Calling all military spouses!

Welcome to SpouseBUZZ!  My name/nickname/call-sign/handle is Joan D’Arc and I will be one of your tour guides on this blog.  As you know, life as a military spouse is a lot like being on a ship at sea – one minute the waters are calm and your shipmates (i.e. children) are asleep or actually getting along – the next minute the waves of life hit you and you get completely off course.  Sound familiar?  If so, then you have come to the right place.  This blog is chock full of tour guides from numerous backgrounds and experiences.  Personally, I hope I can help make your life as a military spouse a little easier.  I am by no means an expert!!!  I plan to learn from you, other amazing military spouses, and I hope you can learn a little from me as well.

That said, let me tell you a little about myself (I did say a little… I won’t bore you with ALL the details!).

1. I have been an active duty Army spouse for 9 years (okay, 9 years, 4 months and 9 days, but who’s counting?).  2. I was once on active duty (short-lived due to an injury).  3. I have the two most talkative children (and most adorable, in my humble opinion) on the planet!  They get their chatter-boxes from their father.  No, really, they do! :)  4. My husband has deployed to Kuwait, Kosovo, and Iraq. 5. I have more Family Readiness Group (FRG) experience than I care to admit!  Again, I am no expert, but I have done A LOT!  6. I have PCSed 4 times and now I am in good ole Pennsylvania – my home state!  7. I am a HUGE Steeler fan and even got to go to the Super Bowl!!!  8. I am a graduate student who has struggled with transferring schools and losing credits (thanks to our PCS this summer).  I SHOULD be done in December 2007 (fingers crossed!).  9. I love to do volunteer work for many different things (military and "civilian").  It keeps me busy and expands my knowledge of the world around me (and I meet really interesting and amazing people, like the other authors of this blog).  10. I have experienced one of all military spouses worst nightmares – the phone call telling me my husband has been seriously wounded.  I have "been there, done that, got the t-shirt!"  It was a loooong trip out to sea with that experience, but my husband is doing really well now and life is, for the most part, back to normal.

So now you know a little about me.  What about you?  This blog is here for YOU!  We, the authors, want to know what life as a military spouse is like for you.  We want to hear your thoughts, experiences, questions, advice, concerns, anything you have to say.  Don’t be shy… hop on board the SpouseBUZZ ship and hold on for an amazing ride!

Please note that this blog would not be possible without  The staff has worked VERY hard at making this blog a reality!  Thank you,, for giving this blog your blessing so the military spouses all over the world can connect and support one another.

And to our fearless leader (you know who you are :).  This blog would also not exist without the hard work and dedication of one of the authors.  THANK YOU and we love you!

Now, add SpouseBUZZ to your favorites and visit us often.  Tell your friends about us too!  We look forward to having you on board!

About the Author

Amy Bushatz
Amy is the editor in chief of’s spouse and family blog A journalist by trade, Amy also covers spouse and family news for where she is the managing editor of spouse and family content. An Army wife and mother of two, Amy has been featured as a subject matter expert on, NPR, Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC and BBC as well as in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Follow her on twitter @amybushatz.
  • Welcome (back) to the blogosphere, Joan…

  • Hello my name is Joann and I am a Marine Spouse, have been for almost 10 years. I know how much of a roller coaster life can be with children, deployments and a career to hold as a military spouse. I’ve read your blog, and I hope that more wives and families are able to post their comments. I’m always interested in what other go through and what people think.

  • Joan D’Arc

    Joann, thanks for stopping by the blog! Input from a Marine spouse would definitely give more flavor to the blog. At the moment, we do not have an author who is a Marine spouse, so please enjoy reading the blog… and comment as often as you can so we can get YOUR take on life as a military spouse.

  • Hi all! The site looks great, I’m very excited! I don’t have the experience that many have – I’m 23 & engaged to an active Royal Marine Commando (he’s in Britain, I’m in Texas – only 100ish days until we “get hitched!) – but I hope I can learn some things, and maybe share along the way. Thanks you guys.

  • Thank you, for sure I will continue to read. I guess you can say I am a little addicted to bloggn’ but hey whatever keeps other military families motivated enough to keep them coming back. I can say I have been through many trials so I will continue to read and post my comments. Have a nice day!

  • Joan D’Arc

    Glad to have you on board, Kath! I am sure you could teach us a few things about what the Royal Marine Commando way of life is like(for your fiance, anyway). And congrats on your engagement! I wish you and your fiance all the best in the 100ish days until you are “as one.” I hope you continue to stop by SpouseBUZZ – ask questions, share your stories/experiences, etc. Take care.

  • Dawn

    Well, I found this blog – and I am glad to see it!
    I am not on the staff – but I will do a little intro anyway. ; )
    I have been an Air Force Wife for 8 years, and my oldest son did a 4 year hitch in the Army, and was with the 3/7 Cav, Company C when we invaded Iraq. He is in the Army Reserve now – and I have two foster sons (who also happen to be my nephews)one is in the Army (recently did a tour to Afghanistan)and the other is either now Regular Army – or is still in the Guard.
    I have been previously married – ex-hubby #1 had been in the Army during Vietnam – and had been stationed in South America for his tour. (Before we were married.) And, ex-hubby #2 I actually dated once in high school – he joined the Navy after graduation, and we married shortly after he retired from the Navy. So, I have had a unique experience in that I got to do the ‘retired military spouse’thing _before_ becoming a ‘active duty spouse’.
    I have four children, ages 25 to 10, from my previous marriages – and my hubby has been a great step-father, and he’s a fun – and young ‘grandpa’!
    One of my children had the audacity to get married – and has had 1 child and is expecting her 2nd child in a few more months.
    My youngest living child also is an EFMP military child – and he has some special needs. We school him at home via virtual academy.
    I think marriage is very important, and it is rewarding – but both partners have to work at making it a success.

  • g. grumpton

    i was an army wife for 71/2 yrs, blessing me with a beautiful daughter. now, my ex-jusband has another wife and nothing to do with her and is behind on his bills? there’s good people out there. my experience has been horrible. he’s a lt. col. at that. how do these men get away with this while being praised as heroes??