deployed troops and boost their morale; however, this is far from the truth. Ms. Bosco is simply trying to earn a dollar off of our troops hard earned money. If she wants to support our troops and boost morale then maybe she should try doing what most supportive military wives do which is start stuffing care packages. While she is at it, she can include one of her festive calendars free of charge! No better way to boost marale than that.

  • Valerie Callahan

    I bet all the negative postings here are from Big Fat Prude Moo-Cows :P

  • Julia

    Ladies, I don’t know what are you worried about. I’ve heard so much about Ms. Bosco calendar and now i am kinda interested to look at her. Im not gonna say that i am more or less beautiful than her. I am a simple woman who married to USMC officer and my husband is in Iraq right now. Anyway, i went on http://www.pixacom.com and checked her pictures, but i swear i didn’t see anything special about her. She is not so hot and kinda short. I don’t think a lot of military husbands will actually get attracted to her pictures or even buy her calendars. She is just an ordinary lady who does everything that possible to keep her on the spotlight. Some girl’s have more morale values then others. If she like to sale her body, its fine. Then its the only way that she knows how to sac-seed in life. But for me, she is not what she wants to be. To be honest, i taught i would see a better face or even body then what i saw. There is lot more beautiful girl’s in this world or even on a military facilities around the world than her. She is just one of this easy butterflies who wants some attention from any male to make her beauty satisfied. Thats why i don’t understand why is there so much noise about her and her calendar!! Don’t you ladies trusting to your husbands?! Don’t you know husbands, what they like and what they want?! If not….then shame on you! And what about the Hard or Soft -core pornography’s at the PX is ridiculous. If they would like to buy or watch any of pornography’s, they no need to go to the store. They can get it anywhere. For example the internet works amazingly. In combat zones you can get it for free just from some patriots who sends to combat zones anything that they think might help or else to our Military services while they protecting our land. And in the end, you cant treat your man as a little babies and take away everything that you think will might hurt your family. Then more you will forbid those things then more they will get attracted to it. My advise…Just trust to your husbands and treat them like a real man. Semper Fi.


    Ok I LIVE in this community and agree with you that have said that it is self promotion. This is her way of making her the VICTIM. She is rude and in no way so be affiliating herself with a” military spouse” she wants NOTHING to do with anything “military” yes our soldiers are downrange and kudos for her being a model. Yes she does look down at others that SHE feels are less attractive. Go to her website and see her “skills” rollerblading, and updating her website. She has SOME nerve to think that we are overweight and unemployed and reminded of our inadequacies when we see her. She has abused the ICE system and any one that is employed and has crossed her path can attest to it. She has caused nothing but drama feeling that we need to roll out the red carpet just because she is a model. I do not agree she should be “distracting” anyone from the mission down range AND keep in mind she is not sending the calendars for free downrange and she has exaggerated the claim that every soldier wants one and that our husbands will end up on her door step. She has purposely isolated herself from this community and feels that the 12th CAB should fund her calendar yet NONE of the profits were ever intended to enter back in our community.
    This is NOT about her calendar. She is trying to get free publicity and I won’t surprised to see it get even further than Military.com
    She expects the spouse to be begging for the calendars, she is NO WAY in comparison to Heidi Klum and the cheerleaders that do support our troops by going to Iraq themselves…no selling of any products.
    They do feel that they are better than anyone in this community but I guess she failed to tell the reporter (which shows how well he does his investigating) of what a horrid person she is when she doesn’t get her way, she has had problems in other communities and she is only claiming it is Katterbach because we are small. Her husband also implies that we are ignorant not knowing that porn is available downrange. I am tired of all the attention this is getting, if you all investigated you would clearly see that for 10 years the only advertising she is getting is on porn like websites, playboy didn’t want her so she is “looking for a more classier magazine” Hustler should be calling her soon. Yes to each is own when it comes to porn, don’t shove it in my face and cause problems because it is not getting the response you feel it should. I met a lot of men here that are not impressed and are happy with their Victoria’s secret catalog. In 10 years she hasn’t made it far so she is going to ruin many people’s lives trying to get to the top, and get as much free publicity that she can
    I was once an ambitious young girl with dreams of being a model and was invited to New York…so I am not jealous.
    If people were really threatening her why would you allow Stars & Stripes to be extremely descriptive when it came to your vehicle?
    Also when she says she wasn’t photo shopped, In person and in the Stars & Stripes are 2 very different looking people, proves how she lies.
    Keep in mind her husband is rear d and has been home for the past 15 months, they just arrived in our community this past year, I find it hard to believe that all the spouses here wanted to starve themselves after she came around.
    In fact I feel much better about how beautiful I am and the fact that I AM A GOOD person and know how to treat others…Treat others as you wish to be treated.
    Keep in mind she says derogatory remarks about AMERICAN women yet she has no problems reaping the benefits of our government.
    WE owe her nothing; she should back off and grow up. There are FAR prettier women in our community and she better hope they don’t make a calendar because you will hear even more Alessandra WHO?

  • Fonda

    Hmmm okay I am back and I wondered if anyone looked at her title on her website…it states on HER page that ..”If you want the girl next door, then go next door” Hmmm seems as if alot of guys would take that to heart and seriously take her up on that….Scary to think about, she needs to be careful there huh?

  • Jenifer

    Honestly I can see it from both sides. I think that a calender model is not that big of a deal. The idea is to boost morale? I don’t quite understand how stripping down for troops is really morale boosting. I think putting half nude pics of yourself in front of men in your community is a little odd. My opinion isn’t necessarily approving of the jealous wives thing. I think I would feel a little strange about the calender as well. Model or not is she trying to make herself the object of lust. These men in her community married or not are going to look at her that way. Whether or not there are pre-existing relationship issues in a these things can cause an issue for women with low self-esteem. To know that womens bodies aren’t always perfect I can see feeling insecure knowing that she could be right around the corner, at the grocery store, or even the post office and men are going to look. It’s human nature really.

  • Billie

    Being a military spouse in the Katterbach area who is not fat, ugly, unemployed, nor threatened by a 32 year old model, I feel that we are missing the point of why this has become a problem in the community. She is making it a problem. I had no idea who she was before I was inundated with constant emails through my government computer about her “sexy” yet “threatened” self nor do I care what she does. If my husband wants to buy her calender so be it but I do not want to hear about how bad our community and environment is for someone as “classy” as she is when there are many of us who do not live the military lifestyle and are just simply here to support our husbands. Knowing now who she is I would have to say that she is creating the drama that is surrounding her by the continuous articles being posted and her constant need for attention. If it was attention for her lifestyle that she wanted by making a mockery of herself and her husband that that is what she got. Keep in mind that I have never met Ms. Bosco nor do I care to because I am so sick and tired of reading the crap that is being posted in military papers. Have we forgotten that we are at war? What happened to the outrage of the 15 month deployment? I guess giving a “model” her 15 seconds of fame is more important.

  • usmcwife_armybrat

    Being a woman, and mommy of two whom walks on base while men drop their jaws and stare after me. No one should ever think that those with great genetics and whom choose to keep in shape should be shunned for such traits. Men, genetically, are attracted to beautiful women. They are instantly drawn in by beauty first and then personality.
    By the way, I personally wear jeans, a t-shirt, and boots. That is my uniform. My children see the stares from both men and women. They let me know when I am being stared at. I ignore the stares, but educate my children wisely. (And please don’t bother harrassing my comments as I have a Master’s in Pyschology and the pettiness wouldn’t affect me. I choose a higher road)
    It is a fact that we deal with daily. I walk with confidence with my beautiful children whom both model, yes after me, and don’t think we are the a-typical models whom are scared of a little dirt for I also own a horse training and hay hauling business that my children are partners in, and we Rodeo on the weekends. We get down and dirty and end our days tired and delighted.
    I personally know, that she made a wise business choice when developing the calendar and will have profits for next year when the economy has put us all in a questionable state.
    As far as the superiors getting involved: their personal views are obviously that of their wives nagging constantly when they walk in their home which should be peaceful. No Military Man’s job should be put on the line due to his wife’s business idea. It is a business deal. She owns it and she is proud of it.
    What about the company, AC Valor, and her tiny tees? Are you going to start attacking her next because your military man looked longingly at a woman with a tight fitting tee on?
    Yes, we all know there is straight out filthy porn out there. At every installation and every deployment. Do not be threatened by it, talk to your husband about taking snapshots of you instead. Who cares what the Walgreens counter help thinks when they develop the pictures! Get your confidence up and take some pictures of yourself for your husband! After all, he married you. I do this for my husband and he loves it. He also stays away from the porn because I do this for him. (aha moment for some of you) Men need this, and the quicker all the jealous, low self-esteem wives acknowledge this, the better off their marriages will be. The more satisfied their men will be also. There are great benefits to doing this also.
    It’s amazing how during war time, you all have lowered yourselves to this.
    My family has fought in every war. We have Generals, Majors, Captains, and the list goes on; pettiness should not endure! What you have turned our freedom into is disgusting and unworthy as I think of my families history (husband included) in Military Service. Their back breaking heroism. This is not what we are fighting for, and what has been fought for. Get it straight ladies.
    Leave this couple alone. Do not ruin their lives as you take your anger out on your keypad. Think clearly, make your statements clear, and remember that they are in Our Military Family! TAKE CARE OF THEM! And be nice, it’s not hard!
    Treat her well, she is after all; my sister and Yours in OUR MILITARY!

  • Mandy

    I see her future as a Las Vegas showgirl…her husband better watch out…with a Green Card and money in the bank, she won’t need all that a SSGT can offer her…she’ll head for “stardom” under the bright lights and he’ll be eating her dust…

  • Matt

    Perhaps, you should be more concerned about the living, breathing, females on deployment, rather than pictures of one…

  • DJ

    How much is she charging for this calender? Has it ever been stated anywhere?

  • silvercrown40

    It’s amazing how much crap our country puts up with and how many times it looks away from behavior like this. I feel everyone in this situation is wrong. The spouse for whoring herself publicly and saying she is better than anything our husband could ever get a home. Her husband for allowing her to feel that this is the only thing she has to offer the world. It would be different if she were only making this calendar for her husband, but she’s taking it too far.
    I’m just glad my husband has enough respect and love for me to not buy or view crap like this.
    Obviously it’s not about morals and faith. If you have none then you aren’t effected by it and will never appreciate it. This woman clearly has no morals or faith and that’s why she doesn’t feel any wrong in what she is doing.
    Shame on her. Shame on the women who are committing crimes to get their point across. Would I be pissed off to if my husband were looking at another woman lustfully? You better believe it! She needs to move to Hollywood, because only there will she find a world that thinks that this is beautiful. Pull the calendar and discharge her husband from the military for even allowing her to do these things. It’s against everything the military stands for. God comes first. If I were her I’d feel so terrible for trying to make other men look at her in lust. It takes a disgusting soul to create things like this. When you are ugly on the inside you have nothing else to give this world. You think your outside will be appealing enough. It’s not sweetie and these military wives can see right through you
    Proud Army wife of a deployed soldier!!!

  • Fawn Gordon

    Wow, I think that is completely ridiculous. I am also a model and also a Patriot Girl. The patriot girls also do calendars and what not to boost the military’s spirits. I am also a wife of a military man… soon to be ex wife but that had nothing to do with my modeling. Anyway a little off subject, I think that there are a lot of women out there not just military wives who cant stand the thought of their man looking at another woman even if its just in a calendar. So of course when you are a model and you do such things as calendars or anything that is going to be seen you have to expect to have certain people that wont approve. Honestly I feel it is a jealous issue these women have and the men that dont approve are only mad that their wives dont look like her. Hopefully they will all come to their senses and be adults and get over it. A calendar is nothing to be having such a big fit about. Seriously the woman is married she isnt a threat to any of those other women!

  • 1.5generationUSNwife

    Again, people, I’m talking about contribution, revenue, profit taxes and donation. Wake up! It’s all about money!!!!!!!!!!!! She’
    s not a U.S.Citizen, not holding any tax liability yet getting free publicities from us. She’s cashing out on us. I really wish every Dallas Texas Cowboy cheerleader was a military wife. At least, I know for sure they have paid their taxes to my homeland. It’s good to know people like her exist in the military community and also great to note that they do not pay taxes or contribute to our currently recession prone economy. I love my hard earned money and I take my taxes and benefits I enjoy because of my hard working navy husband. Pay your own due if you want to be a true military wife!

  • moonnight

    I’m personally a member of the Germany military community, and this story just needs to go away already; there are so many other issues of REAL importance going on in the world, I’m tired of so much space being devoted to this subject in the paper on a daily basis. I absolutely do not condone any malicious actions or threats made against this couple, no matter what the motivation. Having said that though, this woman is VERY full of herself – it’s one thing to know you’re beautiful, and another to insult those who are not to further boost your ego. While I agree there have been negative comments about this calendar from jealous wives, there have also been many negative comments(including those from MEN, so how in the world they could be jealous of her I have no idea) from those who object to it on moral and/or religious grounds , do not feel that she is being an appropriate role model, etc., that have nothing to do with jealousy, yet Mrs. Bosco seems keen to gloss over such details and pin every objector as a put-out, overweight, unemployed, ugly woman.

  • sick and tired

    well i have to say that i can honestly see where these women are coming from. Alessandra, your body is for your husband not the moral of other women’s husbands. some of those women just had babies and you know that tears up your figure. and lets face it men are very visual creatures. there is nothing wrong in my view with being a jealous wife. God is a jealous God He does not want us giving our attention to anyother gods. His jealousy is the jealousy that is passionate about what is his. and so is the wife’s. now ofcourse getting back at this woman wont change a thing but you know i am so sick of these kind of women leading young men into a snare. from what i read it sounds like borderline porn. women if you are comfortable with your husband looking at porn than your no better then the woman making the porn because porn destroys homes its destroying mine it led to an affair because it causes these men to start fantsizing and then having very unrealistic expectations for the way there wife should be. so basically this woman is just proving that men are pigs and that they cant control what they put there eyes on enough to honor there wives who are back home tending to the kids and going thru the every day lives of being a single parent. my husband is leaving for japan and i cant wait for him to leave because there have been so many violations in the 12 years that i have devoted to this man. alessandra you obviously have to be the center of attention so maybe your the one with low self confidence. not these wives. im sick of women like you and im sick of the men who lust after women like you. women like you are playing a part in destroying homes everyday so thanks. you are a prostitute because you may not be physically selling your body but the bible says that who ever looks at a woman and lusts after her has committed adultry in his heart God looks at the heart and we all got to stand before him one day. the bible also says that the prostitute reduces a man to nothing but who can find a righteous wife she is a precious jewel that is priceless and cannot be bought. and i could go on but do you really want me to?????

  • Fawn Gordon

    Oh and another thing dont these people have a reason to be over there? Isnt there something better they could be doing other than worrying about a calendar! SO what if it is a sexy calendar. I have not seen the calendar but Im sure its harmless… atleast nothing like what you can see on the internet! And as far as Im concerned if these women are so worried about their husbands seeing some other woman in a calendar…. then obviously they do not have a very secure marriage. Im sorry but its the truth!

  • Gloria

    This is unreal. It’s sad to see so many insecure women. I don’t see this woman as a threat. My husband is retired Navy and we have been together over 20 years. If he wants to look at a calender with a beautiful woman on it so what. Mabe these wives are having some self esteem problems, along with some trust issues in thier own relationships. Could we be jealous? If you have a loving relationship that is built on trust what the hell are you worring about a calender for? It really makes me sad to see women acting so childish and vicious.

  • Manda

    So in reading all of this I think…wow who cares what another person is doing…my neighbor had pictures taken for her husband and gave the okay to have them posted on myspace so the person who took them could get more wives and or people to come to her…I thought she was crazy for doing it but..it was up to her…nobody did anything mean to her, her stuff, car..and so on….I did live on an Army Post and lived in an area that was like being in High School all over again….gossip gossip gossip!! Calling MP’s and so on…so I can understand why people get ugly and say mean things back..it gets old…I am more of a who cares kind of girl….do I want my husband looking at porn all day in any way shape or form no…but then again I trust my husband and know he is not going to cheat on me….and if he did he would not be worth it….if a hot sexy girl lived next door…so be it…pictures or no pictures guys look…as long as my husband is coming home to me every night and not touching somebody else….I am good…
    I have seen many crazy things people getting in trouble for stupid reasons because of wives getting into other peoples lives and if we all just support eachother it would be a great place to live…however that is not the real world..we all don’t get along…we never will but messing with other peoples things…and talking behind peoples backs is not helpful and does not do anybody any good….I am sorry that is bothers people so much to say such awful things…I have a job, three kids…my husband is deployed and I am not skinny…but I am sexy in my own right…to my husband and if we all have our husbands love and support we should not worry about the sexy neighbor who likes to model with or without clothes….

  • Fawn Gordon

    And to the person who just stated that some of these wives just had babies and that tears up your body…. well I have had two children am still a model myself. The only way having a baby tears up your body is if you let it. I lost all my baby weight within 6 weeks. Its all about how you take care of yourself. Having a baby is no excuse. And Im sorry but no one ever said that she made the calendar for the married men. There are soooooooo many unmarried military men out there. And Im sorry but its not about her selling herself to these men. She made a CALENDAR… its not like she set up a booth and sold her body to any of these men. And to the person freaking out about taxes come on now its just a CALENDAR. Who cares get over it.

  • Marla

    As a woman who was married 22 years to a man who had a five month affair during deployment, all I can say is beware of the LIVE women, not the photographed ones..and never say never,,,,you don’t know when you may become a victim….it happens when you least expect it.

  • regina

    its not even about that. the violations in a marraige is what causes these insecurities. this is not the way marraige was intended to be. the reason the marraiges are not secure is because of these violations. when you violate your marraige it becomes unstable. how else can i put it where people will understand? a lack of trustleads to the downfall of every marraige. think about if your husband gets tired of you and moves on then how will you feel. it flips the script and gives you another perspective. thankyou

  • Jen E

    How is selling a calendar with 1/2 nude pictures of your buddies wife a morale buster? What happens if one of the guys, who are a big fan of hers, takes it too far? What female soldier wants to see this woman 1/2 naked as a morale buster?
    If the whole community is offended then he or she is a disruption to the community regardless of the circumstances.
    Yes, she posted her pictures up with good intentions however; there are many women attacked and raped due to less then nude pictures. Her actions could put someone or herself in danger by stimulating someone’s desire.
    Maybe she should have put a little more thought into it or just baked cupcakes.

  • 1.5generationUSNwife

    Fawn, I work with Taxes and I see tremendous number of tax evasion cases by military spouses with foreign nationalities. Knowing so much about how taxes work in this country, I can’t help but make comments on money issues. To my eyes, it’s a clear money issue not over jelousy or insecurity. She needs money and I’m not giving it. If you publish a calendar, let me know. I’ll buy it. And if you have any tax questions, let me know as well.

  • regina

    ms fawn i didnt want to call you out but i got to not everyone goes back in six week miss thang. ive struggled with it since my first son who is now 13 yrs old i have 3 boys and its genetics i have stretch marks and stretched hips that are not going away and its more than that your youthful appearance will fade just like everyone elses and you can eat your words. and remember mine. i know im right so i dont care what you say or have to say im sick of women like you who dont give a crap about important things you make light of it and its serious if you look at it compared to the word of God He thinks it is serious too. can you refute the word of God? of course this is not a God fearing society we live in or we wouldnt evenbe having this conversation now would we.

  • tammy

    i just wanted to know if she tried asking some of the ladies if they would like to be in the calendar with her. they don’t have to be a model for somebody to find them attractive. But this gives them no reason to complain if it is of all kinds of women. they can be in swimsuits, pj having a slumber party, that way she can do what she can be in it and so can the rest of the wives. No body is going to complain about something they are a part of.

  • Retired AF Spouse- D

    Good for her. What is the uproar- geesh woman get a grip- don’t we have other things to worry about besides how someone makes a living-dang shes working, shes boosting morale- why you can’t boost morale? the world is getting real crazy over the little stuff- when there is so much big stuff to worry about and fix

  • Married to military man myself–living in Germany (we were stationed at Katterbach until 2004) and I don’t see anything wrong with what she’s doing. As long as she’s not doing anything illegial…
    No wife likes to think of her husband looking at other women, but they do it anyway–military or civiilan life–it happens. Get over it. Men are visual beings.
    I can’t believe that they are trying to kick her out of Germany. It’s nonsense! She hasn’t done anything illegial and the military has changed. We don’t live in the 1950s, folks. We live in 2008 and what the wife does, does not (and should not) impact the Soldier. Her husband supports her and that’s all that should matter.
    If you are insecure with how you look and feel jealous about your husband looking at another woman, then change how you look. It’s not easy–I know, but don’t complain about it if you aren’t going tto do anything about it!
    Tell me where to buy a calendar! I support her right to do it. Afterall, isn’t that what our husband’s are fighting for? The freedom to pursue happiness?

  • Jenn

    All I can say is if this helps support their family .. go for it. The hell with everyone else and she shouldn’t be outcasted because of it. It’s her source of living, would it be any different if she was not a military wife?

  • Vickie

    NC wife, I agree with you. If my hubby knew a guy whose wife advertised her goods…he and his comrades would poke fun at him and his wife. I’d have to defend the poor girl. It’s like Porky’s revenge, you know when the “nerds” get a pic of the beautiful cheer leader and sell pies with her pasted to the pie pan…then her macho boyfriend sees the pie and sadly states “That’s my Pie”, well this poor guys is gonna have his “pie” sold and all will see it as funny. Poor guy. I know my own hubby would be very angry if anyone saw me in the partial buck. He gets mad when his co-workers call me cute. I’d never do that to him, but I’m not Italian.

  • Fawn Gordon

    Well to comment back to the two others…. first off did I ever say I was young no I did not. ANd I am very sorry that your having problems with getting your body back to normal… but I am not just speaking from my experiences only I have many friends with children and shoot I can walk into any walmart or well anywhere in public and see plenty of women with children who dont even look like they had children. But whatever the case may be it is all about how you truely feel about yourself. If you arent comfortable with you you look then change it. Stay motivated and do it. The whole time I was pregnant I use cocoa butter lotion even before I got my actual pregnancy belly I lathered my belly so much it shimmered and that kept me from having stretch marks. My mother got stretch marks and my grandmothers also so its also in my genes. And I did yoga as much as possible after I had both of my babies…. Im serious for those who are committed to getting the weight off and through out the pregnancy used just regular cocoa butter all the time will not get stretch marks. Also to the comment about taxes… ok your right I dont know much about taxes or this ladies financial situation but I highly doubt she made the calendar for the sole purpose of taxes and needing money. I know that as a model I dont just do it for the money. And in fact my latest modeling project is with the Patriot Girls which I do not get paid to do. I simply do it for the support of the military and the USA! Oh aand I do have several calendars that Ive been in… some can still be bought! But like I said I honestly dont model to make money… modeling is more like a hobby!

  • navywiferocks

    My feelings on this calendar deal is to each his/her own. It doesnt sound like she made the calendar just to piss people (wives) off. SHE IS NOT BREAKING THE LAW… I am a military wive of 10 years. Lived in alot og military housing. Let me say one thing ” LAIDIES LETS GET IT TOGETHER” we have a serious problem and its not the calendar. Its each of you that are insecure with yourself and your man. Alot of you act as if your in high school still. Grow up…

  • a 12th CAB wife

    I am a 12th CAB wife with a husband whose morale she whishes to boost. I am not fat nor do I have a poor self image. I disagree with threats and vandalism but I do agree she was out of line. Be a model, have a successful career but do not be so inconsiderate to your neighbors in the process. Our husbands are down range for 15 months. It is not your job to boost their morale (and your wallet in the process). Have some consideration for the woman you live next to and the husbands your spouse works with. That is all it was ever about. Respect for others during a trying time for them and their loved ones.


    Shame on all of you, especially her. You need to read further comments she’s made regarding spouses. How DARE she say that because spouses may be fat, she can provide the distraction their husband’s need. I can’t believe that men have such little respect and compassion for their wives, that they would encourage this. Their wives are home taking care of the children, pets, the house, and working full time jobs in order to support their deployed husband’s. All they have to get them through is the HOPE that their husband is looking at THEIR pictures, and that THEY provide the distraction that he needs..NOT the next door neighbor. We all know Playboy is around, no problem there, BUT their husband’s are not going to meet the Playboy models they lust over. Having this woman living on your street, knowing your husband has been looking at her in her lingerie, is totally wrong. She has a big mouth, and has said a lot of hurtful things about the spouses. If she is going to be a military wife, then she needs to act like one and treat the other wives with the respect they deserve, not thrusting her half nude body on their husband’s. It’s not a question of men looking at “pin up girls”..It’s a question of men lusting after a woman that they will see on a regular basis, with their wives right next to them.
    I hope they remove her from the base and send her elsewhere. It’s time that the wives were shown some respect for all their hard work during deployments. A half naked calendar of the next door neighbor is not respectful. She needs to pedal her goods elsewhere.

  • TimnAndysMom

    Hmm sounds a bit like junior high school! Everyone her needs to get over themselves. Seems Alessandra is a Prima Donna that is a bit jealous of the bond shared by the other wives in the community. The rest sound like that bunch of cheerleaders in junior high that wouldn’t let the new girl be part of the clique because she was different. Can’t we all just get along? There is so much more to worry about in this world. Just one last thing…GROW UP!!

  • amrympwife4life

    I dont agree with removing her, but in the same respect she should have consideration for us as well. and for her husband wanting other soldiers to gawk at his wife, thats just gross. I think if it is such a problem for the women of that post, they should ban the calander. Thats what I would do. I just hope she and her perv hubby dont come to my post!!haha

  • Fawn Gordon

    Oh my my my you people are all being so ridulous….. she is married and is not thrusting her body at anyone. Its a freaking calendar… SO what! She is a model and modeling is what she does. She is not a threat. And she only said those things about the other wives because they came at her first. Even though I have not met the woman I can almost promise you she did not do a calendar just to make these wives mad.

  • Steph

    All I can say, is it’s a disgrace and degrading to being a military spouse. Where is her honor, values and moral? Can’t she find a decent job? I thought, being a military spouse is a role model.,honor her husband and respect, lead the community and promotes personal moral values. What a shame.

  • Fancy

    I am sorry to hear about this incident, but as a wife and a mother to each their own if that is how they prefer to earn their wages. But as a veteran and leader you have to think about the others around you. How well does that affect my family and their well being, my social life, and definitely the soldiers. Is this to benefit the soldiers. The civilian sectors is much different than military sectors which are regulated by regulations, policies, procedures, and politics all the like. I don’t think its an Army Wife issue but a Command issue. How does her husband expect to command soldiers who are drowling and catching woodys to pictures of his wife on a calendar. I know she may have had the best intentions but its just a bad department to explore this in. But I bet if her calendar was marketed to civilians instead of military post she would be alright. Also, I truly believe all women need to start supporting each other more often, because a man isn’t always going to understand and most of the time they are against us rather than for us. Good Luck. PS. Shake them haters off.

  • Marian

    Where is the calendar of half dressed hot men? Wives need a moral boost!

  • Deltagirl

    I was married to a career military man for almost 30 years before he passed in 2000. Jealousy has a way of rearing its ugly head. Sadly it has little to do with this young lady and more to do with the fact that most military wives LET themselves go. Obesity and chocolate cake become their best friend when they should be working, cleaning the house, staying off the phone gossiping, etc. just for starters. People have always found it easier to target another individual, rather than look in the mirror and work on regulating themselves. Think about it…is it this cutie with the hot body…or are you just upset that you LET yourself GO?

  • Fawn Gordon

    Well said Deltagirl

  • SueDJ41

    I don’t care what she models or for who but, I don’t like the fact that she’s a dependant and she’s using military insignia and other military items in her shoot. That is the only disgrace that I see also, it takes way less than this type of thing to make some wives jealous and hateful ,,,,,,,, just buying a new vehicle can start a gossip parade!! LOL

  • Navy Wife Laughing

    I agree with Fawn…it’s just a calendar people! I’m not surprised at the nasty comments though. Those comments and the attitudes of military wives is what keeps me away from the Wives’ Clubs. You guys are being ridiculous and need to fill your time up with education and hobbies that improve your self esteem. Not everyone has to conform to a stereotypical idea of a ‘wife’. Let’s embrace the idea that everyone is different and she happens to have ‘good’ genes. LOL And if your marriage is strong enough she is no threat to your marriage. And, if she’s that beautiful than your husband has already fantasized about her because that’s what men do. They are visual beings. If you feel threatened get your butt to the gym and improve what you have and he’ll keep his eyes on you for a bit.

  • Joy

    This story is absurd. Why are people so insecure with themselves that they have to take it out on others? Maybe if those fat Army wives would spend more time doing stomach crunches instead of eating Nestle Crunches they wouldn’t feel so threatened by this girl. It’s no diferent than sending the boys Playboy calandars or other types of magazines. If her husband had no problem with her posing, then the other wives shouldn’t have a problem with it. They can’t cheat with a picture. My husband is in the Marine Corps so this story hits close to home for me. I don’t care what he looks at or watches. He always comes home to me.

  • Confused

    #1 – My family does not reside OCONUS. From the beginning, I was confused as to why her calendar was newsworthy of receiving merit from a national publication (internet or print media). Initially, I thought, ‘perhaps she is doing this for charitable reasons’. It does not appear to be the case. Why was the article printed to begin with? There are many military wives, like myself, that are in professional fields. Honestly, I did not feel that her photographs (seductive aside) were that impressive to warrant the free media attention that it received. There are several organizations that produce ‘morale boosting’ material for the troops (such as the great gals that are former Cheerleaders, they are a class act group of ladies that do this for charitable reasons). I feel the direction of any article pertaining to ‘a military spouse breaking out in her profession’ would have been more relatable and productive to have shown a spouse who has faced adversity and has climbed the corporate ladder, in a fashion that does not require her disrobing. I think it was a ploy to provide this specific lady with free media. It seems to me that she ‘knew someone’ that offered to assist her with free press. As for the negativity that she has received from the result of this, I do feel for her. No one should be treated in that manner. With that said, why are you writing an article without any factual background? In fact, it has the tone that will only fuel the fires, with phrases about jealousy and expressing how fit and trim she and her husband are. Kudos to them for having the time to go to the gym, everyday. And? There are many of us that workout regularly, should we submit our photos and lifestory to you, as well? I just don’t see what the attraction of big deal is about this lady. I wish her luck, she got what she wanted = free media.

  • Fawn Gordon

    Finally some good women who know what life is really about are commenting to this! I am so glad that some of us understand that a calendar is nothing to throw a fit about.

  • Richard Pringle

    Maybe these wifes should band together and join this women and all of them pose for a calendar instead of try and have her remove from the community. Then if there husbands are part of the rear unit, have them pose for another calendar for the wives and then see how sales go. I bet all the wives that are complaining will be alot happier if they are involved on the other side of the coin so to speak.

  • Leslie

    Pathetic. These men are risking their lives and may never come home again and the women are worried about them seeing someone in lingerie or a bathing suit? If a man is into porn, regardless of the wife, he is going to be looking and enjoying anyway. Women have 3 choices: 1)Learn to live with it 2)Divorce him 3)Simply turn yourself into his own personal porn star. Take your pick. If he’s sexually worn out, he won’t be looking so much. And if you’re not with him at the time. He’ll be looking forward to coming home to you more than anything on earth because noone else will compare to the things you do to him.

  • Janet Warren

    I know exactly how she feels. She has every reason to say that others look down on her b/c they are overweight or don’t have a job. I am 39, have an awesome job, and have also been a bikini model. I have gone to many OSG functions, and have been stared at, and been ignored. I have been talked about. So why would I even WANT to be part of the community? The women are jealous, and they are the ones who can’t admit it. Mae West said it best, “It’s better to get looked over, than to get overlooked!” Some people work harder for what they have, others complain harder for what they don’t have!

  • Fawn Gordon

    Again I very highly doubt this lady wanted any free media. And most of what this lady has gotten has been negitive. I honestly dont see how she would want herself put out there to be torn down by media. And that is what she has gotten. And if you read the article then you would see she did the calendar for the reason of boosting morale not free media. I swear some people are such idiots! Believe what you will… go right ahead and stay in your little box of a world.

  • Deltagirl

    Navy Wife Laughing…I concur…Ladies put away the cat claws… stop drinking that HATERADE and find something constructive to do with your life.
    (lol)…Well got to run…I have a meeting …ttfn

  • Semper Fi Wife

    I really don’t care if Alessandra Bosco made a pin up calendar and is selling it to guys downrange. I don’t think that rises to the level of the alleged attacks or the threat of removing her from the community. I just don’t think we have the whole story and I wish 12 CAB could maybe clarify things.
    That said, Ms. Bosco claims to be doing the calendar for the troops and yet, the only one who is profitting from it is her. Wouldn’t it be nice if she donated part of her profits to a military support group like Soldiers’ Angels?
    That, to me, would be walking the walk.

  • Milspouse1

    I went to her website. I personally do not think she is pretty at all! The only thing that she has going for her is her body…I have seen spouses who are much prettier than her and it sounds to me that she is trying to get other spouses to look at her. Maybe it is low self esteem on her part.

  • Erica

    Being a Navy wife I have a hard time understanding how other women can get upset for one woman doing what comes naturally to her to help support our troops. If you do not like the calendar you do not have to buy it, it is a freedom of choice. What about all of the firemen that sell calendars to help support there cause? Because they are men, that makes it more ok? This woman is beautiful if she has a way to help bring more support to our troops through other means I say bring it on. I for one commend her.

  • MRS C, NY

    I think that whether is jealousy or a threat to other women or men as long as the couple is happy and he is not jeaopardizing his soldiers and his unit in any serious manner it is up to them how they live their lives. You don’t always have to agree with someone’s lifestyle but you can respect them and let it be.

  • Susan

    Come on women. If your soldiers are not looking at her then they are checking out some other chick. It is human nature to look at the opposite sex. Be glad that they are only looking and not cheating on you while they are away!!!

  • NYC Born

    This Navy wife & entrepreneur says that there has to be bigger issues to worry about on that base! Any self-confident, self loving woman would not be bothered by such dribble.

  • Jennifer

    I think the wives throwing a fit over a calender are the ones being disgraceful. It is only a calendar, give her a break. She is a model thats what models do. Its her way to show support.
    These jealous wives need to gain self confidence and get over themselves.

  • Jeff

    It is true, women in the military have a low self esteem problem. Not all, but most! I have been in the Marines for almost twelve years and two marriages (failed) later, I am still wondering why. I was not and did not cheat! My most recent ex- stated I was cheating while in Iraq and left before I returned home with my two children. I know what you are thinking- she had reason- NO! I was based on a forward operating base with roughly 60 Marines (combat unit) which didn’t allow women. There are horror stories about cheating and I will never agree with it, but why is it that we, the Marine, Soldier, or servicemember have this problem? It is because the past bad apples have ruined the bunch. (I am not just talking about the men either- women are just as bad if not worse because there are less consequences for them when they are “caught”.) The spouses will never see or understand what it means to be in combat so we do have to cut them slack. However, this woman making a calendar for the troops- as long as it was tastfully done I see no problem with it. If the Sgt1st Class doesn’t mind- why should anyone else? Jealousy is a very bad trait! Maybe the complainers should join her instead of fight with her! Those wifes and husbands that are so offended should send something similar to their spouse- I would have welcomed it from mine if she had sent me “good” pictures! People are too uptight!

