Comfort Food….

Yes, I know its late, I know, I know, but of course my insomnia- along with "being away" seems to feed my monster.

So I am sitting here thinking of this evenings events. Taking moments out of the evening.

Why are we here?

The the local news shows a group from the First Cavalry deploying AGAIN.

I sat across from a young woman who is employed by tonight, (who happens to be married to a veteran), who brought her Brother who has just returned from Iraq. Down the opposite side of the table sits an ambassador for, and her Husband is by her side, he leaves in 2 weeks for his second tour in Iraq. One of the contributors to the blog sits at the end of the table holding her new baby over her shoulder. A baby that Daddy hasn't even touched yet…..all 18 of us touched by World events.

It is comforting to be in such company.

Because we know.

And there is clapping for the recently returned, and clapping for those about to serve, and I look at his lovely wife, with "that look" , because in 2 weeks he will be gone.

So goodnight, and we hope to see you in Kileen in the monring.

I know I am glad I am here.

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Rachelle began her Military Spouse career when her future husband proposed to her in a letter during Desert Shield. Mail took over a month to arrive back then, and they only had three phone calls with each other in the ten months they were separated. They were married at a small ceremony a week after he returned home. Rachelle's husband moved her to Ft. Bragg, NC, all of their combined possessions filling her small, two-door car. In 1992, they left active duty and moved back to their home state where she went to nursing school and he joined the Army National Guard as a traditional Soldier as he went to school. In 1999, Rachelle's husband was offered a full-time National Guard position in Arkansas, where they lived for eight years.

In 2002, their son was born (MFO Deployment) and in 2003, their daughter was born (OIF2). In 2008, they moved back to their home state to live close to family. Rachelle has been an active contributor with SpouseBUZZ since 2005. She currently works full-time at a physician’s office, and is active with her church and school's PTO. Her son has recently been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a subject that she is exhaustingly studying and learning to work with day-by-day. In 2010, Rachelle's mother-in-law moved in with the family, and they added a German shorthaired pointer named "Poncho" to the tribe as well. Rachelle enjoys spending as much "down time" with her family as possible - usually something outdoors or movie nights. Her favorite foods are sushi, steak, chocolate, and coffee. Her special skills include being an awesome cook, identifying odd accents by state or country, having an incredible sense of smell (almost bloodhound-like), and watching people at airports during long, unexpected layovers.

  • And you are there because America has yet to accept that we are at war. Unlike the other wars that had “World” (aka Global) in their title, our society is not mobilized for this one. You are there to recognize those segments of our society that IS mobilized, and maybe encourage, nudge, kick the rest of us into joining the fight. The fight to support our troops, the fight to support our military families, and the fight to believe in victory. Thanks for being there.

  • AWTM,
    I’m glad y;all are there, too. I echo SGT Hook’s sentiments.
    You ladies (and gentlemen too) who commit to spouses commit also to the military and the mission. I know your sacrifices can often be greater than ours.
    May God bless you and surround you with peace and comfort and energy and enthusiasm, as you likewise reach out to others with the same!
    Wish we were there.

  • Wish I was there with you.

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