It’s Friday Night

And I just saw a great music video…it made me think of you all.

Who doesn’t love Bruce Springsteen?  And just wondering…would you all like to have a Friday Free for All with links to great music videos?  Doesn’t have to be the Boss…:)

PS:  Lancelot looks quite a bit like the Boss…must be part of the reason why I like him so much.

the boss, I mean…

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SemperFi Wife

Semper Fi Wife has had a military ID card continuously since she was ten years-old. As an Air Force brat, she horrified her father and grandfather when she chose to marry one of the few and the proud.

Almost 25 years later, she is the wife of an OIF vet and the mother of an OIF/OEF vet.

While her motto has always been "Sanity is overrated", in her more lucid moments, she volunteers with Injured Marine Semper Fi fund as well as heads up her own very small military support organization called Honor Their Service.

  • Sly2017

    You know me, I’m always up for dueling YouTubes.
    I’m in.