  • ar

    I can’t believe the comments I am reading here! Do you not understand how infedelity works? Are you so caught up in not being seen as “insecure” that you are willing to subject yourselves to lettting your husbands oggle over someone half necked in a magazine???? An affair doesn’t just happen one day. It starts with a picture, dirty movie, porn site, pin-up, ect. It starts as a thought. I am anti-playboy, maxium and all “gentelman’s” magazines. This woman is promoting an industry that ruins marraiges! And what’s worse, she is doing it in her own community! Why do you think strip clubs are dark? Why are magazines hidden in closets and under beds? BECAUSE IT IS UNHOLY! It’s evil! It’s one of Satan’s tools to destroy the family. You can say I am over-reacting, but in the back of your minds you know I am right. It is not a service to prance around half naked infront of military menbers. It is damaging their souls.The worst thing about this is she is in the community. That makes her accessible. MOre of a reality to men. I am so disgusted by women who make their money by allowing themselves to be reduced to a nice butt and a pair or breasts! Have we not learned anything in the past 200 years?

  • Proud AF Wife

    I guess I could see both sides. Not saying it’s ok for the wives to harass her or for her husband’s job to be on the line, but all you military spouses know, that you can say the wrong thing to the wrong person and your husbands will get a slap on the wrist or worse. I think it’s the fact that she’s in such a small community and trying to sell her calendars that hurt her. These women do not want their husbands looking at somebody that they are going to see at the commissary the next day. I think she had great intentions and was trying to do good, but just didn’t go about it the right way. I think she should have asked other wives to be in on it too. Just a few months ago Fire Fighters made a calendar to raise money for the 9/11 fire fighter victims. Same concept but they got praise for it. Everyone thinks because she’s associated with the “military”, she should have her halo polished. Not everbody is perfect and they learn from their mistakes. Give her a brake, she was just trying to support our husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, mothers, or fathers.

  • L

    I think it is great that she did a calander. I would do the same thing if I could. I am new to the army community and have met quite a few snobby clickish wives that make it so that I would rather not have friends that have anything to do with the army. It sounds like she has met some of those women.

  • ann

    I agree with most of the wives comments especially that the pictures are of someone that they might bump into at a function at any time. But what about the husband. Has he no pride that he is ok with all his buddies and everyone else looking at his wife with not much to the imagination. You would think any self-respecting husband would not let his wife do something like this and would not want her body on display.

  • Rob’s Wife

    Meoooooooooooow ladies….meeeeeeeeow…put the freddie knives up. All people window shop…but not everyone buys…beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and petty women will rarely give another woman a compliment…everything is personal with insecure women. Your man will end up cheating on you or leaving you with this silliness. Ladies whatever you did to make your man fall in love with you..marry you…then that is what you will do to keep him!!

  • Josie

    That’s so crazy! I’ve been a wife for 20+ years and seen some crazy things though. A lot of insecure wives and some understandably so. Even I look much different than I did when I first got married. But to kick them off base? For pictures? You don’t like it, don’t buy it. Don’t look at it. There’s bigger things in the world then sexy pictures. I’m sure she’s wearing more clothes than the bikini pictures she’s taken. This is a hard time for spouses and we need to just support each other and to each his own. I KNOW FOR A FACT we’ve still kept our buddies who made some “bad” choices for whatever reason. We were there for them when they were hurting thier spouse!! I don’t rememeber kicking anyone off of the base when they were caught cheating!!! He who has no sin may cast the first stone!!!! Please Ladies don’t blame other people for your insecurities. What’s next?!

  • Christina

    Please……..some people need to find something better to do with their time besides nit pick someone else’s! If women are that insurcure about their marriage then they need to take a look at themselves before passing judgement on another. I don’t see that what the women is doing is that big of a deal, it may not be the best idea due to these men and women have to see her in person everyday but, she does not need to be removed and her husband’s job sure does not need to be on the line. It is no different than if she were a stipper! Hell, atleast she has on clothes in the calendar! It’s not like she is exposing EVERYTHING! One last thing, women can not just put blame on her, because if their husband is veiwing it then they are just as guility!

  • tamdice

    I think she does look like a model and she is very pretty and my husband would have to be blind not to notice. I think when you have a good relationship with your husband and you feel secure with yourself this kind of thing shouldn’t get in the way. I think because we are military spouses we have to be stronger with these two characteristics because we are apart from our husbands more than we are together, and if you don’t have this I don’t know what to tell you.

  • Kendra

    I have read the story and the comments… I must say that I am confused and maybe a little concerned that people can make such an issue over something that was not started with any malicious intent. Correct me if I am wrong, but are we not in a war? One that has turned into a fight for human rights? I am married to a wonderful soldier in the US Army. I know that as with “most” men, he will take notice of a beautiful woman whether she is completely clothed or laying on the beach in a bikini (which some leave nothing to the imagination!). I am very happy with who I am, the body that I have, and the strength of my marriage. If I were the one to have started this calendar, my husband and his unit would be my biggest supporters and so would their wives! More than likely, I would only get one month, or possibly have to share a month, so that the other beautiful, vivacious wifes could also be in the calendar. Our husbands, wives, or significant others are serving our country and the beliefs that it was founded on everyday…. so why as the “military spouse” are you sitting back picking on one person who is doing something to give back to them instead of sitting around just existing? My thought is definetly that some woman will never be happy without a certain amount of drama in their lives whether self created or not. To think that the Sgt 1st Class McCoy’s career is in jeopardy is just one more reason the “grumpy, frumpy, unhappy and critically rude” wives in that post should get up, work out and offer to make a 24 month calendar next time. Don’t be jealous, be competitive!!!

  • Military spouse

    HAHAHA!!! This whole thing is a prime example of the American double standard and narrow mindedness. Ever heard live and let live? No-one is being hurt, we all have different jobs, and this lady has taken her career to be lingerie model. Good for her!!
    Why don’t you people attack all the lingerie models in the world? Maybe you are? Ah…no, that would make you look at just what you are, unhappy with your life and that hurts.
    You can change your life and your attitude to be more tolerant and happy. It is up to you.

  • Debbie

    All of you overweight, out of work women need to head to the gym and the employment office! LOL! Get over it ladies, let her have her day. Jealously can be a very ugly thing.

  • angela

    She has done nothing wrong. If other women have a problem with it, they need to wake up and realize there is nothing wrong with a woman in lingerie. If a women does have a problem with it,it is her problem. It does sound like a bunch of prudes or jealous women to me. Women do this all the time. Look at Victoria Secret models, Sports illustrated swimsuit edition, Sears catalog, etc. What makes this any different? What, just because she is a wife of a soldier? Go ahead with your bad self! If I had the body, I would join in with you! However, my two boys did a number on my body, LoL.
    Also, I read one woman that says it is “soft-porn”. WHATEVER! If you think that, then don’t buy it! Doesn’t mean there should be this “drama” surrounding her. The only reason I could think of that would cause this drama is what she said is bringing it on, even if it does make some military wives mad that she said it. Why else would the wives get mad, unless they are jealous and don’t want their husbands looking at her banging body.
    I know I don’t have a perfect body, and I don’t show mine, but I will not blame her for showing off hers. It is a free country. She has the right to show her body and to model. What, we are going to stop women from doing lingerie modeling too?
    So, are we not going to allow women to wear bikini’s anymore? They show more skin than most lingerie. Sounds like some jealous, mixed up women to me.

  • mechelle007

    There is nothing wrong with what she is doing and the only thing I find offensive about it all is the fact that it could affect her husband’s career. Jealousy. That is the key word in this article. Had she have been an average PTO mom, working with students to raise money through bake sales maybe these women would accept her. But instead they feel threatened because, most likely, none of them have the beauty to do a project like this. I say, hats off to her. She has taken something she does for a living and found a way to help our soldiers with it. Is there anything wrong with that? I think not. And we all know these other wives are well aware that there isn’t a problem with what she is doing. Are they all that sheltered that they have never visited a museum and admired art? Let me know where these calendars will be sold. I will buy some for my fiance (who is also a soldier), my brother (another military man), and anyone else I can possibly think of who can truly appreciate her and her cause. I admire her for what she’s doing.

  • Aundrea

    I am ex-military of ten years and an army wife of a now wounded retired army scout. Leave the woman alone! The women that say oh it is porn or oh my husband is looking at her! Get a life!!!! Are the wives in Katterbach that bored and that INSECURE? Please, you are making the rest of us military wives look bad. We are better than this. Military wives are strong independent women. We have to be and to hear that some especially army wives are pitching a fit over another wife helping out the MORALE of OUR SOLDIERS FIGHTING OVERSEAS is just like driving a knife thru my heart. We are supposed to be supporting our husbands, brothers, sisters, fathers, sons, daughters, etc. not making a big stink over a fellow wife possibly making some of them happy while they fight a war for us. While they keep us safe!

  • AF-Wife overseas

    After reading only half of the comments, I will tell you why I have issue with this woman:
    She is making a semi nude calendar for “Morale” but is causing a loss of Morale at her base. If her aim is to boost morale, why is she persuing an endeaver that obviously is NOT doing what she aimed? Well the answer is simple, she has a different agenda. She is using the military and her position to gain notoriety and hopefully land a spread in a magazine. Plain and Simple.
    As a person she has no class and to call military wives fat and jobless, well she obviously has a lack of respect problem. Whether we are fat, thin, rotund, or scrawny, we have the second hardest job in the world- a military wife. (Our spouses have the hardest, IMO)
    Not only is she turning her nose down us the spouses, but she acts like she has contempt for Americans as a whole. She is using the men to push her popularity, she is using her husband’s military service to push out her “military related calendar” and she is using the spouses to garner fame.
    My dislike for this woman has nothing to do with her physique, ability to take photos, it is her utter disrespect for the military family as a whole. I would not sit with her, I would not smile and so hello at the store, I would not give her the time of day. She is a walking body with no brain in my opinion. I pity her.
    She has the right to do whatever she wants, take photos etc, but as she is her husband’s dependant, her remarks demeaning the military spouse community as a whole is enough to have her removed from that community. The military’s first job is to serve the USA and make sure that they are “mission ready”. Having the men distracted at work by disgruntled family at home is not conducive to a proper work environment. In Short, this woman is effecting the Mission of that base.
    I would expect, that she knows this and is now on the Stars and Stripes to try to go out with a bang. What a shame that she did this to her husband.

  • Rob’s Wife

    I have never been a crowd pleaser, and I refrain from being around people who are negative. Some of you could use a lesson in how to love yourself, there is a lot of self loathing and self hatred on this board. It is impossible to love or appreciate anyone else when you do not like yourself. If you really cared about yourself, you would not have time to be venting and spewing venom here. I feel sorry for you ladies who have nothing in common with your spouses, because if you did you would care less about other folks business and tighten your own game.

  • Nikki

    Ladies, please get your panties out of a bunch. Who married your husbands? Who did your husband marry? It seems that easy. If your husband isn’t married to the woman you once were, then fix it. If you are worried about a picture on a calander then make one yourself and send it to your husband. If you feel that it isn’t comparable, then work on you. If you must allienate a woman by her beauty and cast her aside for all you bible readers, then read up….She was Jesus’ fast friend, so look not at the woman you are fighting against, but at yourself. If she brings insecurities, then let them be motivation. I have been on base and even though I am not a swimsuit model you wives should be ashamed that you let yourself go to the wayside the way that you do. Get a group watch the children take turns at the gym, do something, but do NOT make this woman or her husband move. Apologize and welcome them. She is trying to make them make an easier time of their deployment. If you think that your husband isn’t getting pictures, or “porn” from somwhere have a real heart to heart with your hubby. I beg to differ that you are mistaken.
    You should all tell this woman that you are deeply sorry for making her feel this way and her husband for having to choose between his wife and his job, he obviously loves as well.
    Go buy a mirror, Go fix yourselves. You will feel better and your husbands will enjoy it too. Talk about a morale booster.

  • AFWIfe Overseas

    For all of you saying, “Let her make the calendar and get over it” etc etc..
    The problem the women have with this woman is the demeaning way she shoots her mouth off about the spouses of her community. It is NOT the calendar, it is her Rude Obnoxious behavior. She is experience blowback from the community based on the fire she created.
    Let her make her calendar, but is it too much to ask that she have some class, poise, and integrity. When you have an underwear model come into your community and call you jobless and fat, well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there is going to be some drama in the community from it and upset people.

  • Stephanie

    SAD SAD story. If they have to move b.c of this I think its pathetic b.c women are jealous??!?!?!!? If you are that worried about what your husband may be looking at or thinking about then there is already a problem!!!! Where can I get a copy of this model calendar if it supports the troops I would like to buy a copy and hang it proudly!!!!

  • Af Wife

    Ok Quick question,
    Call me stupid, but if I have a rough day watching people getting blown up, earing gun fire, raiding homes, clearing out bombs that a stupid picture on a calendar isn’t going to make me feel any better. And what about the women down range? Are they supposed to look at these pictures and go “OK ITS ALL BETTER NOW”? WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!

  • Squaw

    I get so tired of hearing about military wives and there gossip and passing judgment on the military wives who take care of their bodies and not just give up on looking as good as they can for their military spouse. I have seen and heard this a dozen times and I think what she is doing is good for her. I’m in the military so I am speaking from experience. Military housing is a giant gossip factory and the better looking wives on the street are the target of the negative gossip and talk. It has been this way for quite some time now so I don’t see it changing anytime soon. This woman who is a spouse and a model wouldn’t be having any problems if she weren’t a military spouse. I’m sure if Tyra Banks did a military appreciation calendar she would not get half the problems that Alessandra Bosco is getting. Those military wives need put as much time and effort into maintaining their bodies/figures for there husbands as they are trying to mess with Alessandra.
    Military Wives: You think that you are in the military just because your husband is. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but you are NOT! Stop acting as if you go to work everyday and deal with the stresses that we do. You think it’s hard for you because you get left when we have to deploy and it’s so hard. Try being the one who has to leave on the deployment and fight in combat. It’s a lot harder on the other side. Stop felling sorry for yourselves and going into depression and eating yourselves into obesity. Stop hating on the wives who do something productive with their time and do something productive with yours.

  • Squaw

    I get so tired of hearing about military wives and there gossip and passing judgment on the military wives who take care of their bodies and not just give up on looking as good as they can for their military spouse. I have seen and heard this a dozen times and I think what she is doing is good for her. I’m in the military so I am speaking from experience. Military housing is a giant gossip factory and the better looking wives on the street are the target of the negative gossip and talk. It has been this way for quite some time now so I don’t see it changing anytime soon. This woman who is a spouse and a model wouldn’t be having any problems if she weren’t a military spouse. I’m sure if Tyra Banks did a military appreciation calendar she would not get half the problems that Alessandra Bosco is getting. Those military wives need put as much time and effort into maintaining their bodies/figures for there husbands as they are trying to mess with Alessandra.
    Military Wives: You think that you are in the military just because your husband is. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but you are NOT! Stop acting as if you go to work everyday and deal with the stresses that we do. You think it’s hard for you because you get left when we have to deploy and it’s so hard. Try being the one who has to leave on the deployment and fight in combat. It’s a lot harder on the other side. Stop felling sorry for yourselves and going into depression and eating yourselves into obesity. Stop hating on the wives who do something productive with their time and do something productive with yours.

  • Marcia Temple

    These wives are obviously insecure. I’m also a military wife, and it’s sad how pathetic these wives are acting. I’ve seen many of these women that are complaining about a calendar,are usually in bad relationships with their spouses. Many of these women are doing things much worse than this woman that is modeling in a calendar. I agree that they are jealous, anal, and need to find positive outlets rather than go on this modern day witch hunt. Let’s focus on,our faith, getting our troops home safely, our families. I think it a bit hypocritical of some these wives when I’ve heard of women posing in extremely sexual positions for their spouses, and sending them overseas. If the calendar is not sexually explicit, why complain? I’m a plus sized woman, and extremely secure in my marriage to my spouse. If he brought a calendar home I wasn’t comfortable with than I would discuss this with him, and not with the model Alessandra.

  • Erick Elizondo

    Sorry, but if Ms. Alessandra Bosco really wants to help and support the militar member she should do it in a different way….
    Sexy pictures is not what military is about. Every one should know that…
    Thank you….

  • Af Wive

    I’m sure if Tyra Banks made the Calendar, she wouldn’t be building her house next door to that community and then walking out the door and saying “LISTEN UP LADIES, IM MAKING THIS CALENDAR FOR YOUR HUSBANDS BECAUSE YOU ALL ARE FAT AND JOBLESS. BTW, SEE YA AT THE PICNIC ON SUNDAY.”

  • Marla

    “Sadly it has little to do with this young lady and more to do with the fact that most military wives LET themselves go. Obesity and chocolate cake become their best friend when they should be working, cleaning the house, staying off the phone gossiping, etc. just for starters.”
    Shame on you Delta Girl for making these remarks.

  • Rob’s Wife

    For the ladies who would love to tar and feather this hottie, run her out on a rail, give yourselves a round of applause, then kick yourselves in the batooska. The military has the highest rate of divorce. Some of you are not going to make it, the handwriting is on the wall, you will be divorced before you make it back to American soil. It takes a weak man to stay married to a whiny, insecure, nagging, unproductive woman. The Bible speaks of busy bodies and gossipers, give yourselves another round of applause. You are your own worse enemy.

  • Roshaa

    There are always TWO sides to every story. Why are we so quick to say these wives need something better to do?? Is it possible this woman has approached some of the husbands?? Maybe she has been rubbing it in their faces that their husbands will be looking at her. Just a thought….we don’t know the entire story!!

  • chris

    I personally do not believe that someone, anyone should be put out of their home for the benefit of the other wives. I know that a lot of snide comments can occur on a military housing area. Women can be vultures and hurtful. It seems that if you don’t stay to yourself you are likely to get sucked into a worm hole and become the topic of conversation. Military life is unlike any other life. You seldom have the chance to keep old friends close and build strong long relationships so you end up with less then worthy confidants.
    I however am very lucky with our current station and the friends I have made. I would strongly erg all spouses to join the FRG or any support group in the area and make friends and get involved.
    In regards to the women spoke about in the article, I think to each their own. I am sure she has a beautiful body. Her photos are a form of art work. I would rather have pictures of her being patriotic around then pic’s of other women doing obscure things. I am not going to say that suggestive photo’s should or should not be allowed. Everyone has the right to their own fantasies.
    I personally would have no problem if my husband came home with this calendar. Why you might ask, well, it would be in support of the troops and I know that my marriage is secure. I know where my husband’s loyalties lie and where his heart always is.
    I also would not be upset if one of my three sons or my daughter found something of this nature. I would simply explain to them that the human body is a beautiful thing. After all we were created by a master craftsman. Nobody should be ashamed of their body. I wish more people would realize this and then the world would be less stereotypical and young girls would feel better in their own skin.
    Well I am done rambling but I do support the calendar and peoples rights.

  • Sabrina

    This is bull. If an Army wife is self concious because they’re overweight (because we know that’s the problem) then they need to use those FREE GYM PRIVILEDGES that we get to lose weight. I’m overweight, but I’m not gonna hate on that cute chic who makes her money looking cute. That calendar is her business. Let her mind it.
    Just like I tell my daughter, if you spent all this time taking care of your own business, you’ll find you have less time to stress on someone else’s business!

  • Marine wife & former Airman

    I’ve been around the military for years, many of them spent overseas. I’ve been active duty and a dependant wife. Sad to say, a small percentage of men, usually after having a few to many drinks have, to say it nicely, taken advantage of women. I personally see nothing wrong with the pictures, but I would be afraid that if a man was obsessively ogling, as someone else put it, and if Ms.Bosco was in the wrong place at the wrong time she could be in trouble. If you are in the eye of the public there will always be issues of one kind or another. A persons insecurities will not go away if the calendar goes away. I hope that both men and women can be mature enough to “get over it” and not cause harm to Ms. Bosco or her family. I suggest if couples are having issues about this that they seek councilling and get to the root of their problems.

  • disgruntled

    Wow Squaw, you’re a real piece of work. We spouses are not in the military so don’t act like it? Where the heck do you get off?
    I left my family, my schooling, my job, my home and came with my husband overseas to support HIM. I live in base housing, take care of the bills, house, children to support my husband while he is at work. I do his uniforms, prepare his paperwork, and voulnteer on the base for his squadron. I watch him leave for his deployments, take care of the family while he is gone, cheer him up when he calls, deal with the issues for when he gets back, and keep a smile on my face because I know how hard it is what he does.
    HOW IS THAT PRETENDING TO NOT BE INVOLVED WITH THE MILTARY? You wear the uniform, but us spouses and our children are what motivate our husbands to get up and go to work in the morning. Us spouses keep our soldiers and airman level headed when they come home. Do NOT, in any way, Imply that the military spouse in an inconsequential part of the military formula or community. It is rude of you to even suggest it.

  • Gina Slonecker

    My first question is why do people think pin-up style calendars are necessary to boost troop morale? Our troops are where they are (deployed or stateside) to complete a specific mission and I do not see how porn or pin-up contributes to completing any mission. I tire of seeing military men and women lead two separate lives. The family life and the away from family life. Those who are married should keep their family in mind and find their morale boosted by knowing their family is safe and supportive of what they are doing. It is easy to see how wives who are at home taking care of the family, house, finance, etc. get annoyed with such ridiculous things like this. Spouses are busting their backs to support their partner’s jobs and I can see where this might be tought of as a smack in the face. Those who are not married I’m sure have different ways to boost their morale. But bottom line is, what is so necessary about porn and pin-up in the lives of people that it could seriously affect their job function? I see these people as having a real problem or addiction. I also see SOME troops having way too much time on their hands.
    A troop’s mind needs to be where it should be to complete the mission. How does all of this help? Disruptions in family life obviously contribute to low morale. How would troops feel if there were calendars made and passed out to their wives of soldier men wearing barely anything while they were fighting the war? How would they feel if the situation were reversed and some soldier became the hot topic of discussion? I think we are seeing a rise in pornography, a more widespread distrbution, and a disruption in the family values/core. Marriages and couples should be discussing their stance on such material and honoring one another and their decision made as a couple. Any strong relationship can get over things like this.
    This woman and her husband are playing victim in a situation that was brought on by their own actions and decisions. A military husband knows what behaviors are expected of himself and of his family while being in the military. He should know certain jobs are not acceptible to hold and it can mean being discharged from service. My husband certainly cannot become a stripper and expect to also be a soldier serving his country. So, before this model went around and signed contracts, whatever, she should have been aware of (and sure she was) the repercussions it could have on her husband’s career. Also with her acceptance. If she felt her behavior was worth the possible consequences to career, politics, relationships, etc., than I suppose she made her decision accordingly. I think both were not realistic with what would happen. I am not saying the behavior of others vandalizing their property, etc. is acceptible. But her attitude of other wives gives clue to her character. I believe neither of them thought much before acting. And no offense but people have the right to support her calendar or NOT support it. If you can’t take the heat….you know the deal. Why do they feel that everyone should giggle, oogle, and accept this kind of behavior? It’s the wrong kind of attention and limelight in my opinion. Personally, the government wastes more time over this type of stuff. It’s not necessary or worth it.
    I am a military wife who is 5’6″ tall and 115 pounds. I’m in terrific shape (after having a son too) and consider myself a beautiful person inside and out. But this does not mean I feel it necessary to have a photo shoot of myself in lingerie to boost troop morale (and obviously it won’t boost everyone’s). I care about all our soldiers and want them to return home safely. There are many other ways I can support them. If I feel the need to get undressed and send photos out they are to my husband, and my husband only. I am more concerned with my husband completing the mission, coming home safe, making rank, and progressing through his career. There are greater things to put my energies into, including how to be a better person, wife, and mother. I have more self respect. I’m sure my views are different than some. But people what is truly so important about all of this? Is this where your time and energy should be? If you don’t support it, don’t pay attention to it and it becomes yesterday’s news. Tomorrow there will be some other model competing for attention of the masses. See this instead as an opportunity not to play the game. When others are calling you to look or participate you can simply say “No thanks” and walk away. Think about the beautiful family you already have helped create that will be at your side for a lifetime. For those who see the calendar as so important, I suppose you ought to laminate it or something. So that in 10 years, when we all look older (and hopefully some are more wiser) its condition can be preserved. In reality it’s only a matter of time before this calendar will find it’s way to the trashcan and these men will find some other chick to oogle at within a week. Work instead on your own family, your own values and morals and don’t let issues like this degenerate your relationship.

  • Guard Wife

    I know there are new arrivals here in the comment area thanks to military.com’s e-mail. It also appears that few have read the linked-to article or Andi’s comment earlier about how to conduct yourselves in the comment section.
    That aside, I find it more than a little ironic that while so many of you are lambasting people for taking umbrage with Alessandra and her attitude, you do so without addressing the actual issue of the entire article and instead resort to namecalling and broad generalizations. I don’t, however, find it surprising that it’s happening regarding an article about a bikini model.
    Instead of entertaining the idea that a wife, especially on that base, may take issue with Alessandra’s comments and considering for a second that all the eluded to drama may simply be to sell more calendars, dozens of readers have taken the time to post a comment to the tune of, “If you have a problem with it, you must be jobless and overweight” or “If you have a problem with her, why not work on yourself?” Brilliant commentary in some circles, I’m sure, but I’m still waiting on a real conversation about the actual issue.
    I don’t personally feel the need to provide documentation of the ways I’ve been working on myself for most of my adult life, however, I do find it funny that if I think this woman’s comments are out of line and intentionally hurtful (to, again, sell more calendars) that, somehow, that places me in a category of fellow military wives that she has chosen to label with a broad brush.
    I think if your knee jerk reaction to this (especially if you did not read the entire attached article) ended up as your final comment, you may want to consider why you were unwilling to address the issue as a whole. This suggestion goes for both those of you on either end of the spectrum.
    The content of the issue–biking model makes calendar, people upset–isn’t what’s interesting nor is it why this article was likely posted. It’s the underlying issues that are meatier and more worthy of discussion.

  • Hubby’s Wife

    I meant Fat Ladies “Lose the Weight”, it’s unhealthy to be fat, I am fat so I can say this. You will be amazed at how much better your self-esteem will increase, mine is going up daily. Don’t worry about anyone else, just you, your hubby and your kids, that’s it. Keep your nose out of everyone’s business. Stay busy, and take good care of yourselves first, then hubby and kids. And I 100% agree with Sabrina’s comment, if you spend all your time taking care of your own business, you won’t have any time to worry about anyone else’s, nor will you care about anyone else’s business. I have been there done that, not worth the time, or wasted energy. Take care of you and yours, that’s it.

  • DJ

    WHY does everyone assume that because spouses are upset with this calendar that they are FAT, LAZY, UNEDUCATED MORONS?????????????? Why do you assume that these spouses have LOW self esteem,just because they don’t want their neighbor posing in scantily clad lingerie for their husband’s makes them obese and ugly? Couldn’t their dislike for the calender be based on the fact that they just don’t want their husband looking at “the girl next door” in her underwear? All of this name calling is disgusting and all of you who have made disparaging (look it up in the dictionary if you have to) remarks, should be totally embarassed and ashamed of yourselves.
    Why should my husband spend OUR money on a half naked calender of a woman who is our neighbor? Why should I have to bump into this woman at the commissary, PX, etc., knowing how much self gratification she is getting knowing that these women’s husband’s are doing who knows what (well we all know what) to her pictures? Don’t kid yourself if you think “poor Alessandra”. She is fueling this fire. If she were so upset, she’d keep her mouth shut and quit giving interviews. It’s called free advertising and she’s milking it for all it’s worth.

  • Linda Fields

    I am an army wife, married to an awesome soldier, together for almost 24 years now, and though my values are different than the model/army wife in the story, it does not give others the right to persecute her based on their own insecurities. If any of the military spouses feel so concerned about their soldier oogling at a suggestive calendar then perhaps their relationship should be examined. That’s what the chaplin is for… talk it out. I wouldn’t want my husband to look at the calendar but I fell in love with a wonderful man and I feel secure in the love he returns to me but if there were ever an issue, I wouldn’t take it up with the model in the calendar, the publisher that created the calendar, or the person that sold the calendar, I would take it up with the one who wanted to look at the calendar to begin with. There will be spouses out there, no matter where you go, that are so bored they’ll find anything to complain about. Get a grip women, fix your attitude, fix your marriage, or get a life… leave others to do as they will… whether you approve or not. And if there is an issue, then go to your own backyard and clean it up.

  • military spouse

    i think those other wives are probably fat and bitter and that’s why they don’t like it. maybe they should aspire to be like her. i’m sure they’re not as conservative and perfect homemakers as they portray themselves and this allessandro is just evil compared to them. i’m sure they each have their own faults and if brought in the limelight would be worse than some pretty pictures.
    they should all go the gym! fat military wives disgrace me! they all need a copy of ‘the power of the praying wife’ you are still supposed to keep your husband interested in you! and then you wouldn’t need to be so jealous and judgemental.

  • Rob’s Wife

    I agree with Deltagirl. Maybe her analogy is a little harsh, but face it you ladies who have responded unfavorably are insecure, and you need to work on it. A man’s home is his castle, and I love serving my king. Focus on you and your family, take that negative energy and make it positive. My husband is a Navy Officer, and I an engineer. Both of us are attractive and built to boot. We have gotten stares and compliments most of our lives. You haters would definitely slit your wrist if you saw us. Enjoy your day ladies.

  • ArmyWife2786

    I don’t think that she should be moved off base, but what kind of message is that calendar sending to our children? That it is ok to parade your body in front of soldiers, civillians, married or single? If she wanted to sell her calendar, then she should have sold it to troop supporters, and donated the money to an MWR program. That is how to boost morale. All she was doing is showing her self scantily clad for soldiers to j*** off to. It’s disgusting. And there is “jealousy” from overweight wives? I am not overweight or jealous and this is still offensive. Its just as bad as porn, but she chose to make it personal. The whole thing was just brought about in the wrong manner, regardless of the intentions.

  • Mrs. H2004

    Dear Mrs. Bosco:
    I am so sorry that you have these insecure miltary wives sending you threats because they are offended by your calender. As I was reading some of these posts, the self-esteem level of these chicks were so low is was crazy. Thank you for making the time to keep yourself in shape and bring sexy back to what people label us as “frumpy, fat, plain” and so on. Mrs. Bosco, men as well as woman are human. I don’t see anything wrong with admiring the opposite sex. You are not a threat to my marriage, you are a beautiful picture on a calender. my husband who is home on r&r read seen your picture and he said you were beautiful, but her preffered a calander of me. I laughed because that is how he always makes me feel, like no matter how beautiful the woman standing next to me, she is not me! It’s sad that people have to resort to threats because they don’t agree with what you are doing. If you dont agree, then don’t buy the damn calendar. You keep up the good work, you stay beautiful, you ignore those negative comments, and I wish you success in everything that you do. You would think you was having an affair with one of these husbands or something. Now that you have made the calendar, can you invent some glasses that shield out all beautiful woman so the husbands of the disagreeables cant look at lingerie or sexy woman on TV, or magazines and what not! LOL, and while your at it, set-up a self esteem class for these chicks! How crazy. Your poor husband, I am glad he is supportive which means you guys have a very secure marriage and you are both very lucky to have each other. Blessings and I got your back!

  • Gail

    I can’t believe the conceit in here…a lot of people who are a bit full of themselves..
    You better have a pretty big castle to fit that swelled head!

  • roshaa

    I am sure most of you would be shutting up if your sexy little neighbor decided to do a calendar that YOUR husband would be looking at. I could care less if my husband looked at porn or anything else of women I DO NOT KNOW! I have a serious problem with it being my next door neighbor or even my best friend.

  • Robs wife

    I am so perfect, my husband and I would make you drool. Come to our base and look at us because we are so perfect.
    By the way, I don’t value anything and am stuck on my own looks and using my husband’s rank to bolster my ego. I am a trophy wife but don’t care because I have a band account.
    I want to slit my own write when I see truly happy people with families and love and devotion. I can never have that in my plastic barbie world and am secretly so jealous, but don’t I look cute in my new car.
    Blah blah blah.

  • Army wife & Sist

    I think it is a disgrace. Why would any married woman want to flaunt around in front of other married soldiers in her undies? Not a go in the military wife. We, as military spouses are already constantly competeing with the military for our spouses attention. We don’t need the added stress of some floosey to compete with. It would suggest her and her husband have questionable morals if she poses for these things and he’s ok with it.

  • Lyssa21742

    While I agree that the wives should not be jealous, considering that there may be millions of women who are more attractive than they are in calendars and on the internet, this material is not suited for military bases. Our husbands should be thinking about their own wives – you know, the ones that pay the bills, care for their children, and handle every aspect of every day life while they’re away.
    I also think that as an Army wife, Bosco would identify with this; would she feel the same if her husband was staring at a woman that was blessed with beauty that far outweighed her own, with a perfect body, wearing her husband’s Army uniform? The problem with this is not jealous wives, it’s a moral issue – something that the military as a whole still holds high in regards. Harrassment is not ever warranted though; having Bosco removed won’t change a thing and is not necessary.

  • DJ

    I think it’s time for this “blog” to go away. It’s filled with anger and causing a lot of pain and hurt to women who don’t deserve it.
    It’s turning very ugly and serving no purpose anymore. It’s old news. Let’s move on to something more relevant and stop all of this petty name calling, etc. I urge spousebuzz.com to remove this and start something new.

  • army wife

    Hey DJ! why would we have to look up the word disparaging? It’s really not that big of a word. Get off your high horse. You know full well those are the typical catty overweight housewives. And if you’re so smart and we need to look in a dictionary, then why does your post have so many grammatical errors??
    Also, notice how you write ‘why should i have to bump into this woman’ Why not? b/c you can’t compare? tell your husband not to buy it. I wouldn’t want my husband to spend our money either. But he wouldn’t! There are plenty of single soldiers, though. Why are you so worried your husband would buy it? Relationship issues? Is that your real issue here? She brings your relationship issues to light? And Alessandra is obviously a smart ambitious woman if she’s milking it. Good for her! Rather than becoming a fat old bitter housewife!

  • austin

    What if it was a guy in your husbands unit? What if, while he was deployed, a guy that your hubby works with decided to make a calender. Now this guy spends aaaallll of his free time at the gym and hes tan and in incredible shape and just really great looking. So he decides to take pictures of himself in boxers and briefs and articles of clothing that are even smaller and make them into a calender. ( Obviously this is hypothetical, b/c I doubt they can do this w/out getting in trouble) So he makes thousands of copies of this super steamy calender and sends it back home to abunch of military bases to be distributed to the wives to “boost moral while their husbands are gone at war”. B/c don’t us wives deserve to have OUR moral given a little boost every once in awhile too? So how would your husband feel if he found out that your spending every night, in the bed that you share with HiM, looking at a guy that he works with, just to make yourself ‘feel better’.? He would be soooo mad. What guy would ever want to bring you to work picnics etc ever again knowing that your looking at the guy two picnic tables over and lusting about him and imagining what it would be like to undress him and get him in his boxers!?! No guy would ever put up with that. But they AlWaYs expect us too!

  • laura

    Unfortunately growing up as a Navy brat…I know wives do have alot to say and can effect the spouses career. Unfortunately that is how it goes in that community. Back in the 80s a few of my mother’s friends worked and they were outcasts because they did not fit into the norm. Now, if you think a calendar will make your spouse unfaithful then you have no trust, so end the marriage. I think military wives do know the power they yield and will use it.
    I think however, if the woman stops what she is doing damage is done. Her husband’s career is done and the other wives may think it will help them sleep at night, but it will not, they will find something else to disagree with.
    My advise for these wives is go help the community, one example: help feed your neighbors who are financially strapped that are not going to say anything.
    Pick and choose your battles…I have read a lot of comments here and see a lot of bickering and to be blunt..I am amazed that focus is not on soldier but on hurt feelings and mistrust, be on positive side and support your man because he has enough to worry about and the wives who are causing this commotion are adding to it.

  • Betsy

    I agree with DJ. All this is doing is giving Ms. Bosco the attention she, obviously, craves. If we stop this nonsense, she won’t have anything to write about in the Stars and Stripes. Then maybe, with any luck, she’ll fade away. People are giving her WAY TOO MUCH POWER by feeding into this stuff. Don’t let her take up so much space in your brain. I assure you, she’s not worth the time or effort. Let’s end it now.

  • DJ

    Hey Army Wife,,,how do you KNOW what your husband does when he is away? You don’t!

  • Marcia Temple

    Why are these women not discussing this calendar with their spouses? If a relationship is strong why worry about if your spouse is looking at these photos. Don’t jump on this woman go to your spouse, and jump on them. A soldier does have the option to say no thank you. The calendar isn’t being forced on them. I totally agree with the spouses that say all wives are not lazy slobs. I work with soldiers, as a education support counselor, and working on my Masters in college. I’m not overweight, but Im a plus-sized woman, and very proud of my spouse. Ladies talk to your husbands, and not this lady. Tell them that purchasing this calendar is making you uncomfortable, and they need to respect this. Leave Alessandra alone.

  • Vicky

    # 1, I don’t wear the uniform, but I bear the burden. # 2, go buy the calendar. # 3, Jeff, military women do not have low self-esteem, they rock. It takes guts and self-esteem to make it on a man’s world. # 4, to the lady who wrote, it’s harder being over there…that is true. I’m a vet and military wife, I missed my family, and was stressed. Let’s face it, looking at half-naked women builds comraderie, it’s fun. Looking at half-naked men is fun too, but I don’t want to see my friends/coworkers spouses naked….it’s awkward, and funny. Lastly, if you got it, flaunt it.

  • Rob’s Wife

    This has been the most entertaining morning in a long time. Unfortunately for you women who think your kids, and paying bills, blah blah is what will keep your husband on the straight and narrow. You are so wrong and so naive, get a clue. Men are going to look at other women, he may even look at your neighbor, does not matter whether she is fat, thin, muscular, or lean. But it does not mean he loves you any less. But one person can not love or think for two people. Men gravitate towards women that they have things in common with, the regular routine and kids will become complacent unless you can do something other than complain about other peoples business. You can not own a person, which means you can not control what they do or who they do it with it. Stop glorifying what you say you detest. Better yet, “What would Jesus do?”

  • Grace

    Wow, I thought Navy wives were over the top but this beats all. Perhaps this serviceman needs to step over to the Navy, bring his beautiful wife, and decorate a base somewhere were their physical forms can be admired.

  • becky

    This is wrong on every level. Who cares if she was a model, or how she looks. Those other wives need to get a life outside of the “ARMY” and quit going after her and her husband. Believe me, I’ve been there. Plus the Army has no right in any country, to tell a enlisted soldier who he can marry(except for officers). I maybe an army wife, and a navy brat, but this is the life that I chose. Why should she be punished for choosing the same thing as the rest of us.

  • Stacy

    Thanks to those military wives, we all look bad.
    How dare the command let the whining of the wives dictate how they treat one of their soldiers?!?! That is absolutly insane. I have to admit that having the model in our midst might make me feel uncomfortable, but if I had issue, it would be between my husband and myself. She’s not doing anything wrong, but she should have known that it would be an issue. However, her actions should NEVER jeopardize her husband’s career!!!!!

  • DK

    I do not care much for the calendar, my husband actually called it “five minutes off fun”, it was her comments in the news that ticked me off the most. Most of us are going through back to back deployments, it is hard to keep things together and we need to support each other emotionally and hands on. I have been involved for the past 3 years to make it easier on my fellow wives here in Germany and have met so many great women. You need to always remember that the military is a very diverse group of people and a calendar of such kind may offend some spiritually, religiously, those who have a rough marriage anyways etc. but the comments I read she has made really ticket me off, “some jealous fat wives” etc. Excuse me, go see what lives their are leading and then go ahead and make some proper statements, these kind of statements are totally inappropriate and just plain old mean. Do your job, that’s your right, but stop making those kind of statements about your greatest supporters in times of need…your fellow military wives.

  • Donna

    I’m a bit torn, but I doubt we’re getting the whole story here. As with everything, there’s more than what meets the eye. So, after thinking on this for a bit, here are my thoughts.
    I doubt the wife is doing this altruistically. Is she making profit? If not, where are the profits being donated? I really fail to see how this calendar can raise troop morale anymore than a regular playboy or racy calendar. Her comments about other wives being jealous may very well be true, though I doubt that’s the case in every situation with her.
    I think many of the wives don’t want her around because they don’t agree with what she’s done and they don’t want her around their children. Or maybe she looks down her noses at them for not being supermodels.
    Or maybe the wives are just rude, fussy, jealous women. I think it’s a combination of both.
    It’s her right to do whatever she wants with her body. I don’t think that’s grounds for removal from the base. But I also think the wives have the right to tell her just what they think of her and her calendar. She had to have expected some backlash. She made a choice and is now dealing with the consequences. That’s life.

  • ArmyBrat2ArmyWife

    Well let’s see, while I don’t agree with the threats and harrassment and ESPECIALLY the threat to the husband about his career (which is just cr@p because it sounds like they would be losing one heck of a soldier over what? A stupid calendar???), I can see why other women would be “uncomfortable” around her. However, if she is THAT arrogant as the article suggests then I’m sure it would be a problem with some of the wives. I am a little overweight myself but I no longer have self esteem issues (I’ve begun doing something about my weight and I work out regularly). I’m sure had she been a lot more supportive/motivating to the other spouses who may actually HAVE a problem then that would have been different but to come across as this arrogant “I know I look HOT, etc.” is probably what turned people off.
    I always say, look but don’t touch. Same thing applies here.
    Anywho, we should let this go and move on to other things. *S*

  • Susanna

    Alessandra, il probelma e’ cultura diversa e mancanza di autostima. I am an army wife since 23 yrs tru 7 deployments full blood Italian, I have been in the Little Post gossip myself many yrs ago and I came to the conclusion that there is a big difference in mentality and self esteme between this 2 countries, I am not saying mine is better, but especially for us women… we will hardly be able to see the same light!

  • Mikela

    DJ is right. For the sake of the military community as a whole, it’s time to end this forum. It’s just fueling hatred and causing a lot of anxiety to a lot of people.
    There must be something to discuss where everyone can act like mature adults in the conversation.

  • Amanda

    I am also a military wife whose husband is deployed. I think the fact that this woman is attractive and being persecuted for it is flat out ridiculous. Especially that it is now affecting her husbands career! However as a fellow military wife I think she should have enough respect for the other ladies not to make a suggestive calendar that some of their husbands might buy while away from home. She might as well come into their homes and give their husbands a lap dance. The last thing she should want to do is cause problems between families who are a million miles apart. But other than the calendar, I see nothing wrong with her being beautiful. Would they ever kick someone off base for being too ugly? Not in a million years. Now thats a double standard, and a shame.

  • Leah

    I think that making the calendar was a big mistake on her part… but… I’ll tell you right now my husband wouldnt be one of the ones buying it, so I really dont care. The Bible does say however that anything you do to cause another woman’s husband to lust after you is adultery.

  • This has been a hot topic in letters to Stars and Stripes lately, which my husband says is a shame considering all the other things going on in the world.
    I write Spouse Calls, a column and blog for military spouses on stripes.com and we’ve been discussing this issue also. See .. http://blogs.stripes.com/blogs/spousecalls/its-no

  • OfficersWife


  • Doc’s wife

    I can understand the wives feeling insecure, but acting on that insecurity in a way that lashes out at another is childish. Removing this woman and ostracizing her is ridiculous. So she took some pictures in her underwear and made a calendar with them, If this is her only talent to raise morale and welfare of the troops, I feel sorry for her. Yes, it may raise their morale for a while, but this by no means is a way to keep the morale of the troops up all the time. What that military community is doing is a disgrace to all of us. They are not only bringing more attention to the situation and actually giving their insecurities power over everyone, but also getting involved in what seems to me to be the opinion of the base clique. My husband is a military family doc, he sees most everyone naked… am I to be jealous of every woman in my community?
    My suggestion to this military community, don’t get involved in this, leave them alone, to the wives… get over yourself and focus on yourself, quit handing your power over to this woman and then getting angry with her when she doesn’t take care to do what you want.

  • MJS

    Actually she didn’t call herself a distraction. She said that she’s a symbol that makes them feel self consious about themselves, especially if they’re overweight or don’t have a job, and she’s absolutely right on that one. I can’t believe there are military spouses so insecure with themselves that they have to threaten this woman to make themselves feel better. They are giving the rest of us military spouses a bad name.

  • Lola

    I think she should do a more respectable/tasteful calendar.She’s beautiful and I’m sure can sell a calendar wearing decent outfits. Many wives sell their talents, ie making jewelry, scrapbooks etc. This is the US Military not a Football Team. There are higher standards for a reason. I’m only against it if this is affecting her husbands job. Sounds like it is.

  • chunky

    This is all so stupid I don’t even know where to start. I am over weight. Who’s fault is that? Mine! If my husband is looking at something or someone too much for my comfort, then that is OUR issue. Not that someone or something. If someone has taken care herself and is blessed with beauty (inside or out)then who cares if she is in a bikini on a calander. Some of the pics are most likely no diff. than what you would see on a beach in California. Do you think your husband does’nt watch TV?? HELLO!! If a woman’s husband wants to buy the calander to look at another woman, then the wife needs to take the issue up within HER household!! It’s not the models fault that the wife has issues with her husband’s wants. Some wives are ok with it and some are not. To each his/her own. But why bother the model about it. No wonder I have more male friends than female. Most women are too petty and obviously have nothing better to do than put others down if they attract the attention the wives obviously feel they’re missing. I love my husband and know that he loves me. But if I have an issue with myself then, its MY issue. Dont blame others for your self doubts or “holier than thou” attitude. Pathetic!!!!

  • K

    I’m overweight, but I have a strong enough self image that I would not find her threatening in the least. She’s made bad comments about military spouses? Well, if that’s true, sounds like it’s going both ways. I’m a mom and I have always told my boys to IGNORE bad, petty comments and not let themselves be bothered.
    I’ve read through the comments. ALL of them. Would I be upset to sit across from this woman if I knew my husband had her calendar? IF I knew my husband had her calendar, HE’D be the one with the problem. There are enough stripper girl-hoochie mommas in our current town, that another one wouldn’t phase me in the least. Now, if she were to make a PASS at my hubby, well, then I’d have to shove my overweightedness around and take care of business. But that doesn’t seem to be the issue here.
    But if she’s just making bad comments in the press and dressing without class, I’d say she’s been given enough rope and has already ostracized herself. I think she’s already done enough on her own to ostracize herself from the community. Everyone else probably needs to get on with their lives and find something else to focus on.

  • Amy

    I think what this women is doing is wonderful. She is taking the initiative to help the troops when she knows they are down. We need more military wives like her in this country less of the caddy jealous ones.

  • Bob

    Pull up your BIG GIRL panties and get over it. Pin-ups have been a part of the military since the begining of time!

  • Cryinbexar

    Personally I think to each there own. My Hubby who is currently due back from Iraq has porn on lap top and other stuff. I think if this model is trying to boost morale for guys who are deployed then so be it.
    I am sure we all as women and wives has done something that society would not approve of at some point. For what happens behind closed doors stay there.
    First and formost this Model is a women then a wife then a model and she is an adult who are we to judge; who are we to say what she is doing right or wrong for that matter! If she is doing it to raise money for her unit then so be it if she is doing it for a living then so be it if she donates even part of procedds so be it I honestly dont care because I know my hubby is going to come home to me at the end of the day aand i have insecurities but he loves me.
    And if her Husband is okay with it then it is really no ones business, i am sure it was something that the did discuss before she even did it as most husbands and wives do.
    I think that she should do what she thinks is right and if her property is being vandalized then it is wrong and she should fight and defend herself.
    I honestly believe if it was any other Military Wife who may be a classified ” HOTTIE” did it and who was not a professional there would not be as much scrutiney I think that the particular women on this particular base are simply upset that they were not asked to participate in this calender. Get over it and move on it is not worth the drama.

  • Hubby’s Wife

    Man, I am a military wife and I cannot even read all of this stuff on here, because it’s “So highschool” and it’s a complete waste of my time reading all of this mess written here. Fat ladies, lose the right like I am doing right now, get out more, get your house in order, take care of yourself, then your esteem would be high enough that petty things like thisi won’t bother you. But most importantly, GET A LIFE.

  • Robin Sawyer

    I myself was once a model, and now livng in Germany as an Army spouse. I have found that being an attrctive young woman with an attractive young husband has made me the bane of most wives’ existance, tho I have done nothing to deserve that kind of treatment. My personal advice to those who feel that this is an outrage is to go to the gym, eat healthy, find a spiritual following that is right for you, etc… Use the time of your spouse’s deployment to concentrate on yourself, and boost your own confidence so that another woman’s beauty is not the center of your hatefilled chiding. Instead of being mad at her for who she is, why not take the time to look introspectively and find out why her presence and actions anger you so, and what is it about yourself that makes you hate her? In my opinion, I think that the fact that she is there, on post, not some distant woman in LA, who is posing for the calendar is what threatens these women the most. She’s accessible, and that scares a lot of women. But instead of being threatened, have the confidence that your husband has no reason to be looking elsewhere, and if you don’t have that confidence, then being angry with a model is not going to fix the root of that problem. Again, be honest with yourself. I agree that some of these women have entirely too much time on their hands, and for some reason or another find that the gossip and clique chiding is an acceptable way to pass their lonely time. I beg to differ. You find so much diversity crammed into a tiny post that we have no choice but to learn to adapt and be helpful. Unless she has done anything directly to you, who are you to oust her and her husband? She’s not creating this calendar to directly harm you and speciffically your family. Maybe you should talk with your husband and tell him how you feel and ask that he respect your feelings and not partake in the calendar. If he doesn’t respect you, then maybe he’s not the man you thought he was in the first place, and maybe your relationship isn’t the fairytale you believe it to be. Grow up ladies. I would buy a calendar simply to support our troops and yes, I would even send it to my husband down range. Why? Because I know he loves me, and I know that I am the only woman he wants. I’m secure and comfortable in our relationship, and I don’t mind letting boys be boys. I know he’s coming home to ME. Again….grow up ladies. I have NEVER experienced such gossip, backstabbing, judgement, and outright personal attacks until I moved to military housing. This is worse than highschool. My husband tried to warn me, but I was completely unprepared for what I’ve experienced living in a military community. There are more important things on my mind than trying to mudsling another wife. For example…MY HUSBAND IS FIGHTING A WAR AND PUTS HIS LIFE ON THE LINE EVERY SECOND OF EVERYDAY HE IS DEPLOYED!!!!!!!!! My priorities, heart, mind, and soul lie with him and my family so that we can make it thru this dark time. And to quote, for all of you fanatics our there…”Matthew 7;3, And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye.”
    I would also like to quote a comment I read on here, which sums it up pretty well…
    “Posted by: austin | 06/25/2008 at 08:55
    Unfortunately growing up as a Navy brat…I know wives do have alot to say and can effect the spouses career. Unfortunately that is how it goes in that community. Back in the 80s a few of my mother’s friends worked and they were outcasts because they did not fit into the norm. Now, if you think a calendar will make your spouse unfaithful then you have no trust, so end the marriage. I think military wives do know the power they yield and will use it.
    I think however, if the woman stops what she is doing damage is done. Her husband’s career is done and the other wives may think it will help them sleep at night, but it will not, they will find something else to disagree with.
    My advise for these wives is go help the community, one example: help feed your neighbors who are financially strapped that are not going to say anything.
    Pick and choose your battles…I have read a lot of comments here and see a lot of bickering and to be blunt..I am amazed that focus is not on soldier but on hurt feelings and mistrust, be on positive side and support your man because he has enough to worry about and the wives who are causing this commotion are adding to it.”

  • Matt

    This is like reading tabloid drama…
    I’m a divorced soldier, wife left while I was deployed to be with another man.
    If someone is that insecure about their relationship, because they know that is what their man desires and they cannot provide, then as far as I’m concerned the relationship is doomed.
    My battle buddy in Iraq, his wife 300+ pounds sent him photos all the time of her totally naked and doing IMO some sick stuff. But they are happy and he pinned it on the wall. So anyone could see if they wanted to. Beauty is Status.
    If I were Alessandra, during the welcome the troops home cermonies, I would bring a lawn chair and wear the skimpiest bikini available. You know what, if she is going to be harassed, she might as well milk the situation for all its worth. Something tells me the husband likes it too, I know I would.
    These women forget that this is her profession. She could be in a strip club showing her goodies to your hubbies when they are ahem… out with the guys! But she has taken a more subtle approach.
    Lets face it, the majority of Army Wives are “obese” and some… “grotesquely obese”…
    I feel sory for some of my guys that they tolerate, that behavior, but it is up to them to put their foot down and leave her sniveling with the ice cream and chocolate cake.
    If the average Army Spouse would loose 10% of her flab, her husband would be thrilled, but its not going to happen, because being an Army Spouse has become more about “pity poor me” than it has about being “secure” with or without her “man!”
    Gossip is in the military wife culture. I forbid my wife at the time to partake in the FRG activities because of this. She didn’t want to anyways because she could see through the facades.
    Alessandra do your thing girl!
    The rest of you… if you can’t beat them, join em!
    Also read…
    The Evolution of Desire by David Buss… I think is the author… maybe that will get you out of your “bubble” that you are living in!

  • Pink Panther

    I think that when it is too close to home, it is too close for comfort…and is a big deal. Unless you are in these womens shoes, you can’t possibly know what they feel or are going through. Remember..you dont know any of them; you only know of their situation. Personaly, putting myself in that situation, I dont think I would take kind to that type of behavior in my community. I know there is alot of “stuff” out there that may not even compare to this, but think of it happening right next door. It’s different when it is going on somewhere else. It’s easy when your husband is watching a half naked woman in some movie on tv because he will never meet her. I am not a jealous wife myself. My husband watches whatever he wants on tv, looks at other women where ever we go, even flirts with some in front of me jokingly, and it doesnt bother me – I just laugh at him. BUT if any woman down my street decided to give my husband, and every other husband on the block pictures of herself half naked, then YES I would have a problem with it even if she did this for a living, and I would want someone to to put a stop to it. ALL OF YOU WOULD!!! Those of you posting otherwise are lying, and should be ashamed for what you are saying.
    I just want to say to these woman that I for one totally back you up 100%. We as wives should not have to put up with things like that where we live; and dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep fighting for your community!!!!!!!

  • Rob’s Wife

    Let’s just keep it real. This calendar is a moot point, there will never be a meeting of the minds on this board. For the self righteous people, who use the Bible and scriptures when it is convenient, you are bordering on hypocrisy. “Judge not less ye be judged with the same measure in which ye judge”. I am sure if someone shook our closets, we all would have a few skeletons that could fall out. Nonetheless, I believe in letting people do whatever makes them happy. If modeling makes her happy, then so be it.

  • Lisa

    First of all you spouses of these higher ranking officials YOU DO NOT WEAR THIS RANK you need to leave her husband out of this! she has done this on her own, GROW UP at least she is thinking about their morale, if you are that jealous of this calender then you are not in the least bit concerned about your own spouse just what others are doing, I am deeply embarrassed to be an aviation wife at this point, how childish can you be. for those of you with the issue, take up needlepoint. or the rocking chair. STAY OUT OF OTHERS BUSINESS

  • Judy

    Geez. How insecure do ppl need to be? It’s true that wont meet the playboy model they lust over, but how is she a disruption? She’s been a model….they haven’t. They’re jealous. People need to get over it. & are they suggesting that because she desides to wear something besides a t shirt and sweats, that she’s asking for attention? Puh-lease. If they have such a problem with how they look, they should change it. & if they love how they look, they have no problem.

  • Brenda

    I think those in charge are right. Its hard enough to maintain a relationship when you’re apart and you are insecure that your man will be coming home. Some tart that had the good luck to be born with good genes doesn’t have any business trying to make anyone else feel like they are less worthy because of weight etc. The only morale that is being helped is hers, she is obviously egocentric and self centered and can only hope that men fantasize about her and not about the woman who will care for him, be there for him and raise his children while he performs his job. Military spouses have a difficult job and women like her don’t have any place in the military community if they can’t be more helpful and less selfish.

  • Theresa

    I wonder how Alessandra would react if she would find her husband looking at pin-ups of other military wives that she knew? How would her morale be? If you want to keep the military morale up then keep the family morale up and not try and destroy it. Maybe Alessandra’s husband doesn’t give her the attention she needs so she’s getting it elsewhere because this is common in the military. No matter how beautiful you are there’s always something new and better coming along in the imagination of a man.

  • Robin Sawyer

    Oh, I have one other thing to say. Do you regulate what movies your husband watches incase of suggestive material? Do you regulate his reading? Do you regulate the music he listens to? Do you treat him like a child? Your poor grown husband. I would pity a man that has to put up with that. I know I wouldn’t.
    And what about back in the days of WWII? My grandmother was an officer’s wife. She went thru this all before as well. And I asked her how she felt about the young starletts visiting the warzones to perform and sing for the troops. Do you think that the wives back then had an issue with young pretty things entertaining our troops? Some did. But those who had their stuff together didn’t give a hoot. Is she breaking any laws? No. Is she trying to help the soldiers? Yes. Why is that asperation going to ostracize her and get her husband into trouble? Oh, because she’s a military spouse who is stationed on a military installation. That’s it. THAT’S THE ONLY REASON THESE WOMEN ARE DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO HER. For the last time, grow up ladies and get a life.

  • Rob’s Wife

    Kudos Matt, Kudos. But this is an ongoing pity party for the whiners and complainers on this board. Like I said the Military has the highest rate of divorce. Think about why you got married, not why she posed for a calendar. Think about why you want to stay in your marriage. Not why my man might look at her. Think about how can I put the spark back in my marriage. Not look for someone to blame because you are not happy with YOU.

  • kel G

    Here is a thought if they banned Porn in over seas deployment. Then its for a reason allowing her to”give” moral to our husband should change the rules then. If she is gonna do it then do it for her own husband. That is what i do. Besides i can’t believe her husband would be ok with this i mean seriously. Til the rules change then i don’t feel she should do it. It opens the door for all kinds of other “moral boosting” things to happen. But this is only one opinion in a sea of many. thanks for reading

  • d.till

    hmmm..it she is not being disrespectful or distasteful to the military, then i say GO FOR IT GIRL! i HATE the typical stereotype of an “army wife” or “dependent”. i was active duty myself, & have been an “army wife” or “dependent” going on 4 yrs now, i am SO afraid of falling into that stereotype, so i work hard at maintaining my appearance. if she is beautiful and this will help troops in ANY way, let her be! i’m sure she is used to being the target of jealousy. as for being “removed” from where they are..that is ridiciulous! but figures. i pray for this family.

  • Trisha

    On one hand, the separation is already hard for the military wives. That puts the marraige in a big deal of stress. We are asked to understand and accept the fact that we can not communicate with our husbands for the sake of their own safety. This is not about dramas and insecurity or if we are obese or not. This is a matter of respect for the values of family that has been a paramount in the military. I am personally not obese, have a very good relationship with my husband, and have my own personal life. It is very hard for military wives to keep stable jobs when we need to move with our husbands wherever they are stationed. We, wives, are also serving this nation, keeping the family and the household together by ourselves when our husbands are sent away. We deserve more respect…Yes, I agreee we should not be discussing this anymore giving that woman so much importance. For me, she is not truly a military spouse.

  • Diane

    Personally, I’ve looked at her website, and she’s not very pretty in the face. Although, I’m sure some guys would find her attractive as she has a nice body. But anyone can have a nice body if they want to. A little working out and eating right can do wonders for the figure. Even after you’ve had a few babies.
    She also seems really conceited. She says a lot of things in her questions about “people who can’t get a date.”
    But, if my husband ultimately wants to buy her calander and put it up in his room in Iraq, that’s fine with me.

  • ex-freakshow

    Indeed, there are 2 sides to every story – problem here is there’s more than one story…
    To start off with, pictures (no matter the content) are generally considered as art – and art is considered protected under the 1st Amendment. It would be a shame to take away from our service men/women one of the very things they risk their lives to protect (hopefully, no argument here).
    Moving on, she had been a bikini model – finding herself with no job in Germany, she only fell back on what she knows to pass time maybe even earn some money (as would anyone of us reading this). We can not speak to her true intent of this calendar (someone else mentioned a possible call from Larry Flint), but why didn’t she get other wives involved if it were merely a “Moral Boost”, is beyond me.
    Nonetheless, it exists, and to be ostracized for it on face-value is ridiculous. True, there is an (general term here, but applied to all branches) “Army Wife” stereotype but that is not the norm. And given the nature of many posts, I feel there is no reason to explain what it is as it seems to be driven home here – sadly.
    Then there is the story of marriage. You can trust someone all you want, but it takes a true marriage to weather any storm. And I think those with no-so great marriages’ are the biggest noise-makers in this one. If you are truly content in yourself and in your marriage/spouse, then a picture is just a picture – enough said.

  • Mary

    I am a former military spouse and I was stationed in Italy for 5 years. Of those 5 years my husband was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. I don’t find it offensive that Alessandra would create a calendar for the troops. It’s not like the soldiers on this base couldn’t undress her in their minds if they wanted to. As for the other wives’ insecurity, try living in Italy where you are constantly surrounded by women that are as beautiful as Alessandra. If you are secure in your relationship with your husband you have nothing to worry about. And if you can’t handle the thought of your husband finding another woman attractive that is your problem not Alessandra’s. If you think your husband isn’t looking at some sort of porn down range you are sadly mistaken. At least she didn’t pose nude for the calendar. Grow up and focus on yourself and your family and leave this poor woman alone.

  • KM

    OMG. This is tooo good. We have men that will die today. Someone will have lost a son, a brother, a father, a friend, and a husband. But that’s not important is it? I guess the biggest issue we military wives have to worry about is who is wearing what on a calander and that our husbands are looking at it with ALL that extra time they have on there hands huh? I had a friend tell me that wives on military bases ALWAYS cat fight, gang up on other wives, pick fights, drag there husband into it, etc.. I really doubted that, considering there husbands were fighting a war. I did not think that anything other than there husbands safety and safe return was an issue in there minds. I guess that was a mistake. You quote bible verses, you want to “fight for your community”. Tell your husband what you’re “fighting for” when he calls next after seeing a child blown up or his battle buddy with his leg blown off. Next time your husband has to dodge a bullet, make sure he knows what you’re “fighting for”. Glad you’re not the ones fighting this war.

  • Rachel

    I am a bit upset with this based on my upbringing. On the flip side any man will notice a beautiful woman clothed or not whether he is married or not. It promotes more lust than is needed in any persons life which is where my stance lies. Also, when i married my Marine husband, we new wives were advised that acting and portraying ourselves modestly was in keeping with our husbands job and chosen lifestyles. If you want to pose scantily clad or nude, make it for his eyes only and give him that respect.

  • E w

    After reading this story the first time I was intrested what all the bologna was about so I went to her site and liked what I saw, so I prchased the calendar for my hubby and a few friends. I am happy to support any Mil Spouse in her home business.

  • Bethany

    It is really very simple, if you don’t like it don’t look at it.
    People can be so judgemental. I know being stationed overseas the eyes of the people who love to gossip are very wide for anything that could be talked about. They really have nothing to do so they bicker and put other people down.
    It’s sad, really.

  • Karen

    Someone send me to Germany PLEASE!!!! Wow how wonderful to be living at a duty station where not only do the spouses have time for gossip and interferance in others lives but the leadership as well.
    Beats living in California where the reality of a husband in comabt does not allow for time to gossip, interfere let alone think, as you are constantly praying he will come home alive and well physically, emmotionally and spiritually. Where you drop everything whenever the news mentions Iraq, heart in throat to listen if your husband’s unit is invovled and then pray for the families of those who are. Where nights are spent tossing and turning wondering how to make ends meet and going through the “To Do List” wishing for more hours but praying for time to go faster till hubby is home. Where you watch the news on the economy wondering if you’ll be able to afford gas and food for yourself and your children. Where you spend your days looking for the home repair DIY book because the toilet is busted and you can’t live without it and you may as well fix the other items around the house at the same time. Note the yard needs mowing and beds need weeding and that you need to do it before the neighbours take matters into their own hande. Wonder how you are going to get your 110 pound dog into the car to see the vet as he is sick and the last thing you need now is a dead dog. Where to find time to bake 100 cookies for the school bake sale (wonder if store bought and put onto a paper plate constitute home baked). Mental note kids need to see the doctor and dentist for their annual visists. Quick check of calendar 8 months since last haircut, where did the time go? Son’s birthday coming up yet another year explaining why daddy is not able to attend. Start to wonder if he’ll make Christmas. Clean the house, do the chores spend quality time with the kids whilst finding downtime for oneself.
    Yep Germany is sounding like one heck of a relaxing duty station and if gossiping and interferance in others lives doesn’t fill in the time maybe a haircut will.

  • BrownsWife

    Well, I have to be totally honest. I wouldn’t want her as a pinup at my house but she was trying to do a morale-boosting venture. Maybe if she had included all the wives, the other wives would not have seen it as bad.
    If my hubby had it posted in his tent in Iraq, ok, just dont’ tell me. What he should tell me is that all of our family’s pics are posted (or at least are ALSO posted aside from some questionable ones).
    I wouldn’t mind walking the same aisle w/ her at the PX/Commissary, but just dont’ look trashy b/c that to me isn’t right. Just look presentable and we are ok. Funny how the article says that ‘higher ranking’ officers’ wives are the ones that want her out. hmmmmmm…..makes me wonder….”Army Wives” anyone?
    Obviously this girl is proud of her phsyique and was already a model, so we can’t argue there, it is her profession to take pictures.

  • ThunderWolf6

    You know ladies I dont know what you all so worried about ITS ONLY A PICTURE just think you BEAUTIFUL LADIES real touchable Huggleable are again to be here when hubby comes home and you 2 are going to have fun if you know what I mean And your worried about some Woman that probably doesnt know whats her left from her right YOUR HUSBAND IS COMING BACK HOME TO YOU AND YOU ONLY so quit getting all worried Mad Pissed off shes nothing too worry about!!!!! you all are Better then that show that in stead!!! By The Way the Stars and Strips thing about staying together and having Sex THAT WAS FOR MARRIED PEOPLE ONLY LADIES MARRIED PEOPLE ONLY read it close please It was on Military.com about that Because I was wandering about that!!!But Ladies You shouldnt worry about no Calenders PICTURES ONLY REMEMBER YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE THE REAL THING VERY VERY SOON SO NO WORRIES Cause If you do then your down there with her and she wins Dont Let Her Win IM GONE LATERS STAND TALL AND LOOK GOOD LADIES!!!!!

  • Melanie

    I am a military spouse and I am also a former soldier. Unless your husband is devout in some sort of religion(sometimes that doesn’t even matter), do not doubt for one minute that your husband has either downloaded to his own personal stash on his laptop or PC porn. If you as a wife make a big deal about him looking at porn of any kind chances are 9 times out of 10 he’s got a hidden stash somewhere. As far as this woman is concerned, who cares that she made a calender and put it up for sale. She obviously takes great care of herself and she isn’t afraid to show off her “assets”. If as a military spouse have a problem with it then you have self esteem issues that need to be worked on. Don’t be content to sit around on your fat lazy rear end and graze on junk food and watch daytime television and then complain because you are either over weight or out of shape or both. Your husband works long hours and puts up with more crap than most men at a regular job do and trust me they want to come home to something that’s easy on the eyes at the end of a long day. Take pride in yourself women. Don’t become or remain what I call the “standard issue” military spouse. The army has too many free gyms on military posts for you to have any excuses what so ever for being overweight. Plus dvd players are cheap nowadays and i’m sure you can take the money thats spent on junk food and buy a workout dvd. Winsor Pilates is a good one.

  • Rob’s Wife

    For those of you who are angry and upset with this woman, have you stopped to ask yourselves why YOU are so ANGRY? That is the 25 Million dollar question. Why are YOU angry? You were angry long before you ever heard of her.

  • I am against pornography but Alessandra’s calendar is not pornography… provocative yes. I bought one for my son and one for my husband. I am Christian & I consider myself convervative. I would have never considered buying her calendar had it not been for the hateful way she was treated.
    She is a professional model. Give the lady a break.
    By the way… her husband is quite a hottie. Maybe he could make a calendar too????

  • Beth

    I like this one.
    OMG. This is tooo good. We have men that will die today. Someone will have lost a son, a brother, a father, a friend, and a husband. But that’s not important is it? I guess the biggest issue we military wives have to worry about is who is wearing what on a calander and that our husbands are looking at it with ALL that extra time they have on there hands huh? I had a friend tell me that wives on military bases ALWAYS cat fight, gang up on other wives, pick fights, drag there husband into it, etc.. I really doubted that, considering there husbands were fighting a war. I did not think that anything other than there husbands safety and safe return was an issue in there minds. I guess that was a mistake. You quote bible verses, you want to “fight for your community”. Tell your husband what you’re “fighting for” when he calls next after seeing a child blown up or his battle buddy with his leg blown off. Next time your husband has to dodge a bullet, make sure he knows what you’re “fighting for”. Glad you’re not the ones fighting this war.
    Posted by: KM | 06/25/2008 at 10:00


    I’m sorry but it’s always the jeaous and or bored with nothing to do wives!!! It’s the ones that seem to never of graduated high school, or that can not accept that they are no longer in high school. If the pictures are not porno’s or pictures disgracing government property then stop being jealous that Alessandra has a body!!! That’s no reason to envolve her husband and definately no reason to relocate them. What if she sold sex toys for a living? On a military base that’s actually a great job… You’d always be making money especially with the men and women deploying!!! It’s all a natural part of life. GROW UP SOCIETY!!!

  • Betty

    The model did sound narcissistic and the wives sound jealous and petty in the article. Neither have no right to tell anyone how to live/work/or look.
    But sometimes we don’t give men any credit. Men aren’t stupid but sometimes we treat them like they are, assuming that they can’t think and make decisions for themselves.
    Yes, they may look at these calendars/porn/whatever and whether or not the model lives next door or in SIberia, it is up to him to make the right decisions regarding his marriage. If he makes the wrong decision, he has to live with the consequences.
    I am sure all of our husbands are well aware of the consequences of their actions. In my house, the rule is “You cheat. I leave.” My husband understands that and has been well-schooled on where the “line” is. I have done my job in sharing my feelings and setting up clear boundaries. What he does after that, is his choice. It’s not about trusting your spouse (and believe me, sometimes I don’t trust mine as far as I can throw him!) It’s about trusting yourself to handle whatever he does.
    Clearly, the women in this story don’t trust themselves. Allessandra does not trust that her calendar can stand on its own merit without belittling, bragging and comparing herself to the wives. Meanwhile, the wives don’t trust themselves to handle an uncomfortable situation that may arise from their husbands seeing the calendar and/or meeting the model on base.

  • K

    I don’t think it’s so much that the husband’s are looking at sexy women as it is that this is a woman these men may know or could know in the future. Would you want your husband looking at sexy photos of your neighbor? I doubt it. This is the same type of thing. This woman is a part of the neighborhood and it is inappropriate for her to be selling herself in this manner. It’s different when it’s someone online that these men will never run across in their lives.

  • Shamberly C

    As an Army Wife myself, I can understand why other wives have “issues” with this calendar being made/sold. Marriage is hard. A military marriage can be even more difficult due to the separations, etc… often, there are a lot of doubts, insecurities, and many problems to overcome/deal with. This being said, I do not believe that this wife/model should be ostracized because of her actions, however, I believe that it’s somewhat disrespectful of her to knowingingly put herself out there for other, possibly married soldiers to see. At the same time, though, there are countless other resources for soldiers to view “models” of a questionable nature with or without this calendar. It is each soldier’s individual choice whether or not to view/purchase any item of that nature. I don’t agree with the calendar or anything related to it, and I believe that it’s wrong to produce/view it – I think it is undermining as a wife to openly put yourself out there for other men/husbands to view. Unfortunately, though, I also believe that people do what they want to do – regardless of what is right or wrong or somewhere in between. Hopefully the soldiers – especially the married soldiers – being offered the calendar have enough self-control, will power, and respect for their wives to choose to abstain from getting it. If not, that’s an issue that should be dealt with between the soldier and his spouse.

  • Jayme

    I am devout in my faith. I also don’t understand why her husband would want her to take pictures of herself for other men. My husband have being over there, and will be going over there again, I do not want him tempted with girls wanting to “boost his morale”. I think that is a bunch of crap honestly. Family and loved ones is what does it, not other mens wives. I totally get why the women in the rear want her gone, I would too. I am no model, but I beleive I am good looking, but I do not want some other women to send pictures of herself to do my job. Everyone is going to have their own thoughts on this, and I am with the women who want his removed.

  • PS: I am retired military, my spouse is still active duty.
    Let me tell ya… I have seen what the “goodie goodie” husbands do on TDY. The “yes dears” are the first to hit the whore houses.
    Going TDY to long term schools in the states.. it always amused me to see who after one or two weeks would suffer from the “vanishing wedding band”.
    This gal making a calendar isn’t going to wreck any marriage.
    And yes, I am now a fat chick but I make it more what he feels in the dark than what he sees in the light.

  • Kris Scharr

    Wives jealous cause of fat or no career? Not hardly. I think shes a little full of herself. Military wives work so hard as it is…Shes just making us look trashy. She needs to get over herself. I’ve been asked to model several times, but my pics ONLY go to my hubby and I don’t brag to the community about it. Have some class, these men are defending our country…

  • Abs

    I think one of the things is that most wives, military or not do not want to think about their spouse lusting after another spouse or woman in general. The second thing is that it was almost “advertised” in an article in the Army Times, which I don’t think really should have ran the article about it in the first place, becuase I am sure there are lots of other wives who would love to have their “business ventures” talked about as well. They just dont often include being half naked in the process. Then lets face it, and I can attest to this myself that after being the sole provider most of the time for my family, I dont have the time to make myself beautiful, nor do I have time to go to the gym…actually I just spent over 6 hours at the army hospital just to get my kids their initial appointments, so you know, no personal time there to make myself all model perfect. So I am sure there are lots of wives whom when faced with a picture of someone whose had the luxury of professional make up and hair, and air brushing afterwards woudl feel very “un pretty” in comparrison.

  • Nicole

    I swear women these days, if they feel a lil threatn they throw a dam fit about it. Jealous wives are just insecure about themselves. This woman is doing something she loves adn there is no crime against that. I think its none of their buisness of to what she does on her free time.
    Im a military wife myself and i wouldnt be offended if she was here doing what she does. Its her choice of buisness and not my place to judge that.
    Women these days. I swaer they need to grow up and act mature about things.

  • e

    Alright, before I start, I would like to say that this is MY OPINION. With that being said, I don’t see what she’s done wrong. So she took pics of herself and made it into a calendar? Big deal. As all of us know, there’s both males and females serving in the military. People do see each other outside of the work place, in other stuff other than their military attire. Granted, actual lingerie probably isn’t what they’d see them in, but there is such a thing as Halloween where MOST females dress in those types of revealing clothing. Heck, some swim suits show off more than some lingerie does.
    Honestly, I’ve seen more than I’d like to see when dealing with females that my husband works with, yet I trust my husband and know he’s faithful. Therefore, I wouldn’t care less if everyone in his company got together at the beach and one of the girls wore a thong bikini, or dressed up as EVE (pasties on boobs and boyshort undies with leaves) for Halloween. If you trust your husband, then there’s no reason to get jealous or hate on someone who’s doing what NUMEROUS woman have done for years upon years… entertain the soldiers!
    Now, granted, I wouldn’t do that, but that’s just because that’s not who I am. I save those parts of myself for my husband and my husband alone. Yet, if her and her husband agreed upon her doing it, that’s her decision and I’ll support her in that decision. Last I checked, this IS the United States of America and she DOES have that right and freedom to do exactly what she’s doing.
    I guess I’m just not into the whole military wives club, where I’ve seen some women act snobby and drama-infested. Granted, I’ve met some EXTREMELY nice and drama-free military wives since marrying my husband, but they don’t outweigh the “bad eggs” I’ve come across that do exactly what happened to this wife… take something that is a way of supporting the troops and turning it into some soap opera.
    I’ve seen some of you post that the guys seeing Playboy mags is better than this wife doing what she’s doing because supposedly “he won’t ever meet a Playboy girl”. Do you honestly believe that?! There’s celebs going overseas and performing for our soldiers… they meet them. Heck, you could run into one of them on the street one day… who knows. If you don’t mind them because you’re thinking “okay, I know he won’t leave me for her because he’ll never meet her,” you need to realize what you’re doing…. not trusting your husband to be faithful to you. More military wives cheat on their husbands than vice versa last time I checked statistics.
    For you people who are against “mature” mags being sold on base, don’t you realize that there’s men and women of age 18 joining the military and putting their lives on the line for our freedoms? It’s sad enough that they aren’t of legal age to drink, yet they can die to protect our country at such a young age. Most guys who buy “mature” mags are ones who aren’t married or dating, or ones that are deployed and their wives don’t send them pics and such. We all know what guys do when they aren’t having sex due to a deployment (which I’d hope everyone does; 10 letter word, starts with a M). Don’t think they can’t just imagine someone else besides you? Next, is there going to be a ban against sight? Since all a guy needs is a visual and he can deduct clothing in his own head.
    If you didn’t get the point of my opinion… she has the RIGHT and FREEDOM to do just that. Leave her be. As my husband would say… tend to your own biscuits. LOL!

  • ssergeantsgirl

    I don’t think the calendar idea is right. I, personally do not have a confidence issue and I have a flattering figure myself but I certainly wouldn’t flaunt it to other soldier’s. I have confidence with my own body but I still wouldn’t appreciate my husband looking at another soldier’s wife. Nor would my husband appreciate his Army buddies checking out his wife’s body.

  • This calendar is not standard issue. It is for sale. If someones spouse buys it, why be mad at Alessandra??

  • Pamela Harris

    I don’t see the harm in what she is doing. She is a model after all. I think what she is doing is ok. Its not like she is going around messing with everyones husbands. Her husband doesnt seem to mind either so I really don’t see any problems. Sounds like these people are bored and have nothing better to do than harrass this woman. If they don’t want to see her in these photos they should just not look at them.

  • armywife

    OK I have lived in germany and this is what I got to say about army wives. Most (not all) have nothing better to do then to find gossip and point fingers at others, so that way they can keep the finger pointing away from themselves. These small posts are a breeding ground for jealous gossip mongers. I loved living in Europe, I just hated the military politics that wives have so much control of. Oh and the worse place for all this gossip was at the post church. I would know I worked there. Alessandra is not a disgrace, these stupid no good gossip monger wives are a disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves for not finding more productive things to do.

  • It is a personal choice. She is a model. The calendar is for sale. It is not required viewing for all military members.

  • Navy Spouse

    I don’t see what the big deal is, so she made a calendar whoopie-doo. There are a TON of them out there. And guess what? Every one of them have a neighbor, or quite possiably live on a base and is a military spouse themselves. If you don’t like your husband looking at these pictures then I think it is high time that you get him some pictures of yourself! Make your own little calander.(Photoshop does wonders!) I have done that for my husband and he the only thing he complains about is getting a hold of me when he gets back! lol
    I say bravo to all the girls who are supporting our troops in their own way and thank you! Here’s a little secret for some of you ladies who can’t deal with it… your men check out women weather you approve or not, commited or not. They’re Men!

  • armywifekris

    i would be mad to like the other wives if she wants to do that for a career in magazines thats more power to her and not all of us are that lucky but if she is dressing up in military clothes and poseing for pictures for a calandar to show her husbands peers thats unacceptable she is suppose to respresent her husband and doing the things she is doing is disrespectful to him and the post i would want her to stop to that is trashy and out of place i agree with the other women and i see their point if she is beautiful keep that to ur husband and ur job not the rest of the soldiers me personally am not insecure with myself and im in good shape but i wouldnt flant it aroud my husbands unit or the other units on post

  • litgirl32

    Wow. I normally do not post to these things, in fact, I rarely read any of this spouse related material. This one, however, intrigues me. Everyone is going to have their own opinion and the fact is, none of us actually know this woman or if her comments were taken out of context. My husband’s job is HIS job, not mine and if he’s willing to work at something that could result in his death then I think he should look at anything he wants if it takes his mind off of it. Lingerie and bikinis are hardly pornography and if a person is going to lust after another, they are going to do it whether they are dressed or not. When I was single, I never met a man in his boxers first, the attraction and lust came with him fully clothed. Besides, have none of you ever been to a simming pool before? Bathing suits happen people, she’s not exactly showing them her bare ankle in the 15th century. Let’s all take a deep breath and remember that this woman’s husband is also serving his country and that makes her just as put upon as the rest of you in terms of homefront support.
    What’s that saying again . . .? Oh yeah, it’s A FREE COUNTRY!!!

  • LL

    I have sent photos and such of myself overseas during deployment.I sent them to MY OWN HUSBAND, no one else’s. This all comes down to RESPECT. I respect the fact that my husband misses me during deployment as much as I miss him. I also respect the fact that other couples are seperated as well. We as military spouses need to respect EACH OTHER! There are many different opinions and views on “pornography”.
    If she IS a professional model then she must be working as a professional model. Deliberately doing something that you KNOW will hurt someone else is WRONG. Save it for your OWN husband and if he chooses to share provocative photos of you with other men maybe you should question HIS RESPECT for YOU. Don’t do things to hurt your fellow military spouses. We should all be in this together…..and just for the record, I am not overweight and I do have a full time job.

  • BS

    I am amazed at the fact that you all care about this! Once again the media is nothing but garbage and we just keep it going. Lets just stop.

  • Cali

    I don’t believe their lives are as bad as they claim. And I think the whole thing is a publicity stunt so she can make money and hopefully land in a big publication like Playboy.
    I have been a milspouse for 17 years, and I do have the body to be in a calendar(I prefer using my brain instead of my body).

  • ash

    Right well. You can’t ban porn. The guys will find a way to get to it anyway. Yes, the fact that another military wife would arouse your military husband would be controversial, I think if you are that worried about it, then you don’t have a strong enough relationship with your husband… Its human nature a guy is going to look at other women… They can’t mentally help themselves. Its Genetic/Societal/evolutionary behavior for a guy to want to “spread his seed. ” If he’s married to you, then hes pretty much made his decision that he only wants to be with you. I understand though distance makes you insecure. So my suggestion is to be more sexually comfortable/open with your husband so he doesn’t need porn. Or if he does be happy that hes wacking of to something that isn’t real so that he doesn’t have to go out into the real world to find someone else… So I say go for the porn. I’d rather have some fantasy than a cheating reality.

  • AMEN Pam Harris. That is why I refuse to live in government housing. I like my business to be my own.

  • latena

    The first thing that came to my mind is first of all what if the roles were reversed, I mean I don’t see anyone trying to ban or send hate mail to: Mariah Carey, Shania Twain, Faith Hill,Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, just to name a few beautiful women doing the same damn thing, from making money–for goodness sake she is Boosting Morale as well. What makes this military wife so different, her husband doesn’t have a problem with it, and if the other military wives/concerned parties did not know her personally, would they have a problem with it then? Who are we to judge? We Do Not have the Right TO JUDGE ANYONE_WE ARE NOT GOD! If it was one of our daughters/sisters/ or even mothers–what would we think. I am so amazed at how people just don’t have the time to think ANYMORE, why can’t respect be a factor. This woman is a person as are we, if you really took the time to think about it….you would appreciate the fact that she is SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS!!! How many families are in trouble, husband/wife in Iraq; family stateside no communication yet, family member stateside starts having a little too much fun only because of the stories she hears? because they forget the little things that matter like a simple email, letter, pictures of family members? How did it get to the point where this woman’s husband could possibly facing reassignment because he showing how proud he is to be serving our country? What has this world come to? What in the world do we have left? Why are our families standing up for us, amidst all this adversity…they sit and wait to hear we Love and Miss them very much…yet we don’t have time to let them know because we are too busy judging!!!!!

  • GrnBrt

    I am a retired E-8 and am married to a professional model. We got married while I was still on active duty. I have heard the comments from other wives and husbands about my wife who has modeled what some people would call “sexy clothing”. Some comments were good and some not so good. I accept them for what they are. Comments period. Didn’t change the amount of my pay check one bit and the sun still came up in the east everyday.
    I say good for Alessandra. Reading some of these posts it sounds like there is some petty thought that is going on on the minds of some people . Accept what is you ,can’t change it. So she made a sexy calendar. BFD! Get over it, it’s only a calendar. She is a beautiful woman and has every right to work her craft even if some people don’t like it. That’s the beauty of democracy.
    You cannot control people, places and things. Stop trying! It won’t change anything. Better to live in the moment and enjoy life than to create illusions and live in self imposed suffering and fear.
    I’m with content2B. Live and let live. Let God sort it out.

  • KM

    K. Get real. I have a neighbor that is so beautifule (inside and out) that she puts Allesandra to shame. She wears everyday clothes that everyone wears. But she is more than beautiful so a tank top and shorts are pervocitive on her. So maybe I should’nt “let” my husband out except to work “just in case” he sees her. Maybe I should’nt ALLOW him to go to the pool because she may be there in; OMG “a bathing suit”. K. What is going on in your life that you think “if he sees her he may want her”? Gee how proud your husband must be.

  • paula

    I don’t see what the problem is…sounds like they “jealous” wives have a problem, not her. Kudos to Alessandra!! And Yes, my hubby is serving in Iraq.

  • If you are worried about your spouse straying with his eyes… write him a provocative letter and then follow thru.
    Men are simple creatures… set out some bait and reel em in.

  • infantrysoldierswife

    Hey where could I get one of these I could send it to my brothers over there!? I see no problem with what she is doing I just see other jealous women that are insecure in themselves, whether they need to lose weight or not, they are just insecure. So a tip stop looking in the mirror and getting mad or depressed get out and do something! I have 4 young children and don’t do much working out except for running after kids and I still have a killer hot bod, why should I get upset at any women young or old, heavy or thin, when it’s our husbands buying them? I think some people just need to realize that what ever bad that your push upon another human, you shall get back 3 times worse, yes it’s Carma! Ladies, all Ladies, enjoy your beautiful bodies, have fun doing whatever you like to do.

  • TA

    The post from KM at 10am today says it all. I am sure their hubbys proud of their wives, and feel so supported. My husband died in Iraq, and I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I had acted like those wives. They are what the military should be ashamed of. Not her…

  • confused?

    Why does boosting the troops morale have to be something sexual? When my husband was in basic training, his morale was boosted by receiving a letter or a card, something to know we were praying for him and that I was still here when he got back. I realize that basic is no comparison to a deployment, but the absence in the marriage is still there. My husband was always encouraged just to hear “I love you” and “I am waiting for you.” He is still going through various trainings…we are new to the military famliy…but it’s still the same. His morale is boosted by his family and friends’ love and support.

  • e

    If you live anywhere near a vacationing spot, you’re BOUND to run across a celeb. If you go on vacations, you’re BOUND to run across a celeb. Do people realize that celebs are just the same as you and me? Minus that we’re NOT famous. They just have more money than we’d ever imagine having. They all started out just like us… working for a dream. What’s to say your husband isn’t daydreaming about your neighbor, best friend, sister, etc? You don’t know that… you just have to have faith and trust in him. Apparently her husband doesn’t have a problem with it so why should anyone else? Get over it and start worrying about more important issues that actually matter during a time of war.

  • TeeTee

    This is absolutely ridiculous and absurd. As a female in the military who does all the ‘at home’ stuff all you wives are complaining about like it’s so difficult on top of maintaining my military career and being a parent – find something productive to do with yourselves…like using Mrs. Bosco as motivation to better yourselves so you don’t have to hate on her so much. She did nothing more than do what all of you ‘claim’ to be doing which is supporting her husband and the rest of the troops that are deployed. I spent the entire year of 2007 in Iraq & I wish some tastefully sexy man (spouse or not) would’ve taken it upon himself to motivate myself and the other female military members as Mrs. Bosco did for the males. Stop worrying so much about her and the GOOD that she’s doing & figure out why you’re so jealous and feel threatened…maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to ‘hold the house down’ then.

  • K

    KM- Is your neighbor selling herself to arouse your husband? If not, then I wouldn’t see a problem. This woman is specifically trying to attract other men to herself.
    My husband would have a problem with it as well, seeing that she is a member of the community and is portraying herself in this manner (i.e. offering herself up sexually to the whole base).
    And I’m sure if you were away and your neighbor came over and was trying to “boost morale” with your husband in a sexual manner the way this woman is, you wouldn’t be happy about it either.
    It’s not that the men are looking at sexual type pictures, it’s that this is a woman who is supposed to be a part of the spousal support community and instead of offering true support, she’s being sleazy about it.

  • INFANTY WIFE: Here is the website to reserve your calendar: http://www.alessandrabosco.com

  • Sheila

    I agree with confused, why does the morale have to be sexual? Why can’t she send goodie boxes? Why does she have to exploit herself in order to feel that she’s supporting the troops?

  • spouse

    I think this woman is a disgrace to all military spouses out there.

  • As a military spouse I find this situation amusing and confusing. This article as it reads seems to be addressing only one side of this story. Based on the article this couple is obviously proud of their bodies and if you have hey I am all for flaunting it. I personally have not seen the pictures in this calendar; I am assuming they are done in good taste, but it is no different then a Victoria Secret Catalog or Firefighters Calendar or Hooters Calendar. How about the cheerleaders who visit with the soldiers to entertain and give morale to our troops, should they be banned as well?
    So I am totally confused as to what the uproar is about? The only thing I can think of it’s a bunch of jealous, insecure, have nothing better to do with their time high ranking wives who feel it’s inappropriate. Instead of supporting a spouse who is obviously gorgeous and talented they rather destroy her and her husband. This I find amusing, what happen to supporting each other, but of course if your not part of the high ranking Sister hood you are ostracize.
    I personally believe if you’re this insecure about this calendar you need to check yourself and your relationship with spouse. Your spouse can go online to MySpace and have a virtual relationship and see nudity in it’s fullest and you are worried about a calendar?
    My hat goes off to this couple stand your ground you have done nothing wrong!! Don’t be bullied into submission by this hand full of pansies…

  • K… she is in no way sleezy. Nothing says your husband has to view her calendar.
    You might be surprised if you knew what he was viewing.

  • It is her career and she has a right to it.
    This calendar is NOT required viewing for your husband. If he sees it, it is by CHOICE

  • KM

    K. If all that I am reading is “the spousal support community” than I am sure the majority of military wives can do without it. It seems that everyone is too busy attacking this woman (who by the way is living her life with her family) to be “supporting the community”. Have you checked to see if anyone in your “community” needs food, clothing, gas, a ride somewhere. Do you even know if half the husbands you know will even buy the calander? My husband nay look at it online, but I can assure you that he is adult enough to know that baby formula is more important. So I dont think I need to stress him out about some petty ****. Also you may not want to buy any CD’s for anyone in your house due to there “selling themselves” on the cover. Donts go see anything buy kiddie movies because someone in the movie or on the trailer may be “selling themselves” for the money to real you in. When your husband wants to but you something from Vitoria Secrets, dont let him go in because the model on the poster may be “selling herself” to real him in. Allessandra did a calander. You say she is in “the neighborhood” so it is diff. Ok. Does she walk down the street in her underwear? You think that if a husband has her calander that he’ll come home from Iraq and the first thing he is going to want to do is go next door? Just think, these people are raising our next generation.

  • HookersWife

    Wow…I cannot believe that people actually have the nerve to assess the difficulty of people’s lives that they don’t even know…wait, actually I do believe it.
    It’s kind of like when women pass around questionable photos to women’s husbands, and then expect the wives to respect them.
    Have people forgotten how to think about the consequences of their actions?

  • Heidi

    You all need to stop griping. It’s simple. If you don’t agree with the calendar, you don’t have to buy it. If you’re threatened by the fact that your husband might actually meet her, then get yourself in the gym and start feeling better about yourself. If you don’t want him to meet a hot, skinny girl then you better hope you don’t get stationed in San Diego.
    We should be supportive of a military spouse who actually has the business sense to creatively make a living– we all know how hard it is to keep a career in this crazy lifestyle. She’s a swimsuit model, it’s what she does. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it but leave the poor girl alone.

  • Julie

    I laugh at all of you who think this woman is innocent. She’s making sexual advances on your husbands and you think she’s innocently trying to make a living. This woman invites men into her home and you still think she’s innocent. I wonder how innocent she’ll be when you come home and find her in bed with your husband. Oh, let me guess, you’ll put all the blame on your husband.

  • content2B

    I bought two of her calendars. One for my husband and one for my 18 year old son. It is her career.
    Get to know her before you judge her. She is actually a very nice person.

  • Sexy Spouse

    Instead of buying this woman’s calender and giving her the satisfaction of sexually turning your spouse on, why don’t you take some photos of yourself and make your own calender? It’s not that hard with photo sites that offer items in addition to prints. Take some pictures, upload them and print them off in calender form.

  • Luvley1

    I can see what these ladies are saying. It’s one thing to have a pinup calendar of someone their husbands will never meet. It’s not like Jenna Jameson or Jessica Alba’s going to live next door. But this lady does live in the community, so with such easy access to a provacative lady, things could happen. In that, I can also see what leadership is saying. And her husband should seriously know better. Hell, the Army looks down on wives being bartenders; I can’t imagine why he’d think it’s okay by the Army for his wife to make a sexy calendar for the guys.
    The temptation to go for this chick is probably already high. Why exacerbate it w/a calendar? It sounds to me like she’s just looking for an ego boost and a way to put down the people who don’t like her. I doubt people dislike her b/c she’s pretty. Most of my wifey pals are gorgeous and in great shape. No one’s jealous of them, no one gossips about them (not b/c of that anyway) and no one wants them to move. There’s a reason this lady’s being treated the way she’s being treated. It’s not that random, nor is it the “pretty” girl being victimized. She just wants attention; that much is obvious. And she doesn’t care whether it’s positive or negative.
    Is she getting her husband to do a sexy calendar to boost the morale of the female soldiers? Why not? Get his arse on some pages and then maybe people won’t care. But he can’t really do that b/c the Army won’t approve of it.
    And yes, soldiers, like it or not, wives are a part of the military. There are conduct codes for wives just as there are for soldiers. So we DO have a role and we ARE part of the organization. If you don’t like that, take it up with the brass; don’t go off on us.

  • Missy

    Ok seriously. At the end of the day it’s a picture. Who cares if this lady is a snott or a total angel. The fact of the matter is, I deal with Animal rescue, and its mostly females,including myself. Women are the worst and have a “pack mentality”. They feel insecure, the find other unstable people and they gang up on the ones that they think make them feel this way. What is wrong with looking at a beautiful woman? For arguments sake, what if it was a Military husband that was a model and he decided to make this poster for his wife and all the women out there serving our country? I would bet you all the money in the world that this would not be an issue. It’s just women showing unfortunatly their worst side. Join the wolf pack and make them go after someone who is different. I can also promise you that it was just one woman with a high ranking husband and and a need to get in everyone buisness and boss them around that started ALL OF THIS. On Behalf of women everywhere I apologize, this is an absolute load of crud. I am not “in to women” but The pictures of the pin up girls to me is a work of art and should be appreciated as such. If it makes ANYONE putting their life on the line smile for even a second I say JOB WELL DONE.
    Thank you to everyone out there that puts it on the line everyday so wives like this can act like total baffoons. Thank you for putting the needs of the many over the needs of the one. You will always have my heart!

  • ammace

    I’ve read both the article and the comments. First, my husband would never allow me to do something as disrespectful to our marriage and family. My body is for his viewing only. I honestly believe it’s an issues of respect. Husbands respecting their wives enough to not look at another woman naked, or even half naked. As a society it has become ok, and I don’t think that it is right. We have let our morals and values slip. When did pornography become ok? When did it become acceptable for a married man to lust over another woman? A woman is worth far more than her looks. Also, I don’t think you have to be ugly, fat, or have let yourself go to be jealous or upset by this. I am a mother of two, who has been lucky enough to still have a great body afterwards, and I don’t agree that this is ok for her to do. What kind of morale boost is this? Our men are supposed to be concentrating on the job at hand, not on another soldiers wife.

  • Kat

    If these women have such a problem with it then they should make their own personal calendar for their husbands. I planned on doing the same thing for my husband long before I read this article. And self image is not an excuse because your husband should love you no matter what you look like.

  • Julia

    Im back again and …WOW… Ladies, i honestly think that some of you going a little bit of the subject and start talking about her Green Card and her taxes. I am personally not a US Citizen and i pay my taxes as every american do. My husband is a USMC Officer and US Citizen. He loves his country and stand for it. I love my husband and i try to learn about America and its culture, mentality and environment in general. I learn to love America the same way as my husband does. In the end this is a country that I’m living right now and having, house, my husband’s relatives and our friends. If some of us are not US Citizens and don’t speak English well, that doesn’t mean that we all bad. We do our best to adjust to this country and our husband’s life styles same like every normal american will do if they going to live in a different country. And honestly, people do need to be more friendly to a foreigners. Like someone said……. treat people the same way as you want to be treated by others. About this calendar model….. Nationality is not a matter in this case and i don’t think that she planned to offend any of you wether you are american or not……i don’t know if she is a good or bad person. I never met her in my entire life but its true, i don’t really like her comments about the military spouses in general. I am 28 y.o USMC wife and I’m not american but I’m not thin but not fat either. I am 5’6″ and 125lb. My husband loves me, married to me and he loves my outlook. But even so, sometimes he throwing his eye on if there a beautiful women passing by. It is naturally for a men. Yes, sometimes i do get jealous like most of us do, but in general i have no problems with that. There is a lot of beautiful women in this world, same as men. I personal do think that some of you giving her to much attention. I agree that she is pretty but not so hot. My husband likes a Victoria’s Secret catalog more then her and i agree with him here. She is just one 32 y.o. pretty lady who did some bikini calendars for 10 years or else, just a easy butterfly that wants to be on a spotlight. She needs some attention and she is getting it. Ladies, let her go and forget about her. Tomorrow no one will even remember her. Shame on her in one thing…..I’m not sure if its a good idea to be a bikini model for the military community, because i don’t think it will give a plus to her husband’s career. But it’s not my business. I know that my husband wont like it at all, because he don’t want people thinking of me dirty or else, But we do take some privet picture for him to take with and he loves it more then anything else. Ladies, stop worry about it and keep your heads up. All of you are a military spouses, good wives and mothers. It does matter what your employment is. You supporting your Husband’s….. not some cheap pornography. Personally i have no problems with models or taking pictures. Its just getting ridiculous for talking about that too much. Finally, my husband is deployed to Iraq same like some of yours i bet, and i have more worries what’s going on over there then here. I support my husband, not a bikini girl. Semper Fi.

  • KJM

    I think it’s completely rediculous that people are harassing this woman and that her husbands job may be on the line! What kind of B.S. is that? Like someone already stated they have all kinds of swimsuit model calendars at walmart… who cares, that is her job! More than likely it will probablly be single men buying the calendar, and if someones husband buys it well then thats something the wife should take up with her husband if she doesn’t like it. I think these wives are being completely JELOUS and REDICULOUS! There are women in every kind of magazine, it’s not like men have never seen a woman in lingerie before, cmon be serious here, they are all adults and they should act like one, if they aren’t happy with there appearance and that being the reason for jealousy, then they should get off there butts and do something about it instead of trying to ruin someone elses lives! Why be insecure?? Military wives like this make the rest of us look bad! Im a strong, proud military wife and i know my husband loves me and i’m in no way insecure about another woman!!!!

  • proudarmyguardwife

    army_wife, NOT armywife, I agree with you 100%. As of my posting there are so many comments that I have to admit I didn’t read them all, though. Personally, I’m not intimidated by someone of her “beauty” because quite frankly she doesn’t seem all that beautiful to me! I’ve seen beauty all the time that at the very least matches what she has externally: regular everyday military spouses (except theirs will outlast what she has)!She seems very arrogant & that obscures what external beauty she does have. The point of what she’s doing isn’t about the other wives being self-conscious, although it certainly doesn’t help. Any man who even looks at a woman (who isn’t his wife) & lusts after her has committed adultery with her in his heart. That includes any state of undress. As women we have to acknowledge that men are visual & when they see a woman in such a way as that, they DO NOT FORGET, though most want to. We feel we have to compete with other women for our husband’s attention. It is truly a constant battle for the man to stay faithful to his true desires (wife, kids, career) and women like this particular model play off of men’s sexual desire which in turn gives them their paycheck. Yes, I understand some may say “She just a swimsuit model”. So & your point is what? That men aren’t lusting after the skin they see? I’m sitting here, while my husband is with his MP unit in Iraq, hoping he keeps his mind pure, so that he only thinks of ME half naked or naked or fully clothed. Being overweight does not always keeps a mil wife from satisfying her man. I know that from experience! But it definitely hurts a wife’s morale to know he’s seen any other woman.

  • mgongora

    How is she exactly “boosting troop morale??? This is ridiculous. I consider myself a very attractive woman with a nice body but I would find other ways to boost troop morale.

  • teacher_gyrl

    How stupid it is for those idle women to sit around and wish that this situation would go away. So what if a beautiful dependent, self assured wife of a soldier model in less acceptable clothing than most of her counterparts who are in fact insecure? Does she have any rights? What about her 1st Amendment rights under OUR constitution? Why aren’t these wives concerned that their husbands are off in Iraq and Afghanistan with pics from the internet of who knows, and camming with whomever? Why aren’t they concerned that when the husbands go on R&R and who knows what female is there dressed in skimpy attire with your man’s eyes glued to their hooters and dairiaire. Why does this woman have to be looked down upon as a result of fat, insecure, women with low self-esteem. What about all the other calendars sold in the PX/BXs that have skimpy dressed models in bathing suits……..I call you fat over weight heffas JEALOUS! Strut your stuff Mrs.Alessandra Bosco and to your husband, fight for your wife’s rights and never allow room for discord in your marriage. You sir have a choice….. Stand by your mate, for better or worse. To these meddling heffas on base, butt out of this couple’s personal affairs. To the Military authorities, as long as she is not breaking the law, move on and be about trying to clean up the mess we are in-in Iraq and Afghanistan and watch out for those Iranians. Stop dabbling in petty bullcrap. To everyone else, LIVE and let LIVE!!!!

  • Rachael Taylor

    No, wife wants another woman boosting ‘her’ husbands morale period. But she may get away with a care package. Sexy photos should come from his OWN wife.
    And TRUST, I am not a jealous spouse. But, I am very conservative and ‘PORN’ is not allowed in my home.

  • For Sexy Spouse: I like to look at handsome men and it does not bother me that my husband looks at pretty women.
    He has intimate pictures of me.. but sometimes it might be nice to look at something else.
    Human nature.

  • Pilot’s Wife

    OMG I can’t believe that people are so upset with her. Listen ladies, your husbands can sign into the internet and see far more than she is showing in a calendar. To me you have nothing to be jealous of. If you trust your husband/significant other, what are you upset about?? I have been with my husband driving down the road and as all men they look at pretty women, it is in their nature..If you don’t believe that then your fooling yourself. As my dad use to say just because you looked at the menu doesn’t mean your buying anything..so it is a calendar..big deal..sports illustrated puts one out every year..I guess your gonna attack them too! She is doing her career in order to help fund her household just as anyone who works. Get over it.

  • Rachael Taylor

    However, I do not believe she should be hurt or threatened in any way, just try to understand that many women are ‘catty’ when it comes to their spouses.

  • Rebecca CS

    I don’t care if this woman has a calendar like that and sells it to the public, but to send it out to other military wives husbands is sick. Its a cry for attention, and I can’t beleieve her husband is ok with her stripping down to almost nothing to “boost troop morale”, honestly, I dont think its boosting anything. If the guys want to look at half naked women, watch porn, there’s no reason to have fellow soldier’s wife hanging up non your wall. And shame on her for saying the it makes the other women uncomfortable, I dont see her husband hanging half naked pictures of other women on his walls!!!

  • Mel

    I would think that the only reason they have a problem with it is that they know the woman, atleast who she is. It is easier for me to be ok with my hubby looking at a dirty magazine than pics of someone elses wife ya know?!!! Maybe they need to be relocated to keep the peace~

  • And… again I say… Alessandra’s husband is a hottie… maybe we should lobby that he make a calendar to boost the morale of those left behind??

  • She isn’t sending it out for every service member to view. It is for SALE. A personal CHOICE to buy or not buy.

  • JC

    This is disturbing in so many ways. There seems to be a lot of immaturity here. Whether someone is fat or thin, has a college degree or doesn’t, isn’t the real issue. Sadly, it seems that this has become a place to make derogatory remarks at people, whether it’s Ms. Bosco or spouses. Some of these remarks are so childish and uncalled for, that I’m embarassed to say I am a military spouse..at this point, I have to say I’m glad I’m not an Army spouse, if this is the Army way of dealing with an uncomfortable situation. I’d hate to have to live in a Community of such hatred, name calling, and childish behavior. I would bet your children behave better than this. You all need to calm down, and think before you post your remarks, because you are looking ridiculous, immature, and I don’t care if you look like a model (as so many of you have said), you’re looking pretty ugly right now.

  • ShauneryNavyWife

    Sounds like there are a LOT of insecure, immature wives out there. My hubby has been in the Navy for 18 yrs, we’ve been married 10. We’ve been apart and I’d rather he drool over a paper calendar or magazine than be tempted with another. It’s a fantasy, a dream and you can’t tell me there isn’t one woman out there who hasn’t drooled over a fireman calendar, recieved “sexy guy” emails or even fantazized while her man is away… I know my husband appreciates the female body, but I also know he’s not chasing it. He’s commited to the Navy, he’s commited to our marriage and relationship, and he’s commited to our children. Wives give your husbands some credit and quite blaming someone else for your personal issues and insecurities..As for Mrs. Alessandra Bosco, thanks for the inspiration and where do I buy one of those calendars for my hubby?

  • RIGHT ON Shaunery!~

  • NavyWife

    This woman is not opening herself up sexually to anyone. If you think that, you’re delusional. The only man that stands a chance at getting with her is her husband (who is ok with the calendar, by the way). She is selling a product that consists of glossy paper, she’s not selling herself.
    She’s been a bikini model for 10 years– this is nothing new or out of the ordinary for her. You don’t marry into the military and suddenly become a Quaker. Everyone just needs to stop being insecure, catty wives and get over it. There are much bigger things we deal with as spouses than to get all riled up about a silly pin-up calendar.

  • T

    Whoever said that spouses are very likely to meet Playboy models…do you live in Hollywood? Because last time I checked, there were no Playboy models living in my neighborhood.
    And them going on tour is one thing, living next door is another. This woman even OFFERS herself up to other men….her website says “if you want the girl next door, then go next door”. Now if that’s not offering yourself up to other men then I don’t know what is.

  • Ang

    “Boosting Troop Morale”? Please call it for wht it is if you are for it. She is trying to make money out it. Nothing wrong with makig money, good for her! But please do not use the troops as an excuse. Like most of those stupid magnets that everyone has on their bumpers… Support the troops? Yeah! They buy theses stickers and think that they are “supporting” the troops. Ridiculous!

  • onehotmama

    I feel sorry for those of you who feel it’s ok for your husband to oogle other women. To me, that shows you’re the ones not comfortable with yourselves. You’d rather your husband oogle at the girl next door than at you. Just don’t be surprised when they’re doing more than oogling at them.

  • Tami Simmons

    Porn being available is different than a local wife in her lingerie,
    Making a calendar of herself, Then selling it to soldiers that will eventually be home and may live near this wife. I would not want my husband seeing my neighbors in their lingerie
    what would be the point of marriage? It is not a trust thing at all, it is a moral thing.
    We have been married 15 years.
    Some things should be done in good taste.
    Maybe the wife should not sell to LOCAl soldiers!
    Whom would later be home to be remembering her in her lingerie
    Try selling in Afghanistan .
    Banning Porn In Iraq HAHAHA Well That won’t happen My husband has been
    there it is readily available.
    And wellll That’s all folks .

  • Kat

    Personally it was not a very smart thing for her to do period. With all those wives jealous of her to begin with, she should have saw all of this coming. Not only that, if these wives wanted their husbands to have sexy photos, then they should be doing that themselves & not get so jealous over someone else doing it.
    Either way, the girl had no right to do it to begin with & should be sending these photos to her own husband & not all the other husbands on base. Very tacky.

  • HookersWife

    Too bad it isn’t set up so that when a married man orders it, his wife back home gets a calendar of her husband. I’m just curious about how his fellow soldiers would respond to that. Is this really a matter of women being catty, or would the feelings be similar from the men if their wives were looking at a guy they know half-dressed everyday?

  • proudarmyguardwife

    I would make my own sexy calender for my husband, but I won’t risk (& he wouldn’t want to risk) some other man accidentally or deliberately getting ahold of it! That would be a disaster. For one thing, he/they isn’t/aren’t my husband and for another he/they could very well be someone elses husband! Both possibilities are disgraceful & gross. Besides, mail is subject to inspection along the way. I don’t want to risk any other man seeing what I reserve only for my husband! Other than that, doing a calender of myself for dh isn’t such a bad idea, I guess.

  • It is not her problem who is jealous of her. It is her career… long before she married into the military it was her career.
    Give her a break.

  • onehotmama

    proundarmyguardwife – so instead you’ll allow him to get this woman’s calender and gawk at her?

  • As far as risking making a personal calendar… sometimes ya gotta live a little a risk it. ; )

  • I bought it for him.

  • Just Me

    I think it should be noted she is doing this as a “for-profit” venture. She is making money on the sale of these. How her photos are suppose to boost the troops morale is beyond me. My feelings on these types of things tend to be very passionate & I feel this way whether someone is a military wife or not.
    I think it sad when I see women who are married out & about in hardly anything. It makes me wonder why they feel the need to show off their bodies to other guys. Isn’t their husband enough? Isn’t what their husband’s think & feel about them enough? I have seen time & time again when pornography (swimsuit editions are porn because of the provakive (sp?) positions) destory families. Case in point a family was completely destroyed after 30+ years of marriage because the husband became “curious” what these swimsuit editions really contained.
    I think the wife who made the calendars in the story made a mistake. I also think that we can’t rely on what the husband & wife said. If you look they are the only ones to comment on the story. No where do they really talk to other spouses or officals. How can we depend on getting the truth when the person talking is completely biased? How do we even know if any of these things happened?
    I find it hard to believe wives would take the trouble to pound on her door to “abuse her.” I’d like to hear what they said since abuse is nowadays very broadly defined.
    I disagree with the bases selling porn & I disagree with wifes making calendars of themselves & swimsuit models in general (referring to the ones that pose for like SI, not the ones you look at online when trying to buy a swimsuit).
    I believe boasting morale of the troops would be better do through connecting families and building marriages. Not by destroying that delicate trust every couple has to create.

  • Amazed ArmyWife

    I am almost not surprised to see that the calendar topic has become a moot point. I saw this article today and clicked on it, never heard it before just wondered what it was. I started reading and was amazed. I am an Army wife and because I am that I am now catty, snitty, snotty, vindictive, jealous, self righteous, I do nothing but sit on my fat ass all day and eat chocolate cake and nestle bars, and breed babies. Wow if I didnt know any better I would think that was an insult? Ok I may not be 110 pounds soaking wet but I am not morbidly obese nor do I compulsively eat to feed my seriously low self esteem. Come on. I am a wife, a mom, a worker outside the home and in the home, a college graduate etc. I dont think its fair to be classifying everyone in the same category and why does everyone feel the need to belittle military wives when the claws come out. Everyone is going to have an opinion and everyone is going to have gossiped at some point, its human nature. But military wives all get called names and belittled because there is a large number of military wives so it is heard of more often. Granted I will give you that there are some who definately take it to extremes but those are the ones you just turn away from. As for porn its out there everywhere its not going anywhere. So what can you do? Dont buy it or dont look at it if you dont want to see it. Its a to each his own in that topic. But my thing is please dont classify everyone in one category because you dont know me. I work hard but obviously my husband works harder, and thats fine. Just one other thing, when you are belittling and call me all kinds of names because I am a military wife are not becoming what you were just belittling????

  • Ya’ll sound like you are married to saints. I did 20 years in the Army going TDY with men folk… you might be surprised at what your “yes dear” man is up to. Fact of life.

  • I am retired Army, a fat chick and I am not offended by her calender. It’s a picture folks.

  • T

    Content2B, there ARE men out there who are faithful to their wives.

  • Rachel

    What needs to be understood here is that this woman has two different things going on. She has her professional life, being a model, and her personal life, which is being an army wife. There is nothing wrong with her doing her job, but it gets messy when she starts involving her professional life with the personal lives of others.
    I was told when we first joined the military that my actions reflect on to my husband, so I needed to be respectful. Her actions are being reflected negatively on to her husband and to herself and on to those husbands who buy her calendar. Her attitude and personal attacks to other military wives is inappropriate and unprofessional. She needs to keep doing her job, she’s perfect for it, but she needs to act like a military wife and respect the women supporting their men, and not get personally involved like she has done.
    The porn and calendar models don’t leave little notes on their work attacking other women. And if she is a professional model neither should she.

  • I am bored with all the hen clucking here.
    Heading out to find on line entertainment.

  • There is nothing pornographic about her modeling. It is wrong to insinuate that.

  • Kendra

    I have read the story and the comments… I must say that I am confused and maybe a little concerned that people can make such an issue over something that was not started with any malicious intent. Correct me if I am wrong, but are we not in a war? One that has turned into a fight for human rights? I am married to a wonderful soldier in the US Army. I know that as with “most” men, he will take notice of a beautiful woman whether she is completely clothed or laying on the beach in a bikini (which some leave nothing to the imagination!). I am very happy with who I am, the body that I have, and the strength of my marriage. If I were the one to have started this calendar, my husband and his unit would be my biggest supporters and so would their wives! More than likely, I would only get one month, or possibly have to share a month, so that the other beautiful, vivacious wifes could also be in the calendar. Our husbands, wives, or significant others are serving our country and the beliefs that it was founded on everyday…. so why as the “military spouse” are you sitting back picking on one person who is doing something to give back to them instead of sitting around just existing? My thought is definetly that some woman will never be happy without a certain amount of drama in their lives whether self created or not. To think that the Sgt 1st Class McCoy’s career is in jeopardy is just one more reason the “grumpy, frumpy, unhappy and critically rude” wives in that post should get up, work out and offer to make a 24 month calendar next time. Don’t be jealous, be competitive!!!

  • brianna

    Well, being an army wife, I understand how the army and spouses would see it. the fact that shes a model isnt the problem. the calendar, which due to content wouldnt be allowed over seas anyway isnt the best way to promote moral, it causes problems. deployed soldiers and their spouses have enough to worry about. Most people would see her as putting “temtation” out there, and whos to say that her husband is okay with her doing something less proffessional with her pics. If it was a civilian calendar, and not tryin to be sold to all the soldiers, she wouldn’t be having as much troubles. Model, or no model, army standards and regulations really look sorely upon “stunts” like that, and war time is no time for stunts

  • army wife

    hey betsy. if my husband bought it I’m sure he’d show it to me! haha! And I’m a good Christian woman, and I’d chuckle and tell him he shouldn’t be buying that crap although the woman is beautiful. And I’d still love him and I wouldn’t make her life ‘hell’ nor her poor husband’s. But yeah, I know my husband isn’t afraid of me nor my reactions, as your husbands shouldn’t be either (and I’m sure (or i hope anyway) most of them aren’t) but there are always those bitter catty housewives that make us look bad!

  • K

    onehotmama – So you think she is the only girl, on the only calander that they have access to? Are you serious? On top of the fact if the husband is ok within his marriage why would he as you say “gawk” at someone else anyway. By the sound of things your husband would would just not look at any calander with any woman right? So I guess you have nothing to worry about. Sound Off.

  • mstymd

    It all comes down to how secure you are with your marriage. If her husband doesn’t have a problem with her making a calendar to sell, then no one else should either. It is so sad that his job is on the line for something so stupid. The cattiness of the wives just says that they really don’t trust their husbands a hundred percent. I may not be too happy if my husband bought it, but that is his problem and a problem with us, not with her. I made my own calendar for my husband. I’m not sitting here waiting for him to find a calendar of another man’s wife. I’m taking care of his needs myself.

  • Etselec

    I was married for 10 years with the last 8 being a military spouse.
    I have debated with myself over and over about posting a comment about this calendar but have finally decided I needed to get it out of my system so here it goes…
    First off let me say that I had never heard of this calendar nor Bosco before today and have read everything regarding the whole situation and I believe if she were ignored instead of receiving all this publicity she would have went away quietly and surely more humble.
    Secondly I’d like to say that regardless of where you live whether it be in the civilian world or the military there are good apples and there are bad apples and for anyone to jumble them all into one ball just shows their short sightedness.
    And my last comment but in no way the least of my comments is…
    This calendar won’t matter tommorrow, it won’t matter for me, you, your husband, her nor her husband.
    In my first statement I mentioned that I was married for 10 years with the last 8 being a military spouse, no, I’m not divorced nor am I separated, you see my husband died in 1995. Life is so short for everyone, military or otherwise, don’t let the little things come between the time you have together with a loved one, believe me, it’s not worth it.

  • KM

    mstymd; THANK YOU!!!

  • Anastasia

    Regardless how many of you think that the wife has every right to do the modeling and so on, SHE IS THE SOLE REPRESENTATIVE OF HER HUSBAND. Every action, every word, everything she does can reflect on her husband as an embarassment and disgrace to the military. It is tradition, as all American’s are surrounded by, that the wife be as professional as her husband, regardless of rank. While our husbands are away at war, we are left behind. To what? Pose in a magazine to moraly encourage our husband’s battle buddies to feel good? Leave the posing to the civilians and start acting like a professional. Stop embarassing your husbands.

  • Donna

    Obviously she knows the only people who would spend money on it are deployed military men who are sick of looking at women in berkas…nobody else would waste their money on it…

  • danielle

    so your sayin its ok that husbands look at playboy because they will never meet or be able to attain a model of that caliber ,and that she is attainable just because she lives next door? Hmm I highly doubt that i think there is alot of insecurity on some of the wives not all but some that feel that this is more of a problem than being supportive that she made the calander .What about the women that entertain the men and women overseas for *morale* purposes ? i think this falls in the same boat and shes doing it the same way in a tasteful manner as celebrities,and her husband should be proud.So if this is how some spouses are you saying that a soldier should never be allowed to be married to a model or a playboy or nude model at that? Ive seen more unattractive overweight military spouse photos online passed around for all the wrong reasons and i think that there is jealousy and insecurity and maybe more attention should be payed to those women who disgrace thier husbands by sending non professional photos to others and then bad mouthing this women ,trust me ive lived on post and seen more than my share of unnatractive women who dont care about doing anything with themselves and then blaming thier husband when they look at other women have trust isnt that what a marriage is? or just make sure when you get housing you have a list that says no strippers no models no celebs nobody more attractive than me can live near my husband these women have better things to do than worry about your husband and maybe if you gave them a chance they would show you that they can be some of the nicest of not more trustworthy friends.Ive seen more men cheat with ugly girls than with the attractive ones.Grow up ladies.

  • Navy Spouse

    This is a comment that I read in this long list…
    “I laugh at all of you who think this woman is innocent. She’s making sexual advances on your husbands and you think she’s innocently trying to make a living. This woman invites men into her home and you still think she’s innocent. I wonder how innocent she’ll be when you come home and find her in bed with your husband. Oh, let me guess, you’ll put all the blame on your husband.”
    Huh? It is a picture sweetheart. Is your marriage that insecure where you have to worry about this? I know I don’t. My husband would never do this to me.

  • Michelle B

    I would not attack her for doing the calander, let the single soldiers and others have the calander…why would it hurt me as long as I feel secure in my marriage, I would just send my hubby one of me lol and get on the bandwagon!

  • armywife4life

    If these wives have to worry about their husbands LOOKING at photographs…. then their marriage is what they ought to be worrying about. No person can make someone cheat except the person who is actually cheating. Our soldiers need something to look at while they are alone! I send my husband porn while he is deployed for the fun of it and write on the pages “Oh babe we should try that when you get home!” I know no other woman could compare to me and what me and my husband share. Stop the jealousy and reevaluate your own marriage!

  • Jeanie

    Hey, why should her husband mind…it’s a nice supplement to his SSGT pay…as long as she doesn’t keep a separate bank account for when she dumps him….

  • Navy Chief Wife

    O.M.G. people come on, a calendar? no biggie what so ever. You ladies who say that she should not be doing this get a life please. If she looks good why not do something good for moral. I have seen her calendar and I will tell you it is not porn at all. She is a beautiful lady and she has a right to show off what she has. It is a very tasteful calendar. Good lordy if I had her body youbet I would try and make a calendar too. My hubby would say hunny go for it, you know it doesn’t last forever, LOL. Well that is my 2 cents too. If you got it flaunt it. You go girl…..

  • Jim

    there are a lot of naive women in here….
    it’s always the ones who say
    “my husband would never….” who are the most surprised when he does.

  • Mrs. V

    It’s not the girl’s fault that the other wives are so insecure. They need to grow up and leave her alone. If you’ve got a problem with your man looking at other women, you’ve either got the wrong man or you need to work out and feel better about yourself. He’s with you for a reason!

  • Jessica

    I am a Navy wife, and very much the jealous type. I can understand why people would be upset with her. I mean I get the pinup girl tradition but I think that a wife should send her husband that of herself and if we have to compete with a damn bikini model, whose calendar do you think he is going to be looking at. It isn’t fair that the military men have completely seperate lives besides there home lives and now this woman is stepping into that part of their lives too. I don’t think I would be mad enough to threaten HER life, I would be mad enough to not allow my husband to get that calendar, which he wouldn’t because we are a very conservative couple. I think she is definately stepping on some peoples toes and the calendar probably isn’t the only reason for the threats. You have to be very strong willed to be a military wife and I doubt if she fits the type. Yah it wouldn’t be a big deal if it was just your husband at home looking at playboy and then coming to bed to his wife, that calendar would be the only thing remotely sexy that man would have and that isn’t fair that some woman would think that that was appropriate, she should do it for her husband and leave the rest alone. But again I doubt that would be enough for threats against her, maybe some dirty looks and maybe even some fights at home over the situation but i doubt she is important enough to threaten. Maybe she just wants attention.

  • armywife

    hey jim!
    naive woman? just b/c you’re paranoid and you probably push your spouse away with it doesn’t mean we all are. Of course if it did happen we’d be surprised, b/c it’s not likely. I know my husband would DEFINITELY look at that calander! I would look at it too! But I’m saying he wouldn’t spend our money on it. We have a lot of extra curricular actiites, like horses, quads, vacationing and such and we live on his e-7 pay, and my part time emt work. We don’t have room to waste on a pretty girl calander. But he’s no saint, if someone else had it, of course he’d look. I’m not naive. I’m just not paranoid Jim. I could care less what he looks at b/c I know he likes lookin at his hot mamas too! :)

  • content2B

    For all of you who think your husbands would NEVER view such filth… search the registry files on his computer and see what you find. LOL

  • Mark

    having just returned from a deployment…trust me, the calender is mild compared to some things that go on there…

  • sjam

    I don’t know any of the involved personally…so I won’t judge any one in particular.
    Based on the facts of the situation though…all I can say is that my husband and I decided and agreed TOGETHER (no force) that pornography, or “sexy calendars” would never be a part of our marraige. We come only to each other for these needs and we also promised each other that if there was ever any problem or desire that we would discuss it FIRST with our spouse. We completly avoid any outside source for a need that we have promised to be solely that of our dear spouse. We also guard each others dignity by not letting any personal details or pics, or even comments from others degrade what is precious to us. This decision has blessed our union and caused love and trust to grow to amazing levels. Reguardless of physical appearance (though I am not recommending “letting yourself go”) if you truly put your spouse first than you have a greater intimacy, than one that is based on physical exteriors only. I know that my husband was very troubled by the disrespect for womanhood in the military when he first joined…ie the dirty comments about anyone from a soldiers mother to his sister, wife etc.
    I know that many will disagree, but I KNOW that there are millions of men who CHOOSE NOT to look at other women, magazines etc. I also know that it is not a guy thing that women have to accept, but instead it is expecting guys to be accountable for their behavior and hold a higher standard. Men are not sub-human who have no control over their sexual thoughts/actions…they are divinely created and I hope that we will all some day find the true joy that comes from being totally committed to our spouses in all ways-including sexual ones as well. We should encourage women to put more value on their worth that they do not feel the need to be degraded by trying to get the attention of other women’s husbands. I think it is too often forgotten that by a “slippery slope” (C.S. Lewis) or small choices that lead to huge consequences.

  • armywife

    wow, you’re the type we’re all talking about. makes military spouses look bad. searching through his documents. paranoid. pushing him away. sad. give him some breathing room. don’t expect him to be perfect. reward him when he does right and yes, correct him when he’s wrong, but let it go. sheesh! it’ll be alright if you love him more and stop being so paranoid!

  • KM

    Mark – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!! I am sorry that you now see what is apparently important while you’re gone. I thank you again for your service and sac. You humble the whole content of this page. Thanks is never enough.

  • lil jim

    it just goes to show how sexually deviant ppl are.men at war shouldn’t be worrying about a pin up chic,the house wives aren’t very secure in their relationships or w/ themselves.the model really should have known better. you can’t sit back and say something about just one part of the story,you have to look at the whole picture. i really can’t see how the model would get enjoyment out of being looked at as something but a piece of meat in lace. i’m a small person decent shape,and can’t stand to be looked at and have someone think of me as something they’d like to bang.the model doesn’t seem to be very true to her husband.why does she need to be validated by other wives’ husbands?if the wives were more confident w/ who they are,they wouldn’t be worried about some chic that needs to expose herself in order to boost her ego.

  • Army wife & Sister

    I think it is a disgrace. Why would any married woman want to flaunt around in front of other married soldiers in her undies? Not a go in the military wife. We, as military spouses are already constantly competeing with the military for our spouses attention. We don’t need the added stress of some floosey to compete with. It would suggest her and her husband have questionable morals if she poses for these things and he’s ok with it.

  • Wilcot

    First of all, she is not a poor girl. She’s a 32 year old seemingly smart Italian woman that is cashing in. I hear all of these opinions and wonder if she may have been treated differently if she were to donate profits to a cause for the troops rather than pocketing the money. I would certainly think that her treatment would be dramatically different, although there would still be some jealous women out there, if she were using the profits to help soldiers in some way – Fisher House, The USO, Military Call 4 Free, Books for Soldiers, etc. I agree that military wives should not all be considered overweight, lazy, etc in general. That’s just ridiculous. I can attest to having only seen a small amount of overweight wives at the base my husband was assigned to previously (and that includes both officer and enlisted wives). We all kept ourselves fit and our wives club was a good looking group – if I do say so myself. I only hope that something can be done to remedy the situation. I hate to see more controversy among wives at a time when everyone should be supporting each other. Our men/women overseas do not need this kind of dispute going on when more important things are at stake.

  • Jillian Johnson

    i dont think the calendar is any harm. There are plenty of other things to worry about. Think about it, would you rather ur husband or boyfriend to look at a calendar or porn.
    This right here makes military SPOUSES look bad. we are to support one another while are spouses are fighting for us to be safe. Yes i do believe it is the fat jealous wives and the stay at home moms that are making this a big deal, but you shouldnt you should resepect her for taking care of her body like all women should do. It isnt easy being skinny nor it isnt easy being fat. i know I have been both and I am a stay at home mom.

  • As a new military spouse I have experienced first hand how ‘threatened’ some women can be. Let’s face it ladies, some spouses are way off. You are not your husbands rank. This woman is a model!! Let her work. Obviously her husband is in agreement with her! If I had her body I might make a calendar, too:)

  • Jessica

    All you people that are saying she didn’t want free media, she is a BIKINI MODEL, why wouldn’t she want free media?? Why do you think she is doing the calendar? Like I said she needs attention and unfortunately for her husband, I doubt this marriage will last that long unless she is just that sexy that he can look over the fact that she is probably screwing someone behind his back. I’m happy that she has a great body, whatever, but do NOT send that shit to my husband. I am insecure enough to not have some bikini model boosting his morale, I think I can take care of that one on my own. She needs to learn her place as a military wife and like one of the previous comments, we do have to act professional because we are representing our husbands and I know that if any of my husband’s friends had a calendar of me posing, he would hear about it and they would make some very inappropriate comments.

  • armyesposa

    I am not into bashing other armywives. I don’t care what they do in their personal lives…it is none of my business!
    Saying this, I don’t care how many times people say they are not a reflection on their soldier, it is NOT true. Wives “talk” and believe me the last person they talk to is thier spouse. What we say and do DOES reflect on to our soldiers career.
    As for her comment, I do not feel threatened because of her beauty. I am fit and healthy and I AM a career woman who feels greatly blessed that I can take time off from my career to stay home to raise my children.

  • majicmaid

    Do you really think that a soldier should have to go 15 months without looking at pretty girls? I personally send “entertainment” for my husband to look at and not just of myself. It’s just a picture people! He is coming home to me. I think she is gorgeous and will be buying my husband a calendar and will look at it myself. It’s no wonder military wives have a bad name. How insecure are you? Get a life!

  • I find this whole controversy sad, but amusing. When reading many posts, it’s like going back into the dark ages. Heck, I see more skin on military kids and spouses at the schools, in the commissary, walking the dog and at the pool than there probably is in this calendar. Grow up and get in shape or wrap yourself and your kids in a robe if you are that uncomfortable with the way you look or your sexuality!
    My dh is wonderful and I am very confident and comfortable both with myself and in our relationship. He’s been on a remote tour, tdy and deployed. I have bought him dvd’s and magazines that so many women seem to object to. Why? Men (and women) have needs, particularly when they are away from their spouses. I’d rather have my dh enjoying a dvd or magazine than seeking release elsewhere. Further, I have never found him comparing me to any of the models or actresses (and I have asked). People are human with human needs, whether they are in the military or not. They aren’t monks and I don’t see anything in the oath that says they can’t pleasure themselves if need be…it’s not adultery.
    I have to agree with many people in that the spouses who are treating this one spouse with such disrespect must feel extremely threatened and jealous. I have to wonder why? Why do they put so much energy into hating this woman or ‘pornography’ and not instead devote that passion to their spouses? Their anger is misplaced and if they are that threatened by pictures, perhaps they should look at their own reasons why they are so insecure in their relationships and so controlling over their spouses.
    That this could impact this woman’s spouse’s career? That is also rediculous!
    I would never demand that my dh not look at another woman or a magazine or a dvd. It’s unrealistic. Just because someone looks does not mean that they are going to leap. Of course, we also have a very active and creative intimate life, I take care of myself though I’m not a pinup model, I have my own career and life outside of our marriage so I don’t depend on him for everything. It helps to create and maintain a healthy relationship.

  • zb

    I say let her stay and have the other women go to therapy. If they are having such a problem they should make a calender for their husbands. I know my husband thinks Im sexy and would much rather have one of me anyways. No matter what size we are Big, small, thick or thin we are all in this military life together. Some people need to be reminded of that. I guess these are the women that need that reminder.

  • Jessica

    We don’t really know how many threats she is getting or anything. Where I am at I see a lot of young, pretty wives who see their husbands rarely and none of them are very rude if anything they are very friendly. So like I said before, I think more is going on then this whole calendar fiasco. I don’t care if she makes a calendar but i know my husband wouldn’t buy it, because no porn or sexy pictures is not just a “guy thing” my husband gets so mad when he is stereotyped with “all guys”. I just think the whole calendar is a bad idea, but I know my husband isn’t interested in it, especially since we are both younger than she is. She is the same age as my mom. I just don’t like the idea of some bikini model cashing in on some poor man’s weakness. So if you really believe she is mistreated by military spouses, think about what you would do, do you really believe this calendar thing is what is drawing so much attention?? Playboys aren’t a big deal why would a calendar??

  • Kristen

    I wouldn’t be threatened by a woman in a bikini…it isn’t as if my husband doesn’t look at billboards, or watch TV anyways. I’m curious as to what the ‘military items’ she has in her pictures are though – I haven’t seen the calendar, but I have seen plenty of photos of ladies who think it is cute to wear hubby’s patrol cap and dogtags with their underwear and post it on myspace, or whatever. I happen to think it is NOT cute, because it is disrespectful to a uniform which they have no right to wear – in whole or in part. So I have to wonder if the supposed ‘high ranking’ wives might be thinking the same thing? Again, having not seen the calendar, I don’t know…if she’s in a camo-print bikini, that’s one thing. If she’s parading around making a mockery of a uniform which my husband worked damn hard to wear, I wouldn’t want her as my neighbor either.

  • I am a airforce spouse, I am 22 years old. My dad was airforce as well. I have grown up in it my whole entire life now married into the military. I can not tell you how sad I am to read this. Why do women have to use there bodies??? No I am not fat no i am not ugly but would I be pissed that my husband is looking at another women yes i would be. Would my husband be pissed off If I was looking at another man in nothing but like a speedo you bet your corn biscuit he would. Why is this okay for her to do. I dont like my husband looking at porn or any other naked women so I understand where these ladies are coming from.

  • Kristi Mitts

    There seems to be such an uproar about this topic. The only thing I feel strongly about is…Our military men and women are held to higher standards than civilians because of the oath they took and the personal choice to protect us. Alot of people look up to them and if they don’t, they should. As a military spouse, we should be held to the same standards. We are a representative of our spouse. I am not bashing her for what she has done…but I just think that as a military spouse, before we act, we should ask ourselves…”Is my behavior becoming of a US Service member or his spouse?”

  • Kristin Beard (Navy

    I’m 22 and never understood why alot of military wives dressed down. You go to the exchange and you see women in big baggy t-shirts and jeans. I was never one of those women. I’ve always been at home in a cute pair of tight jeans and a cute shirt and heels, and I’ve always gotten dirty looks from women on base. I never made a sexy calendar but I can relate to the BS that women on my end have to put up with. But I also feel that she fueled the fire by making that calendar because of all the attention she was receiving already. This isn’t high school anymore. You don’t need to single someone out just because you’re intimidated by the way they look. Grow up! I’m willing to bet that most if not all of the women B****ing and moaning fall under the “baggy t-shirt and jeans” category. So here’s to you girls, dress to impress your husband once in a while. I’m sure he’d appreciate it and it would make you feel better. And to those passing judgement on this woman; Did you try be-friending her? Getting to know her? I bet if you did you’d find out she’s just another military wife trying to find ways to occupy her time and cope with her husbands deployments. Just remember you’re in the same boat. You’re just pissed because she looks better doing it!!

  • Kristi Mitts, I totally applaud you!! I agree 100 percent. I think the statement you dont have to be a hoe to get attention is totally fitting here. I dont wear “baggy shirts or Baggy sweats” but i dont make my self look like a **ore either . I am happy with my husband why do i need other military men or any other man for that matter staring at me. I think she lacks self confidence personally. I am always worrying about making my husband look good or should i do this or that. Apparently she doesn’t care about flushing her husbands career down the toilet because if she keeps acting like this that is were its heading

  • Sooner09

    Being someone with firsthand knowledge about this case (and not as a supposed “jealous wife, but a professional male), Ms. Bosco appears to me to be nothing more than a second-rate model looking to draw attention to herself to “revive” a fledgling career. The sad truth of the matter is that because she plays the “pretty girl victim” so well, certain people have actually bought it. Her truths are actually fabrications and her story holds no weight. While I feel sorry for those of you in the community that are vilianized by this woman, I feel more sorry for those who have been manipulated and have come to the defense a compulsive liar.

  • infantry_wife

    I just brought this up with my husband, who just stopped in for lunch. He agrees that it is hugely inappropriate to circulate it within that community…. he reminded me of an event pre-army when he was a mechanic and one of the sales guys wife appeared on a tool calendar… the dealership banned the calendar. There is nothing wrong making the calendar for troops… maybe just not the ones you will see everyday.
    BTW… on my husbands FOB they were aloud to have magizine pics up but WERE NOT aloud to have racy pics of there wives in the open. There is a reason behind it. The same rule would probably apply to the men in her company.

  • Seriphina

    I believe this whole situation is a crying shame. As the wives of Soldiers we should always present ourselves as classy, gracious and kind. Just as much as our husbands we need to up hold the image of the US Army with our behavior. I can only imagine that the post commander is shaking his head wondering how this got so out of hand. There is no innocent party here and I can’t believe that either side of this argument has stooped to the levels they have to defend their part.
    As the wife of a soldier I am careful to never make my husband, our unit, our post or the Army look bad. I am careful to make sure that I my self and my children do our best to make my husband proud and I also focus a great deal of effort on our home and marriage. I cannot control my husband or anyone else and I realize that people have a free will, but it just amazes me that this woman doesn’t care how this impacts her husband’s carrier, or that the other wives stooped to the childish things they did . I guess this is just another example of how the moral fiber of this country is going down the tubes!

  • Sarah

    I think it is sad that the maturity level of all those wives there is so low as to personally attack this woman. If she were some random nameless model there wouldn’t be a problem. But since she lives on post they have an issue with it? That doesn’t make sense. I am surprised that the base itself has not legally charged all the wives that have harrassed this woman. The vandalism and such is illegal no matter the cause.

  • Soon 2 B Ex-MilSpous

    This mess all boils down to insecurity.
    We wives have an important, but hard job. Take care of the house, yard, carpool, fevers in the middle of the night, scrapped knees, car problems and crisis after crisis that needs to be handled immediately and efficiently.
    Pick up and move again, leaving family, friends, everything that you have become familiar with, and yes, the little bit of security that we have been able to build back up – just to start over again. We have to do this a lot of times alone – without our friends to help or the presence of our spouse. Frequently you have to be both parents and try to help our children with a smooth transition. Don’t forget, you also learn a new community at the same time.
    The internet, porn, x rated movies or whatever the preferred choice may be – it is everywhere you turn.
    If your husband is going to cheat – he is going to cheat.
    After 21 faithful years to my husband and three children later – I have found this out the hard way.
    I am a short timer with the military now – because of this exact reason.
    My tour is soon to be up and I hope I have served and represented my country well.
    Being a military spouse is a hard job, but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.
    Strengthen your relationship with your spouse. Don’t wait until it is too late.
    Show him how much you care and kiss him everyday before he/you go to work and tell him you love him – and mean it. Stoke the fire you once had. Make him want to come home to you. Give him something to look forward to and yearn to come home.
    You never know when that will be the last time you see them.
    God bless and best of luck to all. I pray that everyone comes home safe.

  • Hubby’s Wife

    Man, I am a military wife and I cannot even read all of this stuff on here, because it’s “So highschool” and it’s a complete waste of my time reading all of this mess written here. Fat ladies, lose the right like I am doing right now, get out more, get your house in order, take care of yourself, then your esteem would be high enough that petty things like thisi won’t bother you. But most importantly, GET A LIFE.

  • Chris

    Being a military wife I would not like this woman living near me. I would express my thoughts to her directly. I am attractive, I am not over weight and surely not insure.
    Understanding what someone else posted, men are very visually driven. And I would not like for my husband to have the opportunity to look at a neighbors wife in the nude or nearly nude. It is inappropriate.
    Also putting down other women does not foster the togetherness that is needed between military wives. Stroking your ego by putting others down is not a good thing to do. You don’t know what other people have been through. You put up with enough when your husband is away from home.
    Why doesn’t she just market to the single guys, maybe that way she would not make so much of an uproar with the wives.

  • ArmyWife

    I have been married to my army hubby for nearly 8 years (together 10). They look at porn when they are away, and sometimes when they are home. It is “visual stimulation” and nothing more. Heck, half the time I doubt they look at the faces. They may even put your face on them. Men are visual, women are emotional… I do truly agree if you are upset over this, you probably think you have something to work on (or don’t want to admit it). I am not upset over it. I know I have some things to work on, but I also know that my hubby comes home to me, and only me. Regardless of what I look like he loves me, and will always lust me as well. I also agree if you are too worked up about them, take some pics of yourself for him instead. You can even set a timer and edit on the computer the parts you are ok with and take your head off if you are afraid of them getting found or passed around. They do wonderful things to your hubby’s morale and your relationship!!

  • AK

    I do not think that the mudslinging is necessary from either party. I think that it speaks volumes of everyone. Calling people fat and insecure is really low and pathetic so can we move from there. Secure in your skin or relationship doesn’t make seeing a woman’s half naked body on a calendar any more comfortable.
    First of all, her husband must be extremely secure in their love and relationship to be okay in letting her do the pictures for the calendar. My husband would not be so forthcoming with photos of me in skimpy clothing but hey, it is his way of showing he loves me.
    She needs to recognize the social difference between her Italian heritage and the American military way. We recognize there are all kinds of social differences throughout the world. AFN takes the time to point out the differences in what sets Americans out from native Europeans to protect us while overseas from terrorists. The military community can be full of gossip and back stabbing and man stealing and all things immature.
    We need to understand as well the cultural differences in her background in comparison to ours. We also need to ask ourselves would we be saying the same thing if it were Carmen Electra??
    On the flip side, Sgt. 1st Class Edward McCoy will probably have to face guys who stare at his wife’s goodies EVERYDAY OF EACH MONTH SHE POSED FOR! The joke may end up being on him… who knows?
    My husband, personally would not be into that stuff anyway he said and I quote, “She’s reaching for trouble and he’s walking by her side right into it.” That’s a veteran of 16 years speaking who was stationed there for 10 years.
    This particular military post is a DEPRESSING place to be… I visited for 3 weeks in the dead of winter 2 years ago.
    People there really have nothing else to do but get out of town when they have down time. Everyone needs to take a step back and grow up and then come back to the table and look at it from other angles. Either way it’s really a sad story because it doesn’t seem to me that many people win.

  • Wendy

    The wives who keep regurgitating the same nonsense (wait till she is in bed with your husband (what?)…. There are over 750,000 soldiers in the Army alone do you honestly think she is going to be in bed with all these soldiers? She went from making a calendar to being in bed with your husband how catty is that?
    The statement “we are to carry ourselves in representation of our husbands and their careers.” Does that mean your husband who severs in the United States Arm Forces should not carry himself in the respect of you and his own career?
    I do not live with blinders on my eyes. If I honestly thought for a moment my husband does not fantasize or even visually ascertain a magazine or calendar, I would only be deceiving myself into believing this nonsense to only make myself feel better. There is obviously a trust issue between you and your mate if you go so overboard over a CALENDAR!! I guess when you go to the beach your husband is required to wear a paper bag over his head. This is so comical that so many of you lack the maturity level needed to understand this woman career choice and the world we live in. Heck I can turn on the TV and see nudity should I ask my husband to leave the room?
    Come on ladies lets put our big girl panties on and carry on with the more tasking things of life……

  • Me

    Who Cares????? There are far too many other problems in this world to have to worry about some Army wife who wants to take sexy pictures of herself…. SO WHAT!!!! She has been making a living as being a model, and she- one of few people has decided she wants to take it to good use and make some money for the troops. I know there probably are allot of jeolous females out there and in the military community period. Allot of military wives are stay at home moms and they dont have anything better to do, or dont know what to do with there time. So if you are successful, have a career or are somewhat even striving for a career- of course there going to be jealous. For one there women, two military wives that makes us more jealous, and three- they wish they could get what the other ones have. Its all part of nature, but its defenitely not pretty. Everyone just needs to worry about their own business, their own husbands, and lives and stop worrying about what the military wife is doing next door. Unless it effects you directly and is effecting your life to the point where you cant even go on anymore, than i suggest you get over it and find a better cause to be worried about. For example starvation, needy children, or animal abuse. Something that really matters in this world. I have learned that my husband is going to look at other girls while he is out to sea, and ive learned to live with it. How can you not expect them to. There gone for months without you. Months without any physical touching or stimulation from you. I dont care if he is looking at pictures of some girl as long as he is faithful to me and comes home to me…. Why not some of you up tight military wives try taking some sexy pictures of yourselves and sending them to your husbands over seas instead of complaining about other women that do it…. It is really not the end of the world and for this story to get so much feed back is kind of disgusting…

  • USAF Wife

    After reading the article and many of the comments…my 1st thought…let it go. She has right to do what she please with her body and if her husband has no issue with the calendar then why should anyone else? If you are annoyed about your spouse buying the calendar then take that up with them, not her.
    I am not in bikini shape anymore either, but I am not going to hold it against someone who is. Who odds are works hard and eats well to stay that way. Good for her. I get that it would be hard to know a person like that in real life, but beautiful people, famous people etc are still PEOPLE! Are those upset wives really so insecure with themselves and their marriages to let her bother them?
    As for the base, I can see why they would not want to condone this, and they can control access to her calendar on base and such, but the truth is even if you take all porn related items off post, all the soldiers have to do is go off post to get it or online on their personal computers.
    Why do soldiers get punished more than the rest of society? They fight for our freedom but have to give up their own? I know they signed the dotted line knowing they have to give up some personal rights, but not all of them! They are still people with wants, needs, desires.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think porn is wrong in the sense of people looked at other naked and what the Bible says about the sort of thing. I think it is especially wrong if you are in a commited relationship or married. Plus I believe it is a waste of paper, time etc and thankfully my husband agrees. He says “why would want to spend money to look at someone I can’t have or touch.” He says the same thing about lingere. It’s a waste of money since it ends up on the floor in less than 5 minutes. He has said the same thing ever since we met. Even when I was bikinin thin and looked great in that stuff.
    But I was also taught not to judge others. That only God can judge and hold them responsible for their choices and actions. What I can do is CHOOSE to not partcipate in the activity. Model thin or not, I won’t be buying or looking at anything that promotes this woman, or anyone else who is doing what she is doing. Not because she is beautiful but because I just do not agree with her exposing herself to anyone, but especially not co-workers of her husband. That to me is where she is more in the wrong. If she wants to model and flaunt her stuff, fine by all means. That is her choice and right to do so, BUT doing it with the specific audience being the specific soldiers on your post or that work with your own husband is just disrespectful and rude not only to her own husband but to the other spouses on the post. That part of this is very wrong.
    That said I would never threaten her or her husband. I would not harass her or vandalize their possession or even their reputations.
    The most I would ever do is privately via letter or email how I thought she was a beautiful woman, but that I did not agree with what she is doing with the target audience being the people in her immediate community. Not because I don’t think she has a right to use her “gifts” and share them with the world if that is her choice. But because I think it was insenstive and disrespectful to others in her immediate community.
    It is nice she wanted to boost morale. That’s great, but what about boosting the morale of the families that are serving next to her on that post. The other families left behind with her? What has she done to support them or boost their morale?
    Her intentions may have been good, but her choice of how to boost morale was not a good choice.

  • Robin

    I truely feel for the model/MILITARY SPOUSE that is the subject of such abuse by her counterparts in germany. If no one has apologized to her, then let me be the first. I am sorry you had to endure such shameful behavior. We all have assets and imperfections. This is no doubt a case of a too small community with too much tension and unfortuneatly this woman has been chosen as the focus for others to vent their frustrations. It’s wrong and we all know it’s wrong. The war isn’t fair but that’s no reason to be unfair to someone for her chosen career, after all she is a model! We all have some type of career independant of our husbands and we take pride in that career, why shouldn’t she? As an Air Force Spouse I am ashamed to be counted amoung the spouses that have made this woman’s life hard. Military Spouses are usually the only family we have overseas and we should act with compassion and caring towards one another. Don’t bring someone else down to build yourself up, it’s wrong!

  • Army Wife

    This is how this woman makes her living and it is stupid that wives are upset with her. They must feel pretty bad about themselves to hate her so much for sexy pics. If they don;t buy the calendar they will get it from a magazine and if not from that they can always go online and look up whatever they want.

  • Sweetie

    Retired Navy Wife of 27 years and I must say the behavior on this chat board is anything but nice. There are diverse personalities, insecurities, egos, and ignorance as well. Some have offered intelligent advice and others seemingly want to keep the fire going. I have never lived on a Military Base for some of the reasons I see here and because financially we did not have to. Gossip, misery, name calling, all in the name of marriage, religion, and God. We have always lived off base, I am not accustomed to having a bunch of women around me anyway. But we have been together all these years because we are best friends, we trust each other, and can not imagine not waking up without each other. He was a submariner for 19 years, and I worried everytime they went under. I did not have time for petty stuff such as who is on a calender and I am one not to submit to negative people. So I have given my five cents worth of advise and I am moving on. With age, maturity should arrive, if not, your problem not mine.

  • Rebecca

    Who cares? This is really dumb. Like one poster said “To each his/her own”. Women insecurities need to be addressed using other means to address THEMSELVES. If you don’t want the calendar, don’t buy it, don’t look at it. But let each person choose for themselves if they want it. And if it’s your husband that wants it, then your issue is with HIM, not her. Or you could look at it as supporting another fellow soldier’s family. Just a thought…

  • Jones

    I’m a little turn by this. I understand the rights that we Americans have. And unfortunately, stuff like this has put a bad name on our soldiers and their families. Maybe her intentions were of good…maybe they were made for her self-worth. That I do not know, but what I do know is there are PLENTY of other ways to support our troops and their families. I understand that the soldiers may need some inspiration while they are fighting for our country, and I don’t disagree with that. But shouldn’t the inspiration come from something not so sexual? Shouldn’t it come from families, friends, faith, etc? Maybe I’m old fashion, but I was in that situation before. And it wasn’t so good at all. As for the insecurities of the wives on post, I’m sorry you feel that way. Deployment can put a strain on a marriage, and with that said, how can we fix it? If you are feeling that way, it’s time to have a heart to heart talk with your hubby. Because i think the frustrations that are put on Ms. Bosco are actually frustrations that you may feel about your marriage…that’s just me thinking out of the box. Again, I’m not agreeing to calender,but I think that there are PLENTY of ways to support our troops besides using sexual images.
    I would like to thank the families and the soldiers for their sacrafices. I know it’s hard, but thank you for being so strong. God Bless!

  • Jessica

    I found this atricle hit close to home for me since I am a military spouse. This woman Alessandra is a very beautiful woman with the right to show her body in any form she sees fit. However, I find her reasoning behind this calendar disturbing. Since when has showing these men your naked body the right way of boosting their morale. Yeah, boosting their morale alright. Give them another thing to raise their testosterone over. Doesn’t seem like the brightest idea. It seems to me that this is only a way to distract these men from their real duties and maybe putting them in harms way. Maybe not though. If she was so keen to this idea, why did she leave the other wives out? I mean it is their husbands who will be buying this calendar, why not let them choose to be a part of it? Even if they are just average women. I can imagine being in the shoes of these wives. You and your husband go to the Commissary only to see this woman, who you know your husband oggles over her half naked body on a daily basis, walk by. As a wife you can’t help but wonder if your husband spends his time away trying to sneak a live peek or maybe more. Those thoughts turn in to rage and we all know rage can be very messy. I can understand that, however, they’re just thougts.
    Realistically, how many men would that make following this woman around. Too many! Honestly, these wives would have a far better chance walking in on their husbands with a woman of less beauty than themselves, or even their own best friend. These women will find themselves in this situation if they continue to waste their time on finding ways to make Alessandra suffer than on how to make their husband happier than she ever could. Just my thought!

  • The First Sergeants

    I can’t believe there is so much hype over something so petty. I had that “Model Body” at one time and got all the looks. My husband overheard coworkers talking about me and was only flattered about it; not jealous. Now I have 3 children and am over weight. Her comment about overweight women being jealous is right on. I know exactly where she’s coming from. Women just don’t want to admit they are jealous. I know I am over weight and I know my husband loves and respects me no matter how I look. We are best friends. I wouldn’t have married him if I had any doubts about that. It would not bother me in the least if I walked into his office and saw one of her calenders hanging there. If these women are that insecure in their marriages then they shouldn’t be married in the first place. My husband is married, not dead. Men are going to look at attractive women no matter what. Why do you want them to have to hide it from you. I look at attractive men, but it doesn’t mean I want to get involved with them or sleep with them. It’s human nature to appreciate the beauty of the opposite sex. These women need to just leave her alone.

  • oxandra

    Well, I’m in no way a jealous wife. I’m fine with hubby looking at Pamala Anderson, or whoever he pleases, hell, I’d even send him her pictures if he ever gets deployed again (along with mine of course) Yes, men can get racey photos pretty much ANYWHERE, and that’s fine with me! I’d have to be honest and say if another wife sent my hubby racey photos of Pamala Anderson I’d be a bit peived,because it’s my job and no one elses to send him racey pics of anybody. To send him racey photos of herself “to boost his moral” would send me over the top I think. What would have been a better morale boosting approach, maybe put together care packages with the other wives and slip a few playboys in. Instead, she decided to seperate herself from the wives by letting their hubby’s see her panties, and then call them jealous and fat. What did she think would happen! Duh!!! FYI I’m not fat, I look damn good in a bikini, I work out every day, and anyone will tell you that.
    Let’s turn the tables, what if a hot male spouse decided to make a calander of himself to send to the female soldiers? What if this male spouse lived right next door to you, and your wife had his calander on her wall???

  • Olivia Williams

    I think that husbands and wives of military personel should be able to do what ever it takes to support the military. But when it involves them to appear almost naked then theres a problem. If your not going to respect yourself at least respect the husbands and wives. Everytime you decide to do something ask your self whether or not other people might find this offensive. I honestly don’t find it offensive but if i see that other people do then i would have the decency not to do it. And it is true, we are trying whatever it takes to keep our marriages. This, for some, certainly doesn’t help.

  • BS

    I am amazed at the fact that you all care about this! Once again the media is nothing but garbage and we just keep it going. Lets just stop.

  • Marine_wifey

    i agree with Army_wife at the top of the page.. we as women know guys if given a chance will seize the opportunity to be with another female.No matter how “faithful” they are, guys will be guys. to me, this calendar thing is like hanging a piece of meat over a starved dog. theyre oogling a half naked if not completely naked female dat wen they return home more than likely they will bump into!! i think she should do her thing just not with the ppl her husband is working with that arent getting “any” for a loooooong time..wouldnt that just make them fantasize about her? its not that were jealous, if she called us fat and ugly, how many kids has she had? i dont have any and cant complain but i feel for the females that felt disrespected when she said what she said. she came of as stuck up and conceided as hell.. maybe she does deserve wats happening to her.. who knows?

  • SexyVa20

    Personally I think it’s a little tacky and distasteful. I can understand if she was just sending the calendar to her husband but when you make it public knowledge and decide to take it upon yourself to put yourself on display, you’re also making yourself open to ridicule not just from so called jealous military wives but men with low self esteem who see beautiful women and recent that they can’t have you or worse. As a navy wife honestly I really wouldn’t want my husband looking at another woman and that’s most women in generally jealousy aside (We all want our man to have eyes for only us and if he decides to look he’d best do it very secretively and unknowingly to us the wives). Sorry that this lady has endured all kinds of threats but it’s like the old saying becareful what you do and say because you might live to regret it.

  • Tatiana Dias

    Well my opinion doesnt matter. She is grown who cares what other wives think. If they are concern about what there husband might do they need to worry about there apperance and stop being jealous. My model is if you cant beat them JOIN them. Get over it, its the same as them looking at porn or magazines same difference. People dont have nothing eles to do on post but complain about dumb stuff because they are bored everyone needs to mind there business.

  • ArmyWifeBurwell

    I sent her fan mail cause I love the calender!!! I don’t believe that what she has in her calender hurts family morale. If anything your insecurities are the number reason why your family morale is hurt. Men, unlike some or most women, need a visual and if your not sending it to your husband, fiance, boyfriend then let them have that. It’s tasteful and at least it is not something that he could be getting from some girl on myspace. There is no need to hate. Those army wives on her post need to stop embalming themselves in hateraid before they start jeopardizing their husbands careers. Personally with what they have done to her they should be looking at removing them from post not her. It makes me ashamed to be an army wife with the behavior that is displayed by most of them. I, personally, don’t mind my husband looking at pics of other women cause all it does is benefit me and body wise I’m no Meagan Goode or Angela Bassett…more of a body like Queen Latifah cause I had 2 kids and haven’t gone to the gym to work on that some more, but that is my fault. Not Alessandra Bosco’s.

  • Andi

    Wow – has this story touched a nerve! Some of you stated that you would like to see this thread closed down. Given some of the comments, I understand that wish. And let me address the title, “Jealous Wives Threaten Military Spouses Over Calendar.” Although military.com carried the article, that is not their (or our) title. That was the title and article that appeared in S&S.
    Now… we didn’t post about the calendar more than two weeks before the S&S story came out, even though we knew about it. As far as we were concerned, the calendar wasn’t a story, or even a topic of interest. What became a story were the accusations by Alessandra and her husband (vandalism, wanting her banished from the community, his job on the line, etc.). That was something to ponder.
    As someone said about 400 comments above, this kind of story brings out the ugly, no matter how hard you try to keep things civil and on message.
    First of all, it’s clear that we only have Alessandra’s side of the story right now, so that’s definitely something that should be kept in mind as we think about this. I think most of us would agree that this situation is unique and none of the behavior on the part of all the parties (as reported) is something that happens all the time, or even frequently. I’ve never heard of anything remotely like this happening, which is why it’s hard for so many people to believe all aspects of the story based on the article. Angry mobs of milspouses pounding on a door. Vandalism. A soldier being told his job is on the line because he’s married to someone so beautiful she’s disruptive to the community (or something like that). Removing a spouse from a community? I don’t know, it seems like a crazy movie plot or something. But that’s just my opinion…
    A lot of the people who’ve commented here are new to SB. If you’ve been around a while, you’ll know this is a supportive environment for milspouses. Pick any other story and you won’t see some of the nastier exchanges that this post has brought about. We often disagree with each other, but we always do it in a civil manner. On the merits of arguments, not on a personal level. So, it’s sad to see some people not address the issues in an appropriate manner, leave demeaning comments which lump all milspouses into unflattering categories and attack each other. We all have our own opinions based on what we know and based on our own personal experiences and backgrounds, and it’s fine to state them, that’s what this forum is all about and that’s what usually makes reading the comments interesting. What’s not fine is calling all milspouses fat, lazy, gossipy, jealous, insecure and on and on.
    Some of us will think that Alessandra is the victim here (for lack of a better term) and some of us will think that the community in Germany is the victim here. It would be nice to hear a bit of the other side, although I noted that a couple of people have left comments, but I don’t believe we have the Army’s side of the story yet, or a better understanding of what the spouses there have actually experienced.
    Please, from this point forward, let’s try to respectfully disagree and leave the personal attacks and over-generalizations out of it. We are all military spouses and we’re much better off when we support one another than when we are tearing each other down.

  • Erin Goebel

    Ok…this is my OPINION! I am 5’3 and weigh 115lbs. My husband loves me and I love him. There is trust and NO SELF DOUBT in our relationship but I would still not want him looking at a wife mostly naked from a member of his squadron. Yes she is “boosting” morale but what about when they come home and see this person on a daily basis because yes she would be seen. Also the fact of porn in this specific country comes into play. You might not see it as porn but in that country any picture of a person in anything less than daily wear is PROHIBITED! I know this because we have witnessed people in my husband squadron be disciplined or even booted for it. How can you bash a military wife who’s sole purpose it is to band together when needed? I am currently a stay at home mom working on my degree. I have not “let myself go” as some of you have put it and I know many women who are “larger than average” and it happens to be genetic. This all goes back to people looking at someone and JUDGING them for what they look like and putting a stigma on them. To anyone who can slam an important part of the military life needs to get a life. We do the best we can for our countries, our families, and our husbands and if you think we aren’t doing good enough…THEN F@$# OFF! Thanks.

  • Sweetie

    For the women who are acting out on this board, they will never confront their husband for fear he might just leave their butts. For years women have always found it easier to go after what they believe to be the other woman, than to risk making him mad. Too funny.

  • Bucky’s girl

    If you have a problem with her, then you should also have a problem with your husband. This woman has a right to do what she did. It’s his choice to look at the pictures and if you don’t like him to, then you should take it up with him. If you don’t trust your husband to not look, it’s not this woman’s fault.

  • Jennifer Jinks

    speaking as a army wife…i know that soldiers deployed look at much worse than a “sexy calander”. I have my own opinions on what my husband does, but I also know that while wives are around other wives and their husbands are gone, it can be ugly. Gossips starts,there is jelousy everywhere and hurtful things are said. So maybe she should have thought more into selling her own photos, but at the same time, I think that relocating them and threatenting his career is rediculous.

  • May

    I would not do such thing, but if she is pretty and all go ahead. That’s a problem with military wives that don’t have a life.They shoud be getting on their husbands case for having such pics with them, and hit the gym , they def have the time to do so. They need to take care of themselves and their family.

  • Honestly I didnt agree about what she said. But I mean if you know for a fact that your husband loves you more than anything why worry about it. I understand that for being a spouse of military man you have to be classy. She’s is just a model like any other pin up girl out there. The same as every pin up girl out there. Why get jealous. I know what my husband does and I know I can trust him. If its getting to the point that her husbands job is in being threaten then thats her own fault. If you trust your husband love them and you know for a fact that no matter what he is going to love you then let her be. Is just another job. Like I said before she is just another wannabe pin up girl. No threat.

  • Army2

    I think this whole this has been blown out of proportion- I live in this same community. I am VERY well connected to most of the community and have never heard of this woman or this issue. No matter where you live you are going to have a couple people who disprove of any activity- if you are waiting for the approval of every other member in your community, you will never live a normal life. This community is small, but I wouldn’t say it is small minded like the article makes it sound like it is. I think this is just making waves where only a pebble may have been dropped. I really don’t think this is any big deal and it’s just one woman looking for some free publicity.

  • Cattykatter

    armywifeburwell,I agree somewhat what you are trying to say however I do have some insider info but after reading the majority of these posts I am afraid to provide my true identity. I can tell you that the crazy drama started late last year when ms. bosco was featured in the s.s. I was told the threats and damage was verified during one of those army investigations and became worse with the calendar release article in the s.s.I hate to spread gossip, but according to a reliable source the husband is on his way out over the s.s article. I pray the community can recover from this and we all take a long look in the mirror and fix what needs a fixin. We all have been through or heard about the spouse that didn’t fit in and how she was treated, we must all be honest with ourselves and take care of each other. My husband always reminds me that we are guests in this Country and cannot change their way of living or push our views on them, ms.bosco is not an American but I feel she has not been given a fair shake in this matter.

  • proudarmyguardwife

    onehotmama – I absolutely would have a problem with my dh even laying eyes on this calender or any other material remotely like it. He knows exactly where I stand on that – I’ve made it clear multiple times! I know there is a huge number of posts, but if you come across my other (which actually my 1st post on these threads), you’ll see what my stand is.
    Content2B – I just can’t risk it. I’ve already told my dh that I would make something like that calendar if there wasn’t the risk of another man seeing it. Trust me on this, girl. He’s disappointed to not see those pictures of me, :-) but more glad I respect him enough to be concerned about that risk & what it might cause!!

  • Jo

    Those women need to get a life! Do they ever go to a swimming pool? Perhaps every beautiful woman should be banned from donning a bikini. I’m a military spouse and this calendar does not intimidate me. My husband loves every oversized inch of me (not some fantasy girl).

  • Maria Mireles

    Amazing if you ask me. Insecurities are evident here by the other wives. I say go girl to this model, it is a moral buster for our troops. My son would love a calander like that, where can I buy one for him? As for the wives, get over it. I agree, with many of the comments about perhaps the wives need to look in the mirror and take action to better themselves rather than waste time on jealousies. Tread mill anyone? LOL Alessandra you go girl! If your husband is alright with it that is all that matters.

  • Josie

    Unbelievable….Why is it that A soldier can move his wife and infant son across the country to where he is stationed, have an affair with a female soldier in his troop and the Army doesn’t blink an eye. But this Army wife makes a calendar including pictures and her husbands career is at stake.

  • armywife

    well i was reading the story about this wife and all what i can think is that the all other spouses of a soldier are so jealouse. she should to what she want to without getting pointed with the finger from the other wives.
    she can do what she wants and if she has fun with it then there should be no problem. in fact the other spouses who are not looking like her should not threat her. there is no point to do it. when she does look good then she should be allowed to do what ever she want to.

  • T

    Whoever said that spouses are very likely to meet Playboy models…do you live in Hollywood? Because last time I checked, there were no Playboy models living in my neighborhood.
    And them going on tour is one thing, living next door is another. This woman even OFFERS herself up to other men….her website says “if you want the girl next door, then go next door”. Now if that’s not offering yourself up to other men then I don’t know what is.

  • Tina

    Who cares shes a beautiful women wow there too may jealous women out there mabey they need to get over themselves and quit actin soo immature

  • drill sgt’s wom

    Ladies, if you don’t want your man looking at another woman’s sexy pictures you know what you need to do???? Starting taking some of yourself for you your man to look at. He will LOVE them. While my baby was deployed I took pix for him everyday. There wasn’t a day that he didn’t look at them and look forward to the new ones the next day. Not saying this is gonna stop him from looking at other pix but yours are still going to be on his mind and you have an advantage, your in his life!!
    Start taking care of your men, whether they are next to you or not, they still need that excitement and pick me up in life.

  • liz

    I think this is crazy. I’ve sent my husband sexy calendars before. It doesnt hurt my feelings if he “looks” at a nice body, i know he LOVES me and will come home to ME! I have met some really catty army wives, and this is an example of them. They need to get over themselves and leave people alone. Jealous much?

  • cattykatter

    ladies, this is where it all started http://www.stripes.com/article.asp?section=104&ar

  • nb

    Each to their own…but this mentions “boosting troop morale”…are the profits going towards something for the troops/families or straight into her pocket? Otherwise, it would seem she may just like to see herself in print.

  • Disappointed Army Wi

    I have to say I am so disappointed by what I have read in this thread. I did read the article and NO WHERE did I find any FACTS to back up all of the accusations about the spouses on that post or the Command. All of the information written came from Ms Bosco and her husband. Where are the police reports that substantiate the reported damage to his vehicle or the reports of banging and abuse during the night? Where are the witnesses that the Command is threatening to kick them off post for nothing more than other spouses whinning? Personally I would find it rather unusual not to mention alarming if other spouses had enough pull to get a soldier and his family banned from post without solid proof of some major legal wrong doing. If that were the case we better all be very careful. And why is it that no one seems to be paying any attention to the three posts from other people who are stationed there that claim her accusations are not quite accurate (or even lies). Two of them were not even involved parties, just people who are there and see some of what is going on first hand. Those of us who are not there do not have any right to judge the situation. You can agree or disagree with the calendar that was made and the pornography issue in general. You can agree or disagree over whether it would boost morale and whether she should be donating some of the proceeds. And I think we can all agree that vandalism and abuse (physical or verbal) would be wrong. But keep in mind that there has been no proof of that vandalism or abuse. What if it didn’t really happen or if it was extremely exaggerated? And what if it were you that was accused of something you didn’t do? Would you want others to jump on the bandwagon and believe your accuser with no proof of your crime?
    To the fact that so many of you were so quick to believe that all of the other spouses were guilty and so quick to call names and chastise the military spouse community: SHAME ON YOU! Don’t forget you are part of this community and we are supposed to be here to support each other and one of these days it may be you in need. I certainly hope for your sake that you are not treated the way you have chosen to treat others.
    Last, I just want to say that I worry about this entire unit (soldiers and families) through this deployment. Going through a deployment is difficult and stressful as it is and being in the rear det. is a tough job. I’m sure it must be difficult for SFC McCoy to fully desire to care for these troops and their families given the accusations he has made. And I am equally sure it would be difficult as a family member to go to him for assistance or to trust that he will provide the attention and dedication that we all deserve during a deployment.
    What ever our beliefs we need to focus on the big picture and pray for a peaceful and healing solution for everyone involved.


    WOW – i can – but at the same time cannot believe all this BS from alot of these comments. Just grow up already !!!
    Alessandra Bosco is a beautiful woman – she is a model – REMEMBER !!? If she chooses to do this and her Husband supports her ( obviously he does ) then so be it. She’s not fully naked was she ? – I assume her Husband doesnt mind his Wife having other soldiers looking at her – Now that says alot about their relationship. Secure with each other. She’s not out hunting down all these jealous spouses’ Husbands.
    She has her own. And she is supporting him and they both choose to have it public also to help the moral of our soldiers. And it is her career don’t forget.
    So tell me something spouses !! who doesn’t look at the opposite sex if only for a glimpse.
    You must be so insecure in your relationship to be so worked up over it.
    Jealously is an ugly and destructive behaviour to any relationship – so is temptation. Everyone looks ! ok, deal with it. It hard enough when a soldier is deployed and you’re left behind wondering and worrying – but seriously – in the back of your mind, you know damn well he looks at calendars, pics, magazines, internet, whatever they can get their hands on. ( yes some are trashy and some are tasteful )
    As a Wife, you’re left behind keeping busy with work,kids and everything else – why be so obsessed with a MILITARY SPOUSE ( she’s one of us too ya know ) When a soldier is deployed – he’s just doing his job and trying to stay alive and keep his buddies alive and trying to come home alive.
    Let them have a little something from home ( again Alessandra obviously has her Husband’s support )
    I tell you something ( to all these immature / jealous types ) ” A Military Spouses greatest gift is Love, Support, Strength and Trust ”
    If you had a calendar of Military men in half a uniform – tell us you wouldn’t look. Be honest with yourself. I would, I have – My Husband knows it too. And ya know something ladies ( Hmmm and others of the jealous kind ) He Married ME – not the magazines or calendar models and certainly not you !! ( who carry on like a child who lost a toy and throws a tantrum )
    He’s looked before, he’ll look again. I’ve looked before, i’ll look again and admire, but I Married the Marine who is My Husband and am a Loyal Wife.
    I can’t believe some are so childish to even threaten Alessandra, damage their property, and her Husbands career in jeapody ?
    Well i’ll be damned – i’ll say it again – she is a MILITARY SPOUSE TOO.
    It comes down to who has security in themselves and their spouse, morals and loyalty…….
    It’s how you deal with it that shows your strength and character. ( oh yeh !!! and MATURITY )

  • Krista

    I am overweight and have been my entire life and I know that i will never come close to having a six pack in my life..it doesn’t mean that im worthless in my home and that im not a great wife or will have a career later on in my life! I have a child and i go to school and i probably work out more than most skinny girls have and will never reach that level..all i want to say is if she wants to sell her pictures she should be able to and i understand she’s mad at the jealous girls but don’t just call the rest of the wives overweight and useless just cause i don’t make a living taking pictures with my body…nor would i want to…im not saying it’s a bad job ..just don’t knock a housewifes job and we wouldn’t knock yours! on another note..she is not boosting morale of our troops ,if that were the case then lets all just send whores that way and we will really win the war ,huh? lets be honest she wants to make money and she’s probably getting to that age where she isn’t booking anymore jobs! That career is harsh and once you hit a certain age your done! i have a few friends who have told me this that in a couple of years they are going to be done with modeling, so i think most wives should just let her do her thing but stop telling women to go to the gym so they look like you! no everyone will be able to and not everyone is meant to be skinny, so I think we all need to just focus on being healthy and comfortable with ourselves…so any women out there who are reading these women’s post that say work out and put down the twinkies! don’t listen your great the way you are and if you feel that you want to lose some weight to make yourself feel better do it for you! not for them!


    A Model for 10 years.. Well if she was a successful model, then she would be somewhere else besides Katterbach. I think it is pretty evident that she has failed in the real world as a model. For crying out loud, look at her picture in the paper and then the ones on her website. Look Nothing ALIKE! I feel that I am an attractive woman but hell if I had myself airbrused, I would be HOT!!!!! and her husband. Please, Nothing to look or grobble over. I think he needs to look at the picture in the whole. Ms. Bosco has failed as a real model and can no longer fund her so called modeling career. She is married to this man for nothing more than funding her modeling dream. He needs to open his eyes and see what is really going on…

  • USAFWife

    I am not sure about all of you but the thing that bothers me the most is her categorizing all Military Wives(Army) Not to mention her saying that European Women are more beautiful than American Women. Me being a Native American Woman that was born and raised in America find that very offensive. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children and I don’t have a single stretch mark on my body(and no I didn’t lather myself up with cocoa butter everyday!) I am a very attractive, confident plus size women. I graduated from college and have a full time job and still have to make time when I go home to take care of my home. I am by no mean’s intimidated by her because she is a model. The last problem that I have is her saying that she is trying to boost the moral of the men! Please she is just trying to fatten the lining of her wallet!!!

  • elizabeth Jeanneret

    If this chick wants to be in pictures fine. But her pictures are not coming into my home, or my husbands enviroment. Thats ridicoulous. Its manipulation,and its also wrong. My man has no need to look at any one besides me. He married me,and he loves me. And he is also attracted to me. She doesnt know me. She should not be trying to boost my mans morale like that. You wanna boost his moral? Take his spot for a week in Iraq and send him to a spa. Or send him some cookies. Or a cd. Or a book(about cars, with out pictures TY VERY MUCH ALESSANDRA.) So..hey keep my husband off the list of recipents. And if the Europeans are more open. Send the calanders to them.

  • cattykatter

    Not impressed, please control yourself and stop letting your emotions make a fool out of you on here. we hear YOUR opionion (Thanks)but it is not based on facts

  • Andi

    Thank you, Disappointed Army Wife. I think you hit the nail on the head all the way around. If you look at the first fifty or so comments, I think it was clear that a lot of people believed that we were missing a lot of the story and that on its face, it didn’t seem a balanced representation of whatever it was that happened. I’ve tried to make that point a few times. Unsuccessfully, it seems.
    At any rate, I enjoyed your comment.

  • Biggusty

    Meow, the jealousy just never stops. She looks damn good to me. I think someone needs some confirmation of their own looks. Get a life. ms. bosco a failure ? lol better look around the web other than the Fat Shoppers section

  • Karen

    Perhaps it is time for everyone to stop focussing on this trival issue and take a minute to share a prayer and thought for the families of the three soliders killed overnight in Iraq and for all the others lost to date in the War On Terror. This is what is important and this is how the military community comes together to show the world our strength, compassion, understanding and unity. Don’t undermine what we, as a community have, by continuing discussions on a matter that really is TODAY’S ONLY news.

  • reaper2date

    Why are u on here then? do not sit there and preach this patriotic s### to us. we pray and support our men and women daily, this is the break we need to take our minds off of it for just a minute. get off your soapbox

  • Sarah Collins

    I am saddened that this woman feels the need to boost morale through a sexual way. I wish that more women would demand respect from their husbands…that it is not okay to be “lusting” after another woman, whether it be a pin-up, a magazine or the neighbor. There are too many temptations in this world, why add to it. Pornography has been the source for many addictions, break-downs of families and the ruins of careers. Yet we continue to protect it because men in general (and so many women? too!) as being a natural thing for guys to do. I disagree. If a man truly loves his wife his desire is to put her needs first. I don’t care how secure you are with yourself it never feels good to know that your loved one goes to secular material rather than you for arousal. And I disagree that it is a moral boost? Doesn’t it just cause men who are far away from their wives to crave, lust and possibly make poor decisions?
    Too bad that this woman has become a public enemy,I don’t know her or if her motives were genuine, however the words she has said does not promote support towards the other wives but instead a “I am better than you attitude”. And it is easy to say it is her first ammendment right to sell these pictures etc..but how would you truly feel if she moved in next to you and gave your husband sexy photos of herself? That would not be appropriate, so why because it comes in calendar form do we accept it?
    Good luck to Mrs. Basco, I hope that this does not create problems in her own marriage…ie when/if her husband loses his valuable military career. And I wish well to the women to have a change of heart to stop adding fuel to the fire with hateful behaviors.

  • onehotmama

    NavyWife – How is she NOT being sexual when she’s posing half nude and telling people on her website that if they want her to go get her (in a round about way)?

  • Wow Karen i just lol wow… My husband gets deployed daily I never know when he will go and when he will come home and to think he gives you the right to come on here and say this crap to us wives and from what i read a few military service men. I am really embarassed right now after reading a few of you wives comments. I think the phrase GROW UP sums it all up


    Hey CattyKatter
    And blaming what Ms. Bosco is experiencing on Jealous Army Wives is facts. Where is the proof? As I stated before, she can join in and do what most supportive army wives do which is stuff care packages of necessities and include her calendar for free. That is a moral booster. Not trying to make a dollar off our deployed troops. Hell, my husband can have one of the calendars. I could care less, but only if it is provided free. Support our troops instead of trying to con them out of a hard earned $19.95.

  • Semper Fi Wife

    Everyone…even those you don’t agree with, can express their opinions here. I think the request to be civil in the disagreement is fair and what makes Spousebuzz so very special.
    There are lots of us here who have loved ones in harm’s way or have had loved ones in harm’s way. The commenters are mostly military spouses and military parents. Nobody has absolute moral authority because their loved one is deployed. We all deal with that.
    While there are many times when we don’t agree, commenters at Spousebuzz remain civil, supportive and aware that our right to free speech doesn’t come cheap.
    I think we’re all painfully aware of the cost.

  • ProudwifeofaSeaBee

    Hey I think its great, if she looks that good then what the hell why not, and if she has the body to be proud of. Maybe she should have offered it out to the other wives to be different months instead of her being in all the months. That there I feel should be for her husband only. If there were more wives for 12 months of the year.

  • afwife

    As a military wife whose husband frequently deploys (just returning home last month from Iraq), I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. This woman has not made any vows or commitment to me, my husband has. It’s my husbands responsibility to respect me and not purchase or look at the calendar. This woman has no responsibility to me to not make a calendar because of my marriage. I have no problem with her making the calendar and finding a way to make money for herself (it’s hard for military wives who are frequently moved to pursue a career). I’m not concerned with my husband ogling over the calendar, maybe that’s why it doesn’t bother me. Good for her for using her assets to secure some money.

  • Kelly

    Unfortunately there are jealous people everywhere, not just military wives.Just cant get away from nasty, gossipy MEAN women. The sad part is that when mil wives do it, they usually are doing it to “one of their own”. I have been the subject of gossip from mil wives as well. I dont know why with all mil wives have to deal with and worry about they choose to attack other wives who are going through similar problems and challenges. They need to just grow the hell up. They are an embarrassment to all of us.

  • YCAS

    i really dont care about the calander. That being said it the responsibily of a militray wife to support her husband and his career…if what has happened is resulting in relocation and the possibilty of ones husband being penalized than I think its common sense to put an end to it, out of love and respect for your husband.

  • Karen – thank you. Semper Fi, thank you. SMSgt- thank you sir. this site has always been a bastion of support, caring and civil discourse. Until this post. I am sure Andi is mortified at this vitriolic, vituperative screechfest.

  • kayla

    this is so stupid it is a calander with photos of a pretty women it would be the same as if in the 40’s with pin up girls.if the soilders are fighting for our freedom let them have a calander like once stated before if you feel threatned that is something between you are your husban not the model

  • marine wife 24

    It never fails, I ve only been married to a Marine for a year and half. What I know, If a wife is doing something with themselves other then sitting at home. They get talk about.

  • Get Real

    Let me begin by saying that I am overweight, my husband was deployed, and I do not have a problem with Ms. Bosco publishing a sexy calendar, requested by single servicemembers, and with the support of her husband.
    1) What has she said that is not true?
    “I’m a symbol that makes them feel self-conscious if they are overweight or don’t have a job that brings them in the spotlight,”
    This statement is absolutely true, given the length of this forum you are reading right now.
    Europeans have a completely different attitude and accepted norm about sexuality than Americans with our Puritan baggage. Her comments were not intended to be offensive to military spouses, they simply reflect a cultural difference between Europeans and Americans, and frankly I don’t find them remotely offensive. They have been proven true.
    In fact, you should read a follow-up article by the author of the original stars & stripes article. http://www.stripes.com/article.asp?section=104&ar
    It’s about a photo studio in Germany where women get professional photos done of their body in any state of coverage that they want. Apparently 9 of 10 customers are American, and this is happening in Germany.
    2) Why should she donate the proceeds to MWR?
    This is her career. Do contractors working in Iraq donate their money? They profit from the war, make a lot more money than soldiers, and a lot of times live and work in better and safer conditions than soldiers. And, in many cases it’s the contractors that are there in flesh and blood who the servicemembers cheat with!
    3) Why should she have included military wives in her calendar? And why should she donate proceeds to a military wives’ group?
    Apparently even before she did the calendar, the military spouse community did not accept her. There are several groups that have done a spouse calendar to raise money and have donated it, it’s been done, hopefully it will still be done despite all of this negative press.
    This is her career. She’s a model. If I get a job offer, am I supposed to relinquish it to another military spouse? Should I share the money I get from my job?
    4) Why is no one acknowledging that her husband was supportive of this project? I have seen negative comments about how her husband is “sharing” his wife with his peers. Did it occur to anyone that he was probably aware of it all along and maybe even actively supportive of the idea? Who are we to judge the terms of their social contract in marriage? Shouldn’t military spouses be happy that he is supportive of her career?
    5) This is no different from any other publicly available magazine, tv show, website, video game, etc that your kids or husband are probably looking at already.
    6) Illegal harassment and vandalism are… illegal. Really people.
    7) The Army leadership feels like it needs to make a statement here, and unfortunately it will probably have a negative impact on Ms. Bosco’s husband’s career. I hope it will be followed up with appropriate legal action, since that is the only way to effect changes in this good ole boys club.
    8) I agree with the crowd that extreme reactions to this issue mean that you probably have other, larger issues in your marriage you should seek to address. Make eating healthy and keeping in shape a joint activity. My husband and I made a conscious shift to both and enjoy it together. Even before that, we were still very attracted to eachother.
    My message to Ms. Bosco and her husband: I hope you guys can retire from the income from the calendar! And if you get stationed somewhere I am, I will be your friend!

  • Latina

    What’s the difference from their husband buying pornography magazine or buying this calendar? I think these wives need to take a look in the mirror because if they are threatened by a calendar then that means they need to make some self improvements and learn some self esteem. And what’s even more sad is the military taking action just to calm these insecure women down. She’s a model for God’s sake.

  • Mark, DAV, Retired U

    I support her in what she has done. The problem with others complaining is due to their own insecurities with their spouses and themselves. The military does need to move her away from these childish fools. Moral in a combat zone is hard enough to maintain as is, let alone having family members causing issues back at your home unit, harassing someone who is only trying to help. Promote her husband and make him head of Morale, Welfare and Recreation for the Military. He and his wife at least have a clue what it takes. Press on with Pride!

  • Diana

    You know I find it very childish that we women nitpick over every little thing when it comes to each other…whether its that she looks better, has the better job, husband. life…etc…etc…To put it in a nut shell…STOP hating on someone elses lifestyle, or blessing or what ever you fancy it to be. Truth be told this calendar girl was little off on spouses being jeolous because they are over-weight or not working….that was harsh on her part;however, put yourself in her shoes. I am sure she had good intentions with it. HELL…if I had her body and then some I’d do it too. All this BS about higher ranking spouses doing the dirty working…don’t you ladies know you are only embarassing yourself, but you are embarassing your Military partner. I believe her husband job should not be on the line, it should all those men whose wives are going around acting a DAMN FOOL, because of a woman posed for a calendar that their husbands, boyfriends or whoever are looking at. If this calendar girl is smart, she would already have a paper trail on some of these spouses for harassment. Don’t claim that you are not in-secure with yourself because of this issue, because if you were you would know that you signifcant other only has eyes for you. And ladies we all know what you can do if things get too extreme in the area. Your spouses are HUMAN, they are gonna look, just like we do…we just do it discretly. But whatever the case should be we as woman should be at least proud that she is making it on her own and that she proud of who she is…though it is not of some people’s taste..and that is fine by me….To close this out all I have to say it,”YOU GO GIRL….TURN THAT HATE INTO SOMETHING GOOD, B/C YOU KNOW AT THE END OF THE DAY YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE. GOD BLESS YOU.”

  • KM

    This woman is not walking door to door offering the calander. She is not standing outside the PX with a stack of her calanders on a table. They are FOR SALE “if” someone wishes to buy them. Right along with calanders of Jessica Alba, Sports Illistr., Baywatch girls, Deal or no Deal girls, and Pamela anderson. Which of whom goes to the soldiers in person half dressed to perform or just show up for them. So the issue again is what? That someones husband may want to spend money on the calander to look at her in particular? That he may see her in person and want her and she’ll of course just say “UH OK”? YOu say it because she’s selling herself and she lives in the community. What about some of the not so innocent “house wives” in the “COMMUNITY” That have sex with others womens husbands just because? No calander, no pictures, just plain being trashy. These same women come to your house, smile in your face and you make think you do, but really you have NO NO NO idea. So get off your high horse and check your own backyard first.

  • sweetlady2376

    I can understand the frustrations of the military spouses that are giving this woman grief over the calendar but as a military spouse…I would much rather have my husband looking at a calendar to handle his business rather than sneeking around looking for the real thing…something to think about.

  • Army Wife

    I just checked out her site and she’s seriously not even that pretty I can find five other women on post that look twenty times better. Plus she’s a narcississt and that’s not attractive at all.

  • Sheryl

    As previous posters noted, Bosco’s comments in the article sound like she looks down her nose at the military wives in her community, perhaps treating them with disdain for being “overweight” or not having jobs that put them in the limelight.
    I don’t have a problem with my DH looking at whatever he wants as long as it’s legal. I’d rather he look at photos of naked women than go home with somebody else. I think the problem is that this bikini model is marketing her wares at her husband’s co-workers. None of the soldiers in WWII really thought they might bump into Rita Hayworth at the next military ball. Bosco is certainly within her right to pursue her chosen career but her latest venture is pretty insensitive, I think. It is pretty unnerving that some guys will literally be ogling suggestive photos of their neighbor lady!
    Don’t get me wrong. No one is right to harass her or anything. I’m sure some of the wives there are being pretty nasty. I’ve witnesses that sort of thing and it isn’t pretty. But based on her attitude, it sounds like she was probably already unpopular with the Army spouses and maybe decided to make the calendar to irk them more. And now she’s getting some free publicity out of them attacking her.
    Last time my DH was deployed, I was one of a lucky few wives who was able to catch up with the boat 5 months into their deployment. They pulled in to a country close to a nude beach. I was staying at a beautiful hotel there and for the first few days before the boat pulled in, I went for it and enjoyed the full sun tanning experience. HOWEVER, from the day their boat pulled in (heck, even if I saw someone who looked like they might be American!), I was more than adequately covered in a sundress or shorts. Nothing too short or too low cut. This isn’t the 1950s but there are still some standards of etiquette and decency I wish more people would uphold.
    Selling a 2009 bikini calendar? Great! Designing one of yourself to sell to the military and your husband is IN the military? Not so cool. I realize it’s a double standard compared to civilians, but face it…a lot of military spouses live in tight little communities. None of us live next to Pamela Anderson. Maybe I’m just old fashioned….

  • shannon

    I think these wives are very insecure. This woman has her own husband to go home to.If he didnt have any problems with the calandar why should any one else have a problem? Besides Im more than certain that she is not the first woman your husbands have ever looked at. To be honest some of you probaly have a hot friend that your husband looks at, at a daily basic. My suggestion is that you guys go to the gym and fix yourselves up and leave this woman alone.

  • re

    The calendar is her choice, and she has a right to make it. Her attitude, and actions are what will get you thrown off a base or your husband in trouble. She must have done something to make the commanders of the base feel she is a disgrace. We have been with the military 14 years, and I served, and you do not get thrown off without reason. She has to remmeber she is representing all the military not just her husband or base. There is a respect that comes with being in the military. She has crossed that line to ruin his career.

  • Bobbi

    OMG all this over a calendar. So what do these people never go to a beach? Have you seen some of the so called swimmwear that girls where and over there I hear it’s toppless. I personnal wouldn’t care because when it comes to men and a good looking woman walking by she could be in a snowsuit and he’s still going to look and most likely have thoughts. If something like this is going to get you that upset, then you need to get a life. I know I never lie to my husband about finding another man good-looking even if its someone he works with and he doesn’t lie to me about it either. I think this is one of those things that one wife made a mountain out of a mole hill and others jumped on the band wagon…..

  • RobertsGirl0501

    The harrassment and ridicule being placed on this woman makes me so angry and ashamed. We, as military wives, should have more tact and poise than to worry about BS like this. Do they honestly think that verbal assault and damaging personal property is respected by the military and the American people? No way! If I were not a military wife and had read this, I would have been embarassed about how those other women are treating a fellow military wife. Military spouses are supposed to support each other, especially during a time of war. Just because she’s not scrapbooking or selling crafty little items that she made while sitting at home on her butt doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. I applause her for trying to make a living doing what she knows how to do. It all boils down to nothing but JEALOUSY! Yeah, I’m jealous too, because she’s got a nice body and can use it for work, but NOT because she made a calendar that MIGHT end up being viewed by my husband at some point in time. If I had an opportunity like that, I’d snatch it up too! And, by the way, if she’s supposedly got ulterior motive behind this calendar (whatever) and those spouses are afraid of something like that happening, then they need to step back and take a look at their own marriages and see what’s going on inside that would actually make them fear that their husbands would seek out this woman to get in her pants.
    I have a question. Would the military spouses have been so angered by this if she had made a calendar with pictures of OTHER half-naked women? I don’t think so. I have been an Army wife for only about 10 months and STILL have yet to meet a soldier, male or female that DOESN’T look at some form of porn. My husband has porn mags and porn videos on his iTouch. All I can say is I would much rather him look at porn than place his sexual interests/urges in another woman that he knows personally. BE THANKFUL YOUR SPOUSES ARENT OUT CHEATING ON YOU RATHER THAN LOOKING AT HER CALENDAR!!!
    But who is to say that this woman is even trying to get with those other husbands? Did some people out there forget that she is married too? Yeah, she probably could have made goodie-baskets or calendars with kitties or something else. But COME ON, let’s be honest. These soldiers would much rather have something attractive to look at. And please, she might be pretty, but she’s not THAT pretty. I have seen much more beautiful women out there. Yes, even military spouses. So, beautiful military spouses, don’t let the jealous ones drag you down! Me personally, I will keep my attention focused on how my husband is doing, and whether or not his safety is in jeopardy…

  • Whitney

    I think that for all you wives that think that this is wrong its not her thats the problem its within you. She is doing this to help our husbands in Iraq. For you to get upset with somebody for posing in military clothes is crazy, how many women do our husbands see in day to day life half dressed or not dressed that is not their spouse. Maybe the men may feel like they are actually still living. In some sense it may have been a big leap for trying to help, but its the way she knows how to help. For the women harassing her, how does that make the situation any better. The women harassing her are not the victim, if you’re upset because your husband is looking at her half-nude photo take one and send it to him yourself then maybe he won’t feel obligated to look at another woman’s body and if your husband loves and cherishes you as much as we all know our husbands do then he won’t want to see her. No good is gonna come out of harassing her she’s not being violent and if you have a problem with somebody you sit down and talk to them like adults don’t vandalize her belongings or threaten her over the phone, meet with her sit down and talk with her and maybe just maybe she’s a grown up too and is willing to hear what you have to say and how you feel. She shouldn’t be thrown out the community maybe a nice conference and a fair warning is enough.

  • MrsThang

    I have to say…this brings an issue to the forefront that I have had a problem with for a LONG time. Pornography….being called a “morale” booster. What a load of bull. I was APPALLEED when I was at Keesler AFB, MS shortly after Katrina hit with my husband during his ECOT training to find when walking through the Class Six there was more BOOZE than anything else and a TON of pornographic magazines…and worse than the fact that they are there…they were low enough that a small child could pick it up off the shelves. Disgusting. Furthrmore, my husband being an officer we’ve had many discussions on this. We, personally because of our religion just don’t approve of or subscribe to pornography as a part of our lives nor do we condone it. Most people I’ve met that look at it don’t just look…they become obsessed and addicted. And most is an understatement. It’s the worst amongst unmarried single men of course. Which could explain a great deal about the rape statistics at the bases in Alaska…less women, more men…they are looking at porn all day and have no concept of boundaries anymore and BAM…a woman is raped and then quietly shipped off so as not to disturb “business as usual”. I am not surprised in the least that this woman is being singled out by other women. It’s offensive to sensibilites of most women for someone to do that and think it’s AOK. It’s point blank a offense for an officer that carries with it the risk of Dishonorable Discharge if they are caught with it…how is it then OK to sell it on a base? If it’s a dischargable offense DISHONORABLE OR NOT…it shouldn’t be allowed inside the gates in any capacity. Magazines, internet providers that freely let you navagate to it…etc. My husband has told me furthermore if anyone turns in laptops used for government work on TDY’s etc and anything even SLIGHTLY pornographic is found…that man OR WOMAN can kiss their job good bye WITHOUT severance. I wish that we had more guts in our country than we do. Sex and pornography are rampant all over the world. This woman is stationed in Germany…it’s bad enough that military wives there have to contend with the RED light districts right off the base, lying in waiting for our young men to go out and get themselves in trouble with them…but to have “one of our own” don a uniform….barely…and call it a morale booster….sad, tired…and it’s getting old…and i’m only 28 years old.

  • Jen (proud army wife

    You know if she wants to sell her calender let her LOL….It’s all about publicity. Personally I know my husband would not buy it but hey if other guys feel they need to along with other magazines or calendars or posters they may buy then so be it. It also depends on the relationship you have with your husband and whether he feels he needs to buy something to look at. It’s human nature that one will look at another person if they feel they are attractive for example on t.v. or walking in the mall. But if he acts upon it and starts buying stuff for his personal pleasure to look at then hey that’s on him and if you have a problem with that then sit down and TALK about it….As far as the comment she made, that’s the ugly side of her.

  • Jennie

    I think that it’s not that these wives are merely jealous of this model….to be perfectly honest, she’s not even that pretty…I am sure there are plenty of other spouses who can compete with her….My thoughts on the issue is that there is a question of morality….I believe that there are many men out there fighting a war, and the majority of them are MARRIED. To me, porn or explicit pictures of other women is borderline cheating. There is no need for a man to look at pictures of other women when he has a wife of his own. What wife wouldn’t feel belittled if their husband gets more satisfaction from looking at these pictures rather than from the love/attention/support she gives? I feel that explicit calendars should not be exploited all over the military. It is a disgrace to the honor of the organization itself. Again, it is shady for this model to say that the criticism she has received is purely out of jealousy; the conflict goes well beyond this and if it is posing SUCH a huge problem, then wouldn’t the conclusion be that there’s something wrong with this picture? no pun intended….bottom line, the calendars are offensive to a great deal of women, and rightly so….and only encourages men to cheat or engage in immoral behavior. That kind of temptation, let alone in a war zone, is distracting and distasteful, and again, a resolution to the problem would be to not sell the calendars and resume the way things used to be, and there wouldn’t be an issue….

  • Proud Spouse in Fort

    I don’t see anything wrong with her and husband selling the calendars. I think where they went wrong was selling them to fellow Soldiers that work with him and their spouses that she is around of. Well, I don’t think that they should throw them out of their community… that is totally crazy. The Army provides entertainment to our Soldiers when they are deployed and many sexy ladies stars go there in their sexy clothes. Well, I hope that all goes well for them.

  • Lekili

    Wow the comments…
    I’m sorry, I thought it was normal for your husband to not want his fellow soldiers to see your precious goods, so they don’t make comments like “I’d **** your wife” which was made to my husband’s battle buddy, which resulted in him getting angry and taking the picture of his wife down.
    I look pretty good and haven’t let myself go, but THIS is just disrespectful, narcissistic, conceded of this “woman”. Whether the guys bought the calendar or not, boy does she look skanky to half the men and probably all the women back home. She made about 3 mistakes in what she did, first not asking permission from a commander, second disrespecting her neighbors, third making the nasty and can I say very very self-absorbed comments. I almost feel sorry for her…and yes I have to agree with the person who stated she might be attractive, yes…for a drag queen..or am I the only one seeing that?
    Where is the respect for yourself and for others around you? Clearly this woman has no respect whatsoever for herself, for others, and she is in no way shape or form a good representation of the military community. I’m very ashamed.

  • Jennie

    And another thing to add to my post above, to all of you who are for the calendars, maybe you should take a lesson in morality, because you obviously don’t get the point….it’s not the model, it’s the problem it’s causing….and the attitude of the “model”….and you should be ashamed because out of anyone else, you should realize the dignity and honor of the military….to have it shattered by something so petty is disgusting…..our military is much better than that….they don’t need dirty pictures to give them motivation!

  • Female Soldier

    If you are married and you keep your husband happy at home then you dont have nothing to worry about …. but if you are a lazy wife that just sits at home and do nothing but wait for your husbands check… well then change your life style and you will be fine. If you have a problem with this you have a low self esteem and not sure of your husband….
    you need to check yourself and stop worrying about the rest.

  • Cheryl K. Grodeck, L

    Give me a break!!!!! These wives are so unsure of their own relationships that they are jealous of a “Calendar Girl”? The “Calendar Girls” of WWII is what boosted morale in that War & helped win it!!! Just as long as their husbands aren’t going to bed with her, what’s the problem? I’m a married woman, a wife of a Veteran.

  • Cheryl K. Grodeck, L

    Give me a break!!!!! These wives are so unsure of their own relationships that they are jealous of a “Calendar Girl”? The “Calendar Girls” of WWII is what boosted morale in that War & helped win it!!! Just as long as their husbands aren’t going to bed with her, what’s the problem? I’m a married woman, a wife of a Veteran.

  • Micole

    I think personally I would be a little concern with why my husband would not mind me showing myself to his co-workers. She is a model but that is her profession. Showing her body to her husbands coworkers is beyond professionalism. I take a care of sick people all day long, but I don’t go to his job and start handing out medicine. I think there should be a separation of work and home. An clearly this is over that boundary. If she and her husband is willing to got through his military career with points and giggles (because that is what is happening) then more power to them. Don’t get made when some young solider gets out of line with your wife. She does leave the base and sad to say young men can really be nasty. Its like they say “their young, dumb and full of $%&”.

  • Tricia MP Wife

    I am in agreement with LAW, It does not matter what this woman does for a living, it sounds to me like these wives need to grow up. If they are so worried with their husbands seeing some woman in skimpy clothig then they need to get rid of the TVs,Videos etc. My personal feeling is if it were my husband it would not bother me, Mainly because I know what happens on deployment stays on the deployment and he is damn sure coming home to me and the kids. Maybe these women do not have that assurance and that is their partners fault. As far as them trying to run her out of town and hurt her hubands career, it can be done, and she and her husband need to seek legal council on that matter.
    This comment is for MS.D. I have no idea what type of military yourare in but military wives are the most vendictive women in the world. I have been stationed at certain bases where wives have run down other wives, or have seen wives brawling in the streets over of course a man. I have also seen them throw their kids into the mix. Personally, I have been vandalized by a wife who thought I turned her in for Adultry, so I hate to be the bearer of bad news but military wives tend to cause more trouble than any other group of women. Last note for any of these womenwho are personally involved in this situation, grow up and realize that not every one is or thinks likeyou. This women was trying to do something for our troops, no not the best idea,but she is European and they havea different take on sexuality and showing skin. To her she was just trying to help not to cause a problem or send your feathers flying. You all should have already realized this being stationed in Germany just stop and notice how the women are over there, sex is not something dirty or perverted. It is perceived as no big deal, and porn is something they use for publicity and commercializing products.

  • Erin G

    I agree with army_wife. I would not want my husband to see pin-ups of another sailor’s wife. Especially if that sailor were on the same ship. Nor would my husband want pictures of me passed around the ship. If I were this “model’s” husband I would be very emabaressed that my is taking sexy pictures and handing them out in a calendar to fellow soldiers. I can definately see why the other wives in this community are upset with her.

  • Sweet T

    It truly saddens me to see where our morals have gone in this world these days. All these comments I see of people who are in agreement with what this woman is doin, what if it was your daughter? It is and always will be a completely wrong thing. We are only meant to be with and only show our naked bodies to the man we are married to. Not every man on the planet. There is no self-respect in that. We Army wives go thru alot especially when our men are deployed, we sure as hell dont need shit like this. We should all be sisters watchin each others backs, not throwin our naked bodies out there for all to see. Deployment is hard enough and we need our men to keep their focus on their job over there, as it is a dangerous place. I also dont agree with sendin half naked Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders over their either. Thats like tossin a piece of meat to thousands of hungry lions. Where the hell is our sisterhood ties? I am not overweight at all and am somewhat pretty when it comes to worldly standards, so I am in disagreement to those who say anyone who doesnt agree with this woman is overweight or has insecurity issues or whatever other crap they wanna throw out there… We were all made in Gods image so no matter how we look we are all beautiful!! Point is… this woman is in the wrong!! Every wife has the right to send nude pics of herself to her husband but no other woman should have that right as well!!! I love sex with my husband and am not prude whatsoever I want my husband to keep looking at me and comin to me not anyone else. That option shouldnt even be there.
    It is sad that this woman wants so much attention from others, obviously she doesnt get enough from her own husband.
    Us Army Wives, Navy Wives, Marine Wives, Air Force Wives, Coast Guard Wives and all other wives military or not have got to bond together and find that sisterhood. We watch each others backs, dont put naked pics or half naked pics out there, marriage and family is hard enough to keep together and we do all we can to keep our husbands happy and coming to us for what they need. If your single or married, dont sleep with a married man, dont put those naked or even half naked pics out there, dont have online sex with them, or nasty chat online, dont even flirt with them its WRONG!!! You are messin with another womans man and takin part in destoying her life and their kids lives as well. Weve had that happen in our unit. A woman was attached to our unit and she had sex with a bunch of our guys over there in Iraq while deployed, its sick. Shes got to be the one with the low self esteem problems. She needed to be shot, but unfortunately shes back over in Iraq again with another unit. Her husband divorced her and she lost custody of her two girls and also ended another soldiers marriage, they had three children. It screws up too many lives ladies. Weve got to do somethin. Weve got to put our foot down and let em know it wont be tolerated!!

  • Erin G

    Also, to add to Lekili’s comment. I once asked my husband why he didn’t have a picture of me in his rack. His response was, “Because one of the guys said that they would f*** you.” I think this wife/model needs to realize how other soldiers would act towards her husband because of the calendar.

  • Isn’t It Enough

    I am an AF spouse, and from the sound of all the posts here it looks like Army bases are nothing more than elementary school playgrounds with schoolyard bullies. I have not encountered that type of behavior. Has everyone forgotten that we are supposed to all be adults??? Aside form all the other garbage everyone is complaining about going on on base…beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t paricularly think she is that beautiful. Attractive, sure..but nothing that should warrant this ridiculous amount of attention!
    There is no doubt that there is some jealousy involved here. Any of the wives on that base who deny it would be flat out lying. However, it only takes a small amount of intelligence to figure out that it probably isn’t jealousy over her. Everyone knows that their husbands probably look at calendars or magazines at some point…it is just fantasy. The concept of having that person be someone they see everyday when they are home just disturbs the balance of things. It is basic human nature. The wives don’t need a daily in your face reminder that they may not be the only woman their husband thinks and/or thought about. It was completely disrespectful of this woman to create this calender and then market it to her own husbands unit. I wouldn’t necessarily deny her the right to sell it, but she should have found another way to market it so it wasn’t hurtful to the people around her and her home base. The BS excuse of “morale booster” has to go! Lets just call it what it is…pandering…male fantasy and the need to look at (and hopefully not touch) other women exists. That too is basic human nature and she catered to it. There is no point in debating it. But, come on people…this woman is just plain wrong! She is so full of herself and using the flag and support of our troops to toot her own horn….REPULSIVE. She did not handle this well and now will have to deal with the consequences of her actions.
    Furthermore, you can’t believe everything you read…the facts of who has done what and said what to who are so sketchy and at this point are probably irrelevant. I don’t really care and the rest of you shouldn’t either. If we stop giving her this much attention, people will stop interviewing her, she will stop making such ridiculous statements, nobody will order her calendar and she will fade into the background. If we don’t stop giving her this attention it will get bigger and so will her calendar…which by the way is what she is hoping for. So, decide…keep talking about it or move on to something worthwhile and productive.
    One last thing…I do agree and believe that although we all have the right to buy what we please & read/look at what we please, and our spouses are out there defending that right for us…that pornography should not be sold anywhere on base. It is a direct contradiction to all the morals clauses and rules that are set up. It is readily available elsewhere, so it need not be encouraged on base since it is a contradiction in lifestyle and morality.

  • Gorgeous Judie

    every military wive that is jealous about Alessandra Bosco needs to get herself to the GYM and stop having low self esteem! STOP with the jealousy and get GORGEOUS LADIES!!
    I work my butt off so I can look good for my HOT husband.
    STOP BEING LAZY and grow some confidence!
    Gorgeous Navy wife

  • Dawn Bradley

    This woman seems to want to have her legal rights defended but have other womens legal rights taken away. If she can legally pose half nude regardless of how it makes the other women feel she needs to realize that the other women can glare at her at the px “legally” also. It is not against the law to dislike someone who has shown disdain for your weight and your feelings and it is also not against the law to glare at someone. If she doesn’t care about the other spouses feelings then why is she whining that they don’t care about her feeling in turn? Also, a lot of people forget about the fact that freedom is not the same thing as freedom without repercussions. There are natural consequences to your actions, freedom doesnt take those away. If you want to be a stripper, great-go for it. But the natural consequence is that your neighbor might not want you to babysit their 11 year old boy and they have as much right to make that decision as you have a right to be a stripper. So go be a stripper and be happy with your decision but dont try to boss everyone else around about what they can think about it. That is what it seems to me like she is doing. She wants the freedom to do what she wants, but she wants to take away everyone elses freedom to choose their own friends and also to choose their own opinions about what she does.

  • Wendy

    For those of you who are saying the military is being tarnished by her actions… Can you be real? There are more serious issues that have tarnished the military; as an example the poor treatment of the soldiers at Walter Reed and other military hospitals.
    My husband is in a command position and he has had to pick soldiers up from prison for different reason, but mainly for drugs. So let’s not pretend the military does not have it share of problems to contend with, this calendar should be at the bottom of their priority list.
    My husband is in the Special Forces and I support him in his career choice. This is so mild in comparison to what really goes on in the military when they are deployed. They are living, eating, sleeping and working together 24-7 with a majority of men around and women covered from head-to-toe please be real about your false expectations of what takes place in their minds being deployed for 15 months at a time. There is a silence in the military about the truths of the darkness that lies within itself, but believe me this is only a big deal because it got to the media and know something has to be done.
    This is her JOB and she made a business decision that has know thrown her into the lime light and I promise she is going to make crazy money on this calendar. Just by the post of soldiers wanting to buy the calendar and those who will not admit it in fear of wife retribution. I visited her website and the calendar is available for the public to purchase not just soldiers. I guess Victoria Secrets needs to make a change on their business marketing, since the women in the free catalog I receive are very beautiful and are barely wearing anything.
    No one deserves to have their property destroyed or be harassed, in public and none the less on a military installation. I hope she has made the police reports and the threat’s she has received is tracked down to the person who did it. The people responsible who are unable to control their emotions should be the ones asked to leave and imprisoned for their illegal actions.
    I will say she was not tactful in her response but if I were her and this situation were happening to me I’d be spitting nails too.
    One more thing for the ladies who say my husband would not want anyone in his unit to see pictures of me, that’s your husband not hers remember that. Her husband is aware of her profession and is supporting her (what good husbands do). I guess she should change her profession because she’s married to a soldier or should I say to her neighbors?
    Stating this is not professional! Come on please if she were a Victoria Secrets Calendar Girl would it then be ok or is your husband banned from that too?
    Let’s take the emotions out of this and do a reality check and see how petty and unreal this is.

  • Cynthia W

    Women!!! With nothing better to do with their extra time, except to gossip. They should their butt’s to the gym/or at least get together and work out. What if she got a catalog job out there? It doesn’t matter, they probably have been talking about her before the pictures. If I looked like that, I would do it. Her husband is fine w/it. They’re making money. Hopefully some might go to charity. The other women should look around. The men have buying Calenders & Magazines with celebrity’s/pin ups wearing just about nothing or some nothing at all for years. What about the older women that got together and did a nude calender for money in their small town. The town didn’t Ban them from their town.As long as she is still dressing respectful on base&off. I’m a big busted full figure women & I don’t like wearing t-shirts &sweats.When I walk out my front door to do whatever(except work out)I make sure I don’t only look good for me but for my husband,my children, & the base. It doesn’t matter women are like high schools always finding something to gossip about. In reality other women are talking about those women who look like crap. Wow! how does her husband live with that. She needs a make-over from the Bravo channel.haha Now that’s funny.

  • Clay

    I can’t believe she sayds this is a selfconsious or jelous issue?! how about the fact that we dont need her showing off to our husbands she wouldn’t do that in our homes why should she tempt them when they are serving our country and already putting stress on theirs and their wives shoulderes. that’s rediculous.

  • HH7

    This whole mess started because someone thought they had a good idea to “boost morale” and it backfired somewhat in her local community. Now the media’s got a hold of it and it’s become a controversy that’s snowballed into the general military community and now here we are tearing each other down. Quite the opposite effect of the original intent, no?
    WE ARE A MILITARY AT WAR. A war that isn’t going to end any time soon and yet, somehow petty disagreements like this wreak havoc and we can’t seem to band together to support and take care of each other? It’s always been my understanding that Spousebuzz is supposed to be a SAFE place to turn for support and to voice concerns/questions/opinions. Many posters have agreed to disagree and have done so in a CIVILIZED manner. Until now it’s one of very few websites that has been able to maintain that atmosphere. Now we’ve got comments laced with profanity, name calling, insults, strutting & preening, back biting, etc despite several requests & reminders from moderators. I’d like to see Spousebuzz return to its roots and if that means closing this post down for good I hope that’s what happens.
    Let’s let Katterbach’s leadership and authoritites deal with this issue and the rest of us move on. United we stand, divided we fall folks.

  • 9yearwife

    Its hard enough making decent friends, struggling with your husband being away, dealing with the emotional strains of military life on our children, and especially living in Germany; which can be really isolating for American women. Unless you are in her specific community, you have no right taking such judgmental attitudes. Putting down army wives just because they don’t like such a disruption in their community shows you have no idea what other people go through. I’ve been an army wife for nine years, we were recently stationed in Germany. It is difficult enough keeping a marriage together without dealing with a woman who gets her jollies off put turning on military men, married or single. The military community can be a fragile thing to deal with, and her obviously selfish actions are not conducive to helping the military community thrive.

  • Isn’t It Enough

    HH7…for the most part I agree, but I don’t believe the forum should be shut down. Like I said earlier, I do believe people should decide to move on on their own. There are more productive things that require attention and as military spouses from all branches we are supposed to be able to hold our heads up with pride. While our spouses are home and away they need to know we can hold down the fort so they can focus on what really matters. Respect yourselves and eachother. This nonsense needs to stop!


    i think mrs bosco is helping to bring a ease of mind to those soldiers who are single & no one back home to look forward to seeing. These jealous wives need to get over the fact that another wife is trying to support her troops w/ her beauty in the art form of modeling. keep doing what your doing. you have the professionalism and experience to keep it clean.for the married men serving our country, if you have a spouse back home, be faithful and respect your spouse.

  • Wyn

    AH, I remember Katterbach.. AKA Ansbach. Where everyone in the housing area knew your business before you got home from work.
    I can see how this would happen. Even after 15 years being away, I’m sure the community has not changed much. Except Stinkies… It’s still here. With Schnitzel and Pommes.

  • It’s obvious that we don’t know the whole story but I can see both sides. I am very secure in my marriage and I would probably buy that calendar just to support another mil wife. I also am not the “typical” military wife I have facial piercings and several tattoos and most military wives will not speak to me and give me dirty looks. Officers wives always look down their nose at me. So I can see this happening with this woman.
    Now she is a model for a living and was probably thinking of this from a business stand point. These types pf calendars sell period. Not only will military men buy them but so will civilian men. Remember also that a lot of her comments in this article come after she has been harassed etc. so she is probably feeling angry hurt and vindictive. Seriously look at the comments some of you have made about your fellow mil wives out of anger about this article.
    I do take offense to those of you who are making comments about those of us who chose to stay home with our children. I believe that raising my own children is more important than making money so someone else can do it. This does not make me less of a woman.
    The other side of the story is a lot of people have been cheated on and try to work it out and when the neighbor is soliciting herself to your husband it gets pretty hard to move forward. Now I personally am more worried about all the military women who always hit on my husband. they are the ones who are actually with him on deployment. Actually I am not worried at all because we laugh about it together. But there are actual people throwing themselves at your husbands that is way more problematic than a calendar that may end up in a garage some day.

  • Rmartinez

    I am the husband of an Amy Soldier, My wife is currentlt finishing tour in Iraq. I thnk the ide is simply disturbig. I have enough to eorry about with the thought that I rarely hear from my wife, and there is 85% of lonely me there that I would not want to ecourage them to have this type of thing there. In America, we are not allowed to have such material here in the work place. As far as I am concerned, she is at work and not in some backwoods garage. it is not right for anyone to have this type of stuff in public viewing. Keep it in your home and out of the work place.

  • carol in ohio

    What is the big deal. I was young and beautiful at one time. I still am older and hot. Every woman has her time. Let her reap the benefits of her youth and beauty. Men all look and come home to our fat a$$es anyways..lol
    Good luck hunny!

  • Susan

    Does the word “inappropriate” ring a bell? I’d say her husband is a lucky man if a spouse’s looks define luck. But propriety involves seeing one’s real motives (appears she wants to tout her own attributes under the guise of uplifting others) and they’re suspect here if her actions are put in the context of having class. But having no class doesn’t mean she’s evil. Best advice: get over it and let the cute little face and body prove that she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside as she befriends less gorgeous wives and tells them “beauty is only skin deep”. Ugly, you know, goes to the bone.

  • Marine Wife

    Just because something is legal doesn’t make it good. This is an issue because pornography is an issue. Who wants their husbands thinking about or desiring another woman while they are making love? That is what porn does… along with making women objects for men to get off to. How uplifting is that? You think porn makes men respect women? Porn objectifies women. Porn is self-gratification: it does not respect the person in the photo, their wants, needs, desires, or life. Is it good for anyone to get into a habit that cultivates an attitude like that? I think women desire to be treated as people with feelings, not like a picture or an object or a sex slave. “Tasteful” porn leads to hard porn. It’s addicting, and any honest man will tell you that’s the truth. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it GOOD! I am not afraid of porn. I know my husband stays away from it. I just think it’s wrong. It’s sad that it has to hit this close to home for us to see its destructive power. Being the girl next door has nothing to do with it. Men will think about those images anytime of the day or night, even when making love to his wife. Think about it.

  • Carrie

    I feel that this is crazy. She was a model before she made this calendar and she will be a model after the calendar is out on shelves. If her husband is ok with everyone in the free world seeing his wifes’ goodies then let it be. The wives are just upset becausse maybe they didn’t come up with the idea before her. I mean seriously, its a calendar weather it was for the troops or not it was going to be published and sold. You have no right to relocate someone because of a calendar, if so then every person that has ever made a calendar would be hauled away to a community of their own where no one else is aloud to enter because “OMG! THEY MADE A NUDIE CALENDAR” Grow up and worry about world peace instead of 12 to 14 sheets of heavy paper bounded together.

  • armywife15yrs

    I believe the real issue at hand is, Ms. Boscco is A wife, yes she is free to do as she pleases, but there is one problem, a community consists of married folks as well as unmarried folks. If she weren’t a spouse I highly doubt that this issue at hand would be an issue. It isn’t a norm for a spouse to display her “goods” especially for her husbands co-workers. Yeah, your right about Europeans being very open with there sexuality, BUT we are AMERICANS, our beliefs still contain a certain degree of being modest. I consider myself to be a good looking woman, and have been complimented on many occasions by my husbands co-workers, of course they tell my husband how lucky he is. Now trust me, I wear normal clothing that doesnt reveal what is meant for my husbands eyes only. Yet I can turn heads without bringing scandal to myself or husband. What Ms. Boscco is doing belongs in adult entertainment, for men who have absolutely no desires to be committed to ONE woman. She can not expect everyone to agree with her choices and to wish her well. She offends those women that desire their husbands to have eyes for them only! Yes there are women that let themselves go and feel that they are married, and their husbands have to accept them just as they are, but they to have to keep up their appearances, because what got their husbands attention will be the same to keep that attention now.

  • Jennifer

    Some people are just insecure haters! I think those ladies should leave her alone. I can just imagine them overweight, lazy, unhappy women who cant stand to see someone thrive on her looks. She should still do her calender, if her husband doesn’t mind why should anyone else!

  • Lekili

    Some people don’t seem to get it here. This is the military. This isn’t anything but. The military has guidlines. The military has rules. Pornography (semi-nude and sexually suggestive) is banned in a war zone during deployment. Pornography, libel and slander are also not protected under the first amendment. If he gets kicked out for having his wife hand out her titty calendars to all his coworkers, then so be it. You can stand behind her or you can be against her, its up to you. But the rules are the rules. Give it a rest, and let it go.

  • Mark, DAV, Retired USAF

    I support her in what she has done. The problem with others complaining is due to their own insecurities with their spouses and themselves. The military does need to move her away from these childish fools. Moral in a combat zone is hard enough to maintain as is, let alone having family members causing issues back at your home unit, harassing someone who is only trying to help. Promote her husband and make him head of Morale, Welfare and Recreation for the Military. He and his wife at least have a clue what it takes. Press on with Pride!

  • LadyFam

    In response to Jennifer. Pornography is not banned in warzones. Matter of fact in Afghanistan they can have sex over there. So how is that any different? Like some high ranking officials say pornography boosts morale. So if thats the case, then everyone in the army would be kicked out because everyone watches or reads it. Now u let it go.

  • Amber

    I’m surprised at how judgemental some of you are.
    Are we to suggest that ALL models who show a little skin are immoral and belong in adult entertainment?
    Sounds like some people are jeaaaaalousssss.

  • Locustangel

    I think it is a load of BS that these people are being harrased about the calendar. I would not doubt that the ones complaining are a bunch of FAT, LAZY, or just plain FUGLY wives who have nothing better to do than complain. Maybe they should stop complaining and start taking the time to work on themselves! The only thing I have to say to them is, “GET A LIFE!”

  • 70 Eliminator – Retired AF, SMSgt

    I would like to reply to dutchgirl’s posting, get a life! Does anybody remember there is a war going on and you and anyone with your judgmental view should rethink what is important and what is not.(I apologize myself for being judgmental right now)
    The constitution, by the way is contains something that all military personnel fight for, this thing called freedom! Freedom of speech, religion, personnel rights, etc, I would imagine freedom to make a living that is not illegal would also qualify. That said, she is a model and that is her job, is anybody chasing around the lifeguards on base with a towel? Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. Is porn bad? It’s not something I would pursue or push on others, but it’s also not currently against the law. Where would we draw the line, men’s magazines, muscle mags, teen mags, soap opera mags, car mags, or anything else that shows a woman in other than something that covers their entire body? How about we remove the base catalog due to some of the pictures that are contained within the pages; you can find women in underwear, bras, lingerie and bathing suits.
    The mere fact that you do not believe your husband would look at these shows your closed minded view of the world and men in general. If there was a poster, calendar, magazine etc, that everyone was looking at and someone called your husband over and he had no idea why, I would be willing to bet the house that he would look. That does not mean they/he are committing every pixel to memory, but he is a man and men look.
    Would you agree with the statement that women never look? That would include never staring or talking to your girl friends about men on soap operas, tv, magazines, sports figures, politicians, other military personnel, at the bar or base clubs or anywhere else for that matter. I find it hard to believe that people never look at anyone other than their spouse, its human nature.
    It is always mind boggling to me that the higher ups will allow themselves to be brow beat by their wives when many of them are guilty themselves of such activities. I would be willing to bet that they have more important things to deal with than someone performing her job. Correct me if I am wrong but I tend to think the current state of affairs would outweigh this. Why don’t these wives that may or may not work get together and do something more constructive for the local population or maybe for the military that are living below the poverty level. I guess the sound of someone fighting for your freedoms as well as your freedom to express yourself living below the poverty line is somewhat more important than calendar. I suppose these same women never were seen in public in a bikini/bathing suit, I did not see any nude picture of Mrs. Bosco anywhere. Do these men do this because their wives are prudes, maybe we should have the Stars and Strip interview them next.
    There was also the statement she should act like a military spouse, has anybody seen that manual. Can I get a copy at the library or off the internet, is it even in print? By the, who wrote this and who decides who is in compliance and whose is not? Grow up!
    What about the single soldiers, would they be allowed to obtain this kind of material? If they did, I am positive that it would be passed around to everyone married or not. I would venture to say that given the choice between someone’s spouse wondering off with another person or looking at a calendar the latter would be the given choice. It was also mentioned that their spouses could make their own personnel calendar for their significant other, Have you done that yet or are you too self Conscious? It’s not all that easy to do, try it and see how you feel. Your husband will be excited, why you ask, because he is a man! What if you were deployed to a god forsake place for months on end? Psychologists have show that these same magazines that are sold at the base can be a form of stress reliever and moral boosters. Look it up on the web, I didn’t make this up. Should the higher ups go after her spouse and his career? If anything can bring down moral on a small base this would do it. Seems pretty cowardly to ostracize Mrs. Bosco over a picture; even worse to go after her husband and his military career. It almost seems as if the individuals and their wives who are pushing for this were never young, have to much time on their hands, not taking care of more important affairs or never taken a picture that maybe somewhat risky for the time. Maybe it’s time for the higher ups to retire and take their spouses with them. Let’s all get a life and leave this family alone!
    This sounds like a case of pettiness, between some spouses that may or may not be jealous. Every person has the right to their opinion, however, vandalism, harassment and verbal abuse are all criminal offenses, whether in this country or not. The military should be pursuing the individuals guilty of these CRIMES and not person whose chosen profession is modeling. I could go on forever but I won’t, I will just say read the Constitution, if your religious, the teaching of your faith on the subject of being judgmental. What ever you refer to as your guiding principles for life, please take a few minutes and read on the subject.
    My apologies to Dutchgirl, this was not solely directed towards you. However, you did seem to cover all the bases pretty well and you always need another side for a free debate.

  • Navy Chief Wife


  • S. Avery

    I say to each his/her own. I do believe this wife should not cator her “sexy” pictures to soldiers. If she is a model, then model. If the soldiers so happen to get their hands on a calendar, then that is their choice and their problem. I just don’t think that this wife should be directing these pictures to soldiers that are deployed. They are already in a compromising position, and she would only be aggravating problems that would possibly remain with the soldiers even after they have returned from deployment. I am not a model, but I have full confidence in myself and my looks. if my army husband wanted to look at some other woman, then HE would have a problem, not the model, but I would not be intimidated by her pictures. I think that she is really looking for attention by wanting to cator the pictures to soldiers instead of simply modeling and letting her pictures go public in general.

  • armywifeandvet

    Whew! I finally made it to the end of all the bitter, negative comments directed at each other. Why does every woman who disagrees with this model’s lack of morals (not morale!) get labeled as a fat, lazy, breeding, jealous wife. I served in the Army and am an Army wife of 14 years and have never encountered such hatefulness! Maybe that’s why I usually stay away from boards like this! But I also fully believe that like in any situation, you get out of it what you put in. If you put in gossip and back stabbing and exposing yourself to other people’s husbands and vandalism and harrassment then that is what you will get out of it and who wouldn’t be bitter and hateful after that? We have lived on post for many years and it has been a positive experience for us because we choose to make it one. I haven’t looked at Ms. Bosco’s calendar or her webpage because, really what she looks like is irrelevent. Her actions are lacking any moral judgement and I don’t care if sex is everywhere, it still doesn’t make it right. I’ve never understood how giving soldiers something unattainable is supposed to boost their morale? I understand the other wives wanting to protect their marriages and families because it is hard enough with multiple deployments and moving constantly to keep it together (despite what you look like!) without another Army spouse trying to undermine and disrespect your commitment which is what pornography and looking at other women/men does to a marriage. I respect her right to make choices in her career just as she should respect others’ rights to have careers as wives and mothers. It’s not a question of her career, it’s a question of respecting your neighbors and not putting yourself in a position where your neighbor will covet another’s wife!

  • karen

    People need to keep in mind that we have a bigger war overseas. We are in America people leave her alone and get your own life. The people complaining are fat and ugly and can’t stand to look at themselves in the mirror. Grow up you stupid people! I’m not calling names just calling it like i see it.

  • AF Wife

    I am a professional model as well, and I TOTALLY DISAGREE with what she did! I also model bikinis and have also modeled lingerie, but there is NO WAY I would ever disrespect other wives by creating a calendar specifically for their husbands!! When my husband was deployed to Iraq, I sent my modeling pictures to HIM and him only!! It is very clearly obvious that this woman is just looking for attention and men to lust after her. “Boosting morale”?? Give me a BREAK! If you want to boost morale, send cookies! Why is SEX the only way she could possible think to boost troops’ morale?? And what would make her think that every other wife would be okay with their husbands looking at her nonsense? What is she trying to say?? That their OWN wives aren’t attractive enough to boost their morale, so SHE has to do it? Please! She gives us bikini-models a bad name!

  • happyarmywife

    Does anyone know where I can buy this calendar…. I think I’m going to buy 500 of them so I can send them all to my husband’s unit so the boys can have something to look at! Hey, if you think looking at some pictures of a chick in bikini will make your man cheat on you…. then WHY would you want to be with him? Why would you want someone who can be THAT EASILY swayed and if you have to put a ban on that kind of stuff so he doesn’t SWAY then you SHOULD NOT be married. I know if my husband cheated on me, I wouldn’t want him, let him go be with some other chick who would never come close to what I give him! You girls need to have some self-esteem and realize you only LET this stuff happen to yourselves. When my husband is home we go to strip clubs, watch porn, anything either of us want for that little bit of spice. When it comes down to it, yeah we could do it with any Jessica or Joe but we LOVE each other and that is what keeps us always coming back to one another. I think these insecure women should seek psychological help for their insecurities and self-esteem issues BEFORE they RUN their husbands away from being treated like a child “no husband, you can’t do this you can’t do that” Would YOU PUT UP WITH THAT? I know I wouldn’t and I wouldn’t tell the love of my life what to do either. I feel bad for you girls! We only have one life to live, you better live it up!

  • travelgirl9

    I think its up to each and every man to choose to look at the calendar or not. Granted I would not want my husband looking at another woman,on a calendar or in person. However, there is absolutely nothing that I can do if he did choose to look.
    So, I suppose I can see it both ways, I wouldnt want to take away her free will to do as she chooses, however, I wouldnt want my husband to be all gewy about her either. But, Im a possessive person anyways, so….. who knows????????????

  • travelgirl9

    I also wanted to say that I agree with what Navy Chief Wife stated , it is a couple of comments abouve mine.

  • Just because she’s selling the magazine doesn’t mean anyone has to buy it.
    This is a NO-brainer.
    As far as people defacing this model’s property and the husband possibly losing his job over this…..

  • Mark

    If all your men do is look at the calender, be happy, because if they are in Bahrain, there are all those beautiful
    Gulf Air Flight Attendants
    no calender needed

  • Jemma

    Hmmm….this makes me think of something my mother said “You can’t get a bunch of women in a room together and get all them to agree on one thing.” We are expending quite a bit of time and energy posting/reading comments (myself included). When we could be using that energy to write a note to an friend that we have not spoken to in years. I feel for both parties…..it honestly reminds me of high school like behavior. I hope and pray that they work it out.

  • ArmyWife98

    I don’t agree with the way the woman are treating the model or the fact that the husband may loose his job. But to all those people who are saying they are just jealous and need to get over it cause there is porn or calendars like that everywhere, it’s a bit different when the woman is connected to their unit or battery. All those husbands are going to see her in person and talk with her at some point. So of course all the wives are going to be upset. If it was just some model they were never going to meet then it would be a different story. Men look at porn, EVERYONE knows this, but to look at a fellow soldier or SGT’s wife like that and know her is not ok. I lived above a couple in Germany where the wife was a stripper and all the husband’s buddies saw her naked. Their marriage didn’t last long. If you think it’s just jealousy and that it’s stupid, then maybe you have never been in this situation where your husband/wife is looking at almost naked pictures of the opposite sex and knew them. I myself have never been in this situation, but if I were I would be upset about this also. There is already enough worry and stress when the soldiers are deployed. There doesn’t need to be anymore from half naked pictures of a woman they ALL know. I agree about the personal pictures of their OWN wives instead of someone elses.

  • Joan

    I think all you women who are pro calender should hang it in your bedroom so the last thing your husband sees before he turns out the light is Ms. Bosco, then you can wonder who he’s really making love to! I would say that all the women who think she’s doing a great service to the men, don’t live in the community where she lives. Otherwise, you’d be singing a different tune. She’s no threat to you, so it’s easy for you to sing her praises.

  • R_Me_Wife

    I am a army spouse and have been for about 15 years now. I believe what they are doing to his woman they should be ashamed of themselves. If you are jealous of your husband looking at a calendar then you don’t have faith in your man nor your marriage. It is only a calendar that can be thrown away at any time if you choose for him not to have it in your home. Ladies, I know for a fact the our army community is much stronger than this, so ladies please get your act together. Just try to set some time aside and talk with the couple to explain to them your feelings about the situation at hand. After it is all said and done I really don’t think that she meant any harm by wanting to do a calendar. Ladies lighten up on the woman we are much better than this.

  • Pink Panther


  • donna

    I can only conclude from personal experience around some-I emphasize some- wives in the military that some are insecure especially when they are standing next to a more beautiful and perceivably happy and confident women. The b***’s that are insecure tend to gather together and pick on the weak ones like a sheep walking into a pack of wolves. These moments I’ve seen are not often but they do happen. Jealousy, pettiness, knocking down competition or getting attention, whatever the reason, it happens. Whether the model wife flaunted herself it doesn’t matter, the wives should still be amicable with her and talk behind her back as many do without trying to ruin her husband’s career! Petty stuff here, people, really….

  • Misty

    Ha! I wonder if Mrs.Bosco would be as happy with another wife posing for her husband to “boost his morale” after all she’s isnt the ONLY Italian woman out there that models and Im sure it gets JUST as boring for him to be looking at a woman that the rest of the world has seen half naked. Really what kind of thrill could that be? I dont imagine he can have much of an imagination when it comes to his wife… Seriously Im not jealous of Mrs.Bosco as my husband and I respect each other however I DO FEEL SORRY FOR MR AND MRS BOSCO. Honestly military wives…how many “beautiful” women do YOU know that have to tell brag stories on themselves? Most “beautiful” woman don’t need to tell everyone how great and beautiful they are because everyone already knows. So I have to wonder about her “self esteem” She seems to feel the need to “defend” herself a lot not to mention why exactly “as a military wife” would you WANT Soldiers that your husband works with looking at you half naked. Seems to me like if you are a SFC then you would have a little self respect for youself and your wife.
    So just another Army Wife’s opinion…. ladies calm down she is just another attention whore and not all men in the military are dogs as some suggest. Don’t give her the attention and see how fast this all goes away :)

  • Surg. Nurse

    Well I think to each their own. If it bothers the other ladies that much, and makes them feel bad because of the way this girl looks. Then get up off the couch and into the gym. It seems to me that those CATS need to retract the claws and get a life! Be warned.. if your wife is too pretty and has a nice figure… you can be relocated! HAH what a bunch of nonsense!!

  • Monika

    Ladies, she is just doing her job let’s not let that bother us.. just remember what’s really important here and that’s the safety and return of our loved ones.We are all beautiful and if each of us did that for our hubbies, believe me they would drool all over it. We must be strong and just that support we have for them like “holding the fort down” while their not here is a big time job itself and they so appreciate that,so we should not let stupid crap like this consume our daily lives. Be strong ladies and take care :)

  • LadyFam

    I am an army wife. I don’t think that she should be “removed” from the community. That’s stupid. There are a lot of jealous army wives just because some may look better than other or they may dress a certain way. She was probably a model before she even married, now that she makes a military calendar all hell breaks loose. Well, if half of their husbands knew what they were doing they would be “removed” as well. So what she has a nice body, if they work out they would too. But instead they complain. Maybe if they go to the gym and workout, dress better, or even have sex with their husbands. They wouldn’t have to complain. Start fucking your husbands ladies and stop worry about stuff that you have no control over. Stop trying to get your high ranking husbands to do something about it. Leave the woman alone. She has done nothing to you, if anything you could probably use some tips from her to spice up your life. stop trying to be such a drag and thinking that you are above everyone.

  • pinupvet

    I was a nude/pinup model before joining the Air Force and continued to QUIETLY participate in photo shoots. Now as a veteran I love seeing pinups even more! The heritage of the nose art my grandfather and his era has been replaced with MEO and harrassment suits because people are so pent up over the human figure. I’m not into smut or any type of hardcore sexual pornography. But the simple peek a boo style of pinup is beautiful, sexy, alluring and playful. I wouldn’t have been broadcasting everything I was doing to every person and calling names while my husband was still active duty though. Now that he’s also a finished many people know what I was doing. I think people should quit thinking of pinup models as completely naked or engaged in sexual acts!

  • Aunt M

    Wow, you Army girls are catty! As I’m sure we Navy wives are too. LOL! I read this article because I received it in my email. I am one of those chubby wives that Alessandra was talking about. But you know, my husband isn’t over there protecting the right to look at some chick’s naked body. He’s protecting me and our children…as are all other soldiers who are over there. It seems to me that Alessandra and her husband are the one’s making the big stink about the issue. She makes her living modeling. Let her model. I’m confident enough in my ten years as a wife and military spouse that when my husband comes home form deployment he’s coming home to me. No funny business in the sand box. It’s all about trust ladies and if you don’t have it… it wasn’t there to begin with. That is something that needs to be worked out between you and yours! Have a great day ladies.

  • Mrs..OhMyMy

    All action is done by thought. What seems to matter to her is the bottom line…money! She should offer something of real character value of herself..such as volunteer her time to babysit the children of those troops deployed…Now that would realy boost morale with men and women alike…thus lessen the stresses on the homefront. Or she could “take pictures” of the family members left back home to send to those deployed “boost morale among troops”….with things that everyone can appreciate. Being endowed by your creator with a beautiful body is a gift…so is using the brain we all are endowed with along with something called the Heart!

  • BasedInReality

    Let’s view this from another perspective, the other wives. Say you have a very lovely, married girlfriend who is selling a sexy calendar of herself and she gives one to your husband, son, brother, etc., to boost his morale. How would you feel about your husband, son, brother, drooling over your girlfriend?
    I think it would be very hard to know one’s own husband has sexy photos of her and wondering what he’s imagining every time they run into her at the grocery store, at a party, anywhere.
    It would be completely different if it was someone they didn’t personally know (like a famous model/movie actress – someone unattainable) but this is too close to home. They will see her when they come home from deployment or at get-togethers, etc.
    And she was a bit insensitive with her commment about the other wives being fat, wanting the spotlight, etc.
    I can see it being done for single military personnel but it implies that the married military men needs a boost from other people because their families aren’t doing enough or their wives aren’t hot enough.
    Many people make calendars for loved-ones but they don’t sell them to everyone else.

  • I don’t think that the problem is the calendar, I don’t think the problem is so much the girl either. I think the problem is these ladies live next to the girl in the calendar.

  • Doc’s Wife

    So, my husband is a military Doc.. He does your well woman and sees women completely naked from head to toe. I still make it to all the base functions and run in to his patients at the super market. Women come up and tell me all about how he is a great doctor and that he is wonderful. Did you every stop to think about your doctor or his wife… Do you think she is jealous of you? Not in the slightest… I mean, cmon, he’s doing his job…
    This is just insanity. Jealousy is a disease, don’t feed it!

  • Navy Wife

    Ok…Im all about the philosophy of “to each his own”. I am not by any means an overly jealous person so the thought of my husband looking at magazines and what not doesnt bother me in the LEAST! I realize that being away from the one you love for a while is hard on anyone!
    As for this story, I think it is great that she is a model and is doing well in her career. I am happy to hear that a military spouse is doing well for herself dispite the hardships that her relationship with her soldier brings.
    I have read the article and ALOT of comments from everyone. I think it is petty that this woman is being attacted the way she is…no one deserves that kind of treatment. I KNOW it is hard being in a military family moving all the time and trying your best to settle into it. I dont care if she is nice or a total b****…the women attacking her should NEVER do that. Military wives need to be accepting of one another because we are all in the same boat and need all the support we can get!
    But, the one thing that no one seems to be focusing on is the ONE thing that Im confused by the most about all of this. Its great she is a model. I was one myself. And my husband is more than happy to show me off. BUT does anyone else see a problem with this story?? I mean, maybe it is just me or my husband but I dont see how this man is OKAY with the fact that all of his friends are curling up in their moments of need with a calender full of pics of his half naked wife??! That just seems a little OFF to me!I dont see how it boosts the troops morale to look at their buddy’s wife?

  • Diedre’ Jones-S

    My taste of Mil community living left a bad taste in my mouth. This man is confident and has a wife that is beautiful and he must trust her. It is her business (her beauty). Others are probably jealous because he is HOT and so is she and they together appear to have a good trusting relationship and that is where ENVY enters. Also the very same high ranker that say his wife is a disgrace are the very same ones that DRUEL over her calender and must say these things unless they want to be on the couch , cut off or live with someone who BITCHES about stupid stuff. Face it ladies there’re beautiful women everywhere. If YOU are that scared that YOUR husband is going to bed her or any other womam then YOU DONT HAVE SQUAT ANYWAY! At a time when any of these men could be in combat that very NEXT day, ISN’T LIFE TOO SHORT TO SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! There is alot to be said for beauty but it is only skin deep and won’t last forever. There is also alot to be said for loyality,LOVE,and being someone to depend on, having the beauty that comes from within and last forever. Send your MAN off with love, trust and believing that he will return home safe and sound. REMEMBER IF YOU SEND SOMEONE OFF AND HE RETURNS TO YOU THEN IT IS BECAUSE HE WANTS TO BE WITH YOU. IF HE DOESN’T RETURN THEN HE WAS NEVER YOURS IN THE FIRST PLACE. There are 24 hours in a day for you to tend to your business and 0 hours for you to worry about someone else’s business.
    I am glad that I am not insecure and don’t have to walk in your shoes, or ever live in your Payton Place of back-biting,cat-fighting and always fake and phoney persona’s. Maybe while your husbands are away or not, take some SELF- EMPOWERMENT/SELF-ESTEEM CLASSES I will be parying for you all too GET REAL AND GET A LIFE.

  • Mike

    wow cattykatter, I’d say you just hurt your husband by naming names on here…I’m sure he’s so proud…you’ll be the next victim…not the smartest thing to do

  • JennyRN

    Hey Doc’s Wife..I was a nurse for 35 Navy OB-GYN docs/residents…I can assure you, they DO talk about their patients..including their bodies, etc. and I don’t mean in a medical way. I’m sure your husband wouldn’t do it with you, because it’s unprofessional to discuss patients outside the office, but trust me, they do it among themselves. I’ve heard it all, from the “boob job” remarks, to the “beached whale” remarks, etc…don’t think they don’t notice attractive women just because they are patients…some of the things I heard them say would make you blush.

  • JennyRN

    Hey Doc’s Wife…I was an RN for 35 Navy ob/gyn residents in San Diego. I can assure you they DO notice attractive patients and they openly discuss them among themselves. Your husband wouldn’t be unprofessional and talk to you about them, but you can be sure, they notice and have some pretty descriptive conversations with their peers..everything from big boobs to tight butts…I did hear one Doc say his patient resembled a beached whale. However, mostly it was about the attractive ones..one had a Sea World mermaid come in, and you should of heard THAT conversation

  • Kenneth

    I would suggest that some of you stop worrying about Ms. Bosco, and take an English class. Being able to write and spell correctly is a lot more important than getting worked up over someone like Ms. Bosco, who isn’t worth the hype.

  • Army Wife

    Here I am fighting the military as an active duty spouse for prosecutionof one of their own for domestic abuse and have all proper documents and this husband may hurt his career because his wife is beautiful and made a calendar. If these women have a problem maybe they should all get together and motivate eachother to look better. Get a life! What is a disgrace are soldiers like my dead beat, abuser, alcoholic husband should have careers at stake and pay the price. But instead time is wasted going after the ones that are actually trying to make a difference. Governemnt needs to get the priorities right!!!

  • Jim

    Hey, what goes around, comes around. Italian women tend to get fat as they age. I guess all the pasta catches up with their butts. One of these days, she’ll be the “fat” one, jealous of the skinny one

  • Marie

    Do I condemn Ms. Bosco for her actions? No. Do I resent her? No. However, being a proud veteran (8 years) and married to an active duty soldier (20 years) makes me saddened at the horrible responses some “military wives” have said about each other. Ladies, we need to act more like “ladies” and less like “vindictive vipers” like one lady “ironically” stated. First and foremost, not all military wives are fat, ignorant and lazy. And anyone who believes that must must be dealing with their own prsonal issues. Ms. Bosco is a grown woman and can do what she chooses; however, she must understand that whatever she does (like you and I) WILL affect her husband’s career. That Sergeant Major should have known the circumstances surrounding these photos prior to them being distributed. When you get to that level in the Senior ranks, you’re placed under a microscope, AND you’re to LEAD by example, and if you fail to live up to your expectations, you WILL be scrutinized for it. Rank has it’s priviledges AND its downfalls. You must take the good with the bad. Unfortnately, his rank DOES have a lot to do with this, and a leader (and his wife, hello…they’re a TEAM) should exemplify modesty, intelligence, integrity and the “common” GOOD of all Soldiers and their families. That’s where the problem began, it stopped when it didn’t benefit the “common” good…and regardless of what others may think, the WIFE is an intrical part of the Soldier’s career. Don’t do for one and dismiss the other. You’d be surprised how a disruption of this magnitude can kill a mission. And let’s face it…problems at home WILL causes problems at work. So why chance it? I believe that beautiful woman AND her husband neglected to “thoroughly” think this through before they pursued this route. But lets be civil about this…”to err is human”. Get over it, regroup and go on. Stop adding flames to the fire, and it will eventually all die down.

  • Julie

    I cannot believe what I read, not only are people so closed minded to want her “removed” from there, but it’s like a time warp here! What is wrong with people! Hey Jim.. not all italian women get fat weirdo.. apparently this woman that is trying to do something GOOD, ended up being bashed for being beautiful, Sophia Loren is Italian, she still is beautiful. This whole situation makes me sick. Spouses in the military are catty..

  • Alexandra

    wow, I am amazed how much time especially women seem to have on their hands to bother and even try to get her out of the community. I myself live right next to this base and all I can say is, SAD SAD SAD. Perhaps these women should get a job them selfs and help pay some of those bills at home???? And if not I am sure Mrs. Bosco would be willing to take all the negative talking Spouses for a walk to lose some weight.

  • Donna Cozart

    I think it is a disgrace to the community that she would want to flaunt her body to “boost morale”. Let the nudie mags do it. don’t disrespect your husband by doing it yourself.

  • Stacey

    I feel that if she wants to have her calanders sold that it needs to be done through a company. She should not be soliciting on the post in the first place. I can see the point of view of the wives. However I feel we as wives should give her a chance to correct her mistake. She might not have been aware of the rules.

  • Sweetie

    Simply amazing, a new day, same conversation. I was told I could find good conversation by joining this site…not true. Should I remotely ever come in contact with some of you..I will know you by the sword in your mouth…and go in the opposite direction. I have too much on the ball to be bothered with this kind of nonsense. Good luck chasing drama…and negativity will move in your house and take over.

  • vet

    I understand all sides of this. Everybody has a different way of looking at life and reacting at the world around them. This is my opinion.
    Personally, im a little conservative when it comes to attire. Just because you have it, you don’t need to flaunt it every chance you get. Make sure you absorb that entire sentence before you get upset..I said “every chance you get.” I’d be embarrassed to walk around clad in tights at social gatherings that don’t call for it. There’s no class in that. It just shows that you are superficial and attention grubbing. Theres more to life than your body..Get over yourself. I also belive that there is a time and place to dress certain ways. Yeah you have a great body…good for you..show it off WHERE and WHEN it is appropriate, like at the beach or clubs. Going back to my “where and when” comment…selling soft porn calendars of yourself to people with in you community is NOT OKAY! I’ll say it again “selling porn of yourself to people w/ in your community is NOT OKAY! Its not the right place to do it. Personally I think that stuff is distasteful and embarrassing to women that have any pride in themselves. I’m not saying that women should hide their bodys..we have beautiful bodies but that should be celebrated…in appropriate ways…There is a fine line between artistic nudity and sexually suggestive nudity.
    Yes, like I said, I am a bit consevative..and I am totally behind the women in that community. They were forced to take radical actions to conserve their community. Some made the comment that: “O, they just need to get a life.” Well, they have a life and its not an easy one. This individual is just making it harder.

  • Semper Fi Wife

    Try other threads, check out our sidebar for humorous posts, informative posts and posts about the tv show “Army Wives” among alot of other topics.
    The vast majority of commenters on this thread are not regulars. They came here via a link from military.com

  • In light of this disturbing story, I believe we have no choice but to surrender to al Qaeda.

  • Taylor

    She’s not “Boosting Morale” with that military theme BS, she is just being inappropriate in regards to her husbands career. She should know better at 32 years of age. While there is nothing wrong with using clever marketing strategies, Mrs.Bosco could get into other pornographic publications without riding her husbands coat tails to advance her career. It sounds like a thoughtless teenager causing her parent trouble at work. Good advise comes from Mrs. Cozart, do not disrespect your husband and offend the community you live in while he is in the military.

  • Andi

    Wow, with over 500 comments, I think every viewpoint that can be expressed, has been expressed. The comment section went from a rational, polite discussion (as is normal for SpouseBUZZ) to a finger-pointing, name-calling, mud-slingling outlet. Both the Germany-based wives and Alessandra are a part of our community, no matter who you decided to side with.

    A majority of the comments on this thread were not written by regular readers of SpouseBUZZ. This post has been linked by various media outlets, discussion boards and blogs. We welcome all milspouses here, but we don’t welcome needless bickering and sniping at each other. SpouseBUZZ is a place where we encourage and support each other. We don’t tear each other down, even when we don’t agree with each other. Poke around and you’ll find that to be the case. If that’s your cup of tea, stick around and I think you’ll find a great virtual support system here.

    It’s unfortunate that this story has so bitterly divided the milspouse community that some can’t state their opinions in a civil manner. For those of you who did so, thank you. If you can’t be civil, please refrain from commenting. After closing the comment section down for a while due to the hostility, we’ll open it up again, but be warned, the tolerance meter for bad behavior has pegged out.

  • DeployedTroop

    I think that they are just jealous! This is what she does for a living. If a spouse as an issue with it why dont you take the time to make your soldier a calendar? Is it that these other spouse not secure with their bodys because they sit at home and do nothing? I think thats what they need to start worrying about.

  • Sarah

    That’s disgusting. How bout stop being a sl*t and don’t betray military wives by intentionally drawing their husbands eyes away from them and onto you. Seriously dispicable. Women should be SUPPORTING each other, not giving others a reason to BE jealous. Why is being offended by that SUCH a bad thing? Why shouldn’t I have a problem with some skank walking around showing 5 inches of cleavage and an inch of her a*s in public? Why shouldn’t I have a problem with some woman selling nearly naked photos of herself to my husband or anyone else’s for that matter? It’s not even about insecurity, it’s about respect. Have some for your fellow females alright? It’s hard enough for all of us and especially hard for military wives. Why do something to make it worse? Keep your body in the bedroom with YOUR husband, not on the walls of other women’s husbands. Someone like that really deserves to be humiliated like that. I don’t understand how someone would not expect that after doing something like this… seriously? How could you expect anything else?! Again, disgusting.